LaMelo Ball Scores 92 POINTS!!!! 41 In The 4th Quarter!! FULL Highlights! Chino Hills vs Los Osos!!
LaMelo Ball scored 92 points today out his team's 146 total!! Chino Hills vs Los Osos FULL Highlights!!
Box Score:
LaMelo said this game was dedicated to Lexi Anderson, a student from Chino Hills HS who went into cardiac arrest and needs a donor as well as donations to save her life, if anyone would like to help please go to this link:
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  • Robert Benson
    Robert Benson

    LaMelo has insane instincts of where his teammates are at all times. His no-look passes are pure genius.

    • That773guy

      @Nsane Playz thanks genius.

    • Nsane Playz
      Nsane Playz

      @That773guy they ain’t in the nba tho

    • T-man

      Well he knows the plays and where his team would be... not really instinct

    • That773guy

      stop holding nuts, these kids aint playing no defense. I know kids with cerebral palsy that do no looks and score 20 in this game.

  • OsSpectaツ

    Imagine being a freshmen in high school and playing basketball for fun, but then you see you’re playing this team

    • SneakyMilkMan 420
      SneakyMilkMan 420

      @Thomas Dolan I did lol

    • Jonwikk206


    • Crimson Rouge
      Crimson Rouge

      @Thomas Dolan well melo did

    • Ankit

      That's why Kevin Hart left the dream of being a NBA player

  • Adrien Valdovinos
    Adrien Valdovinos

    I love rewatching this, I just realized he could have easily scored more than 100 but he gave hella assist to his teammates, what a player, he goin do great things in the league

    • Master Yoda
      Master Yoda

      @KingWorld Adventures he was just being sarcastic and basically telling the other guy "u can say all u want, but he's still in the league dropping buckets"

    • KingWorld Adventures
      KingWorld Adventures

      @Adrien Valdovinos no one said he wasn’t

    • Ishan....

      @garyt1957 he worked smart not hard

    • Velosetii

      @garyt1957 gotta say you have a point, at least he turned out well. Never been the best defender tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Thomas Dion
    Thomas Dion

    Watching this back more than 3 years later reminds me how insane the 2016-2017s were

    • La frappe de Pataya
      La frappe de Pataya

      @Yo Boy You too

    • Yo Boy
      Yo Boy

      @Mr. Leaves wishing u all thd best bro

    • Mr. Leaves
      Mr. Leaves

      @Yo Boy 2017 to me was the best year I ever lived through. Then maybe 2002 because I was 3 and the cartoons were amazing back in the day. Also was before shit started getting real sad in my life

    • Yo Boy
      Yo Boy

      best year of the 2010's tbh

    • BFP2000*

      Best time man

  • L C
    L C

    How you score 90 points on a senior night for other people 😂😂 that’s cold

    • smyzo

      @DaMacAndOreoBro He was sniw birding. Literally not playing defense and shooting layups. Thats only cool in your lame generation. Its joke basketball and you're impreseed by it. FOH.

    • DaMacAndOreoBro

      @smyzo theres no way youre not impressed by this, even in 2016 no one was doing this lmao, lamelo was just the best in high school

    • iceproductions

      @smyzo u got nothing to say now huh😂

    • C. Thomas
      C. Thomas

      @smyzo keep talking hater lol

    • R&G

      It was always disrespectful when a school schedule you for senior night😂always gotta go crazy

  • Limbo Walker
    Limbo Walker

    Aye most of those “cherry picked” layups where contested by 2 or more ppl🤷🏾‍♂️ they still allowed that shit to happen🤣

    • McMerry

      Be close is not contest a shot

    • Courtney Chatman
      Courtney Chatman

      And some of the threes and most of the layups😂😂

    • Courtney Chatman
      Courtney Chatman


    • Ethan

      @saem YT Now YOU are cherry pickin buddy

    • Jsongztats IG
      Jsongztats IG

      K Will but he did

  • Become a Star Live
    Become a Star Live

    A lot of those where hard catches and shots. A full assortment of threes, mid ranges, floaters, finishing with both hands, hesitations, and finshing in traffic. He was definitely in his bag

  • Aaron Robles
    Aaron Robles

    It’s gonna be 2 years since lamelo scored 92.. compare him from the 92 point game, to now. HUGE change, and he’s now a better player and teammate.

    • Arthur R
      Arthur R

      Bro... He was a kid here. Lol... Everyone grows at that age lol

    • Riã

      ALL STAR!!!!

    • Seen Co
      Seen Co

      This cant be stop now He scored 32 pnts

    • James Hepburn
      James Hepburn

      And now he made it

    • Zabari Duwab
      Zabari Duwab

      Dropped 30 as a starter in the nba . Damn time is a bitch

  • dmelton_

    How do you sleep at night knowing you allowed a person to score 92 points?

    • Miguel Breezy NK
      Miguel Breezy NK

      92th comment

    • Lunch Money
      Lunch Money

      @Johnathan Zobel he did cherry pick but he was making most of his threes so not every point was cherry picked

    • Caleb Reid
      Caleb Reid


    • c.b.3_ _
      c.b.3_ _

      @Captain Cav boy how this comment has aged lol

    • Jacorey Williams
      Jacorey Williams

      @Captain Cav he's in the NBA your not

  • Sam Baca
    Sam Baca

    And now he’s an nba all star, we’ve watched this kid grow up right infront of us congrats lamelo

  • first name last name
    first name last name

    To all the fans of lamelo since they became the undefeated highschool team with lonzo, we all saw this kid grew up and develop as a person and a player, we can now appreciate all his improvements in his game and achievments, its just the beggining of his nba career and im gonna leave this here, "HE WILL BECOME A CHAMPION SOON"

  • You already know who It is
    You already know who It is

    I remember when this first came out this man lamelo was trending everywhere and now he’s about to be a top 2 pick in the NBA draft crazy how fast time goes 🤧

    • McMerry

      Choke artist

  • ya its bogey
    ya its bogey

    Melo could’ve easily gotten 100 points if he kept the ball more at the beginning tho

    • Andrew Thomas
      Andrew Thomas

      @A menace. username relevant. Mans was on his time of the month yikes.

    • Donttttttt

      @A menace. why tf were u angry tho 😂

    • A menace.
      A menace.

      Damn this chain is still going. Sorry about what I said 9 months ago lol, I've matured a lot 😂

    • Ben Has Your Back
      Ben Has Your Back

      @A menace. says the guy with an Anakin profile lmfao you weird bruh


    We need to appreciate that 0 number guy too. He got about 25+ rebounds and same assists.. 👏 👏 👏 👏


    2:20 everybody touched the ball in 5 seconds, amazing basketball

  • Tre. d14
    Tre. d14

    Feels like yesterday I was watching him everyday now it’s been almost 5 years since I watched him time flies by enjoy it , I was just a freshman now I’m finna graduate 😔

    • huskers4cody

      5 years for 4 years of highschool, not bad kid not bad

  • MichDaGreatest

    Eli Scott's arm must have been sore the next day...

  • big account
    big account

    “and that son, is how i bagged the whole cheer squad”

    • black prince
      black prince


    • JuSepn-


  • josh mcdonald
    josh mcdonald

    Every one joked on the cherry picking but honestly Lamelo is an incredible finisher today because of these kinds plays. He learned how to protect the ball against bigger defenders, chino hills taught fundamentals differently but they did teach them.

  • growl

    man time has really flown feels like only yesterday this dude dropped damn near 100 points, now he in the NBA

  • J Two Times
    J Two Times

    number 0 2k teammate grade would be insane after this game

    • Sean Wiederholt
      Sean Wiederholt

      No defence whatsoever on either team

    • Jeffry Mok
      Jeffry Mok

      @ItzMasoon 0 is Eli Scott, u trippin

    • ItzMasoon

      @Jboy 難 it’s onyeka okungu not Eli Scott

    • Do you know The way
      Do you know The way

      He needs to be in 2k

    • Jboy 難
      Jboy 難

      JJ Arey Eli Scott

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez

    I like that if he misses it from the 3 he goes and catches his rebound and makes it🤙🏽

  • Darren Walters
    Darren Walters

    That's some impressive defense!

  • To REACH to YOU Ministry
    To REACH to YOU Ministry

    How could someone dislike this video these kids put in a lot of work you can tell

  • Belarion A.D.
    Belarion A.D.

    his full court transition passing was on point. I like the Ball brothers for being some of the only players to do those on the regular.

  • MarioJay

    92 pts is still 92 pts. Give this guy props. Some plays he out hustled the other team. Getting in bound steals, getting his own rebound.

  • Football Kid 10
    Football Kid 10

    I’m here after he just got drafted by the hornets time goes by so fast 🥺

  • Huso Z
    Huso Z

    Now he is the Rookie of the Year in the NBA. We really watched this kid grow up💯

    • McMerry

      Anthony Edwards was robbed

  • Abhijith Malangi
    Abhijith Malangi

    I miss the young Lamelo

  • Cash_R_ K
    Cash_R_ K

    Watching this vid in 2019 brings back good memories of the ball brothers trio :).

  • Jesser


    • ilyjodi

      crazy how a lot of ppl were hating on him at this time saying “he ain’t gonna make it to the nba” or “he’s not good as lonzo and never will be” but now look at him 🤣 got drafted in the nba AND got rookie of the year! now that’s a way to prove ur haters wrong! 💫

    • ilyjodi

      @Dylan Kemp these comments aged well 🤣 he proved all of you wrong!

    • Jeanne Manopo
      Jeanne Manopo


    • Carter Fountain
      Carter Fountain

      h e y

  • Beau Bowden
    Beau Bowden

    Let’s not ignore the huge number of assists he had

  • Calvin Johnson
    Calvin Johnson

    That "Keep Fighting" speech hit differently after losing like this!

  • Yonnie D
    Yonnie D

    Who’s here after melo got drafted. Damn felt like it was just yesterday when this video came out.

    • Bxmpy

      @assassin like any other nba player would LMAO

    • assassin

      If he play high school again I can see him putting 100+

  • QR Code Guy
    QR Code Guy

    I think this was the last year that LaMelo was truly happy. After this game the fame really took off.

  • Kristopher London
    Kristopher London


    • Blain Dowdell
      Blain Dowdell


    • MrSPIDEY21

      Caspur he had he most assists...and I've seen him take it coast to coast plenty of times this game...I've seen home break everyone down and take the to the bucket...I've seen him hit a lot of 3s...stop hatin

    • Luis Angel Alvarez
      Luis Angel Alvarez

      Kristopher London ayy

    • tata himawan
      tata himawan

      Kristopher London dats how I thought

  • parker mcm
    parker mcm

    why is no one talking about how many assists that one kid has

  • Phil Murzea
    Phil Murzea

    Most high school players don't score 92 in their entire high school matter what it's an impressive achievement..good for him.


    Damn he was unstoppable. How does the D give up that many cherry picking plays!!


    now he dropping consecutive triple doubles in the nbl and breaking records lol time flys

    • Arrojo

      @I'm Your Huckleberry #4 rn

    • I'm Your Huckleberry
      I'm Your Huckleberry

      And now he's projected to be a #1 pick

  • martin sloan
    martin sloan

    Real ball players: This kid is special. Internet trolls: He needs to work on his defense.

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns

    Your watching this after he plays for the hornets and you wanted to come back to these moments 😭

  • 1lulbrann

    I remember they said “lamelo not goin make it to the league because of this” now look at him

  • Cloudz

    13:32 lamelo scores a layup THE BOYS IN THE BACK GO WILD

  • Zec

    It blows my mind to think that they were my age and playing like professionals. This is fucking amazing.

  • Brensten Lindsey
    Brensten Lindsey

    Lamelo matured A LOT 🤝💯 Hella respect to bro

  • Caps

    WHY THE HELL IS ZO PLAYING ON THE OTHER TEAM?! that jumpshot tho 😂😂

  • Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren

    Watching it after lamelo becomes the youngest player to record triple double

  • Marmarcamyjr

    14:17 crowd: OHHHHHHHHHH Kids in the highest corner: HOW DID HE DO THAT WOW I CANT BELIEVE IT 14:45 crowd: OH MY GOSH LaMelo: just shake it off (get ready for ears to hurt really bad at the second one BEWARE HEADPHONE USERS)

  • Mish808

    Came back to pay respect and just notice lavar ball running down the sideline when melo made that 3😂😂😂😂 14:44

  • adam

    the real question is how many rebounds did he have?😂

    • Hooderaw

      @Kevin Nguyen more like 15 rebounds. Those tap ins can't as offensive rebounds so those possessions where he miss, then Tap again and miss then tap in and make can't as 2 offensive rebounds.

    • Kevin Nguyen
      Kevin Nguyen

      atleast 7 or 8. he caught a lot of offensive rebounds

  • respectfully

    My favorite part was when the announcer said Lamelo Ball

  • Kyle Hauge
    Kyle Hauge

    He stood on the opposite end of the court for more than 90% of his 92, while his teammates grabbed rebounds and threw them back down the court. Shame on the opposing team for not guarding him.

    • Anton LaMorte
      Anton LaMorte

      Fun fact 22 of his points were cherry picked, this means that he scored 70 playing normal.

  • Gracie

    I love how Melo cares about his Teammates getting points too he does not just Score all the points he passes and his not selfish and Cocky about how he plays! Like melo had that Wide open lay up but he stop and Let the other person get down there and let him dunk! He is so caring ❤️

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx

    8:16 How are you going to let my man get 2 rebounds, finish the bucket, and a steal from inbound to get another one 💀💀

  • Caleb Sactown
    Caleb Sactown

    Damn this was when fidget spinners were a thing

    • Leongxchx

      No it wasn’t 😭

    • VF Goditachyyy
      VF Goditachyyy


    • franc -
      franc -

      @Yrn don your name is yrn don you is not grown 😂

    • Austin Tube
      Austin Tube

      Forget the ball brothers this was the year of the Paul brothers

  • 阿泓哥許

    Now he is the NBA 3rd draft of Hornets

  • Almighty Vonn
    Almighty Vonn

    The dude who’s throwing it to Lemelo got Break starter on HOF

    • Chad Laine
      Chad Laine

      Dude was basically playing QB.


      Till this day💀💀💀

    • potato

      @James Martin V

    • Raheem Azeez
      Raheem Azeez

      Eli scott is his name

    • DBookYT

      lemelo also lmao

  • Aidan Hackl
    Aidan Hackl

    Even with out the tape we can see how wilt scored 100😂

  • Ivar Norrthon
    Ivar Norrthon

    The thing is that he did not only score 92 points he also assist like 92 points

  • Oliver Koepp
    Oliver Koepp

    10:18 he should have got an over and back foul

  • The crack MADAFAKAS
    The crack MADAFAKAS

    6:57 wow, good defense

  • txmpa

    They just turned basketball to a game of catch outta no where.

    • Ben Keenan
      Ben Keenan

      @bigboner23 😂

  • thebrownJames

    2:31 that slip was contagious

  • Moist Delta
    Moist Delta

    Watching his sophomore year debut game made me want to come back to this

  • fonzo

    From being “overrated” to everyone rooting for him

  • Mochi

    in 2017 you probably will laugh at me when i say that he will become a pass first point guard lol

  • Besicar Nigerij
    Besicar Nigerij

    James Harden school of defense

    • DopeManGotem

      @Dylan Webber he's in the NBA now

    • DopeManGotem

      He's in the NBA now hater

    • Atakan Kayalar
      Atakan Kayalar


    • Killmonger 212
      Killmonger 212


    • Gabe Welch
      Gabe Welch


  • excellent cod
    excellent cod

    Aye most of those “cherry picked” layups where contested by 2 or more ppl🤷🏾‍♂️ they still allowed that shit to happen🤣

  • Scott Wattenhofer
    Scott Wattenhofer

    What a great player

  • Freddy Garcia
    Freddy Garcia

    Bruh imagine what the opposite team coach might have said in the locker room after that😂😂

  • Psycho Cicero
    Psycho Cicero

    In the second half, He had two kid’s face guarding him up the court; they were trying.

  • Jaleel Muhammad
    Jaleel Muhammad

    And he still got his assists

  • B link
    B link

    13:05, 13:30 , 14:19 best scenes 😂😂😂

  • Snipuh 229
    Snipuh 229

    Watched him grow up 🥲now he’s doing tripe doubles in the leauge


    Well his the Youngest NBA player in History to get triple double!!🤷‍♂️😀

  • KJ 10
    KJ 10

    Wow, this kid is a BEAST!!!!!! I love his game. He’s lightning quick, switching hands, could shoot the three. Great player!! Im def a fan

  • Benz

    Here after he won ROTY🕺🏽🤩🤩

  • ASJ 478
    ASJ 478

    The person that was guarding him is SHOOK

  • Gabriel

    Now hes in Australia... Time flies man, time flies...

    • Brock Gervan
      Brock Gervan

      @ruii that’s the whole point of the comment chain

    • ruii

      @Brock Gervan this was a year ago help

    • Brock Gervan
      Brock Gervan

      @ruii you sure?

    • Bag Chasing Bandit
      Bag Chasing Bandit

      @I’m not blind but I love blindfolds this comment section will live for a long time

    • I’m not blind but I love blindfolds
      I’m not blind but I love blindfolds

      Now he's also apart of youngest group of NBA rookies to hit 7 three pointers in a game