How Many Beer Bottles Stops A Throwing Axe?
How Ridiculous
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  • That'll Work
    That'll Work

    The arrow through the line of cups was incredible 😂 next video, shoot an arrow through cups and hit a bullseye that releases ping pong balls that fall into each cup 👀

  • Murray Naish
    Murray Naish

    How about a version where you each bring a fixed number of items to throw (maybe 5?), but with the catch that if someone else brings the same type of item, it can't be thrown?

  • PurpleBassThumb

    I’d love to see this with multi colored bottles! The slowies would be insane!!

  • Jadon Filbrun
    Jadon Filbrun

    Really enjoyed this one guys! Good to see the banter back! Felt more relaxed. :) And damn good slowie work Jack!!


    Absolutely loving the “how many” videos lately! But genuine question, why aren’t you doing “45m tower drops” anymore?

  • Resurgam B7
    Resurgam B7

    You guys were aiming for a ton of tiny stuff this time! That fire extinguisher was unexpectedly good though!

  • Mad Hadigam
    Mad Hadigam

    Would be interesting if they tried to combine the tower drops with the how many idea. Like a long drop competition

  • gamechamp

    Gaunson never fails to impress with his incredible aim every time.

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes

    You guys are amazing. I've been sick with covid for 2 weeks and your shows got me through it by cheering me up. Thanks a bunch. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Zachary Bixler
    Zachary Bixler

    I liked the tower drops but I really like these as a change. Good content. You can only do so much of one type of video before it runs stale. Glad to see you all switching it up. Keep it up guys you all have good charisma.

  • Richard Wheelock
    Richard Wheelock

    I absolutely love these videos! But I also miss the tower, are y'all going to do more videos there anytime soon? A nice mix of the video types would be great, love them all!

  • Just Arkon
    Just Arkon

    This video looks awesome, guys!!! Thank you so much for what you do. (You too, Rexy!) The effort it must take behind the scenes is crazy and it's insane what you do to keep us all entertained. Thank you! ️

  • iMpErFeCtJeSsE

    Would love to see a how many with 2 throws per person per round. The chaos that ensues when you have to throw both within a time frame is amazing!!!!!!

  • W

    They should have an app for those amazing wallpapers that would be lovely ❤

  • Amanda McClendon
    Amanda McClendon

    I’ve been watching for a while, and it feels like the longer y’all do this the sillier you get 😂

  • InfLeo_

    “How many __ stops” is a great and really entertaining series, loving it 🙂

  • Daniel Bortolin
    Daniel Bortolin

    Gaunson: "you had a height issue"

  • punk4rockorz

    when I have a bad day, this channel is at the top of my list. The positive energy and brainless, yet interesting ideas they come up with are just a joy and entertainment to look at. They seem to have a real good time doing it, but the work behind the scenes must be endless!

  • Will Pepper
    Will Pepper

    Love the content lads. Been watching for 5 years now, watching from the UK 🇬🇧


    Thank you How Ridiculous for the awesome content. Keep doing what you’re doing!