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Stromedy - Scariest & Best Moments of 2021 (Compilation)

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  • Melanie Brooks
    Melanie Brooks

    That was crazy how you got on the bus when there are lots of lots of clowns

  • ツっ�Gurnoor Toronto Maple Leaf�っツ
    ツっ�Gurnoor Toronto Maple Leaf�っツ

    When stromedy was being chased he was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲that made me laugh soooooo much

    • Khloe smith
      Khloe smith

      Gtg do come

    • [⭐️ ]Zuki
      [⭐️ ]Zuki


  • creepypasta7583 jack
    creepypasta7583 jack


  • DJ Cool DUDE
    DJ Cool DUDE

    Wow that's amazing

  • Latia Sinclair
    Latia Sinclair

    I heard I had a TikTok that you died and I nearly started crying for the whole day nearly the whole day and the worst part is someone did send it to me😇

  • Eligacha

    So glad I could finally get here early. So glad I didn't have to break news to your viewers

  • AAXXSHS 123
    AAXXSHS 123

    You can pop the balloons with the drone

  • Baby jesus eats muffins
    Baby jesus eats muffins

    It’s kinda sus when there in public you feel me maybe the clowns don’t own this sh!t but it has to be haunted

  • Phoebe Key
    Phoebe Key

    It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece

    • Buggy902 Stratton
      Buggy902 Stratton


  • Mr Technology Hecker
    Mr Technology Hecker

    I will miss 2021 but happy for 2022 and I'm almost a teenager

  • ImNotNullBG_

    Wow years going fast... Your subcribers going fast and you vidoes getting more scary Make sure to make more and very scary videos in 2022 HappyHolidays! From big fan AMNOTNULLBG

    • ImNotNullBG_


  • Yashuop

    Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here

    • stik_o


    • Elidiaries


    • maliah malivert
      maliah malivert

      Here within a second

    • cloudy-Ausra #PrayForUkraine
      cloudy-Ausra #PrayForUkraine

      26 secs

    • maliah malivert
      maliah malivert


  • Aisja Aisja
    Aisja Aisja

    U are a awesome youtube creator some people say u are not u are Kyle/stormedy ,Andre , Alex, Dk and the others u are better tan watching tv or other Chanel’s on tv go to Pennsylvania u can get more content and other stuf u are content verified if u know the people who are following u are just doing it for u to get content I bet but out of the prime capital house like fam fam away it’s not fake I LOVE U

  • JasonPlayz

    i havent watch him since the clown king

  • Mr doge Roblox
    Mr doge Roblox

    2:46 I'm surprised he didn't say what the hell he said what the heck

  • ZeoWolfrider200

    Seeing the ol prime capitol house brings back wonderful memories the day we all first met :)

    • Teddy bear
      Teddy bear


    • MightyMango

      @Daniel Bell dude he means all of the fans

    • Daniel Bell
      Daniel Bell

      What do you mean the first day we met your not in the group

    • Paulo Vicente Tancinco Jr
      Paulo Vicente Tancinco Jr

      For real wtf

  • Tim May
    Tim May

    You should make a video where you unmask all the clowns in the past year... project zorgo is always watching

  • Shoshana Wright
    Shoshana Wright

    Stromedy I wish I can have one of your guys's team Birds fight

  • caleb

    💫. Omg the part where all the clowns run after you is crasy

  • Brandy Marshall
    Brandy Marshall

    your vids are so good i woch them evreday .

  • Beaucash91

    This is the best content in the world

  • Beaucash91

    This is the best content in the world

  • cool BRADLEY
    cool BRADLEY

    you’re the best IRglo


    That’s pretty scary

  • Omar Shariff
    Omar Shariff

    This videos are so scary

  • Raymondoes

    BRAVOOOO the acting and editing was simple and crappy nice click-bait that will damage kids brains

  • oColor

    25:29 ayo that clown got drip wtf his fit is insane-

  • Cyan Uranus
    Cyan Uranus

    You Haven't Made a Poppy Playtime Video Yet. Like Flying a Drone in an Abandoned Toy Factory or Flying a Drone in an Abandoned Toy Shop. To See Huggy Wuggy. Because Huggy Wuggy Lives in a Rogue Toy Company Called "Playtime Co." And Make a 3AM Video with it

  • Reich Caleb Cruz
    Reich Caleb Cruz

    They nearly cut clips in here

  • Jan Hödl
    Jan Hödl

    Yo bro how are still alive you are legend

  • Erick Calvo
    Erick Calvo

    This insane on 2021!!💙

  • Archi Patel
    Archi Patel

    Stromedy one time can you unmask the clowns

  • T Mccall
    T Mccall

    Yea this year was crazy


    Am honestly getting tired of the clown videos ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️🧐🧐

  • NON155


  • Jaylen

    I love you stormedy keep doing what you're doing for the community you are an awesome man

  • Martha Thomas
    Martha Thomas

    Hi love your blogs I watch them every day

  • Deku

    Have you guys done the Cecil hotel it is the most haunted hotel in los angeles

  • The Dalton Family
    The Dalton Family

    Every morning I let my almost 5 year old son watch my phone and he will always ask me to subscribe to channels he likes . He really likes your channel and loved this video he started talking about you being chased by a bunch a clowns and said “ mommy if there was clowns chasing me I’d poop my pants” !

    • Donna Larson
      Donna Larson

      I love 💘 that

    • Jordan Is cool Lol
      Jordan Is cool Lol


    • Saul gomez
      Saul gomez

      Aww haha that's cute 😄

    • Laura Millar
      Laura Millar

      Hhahaahh if he did it will be funny

    • ツっ�Gurnoor Toronto Maple Leaf�っツ
      ツっ�Gurnoor Toronto Maple Leaf�っツ


  • gamer 123
    gamer 123

    Its been so long since I watched you

  • Yeet Ballz
    Yeet Ballz

    where are these clowns coming frorm from the entrance or the forset or station or from the woods?

  • CosmicMixtro

    you guys should put an audio on the drone and connect it to andres phone

  • Bisi Cole
    Bisi Cole

    your the best stromedy and please can i have a shout out you entetain me so much love you

  • BRUH

    Clowns on a school bus was 2020

  • Amy Delgado
    Amy Delgado

    Merry late Christmas and a happy new year

  • Gentle Man Pictures
    Gentle Man Pictures

    Imagine faking videos for fame. He's faking his videos to little kids who COULDN'T go to bed. Your should film a real content. Not some fake stupid challenges from 2016/2017. His videos are all fake and aren't real.

  • Ava Campbell♥️
    Ava Campbell♥️


  • Malti Jadhav
    Malti Jadhav

    yo stromdy if there is our evil one then their will be a good one

  • Pasune

    I’ve subscribed to every one on your team

    • Pasune


  • Omar Atouahri
    Omar Atouahri

    Hahahaha ty for this video but i wasn’t know the first one is was 100% its a video dude

  • JellyHello

    Yo I had a dream last night that you came to my house in every single monster that you guys have thought was literally attacking us

    • Madison Hall
      Madison Hall

      I had a dream where he saved me from his evil twin

  • 61109hbm

    Can you fly me out to do a clown video with you Traumedy

  • Kyden Oliver
    Kyden Oliver

    I've been watching sense the potion days

  • Anany Shukla
    Anany Shukla

    Hi stromedy I subscribed to you an everyone else on the team stay safe

  • pongpang kuko
    pongpang kuko

    hi your happy new year 🎇 welcome to 2022 *"stromedy"*

  • Eli the flip God
    Eli the flip God

    I watched you since the dark web potion videos keep up the videos they’re really good but you’re not the same anymore go back to the original hide and seek in Walmart videos moaning on intercom the fun somebody not the fake clowns Traumedy

  • xxxtentacion hope
    xxxtentacion hope

    Stromedy happy holidays I hope you have a great year this year

  • tvcmbt

    Stromedy I have a question do you know that dj cook made a video about you and that he messaged you

  • Donna Larson
    Donna Larson

    I subscribed to all the people on the team l love the blog

  • Haven McCoy
    Haven McCoy

    Some how I already had watched all his videos

  • sabina majcen
    sabina majcen

    if your scariest villan is michael myers you can wacth a video how to make michael myers style jason mask.

  • Joey Pennington
    Joey Pennington

    What if there was zombie clowns ?

  • FredDaFloper_Kokichi

    Hey how about you post a video without editing so we now it is real

  • Jesse gunn
    Jesse gunn

    The clown lemonade wasn’t in 2021

  • Michael Ahl
    Michael Ahl

    That’s insane

  • Tania Axisa
    Tania Axisa

    Me: a clown inside the school bus (at the start) Kyle yelling: 'WHAT'S UP STROMEDY SQUAD?!' inside the school bus disguised as a clown Me: still can't hear him

  • trxollzyf

    i started watching when you did the clown lemonade stand it was on my reccomended i loved watching you ever since then

  • Jennifer Melton
    Jennifer Melton

    How do you fly drones like dead and stroke around so I can still get it

  • Maleek the champ
    Maleek the champ

    I love your shows stromedy they are really entertaining and funny before I got this on my notification I was watching some of your shows good 👍

    • Maleek the champ
      Maleek the champ

      Thank you very much

    • YOU_RAY$


    • YOU_RAY$


  • Julie Merriman
    Julie Merriman

    Love how Everytime he hides it either is a tree or something that is wood 😂 love these videos keep doing what u doing u make these people laugh

    • Jeffrey Arcibal
      Jeffrey Arcibal


  • jelly GC
    jelly GC

    Dude the clown is on the bus and he's boxing you and you're like oh my God guys the clown hitting me. like fight back stupid!!

  • Tanya Toledo
    Tanya Toledo

    Nice IRglo videos, Stromedy!!! Can you please make more IRglo videos with your roommate ImJayStation too, please!!!? because I really liked it how you were making IRglo videos and ImJayStation is in them with you when you were making videos of you and him drinking dark web potions and doing a lot of crazy and funny stuff, too!!!?🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏🏻🥺😂😂😊😊😄😄😅😅😄😄😃😃😀🤗🤗😂😂😄😄😃😃😀😀


    Noice vid of making it like that.

  • Lyndsey Johnston
    Lyndsey Johnston

    I subscribed to everyone!😘

  • Te’Shaun Douglas
    Te’Shaun Douglas

    Love it keep up the clown videos

  • dubs 1234
    dubs 1234

    The best videos are all the videos ☺️

  • Mohammad Arif Hussaini
    Mohammad Arif Hussaini

    This was so freaking crazy 😨😨😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Kristen Cartwright
    Kristen Cartwright

    My daughter belle belle is watching this as a 7 year old

  • Marinette

    The clown state beach is savage 😎

  • Robby keene
    Robby keene

    Why is it age-restricted I love your videos but I can’t see this one cuz it is on age-restricted