BRONNY James 1st In-Game DUNK!? Gets LeBron OUT OF HIS SEAT Going Wild!! Crowd GOES CRAZY!
Lebron James Jr attempts in-game dunk with LeBron & crowd going crazy at ballingonthebeach semi-final game!
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نظر: 2 634
  • Matt Hanrahan
    Matt Hanrahan

    I love how unselfish Bronny plays. Never hogs the ball. Always makes the pass when it's the best option. LeBron is obviously teaching him the right way to play the game.

  • Kris

    10:23 That dunk of Bronny was so 🔥

    • Teggie👑

      Thank you

    • LimitlessPotato

      @WindowWasherEnthusiast he was joking

    • WindowWasherEnthusiast

      I mean he missed didn’t he? Still impressive though, I probably could never have done that at his age

  • NaiSleeezy

    LeBron looked shook like he never taught his son how to do the dunk😂

    • Matilda Cole
      Matilda Cole

      @David Beltran .

    • Chad Urot
      Chad Urot

      @David Beltran 🤣🤣🤣

    • Larz Man
      Larz Man

      Guxxi Life he didnt dunk shit ball didnt go in

    • MaKayla

      David Beltran everybody travel 💀 just bc y’all see bronny traveling y’all wanna talk shit

  • Mr. Burgess
    Mr. Burgess

    lebron is a great father. I love how he supports his kids. in my childhood I didnt have my father there to do a thing for me. my raised me up.

    • 💥-Ms.boom-💥

      My grandma raises me she tough me how to cook

    • ricky bobby
      ricky bobby

      You aren't alone brother , but that's ok .

  • Abhijith Malangi
    Abhijith Malangi

    These good old days before Bronny was in high school

    • zman games
      zman games


    • Alpha💩

      @Sup I’m cam#dubnation more people play soccer than basketball and in soccer you can earn way more money.

    • Darrel Terry
      Darrel Terry

      @Nike Surfer Social Media 😐

    • Sup I’m cam#dubnation
      Sup I’m cam#dubnation

      @MUFC bro what are u sayin? Soccer sucks. And that’s fax. Basketball is sooooo much better

    • Abhijith Malangi
      Abhijith Malangi

      @Basketball Dunks Bronny is still in high school

  • NYJets100

    i'm convinced lebron has handshakes with everyone he's ever met

    • LoveLee The Label
      LoveLee The Label

      He’s literally an awesome person because do you know how many people have fear of speaking up ? He’s breaking that barrier and being normal , you don’t get that kind of real from people on earth anymore


      He does not have one with me

    • ReStrictedShxt

      I met him and he daped me up

    • EBK Jug
      EBK Jug

      Bro has 45 different shakes deadass

    • jtors5

      Vesper Taz I saw him playing patty-cake with Mo Williams in downtown LA last night. He’s not isolating - he doesn’t need the $1200

  • Patrick Patterson
    Patrick Patterson

    That is what happens when you have greatness in your blood!!

  • Paula Méndez _Oficial
    Paula Méndez _Oficial

    Juegan bien todos pero el que más me gustó fue el numero 0 me impactaron sus movimientos


    Bron is awesome look at the foundation he set for his son's even tho he lacked that coming up #SALUTE

  • PrettyPearlAllDay

    Best missed dunk attempt in the history of basketball!!! 😂😂😂😂 Lil Bronny be dunking in a month

  • Linton McDonald, Jr.
    Linton McDonald, Jr.

    I love the reaction of the boy's parents more than his dunk attempt. They were so proud of their boy.

    • bustercase

      the boys parents are lebon james

  • KrazyKev12

    9:42 was a smooth spin

  • QB1

    Bronny is gonna be a great one! It's gonna be fun watching this kid continue to grow and develop!

  • She Hack
    She Hack

    Yes he missed but the excitement and unexpected altitude created mayhem!!!

  • goldfish

    Just by the handshakes we can tell who Bronny's favorite teammate is 😂

  • Prolific KingFemiTV
    Prolific KingFemiTV

    Bronny James Jr & the Dream Team with a another W 👏👏🏆


    Bronny snapped 🔥👑 keep practicing that dunk and he'll be good #KingBronny


    That dunk was fire 🔥

  • Lavish Chris
    Lavish Chris

    video starts at 10:20

    • Richard King
      Richard King

      Lavish Chris x

    • KaiiNxtDoor

      Lavish Chris thx

    • Kerlin Jean Baptiste
      Kerlin Jean Baptiste

      Lavish Chris thanks

    • Shook So
      Shook So

      Trey Barginear noooo

    • Let's Learn
      Let's Learn

      Lavish Chris Yeah!! Thanks for that,i had been waiting to see that dunk thingy but it gonna takes time,oooh really!!hahaha seriously it is in last part!! what big joke

  • Abhijith Malangi
    Abhijith Malangi

    When this happened, I was almost as tall as Bronny and he already got those hops to almost dunk How come I didn't have those hops last year when I was almost as tall as him

  • Christopher Rowe
    Christopher Rowe

    Plays with his head up never looking down, I like his passing

  • Don Baine
    Don Baine

    Missed dunk!!! That kid is going to be a great player.

  • Ward 8
    Ward 8

    I love the way mom and dad celebrated a missed dunk as if it were a 10 in a slam dunk contest.

  • Shahzeb Nasir
    Shahzeb Nasir

    5'10 at 12 years old and already nearly made an in-game tomahawk dunk! Kid is a freak athlete like his dad! He'll live up to his name!

    • MoreCarStuff

      i was 5'11 when i was 13, I first dunked when i was 13 on my 3rd attempt, i didnt do any weghts or training other than play ball every other day. its not uncommon, dunking is ok but you realize it doesnt make you a great player, i got injured a few times and thats my story. anyway, Im actually filming 2 kids right now from my town who can 2 hand and Alley oop since they were 13. its crazy. they are 14 now but still wild. you can see on Instagram @MJ_Hoops which i film for. These days kids are wild man.

    • Reddz Jagulus
      Reddz Jagulus

      Shahzeb Nasir im 5'9 at 13 and i can do a rim grazer

    • Scrap Dealla
      Scrap Dealla

      Shahzeb Nasir the rims not even official not saying bronny isn't good for his age but that rims not official

    • FashionOutLook

      Shahzeb Nasir he looks like he's 5'7 -5'9

  • Clifford Hayes
    Clifford Hayes

    He’ll get it! AWESOME DAD!!!

  • Tina Kassarate
    Tina Kassarate

    he's obviously the next Lebron Jame that dunk was amazing on his 1st games like what I was amazed too much

    • Chase Johnson
      Chase Johnson

      Sir Rudy saying that about a kid who still has time to grow and improve is just hate. Where’s your highlight tape? 🤔





    • No

      Jay GotSwAG he still isn’t gonna be even close to as good as his dad

    • Tanjiro Kamado
      Tanjiro Kamado

      @No he can dunk now easily

  • Daniel Yoka
    Daniel Yoka

    Lebron is a great dude interacting with these young fellows

  • Elvis Xiao
    Elvis Xiao

    Lebron’s reaction tho

  • Mauricio Lopez
    Mauricio Lopez

    Saludos al colombiano q sale al final, con la camisa de la selección..una dicha estar viendo al Lebron jr y mr Lebron.

  • shahd nasreldin
    shahd nasreldin

    10:22 but 10:28 that slap 🔥

  • Slatt Slime
    Slatt Slime

    You can easily tell that he's the best player on the court by far. He's nextttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Lidoe 1612
    Lidoe 1612

    It must be overwhelming knowing you’re playing against the son of LeBron freaking James!

  • Dwatts24111

    I'm pretty sure that was a completely missed dunk

    • Joseph Flores
      Joseph Flores

      Yeah which is weird how people went crazy like he made it? Idgi

    • Melt In Your Mouth
      Melt In Your Mouth

      It was

    • koki


  • Nayzah Williams
    Nayzah Williams

    Ok that was like Bron watching his kids take there first step. I give him 6mo to 1 yr and he'll be dunking and it will be like he said "DaDa!" For the first time STR8 pandemonium. Love it #TeamLebron

  • Lootroq

    #2 looking like D Rose out there. Bron Jr already has incredible court vision. I can definitely see the similarities between his and his pop's style of play

  • Jarub

    Just imagine knowing lebron this casually

  • Handsome Gunner
    Handsome Gunner

    Bronny could very well be the future. He's incredibly unselfish which must be very difficult being as talented as he is at his age but showing restraint. Look at the intangibles; you might be mislead believing that he should put up 50 points a game his age. He's actually playing ahead of his time. Looking to set up teammates is an art form he's making strides to master. We all know that he would be unstoppable when it comes to scoring, but playing unselfish could be a skill that will help him in the pros

    • Kennedi Stancil
      Kennedi Stancil

      SmithN' Wesson he’s more talented than you so hush 😂

    • Victor Andre
      Victor Andre

      @zarsvirus well, if you predict he will be in the final 5x, you approve that the kid is something ...

    • Cody_OnMobile

      @DerpBoy Gaming X maybe he's on mobile because its easy to misspell words when you dont have auto erect Just saw my comment,meant to put auto correct😂😂😂

    • Spida FRESH
      Spida FRESH

      The man father is King James of course he will be unselfish

  • Bam Bam bam
    Bam Bam bam

    i love that bronny makes it look easy like lebron. they just let the game come to them.

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones

    He probably dunking in practice but very athletic for actually touching the rim

  • harajuku barbie
    harajuku barbie

    This is the type of game I want to see.

  • •Væh•

    Number 21 gave the other team the death stare 1:20😂💀

  • KaymoB1Johnson

    folllowing him and Zaire, patiently waiting for that 1st in game dunk!

  • prieto locz14
    prieto locz14

    Lebron got all these kids doing gang shakes lmao

  • Gorgeous one
    Gorgeous one

    That handshake though 👍👍

  • Robert Swinda
    Robert Swinda

    Father like son. Do you guys not see how he plays?! Brilliant

  • Bellthebeast7235

    Lol in one failed dunk attempt bronny jr has already surpassed Jordan clarkson’s entire career

    • Aiden T
      Aiden T

      Ain’t saying that

    • Cyros Betinol
      Cyros Betinol

      SHIFTBOYMIKE ' nama5ay

    • Bellthebeast7235

      Anton Santiago You must be new to the nba. First off why in the world would you be commenting about personality traits of a grown man vs a 13 yr kid and in what way would that be relevant to my comment. I don’t think you even understand what you’re trying to communicate. Lebron being beat by the warriors was a foregone conclusion since it was 4 all stars vs 2 all stars. Even under perfect circumstances there basically wasn’t a scenario that would have seen the cavs winning that series. I think you have some personal demons against Lebron since your clustered comment centers around personality traits over basketball. Jordan Clarkson is trash, given the opportunity to play he made a fool of himself, not being able to score or assist anyone during his minutes, bronny Jr would have done a better job given those minutes last playoffs lmao.

    • Anton Santiago
      Anton Santiago

      Bellthebeast7235 jordan clarkson is far better than bronny jr in character oersonality n clarkson is not individualistic like bronnys dad lebron no wonder cavs was clobbered shamefully n embarrassingly , still tell everyone he is still the greatest hehehe n by the time bronny enter nba he will be clobbered by better players whose fathers are humble in all ways not like lebron james

  • tmid4life 02
    tmid4life 02

    Bout time he’s a junior/senior he gone be dunkin like his dad. Real talk 🤦🏾‍♂️💀😂

  • Wahkee Blaster
    Wahkee Blaster

    LiL Bronny is number O out there looking like Gilbert Arenas running up and down tha floor!! You go young man!! Rooting for you!!

  • Kris Keller
    Kris Keller

    Damm!!! These kids are fast! Shot clock? Great watch regardless.

  • IEM Basketball
    IEM Basketball

    Where he actually dunks starts at 10:21

  • Shawnte🤎

    9:41 deja vu 😂 Bronny looking just like his daddy

  • Connor Mason
    Connor Mason

    I can’t wait for him to start dunking. Wanna see LeBron s reactions

  • mrchicago87

    Forget the highlight, this is a GREAT team here

  • Uconn Basketball
    Uconn Basketball

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that Bronny had 2 different shoes on?

  • Dreary

    Broony might have a good Future because his dad is LeBron and he’s really skilled at his level

  • Garvin Gutwa
    Garvin Gutwa

    Video starts 10:24

  • Luna Yohannes
    Luna Yohannes

    Did anyone realize that Bronny missed the dunk

    • Becky Ryan
      Becky Ryan

      It’s because Brody has never dun a dunk in game

    • Al Ray Lazado
      Al Ray Lazado

      No one cares, and more people dont care about effort nowadays, sad fact. Love seeing people fail.

    • Dee

      I dont think anyone cares. They just care that its lebron's son lol

  • Anthony North
    Anthony North

    #22 on Bronny's team seems pretty good

  • DrMopi

    I have watched the game 4 times and I have just realised how blind the refs were lol

  • Jacopo Corvaro
    Jacopo Corvaro

    He missed the dunk but is a good player

  • Ynsns Anna ys
    Ynsns Anna ys

    Lebron face 😂

  • LarryG3

    Kid is growing up too fast, he will be joining his dad with the Lakers in 4 years..

  • DracoRerock

    4:09 yikes he hit his head🤔

  • TheDinoNugget

    Imagine him being in high school and they chanting “overrated” and Lebron shows up...

  • ewindham25

    10:21 when it starts 😉

  • Shannon Jarnigan
    Shannon Jarnigan

    Dang bruh he'll be the next mvp in the NBA u guys just watch

  • GleeshedUp

    Who else came just for the dunk

    • Efeso Tuumatavai
      Efeso Tuumatavai

      Kalay Mayan he still young tho 2 years from now he gonna be better than his popz

    • Efeso Tuumatavai
      Efeso Tuumatavai

      TSM Headtapp 😂me

    • FaithEdits

      TSM Headtapp me

    • Kashh2Goated

      TSM Headtapp me

    • RubbYou WithButter
      RubbYou WithButter


  • harold marticio
    harold marticio

    I’m so excited to see Bronny play against lamelo and lonzo, I know he’ll be much better

    • JohnWixk WitDaKicks
      JohnWixk WitDaKicks

      harold marticio -StickMan

  • Hhu Love hj
    Hhu Love hj

    I like how they all work together

  • Victor Andre
    Victor Andre

    Isn't that would feel great when you make your first dunk and your dad is right there watching you ? especially when your dad is a nba superstar... and i can't imagine how proud LeBron to see that happen

  • mafi muk inta
    mafi muk inta

    10:35 priceless 😍😍😍😍

  • Flashyfinancier

    Bronny might make the NBA but its unlikely that he'll be as good as LeBron was. Im not basing my opinion on this video...its just pure odds. LeBron is a top 2 talent of all time. What are the odds that 2 generations in a row produces at that level? Unlikely. Most all time greats have sons that are thrash at the sport. Jordan's 2 sons werent good enough, Kareem's son played college ball but became an actor, Magic's son became a transvestite. If Bronny makes the NBA and plays with his dad it will be a great accomplishment. If he becomes an all star it will be an even greater accomplishment. We just shouldnt expect him to become like LeBron and be the best player in the world because its so unlikely. If he does become the best player in the league though people will go nuts.

    • Monkey

      Flashyfinancier Dell and Steph Curry? Seth too

    • DatBoiBizzle

      He can shoot better than his dad already but the odds him being as good overall I doubt it but I think he still could be all star level

    • I’m a dumbass and
      I’m a dumbass and

      what u mean he won’t be as good Bronny probs gonna be better than LeBron, because he learned from LeBron himself





  • KyferLightning

    11:15 the part you came for

    • Chad Urot
      Chad Urot


    • Youngboy_Kodak_ChiefkeefSosa

      Why you hating tho 🤣😂💩

  • Carlton Aikins
    Carlton Aikins

    10:00 this is unfair

    • Clash Of Youtube
      Clash Of Youtube

      Ikr 😂

  • Drama Beatz Fr
    Drama Beatz Fr

    He gone be a monster !!!

  • king_ momo12
    king_ momo12

    Number 21 reminds me of James harden.... lightning quick handles, lefty shot, can pass, good court vision I can really see him being a threat in the nba if his heights kick in and he grows to be about 6”3 or 6”4 maybe even 6”5 but i don’t think it’s possible.

    • Les Baker
      Les Baker

      Nope, that boy likes his sweets, looks like a hot dog.

  • Wes Mullen
    Wes Mullen

    Dang!! He was so close!!

  • Melissa Deveaux
    Melissa Deveaux

    Im a big fan of bronny but never new he could do that!!#👑

  • Onlyrealmusic4life

    Anybody else feel like he's not gonna be that tall? I say 6'5" at most(which is still tall but not like LeBron tall). I don't think he is gonna have the size or explosiveness of LeBron. Hopefully he is a better shooter. Needs to start watching Kobe highlights. He already has the Bron vision and IQ forming though.

  • SpeedHub

    I like how lebron jr isn’t a ball hogger he actually passes

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