if you ever see this outside your window at night, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (Siren Head)
if you ever see this outside your window at night, leave your house and RUN away fast!! (Siren Head)
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  • Stromedy


    • Sian Brocklebank
      Sian Brocklebank

      I heard stomps in the night😐

    • Hina Baig
      Hina Baig

      idk where siren head is right now?!

    • Lettie Hayes
      Lettie Hayes


    • TheDonkeyElephantKing

      @Popcorn Willy u are right because the footage ( no offence ) looks soo fake

  • kawajisss s
    kawajisss s

    I was watching this then I heard a creepy noise and found out it was a bird on my window

    • Viv


    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      “If All Birds Could Fly” will be released soon

    • Amber Wille
      Amber Wille


    • Ebenezer Sangluai
      Ebenezer Sangluai

      Creepy bird

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star


  • Stephanie Wood
    Stephanie Wood

    We all appreciate how you do these videos for us

  • Símply dragõnfruiṯ
    Símply dragõnfruiṯ

    He actually a good guy! He uses his sirens to warn people that theres danger!!! If I don’t listen he will kill them😑

    • kim parker
      kim parker


    • Lisa Jones
      Lisa Jones

      True like long horse

  • Jessica Soares
    Jessica Soares

    That drone is awesome and u can nearly do anything with it. This video was VERY interesting to watch

  • Ja'Net Crayton
    Ja'Net Crayton

    0:33 that's actually light head. I like to call him siren head's one headed brother

  • V3nom Op
    V3nom Op

    Did anyone notice the drone was controlled by him as siren head comes the drone moves without controlled by him

    • San Tyn
      San Tyn

      @maie wakefield true i even made a vid of it go check it out!!

    • maie wakefield
      maie wakefield

      Not real

    • San Tyn
      San Tyn

      @HitMxrker yes!!

    • 🇺🇦J4mplayz #itwontletmeupload-
      🇺🇦J4mplayz #itwontletmeupload-

      @MyMomWantsToDrownMe well just saying what I know but siren head was real till he broke he was post to be a cool alarm in case of bad stuff but the scientist Messed it up so then he became a giant killer that u know broke it was probably back in like a long time ago when are great great great great and great like 5 more times gramparents we’re born

    • HitMxrker

      This is fake, you can legit see it’s just a 3D animation, that or he looks like a Roblox lego dude or something

  • kaytlyn-makenzie guerpo-craft
    kaytlyn-makenzie guerpo-craft

    siren head is no joke imagine having a ladder while stalking stormedy

  • raptorUnive

    When Siren head walked in front of the camera that made me laugh so hard

    • Jennifer Drake
      Jennifer Drake

      It wasn’t even real 😂😂😂

    • Living Country.
      Living Country.

      Nah bro when he did that i was just like imagining him saying "hEy SiSteRs" when he looked In the window 😆

    • Natalie Montoya
      Natalie Montoya

      Same bro

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      That scared me instead

  • Izakattack13

    This guy deserves 10M

  • Reich Caleb Cruz
    Reich Caleb Cruz

    4:32 the most scary sound in my life

    • Mashed Potatoes
      Mashed Potatoes

      What, a tornado siren

  • Unicorn Sprinkles Yeet
    Unicorn Sprinkles Yeet

    Him: Who else could have taken the picture? Slender man: Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious....

    • BusyBeesHoney_


    • ram Sape
      ram Sape


    • CharlieSmudge


    • Avery Medina
      Avery Medina


    • Mint Wcue
      Mint Wcue


  • Viv

    Great siren head editing :D When you caught him on the drone why th did it look fake Edit: actually all of the experience of siren head looked fake asf

  • Gwendolyn Yank
    Gwendolyn Yank

    I found siren head too when I was sleeping And I literally found him right outside and his sirens

    • Stacy Hill
      Stacy Hill

      Ya right

  • jesse vasquez
    jesse vasquez

    Does anyone else see the green lines when they show the camera or is it just me

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      That’s the security filter

    • Harley Young
      Harley Young

      SAME !!!!!!!

  • Lexi Reid
    Lexi Reid

    I'm familiar with siren head I have got a dream of him it gave me so many experience I try to get the full truth about siren head I just hear sirens in my head all the time even from now it seems so real this is why I watch siren head videos

  • Toluwanimofe Ajayi
    Toluwanimofe Ajayi

    I just love u guys your awesome keep doing what you guys do and I hope we get out of quarantine soon.👌

    • ausra kurt
      ausra kurt

      @Mr mango how is it not fake siren head is not real

    • Mr mango
      Mr mango

      It's not fake

    • Wob sedo123
      Wob sedo123

      Bro it's fake

  • Linnea

    2:24 THE SHAKES HELP 2:51 literally names one of his contacts “Unknown”

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      That’s HeGetsUs and PragerUKids

  • Bronwyn Walsh
    Bronwyn Walsh

    Bro the editing and acting is insane bruh get an platinum medal and Oscar award if that was real

  • Zayne Jones
    Zayne Jones

    7:06 i saw the leg appear and 7:17 its not real its shaking and theres no shadow. Dont believe me? Look at the concrete by the door. 9:48, Siren head appears and no shadow is made is made by it. 9:30, it 'glitches' and he doesnt even notice and acts like nothing happens. Ten seconds later at 9:41, he just notices. The gray static is fake because people see it everywhere. At 8:26, he said he would turn the audio on and we hear nothing. He wakes up at 1:51 to stomps shaking the house, 9:49, remeber how i said he put the audio on? He was that close to siren head and we heard just yelling. 11:44, siren head is back and hes freaking out. Looking at the quality of it is so bad its clear its an edit. If he was that scared he wouldve grabbed the camera amediatly. 12:10 he leaves the house with Andreas. His friends live there. He left them behind. If you read all this and you agree with my theory that this is fake (which it is), like this comment and i will do it on another stromedy vid.

    • Breanna Lenard♥️♥️
      Breanna Lenard♥️♥️

      Stromedy video are not fake I don't agree that doesn't mean it fake and was you there no

  • scarlett reshaw
    scarlett reshaw

    remember guys, this is just for entertainment. Siren head is fake. but you can also tell that him walking was really bad and stuff. And the pictures and videos could be their drone. he also gets small and tall. he only stays one height

  • Joshua Elisy
    Joshua Elisy

    Did anyone notice that when the security camera in the backyard, Siren Head's legs just slides a little bit.

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Its not real

    • Nugget

      Cause it is clickbait

    • Trisha Po
      Trisha Po

      yap its fake sooo fake

    • Griffin Gregory
      Griffin Gregory


    • Natalie Chapman
      Natalie Chapman

      I seen it hahahahah

  • Deirdre Conley
    Deirdre Conley

    When you were flying the drone light head was looking at you!!!!

  • Andrew Startek
    Andrew Startek

    You forgot to shake the table when he was walking in front of the camera

  • Death Rider
    Death Rider

    He had no feet at the back door and also you should use some night vision cams to see better also in the back yard the stomps did not line up with the walking pattern.

  • Dark_Cool

    the part where the camera was catching siren head looked like siren head was edited in.

  • Taya Jossart
    Taya Jossart

    I love how CGI that is and I love how you wake up poor Andre to tell him "siren head " is at the window.. lol still love you and your vids

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      We use the iScreen Pro to make our VFX

    • Austin Long
      Austin Long


  • disasterpriestable

    If I was siren head I would be peering through the window with my siren head watching you bathe in hot water

  • Ruth Asulin
    Ruth Asulin

    You're very kind of make people believe this stuff

  • radhika menon
    radhika menon

    I found a big stick figure outside in my backyard see see see the siren I’m scared please save me stromedy🇧🇷

  • Billy FrantZ
    Billy FrantZ

    When he uses the drone you can see that he doesn’t even touch the controller to the drone and the drone is moving by itself. This is bs.

  • Agnes Chong
    Agnes Chong

    My brother was scared half to death while watching. I enjoy watching your video because scary things make me excited!

    • 「pika yoshiko」-♡
      「pika yoshiko」-♡


    • 2k22 madden and fortnite content
      2k22 madden and fortnite content

      Yeah it was a prank

    • Trevor The turkey
      Trevor The turkey

      It’s all fake man

  • Sonya Edens
    Sonya Edens

    man right when you guys found him each time my heartis going like 100.000,295 mil per hour!!!

  • D4rkzyz

    I see him out side walking passed my window

  • Hayley Delaney
    Hayley Delaney

    I saw him right next to my moms bedroom through my window!!

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      It’s not real

  • Mellissa Jones
    Mellissa Jones

    Siren head is not to be messed with he is extremely difficult to kill

  • Donald Dabbs
    Donald Dabbs

    Be safe guys love y’all.

    • AJ91 Anims
      AJ91 Anims

      Lol this kid Actually believe this!!!

    • TheGamingGoat

      U know this fake right

    • Maksiu Kozak Official
      Maksiu Kozak Official


    • tuffdudegamer4

      Lol you really believe that? 😂

  • smriti verma
    smriti verma

    When you were shooting a video with the drone we saw something light brown which looked like the upper body of siren head

  • Darren

    Right when I watched this I herd sirens and he was by my window

  • Orien lyn Stober
    Orien lyn Stober

    Did anybody see how small he was and how high the camera

  • Miggy Laysa
    Miggy Laysa


  • Son1c the headgocuh
    Son1c the headgocuh

    I love how you where shaking the camera and your friend acting high

    • Wizzy101

      @Bacon Pog #saveukraine yeah its fake

    • Wizzy101

      @Sherry Hughes that was fake tho

    • Ace Fryer
      Ace Fryer

      Hello my name is a saline

    • Jeanne King
      Jeanne King

      You guys didnt already know that?

  • Shimon Islam
    Shimon Islam

    Hi I’m a new member of This Channel and One time I had a dream of siren head chasing me in the woods and it was super crazy and I fell down and he ate me

  • Azariah Gabriel
    Azariah Gabriel

    How the hell is siren head supposed to get a phone? Lol, I'm only watching for creepy stories this is- not.

  • damian forrest
    damian forrest

    stromedy: who else could be that big? me: cartoon cat. :)

  • Lori Harper
    Lori Harper

    I have actually heard siren head I couldn’t see anything!

  • Mrspineappleplays

    I almost had a heart attack when siren head popped up at his window 😥

    • Jacqueline Bell
      Jacqueline Bell

      I jumped when i was sitting down

    • Kahne Skibbe
      Kahne Skibbe


    • Tazeifyy


    • Karina Rojas
      Karina Rojas


    • Mike Agnew
      Mike Agnew

      @Layla Shields this is so fake guys

  • Anjuma B.
    Anjuma B.

    I like the fact I am watching this at night

  • Rayan Saaed
    Rayan Saaed

    This time I got shocked last night last night I was asleep then I was just out I was going outside and I saw Finn man he had a black tie a white face he was 4042 Fito he came to me and I started running he and he picked me up and he tried to blind me and take my thought of everything

  • Nicole Easley
    Nicole Easley

    The fact I used to believe this and get scared about it xD... But ay props to these edits

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Xte dosent exist anymore

  • Danniel Anth
    Danniel Anth

    I didn't even feel the storms but all I heard is the sirens Yeah that's what all I heard and I fell like a ghost was hot in my house When I was downstairs I heard this I heard a thing in the kitchen Maid A sound Is sound like a fart touch a plate So that was 2 things that I saw

  • Mick Cronin
    Mick Cronin

    Wait I can hear the sirens and there so loud. Something is off at your street. Also is the people getting missing at the street that your on???

    • Mick Cronin
      Mick Cronin


    • Mick Cronin
      Mick Cronin


    • Mick Cronin
      Mick Cronin


    • Roman Khan
      Roman Khan


  • 🇺🇦J4mplayz #itwontletmeupload-
    🇺🇦J4mplayz #itwontletmeupload-

    Him: SIREN HEAD IS NO JOKE me: dude I’m old enough to know your faking mr editor so kids it’s all fake but it’s fun to watch tbh

  • Benny's Lego Animations
    Benny's Lego Animations

    You wanna know one thing? If siren head legit ate the camera man, then how the hell is the video uploaded, even after the camera man can't be found? Fun fact, siren head stays away from residential areas, I couldn't help but cringe Also, he does NOT come in many forms, you are just making stuff up. I also love the editing and the acting, nice job, but couldn't quite get me, nice try 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  • Leah Aldred
    Leah Aldred

    When you said all the stomping I think I heard siren head stomping or walking to your house

  • Ryan Towle
    Ryan Towle

    13:51 He is out The window!!

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      That was a reflection of someone walking

  • AmaZane

    Wait, if they heard from their friends about coming in contact with siren head, but never lived to tell the tale, then how do they freaking know. HUH!

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Because they tell them, I’m coming to contact with SH

    • Debbie bisp
      Debbie bisp


    • Avalon is the one and only
      Avalon is the one and only

      That’s edited

  • Jada sus
    Jada sus

    Bro his editing looks like it really real ngl

  • Cooper Stanfill
    Cooper Stanfill

    You can tell the skin is animated when he comes to the back door

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      It is

  • Svetlana Dean
    Svetlana Dean

    Siren head is good he lets ppl know if there's a natural disaster around

  • Lil adz Videos
    Lil adz Videos

    The picture at the front of the video is light head not siren head it’s his brother

  • Edward Aragon
    Edward Aragon

    Sites head he scared me in my nightmare like no joke and i hear him from outside of my house i hide from him it was get louder and louder and it hurts my ears and. My brother wake me up for school tomorrow I'm going watch sired head again and my friend he's scared of sired head I'm not scared of sired head sometimes so good luck my friends don't get nightmares get good dreams good luck

    • Regzal TG
      Regzal TG

      @Greenpickles 12 he did say it's in his nightmare so yeah

    • Greenpickles 12
      Greenpickles 12

      No you’re not, cause it’s fake

  • Amber Pinkey
    Amber Pinkey

    Can you do more creepy/haunted videos in the prime capital house?


    We all know that this clickbait but I still like the vid

  • layla sky
    layla sky

    I saw a shadow to the room at the end to the one that has 3 doors

  • Amy Delgado
    Amy Delgado

    I know this is fake (well I definitely hope) but it’s still interesting tho

  • hell wolf gaming
    hell wolf gaming

    Won't you be safe inside your house when he come to our house

    • MostEpicElliott

      no siren head can break through the house. plus he can outrun you not the other way around

    • April Patterson
      April Patterson

      I mean yeah

  • Aoibheann Smyth
    Aoibheann Smyth

    I actually saw him in real real life it was insane and a nearly got eaten 😲

  • rose

    I believe u because my friend was hearing siren head and now she’s missing 😭😭😭

  • Julie Dattolico
    Julie Dattolico

    Lock all windows and doors stay in side.

  • Silver Cat
    Silver Cat

    Stromedy: What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna place security cameras- Siren Head: Uh huh, I heard that. Well, I'm just gonna walk in their view for this video...

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      I didn’t hear that

    • Melissa Smith
      Melissa Smith

      Yah sMe

  • 💎𝓖𝓢 𝓓𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓮𝓻ツ💎
    💎𝓖𝓢 𝓓𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓮𝓻ツ💎

    When he first spotted siren head why did it look photoshopped and why does he have NO feet????

    • Amber Roderick
      Amber Roderick

      I’m so scared right now I’m only in my bed my sisters aren’t even here I’m home alone and it looks very fake but it’s probably real

    • Bateswar Dilshaan
      Bateswar Dilshaan

      @Frog face yeah it is

    • Spy Fire
      Spy Fire

      The skin is as fake as a cartoon

    • Benjamin Lee
      Benjamin Lee

      Luke Kennedy I SAID THAT THiS IS FAKE EDIt

    • Frog face
      Frog face

      @Bateswar Dilshaan it is fake

  • Elliana smith
    Elliana smith

    Have anyone seen a huggy walkie around the area

  • Aiden Gaither
    Aiden Gaither

    Did u notice the tv it was turning on and off at the ending

  • Logan T
    Logan T

    The drone was glitching and glitching again .So Kyle woke up and saw on is window Srien Head!!😕😮😮 He drove away Really Really fast to get there!

    • Alecs nicole Castro
      Alecs nicole Castro


  • Endless

    What else could be making those stomps like that. Me thinking “shrek” 😁

  • Daniela Olivas
    Daniela Olivas

    Question “How tall is siren head”?? Question “Can siren head make the ground move”😄😄😄😄

    • troy mcintyre
      troy mcintyre

      Hey why are you so funny I scrapped for channel 1000 times

    • Daniela Olivas
      Daniela Olivas

      Kingston’s Gaming Videos I hope I never see them😱😱😱

    • Kassandra Lawrence
      Kassandra Lawrence

      Kg or p

    • Kassandra Lawrence
      Kassandra Lawrence

      Ya he can he is tall and like 100000 pounds

    • Jose Martin
      Jose Martin

      Yeah siren head is 40 feet tall

  • Haley Fretwell
    Haley Fretwell

    When I’m scared and I go to bed I don’t even move and I get sweaty

  • Charlie’s life
    Charlie’s life

    I’m a big fan so I am learning to run Really I watch all your videos

  • Logan T
    Logan T

    They drived away faster ! And Srien Head was trying to get them that was at night😮🙁