HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 2-0 ARSENAL | Son's wonder goal & Kane becomes top north London derby scorer!
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch highlights of our 2-0 north London derby win over Arsenal, featuring a worldie strike from Heung-min Son and a Harry Kane goal that makes him the all-time top north London derby goalscorer!

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  • misha J
    misha J

    Son's goal seems a curved shot in the FIFA game. Amazing and Unbelievable one !

    • Richard Jones
      Richard Jones

      The way the ball just floated into the net, was something else. I was exactly like his goal at home v Leicester, but on the other foot. (2022)

    • 눈동자오지랖퍼


    • KingKaitain

      Pure Sensible Soccer IMO.

    • NatureLife

      Valu Ninama on mobile he is 89

  • Dino Aldian
    Dino Aldian

    *1st goal* : Kane to Son *2nd goal* : Son to Kane What a Duo 🔥🔥🔥

  • Quentin Jackson
    Quentin Jackson

    Son.. what a legend. He could've easily taken a shot at second goal but decided to give Kane a chance....humbling

    • Ekales

      @Nailya Likhachev NO


      @Tae-whan Kim yeah exactly. More options more confusions for the opponents.

    • Tae-whan Kim
      Tae-whan Kim

      and viceversa! That's why they make a perfect combo. Don't know if they are gonna pass or make that shot.

  • HDsharp

    People have said Son's goal was easy, it wasn't easy, Son just made it easy because it was all technique.


      Sonny is kind of shooting machine. He is not born, but made up with ceaseless efforts by himself & his dad.

    • RexterS

      If some of the people said the goal was easy, why the goalkeeper can't catch that ball?

    • xMina

      yes, it is actually hard. Son made it look easy. Bending it with the accuracy and power on the first shot. He needed to shoot it perfectly, which he did and it looked effortless because he is so good.

    • HDsharp

      @Imagine GUYS Some commentator.

  • Sam Haokip
    Sam Haokip

    No duo stands out as much as Kane & Son does this season. And damn, Sonny is getting better every freaking game!

  • Berita Sepakbola
    Berita Sepakbola

    Son's best player from asia🔥

    • 이의준

      @Nico Widjaja he’s from Africa

    • JS

      @찐빵_토끼 왜 혼자 급발진하니 어그로 끌리지마라고 한게 그렇게 불편하니? 그리고 알람 뜨길래 들어온거지 이젠 유튜브 들어올 시간이 없네ㅎ

    • Nico Widjaja
      Nico Widjaja

      @Rune LB yes

    • Rune LB
      Rune LB

      @Nico Widjaja you do know egypt is in africa right?

  • Lucky Mojo
    Lucky Mojo

    0:02 Repeat 30 times, Never get bored What a stunner

  • lofi guy
    lofi guy

    What a wonderful SONsational goal that was! ⚽️ ⚽️ best duo and I'm enjoying watch two of the best players ever lived. We need Championship 🏆

  • Rahul Mulchandani
    Rahul Mulchandani

    Harry Kane's presence for the second goal and the finish was top class. He knew how to go behind Son and where to hit the ball. Sublime.

  • nemes1s

    The pass to Kane was a thing of beauty. Really fooled me.

  • Jeff

    What is more impressive than Son's wonder goal is the sense of unselfishness flourishing between Son and Kane. It is absoultely beautiful to watch them play these days.

    • Robert Doyle
      Robert Doyle

      Not a wonder goal

    • F reddy
      F reddy

      But since 1960, tottenham I've had a Caravao Cup.

    • Joon

      @Krzyszczynski more like Henry Pires

    • Krzyszczynski

      Reminiscent of those legendary Spurs "G-Men" of the 1960s - Greaves and Gilzean.

  • youngman chake
    youngman chake

    Crazy goals & wonder duo! I love them!

  • Benevenuto Moura Serra M
    Benevenuto Moura Serra M

    in fact it was a great game, Heung-min Son, and Harry Kane, gave us great goals, I enjoyed watching the match, Son is a great player.

  • Marvellous Edomobi
    Marvellous Edomobi

    Son and Kane are just so mindblowing. Son is even better than Sterling, De Bruyne, Neymar, Messi

  • Andy L
    Andy L

    Absolutely Son Heungmin's zone one shot one kill

  • heyheyhe0011

    Son's goal will haunt Arsenal fans for rest of their lives.

    • Thato Matseba
      Thato Matseba

      Martinez would do better with the first one.

    • drum woo
      drum woo

      you are so beautiful

    • Ryukobestwaifu

      @Y Upsilon put some respect on Spurs name they won the audi cup 💯

    • Keskychdude_..


  • The Man
    The Man

    In 2018-2019 Son plays better without Kane , and in 2020 Kane and Son are the best duo in the world

  • Santo Leite
    Santo Leite

    It was a wonderful goal, amazing Son!!

  • 파란달걀

    Never get tired of watching this highlight.

  • Dimas Saputra
    Dimas Saputra

    Man Of The Match "Heung Min Son"


    SON and KANE once again. IT IS AMAZING

    • Ampomah Douglas
      Ampomah Douglas

      Yeah Amazing

  • Christopher Sin
    Christopher Sin

    This Son and Kane combo is making Tottenham gain a lot of attention for a while now

  • Alwan Hassan
    Alwan Hassan

    Wonderful goal and wonderful assist by Sonaldo 🔥

  • ㅁㄴㄹㅁ

    This team.. is so good and well tempered, Son Kane duo is amazing

  • SuperMax

    It breaks my heart to see my favourite team shattered. Arsenal forever. Son and kane are devastating and unreal.

  • The Big Dog
    The Big Dog

    Son is incredible with Kane Best duo in the world

    • EH 9
      EH 9

      @A.L.E mix It was Chelsea who parked the bus And you guys spent billions on your Plastic squad and still can't beat us Also can't beat our B squad at the Cup

    • A.L.E mix
      A.L.E mix

      @EH 9 be glad that you all played park the bus tactics or else you all would have returned home with 0 points

    • EH 9
      EH 9

      @A.L.E mix Because you guys played Defensive afraid of being smashed to pieces

    • Tim Hansejordet
      Tim Hansejordet

      @A.L.E mix What duo is better?

  • Saimori

    Spurs is on 🔥 see those 2 finishes. Out of this world 🌍

  • JY Jan
    JY Jan

    Congrats for Kane's 250th goal in his career(national team+clubs)🥳🥳 Hope Spurs wins the league 20/21 season and many other times too.🙏

  • PB Matty
    PB Matty

    Son’s last wonder goal was exactly 365 days ago against Burnley! 🤩

    • looking for the best dance cover
      looking for the best dance cover


  • bradley lee
    bradley lee

    son = world class

  • Michael

    All who say son and Kane are beyond world class 🌟🌟🔥🔥 👇🏽

    • Sedem Attandoh
      Sedem Attandoh

      @Sand And. Wich if Son is luck when Auba scores it's by mistake

    • Michael

      @Sand And. Wich how many times has son scored goals like that... It's called quality not lucky

    • Chris Hawkins
      Chris Hawkins

      @Donovan Lewis do you not watch football much or missed England in the semi finals of the last World Cup!? 🤦‍♂️

  • bornevil

    What a formidable and efficient duo!Absolutely selfless and beautiful football to watch!

  • Wookjin Shim
    Wookjin Shim

    what I see from the wonder goal and his ceremony after, Son is slowly but surely getting that bad man mentality and confidence.. which many greatest players have and had in the history of every sport.

  • Joaquín Paico
    Joaquín Paico

    Man that sons goal is just one word, a masterpiece

  • Peacemaker

    Son & Kane: The Power Duo!

  • Khrusazo Swuro
    Khrusazo Swuro

    Kane assist Son and Son assist Kane...What a duo...Match made in heaven... It's incredible

    • Leonardo Antoniazzi
      Leonardo Antoniazzi

      @TurboPiggyClips ok troll

    • TurboPiggyClips

      Harry is overrated and so is Son

    • whenever121

      it's not incridible. Kane do Kane play, Son play son play. now we have to be realize it's them. they are much stronger team than were last year.

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson

    I’m a Real Madrid fan and I want to see Spurs winning the league , they’re brilliant

    • Aezaz Sheikh
      Aezaz Sheikh

      Man city🔵💪💪

    • Vishal Bhat
      Vishal Bhat

      Won't happen

    • Rune LB
      Rune LB

      @F&D maybe next year

    • F&D

      I hope Swansea win

    • 손고쿠

      @Tuna Can't No

  • Ken Kim
    Ken Kim

    Sonny one : The best goal in North London derby history

  • RSPBRY Mint Wolf
    RSPBRY Mint Wolf

    Great win coys. Both goals were amazing.

  • RubyRed JR
    RubyRed JR

    Son in the form of his life

  • Steven Yi
    Steven Yi

    Son wonder goal give me tears how beautiful it is

  • Joel Highlight
    Joel Highlight

    Always love Son Kane show that he is here to stay well done spurs.... It's hurt to say this but arsenal are behind you guys miles behind 😢😔😢

  • Tony Buttigieg
    Tony Buttigieg

    Son is one of the best in the world, I just hope that if there be an offer for him from another club spurs will not sell him, cause if he goes it will be the downfall of spurs .

    • Gabriel

      @TheInvincible H 5 months ago, time pass and players change their forms HAHA

    • TheInvincible H
      TheInvincible H

      @Gabriel HAHA

    • Gabriel

      for me he is the best actually

    • Jweeping Er
      Jweeping Er

      Spurs wants to keep him as long as possible. That is why the club is offering him a new contract way way before his current one expires.

  • Jason Mendoza
    Jason Mendoza

    Shouldn't be surprised with son's quality of finishes. Watching some of his bundesliga games, there were even more insane finishes. The guy's starting to become more recognized, but not to the level he deserves. He's true quality. With the amount of revenue he earns for the club with the backing of the entire country of Korean fans, he deserves a 350k a week contract. The club's earning way too much to rob him blind

  • León Agretti
    León Agretti

    Que golazos que metieron Son y Kane tremendos jugadorasos

  • Vejoy syiemlieh
    Vejoy syiemlieh

    What a goal from son✊ hope he will be like that the last season

  • 너나나나

    강팀 만났을때 무리뉴의 수비후 역습 축구가 손흥민과 케인을 만나 효율적인 축구로 바뀌었네.. 손흥민이 아니었다면 수비만 하다 끝날 경기가 몇번 있었는데..무리뉴는 진짜 손흥민한테 고마워해야 한다.

  • Henok Buchem
    Henok Buchem

    I've seen few goals of H,kane assisted very beautifully by Sonny..👍👍

  • Shawn Kristoferu
    Shawn Kristoferu

    Son’s goal as good as Ronaldo or Messi. World class & certainly goal of the month.

    • Shin Azura
      Shin Azura

      @Bulumkno Magongwa yeah their class level will upgrade to the best if they can bring Tottenham winning League or Champion League.

    • Gazz

      @abduL Hadi 😅

    • forearthbelow

      @the cool man I'm humbled that you at least noticed enough to comment hahahhahahah EDIT but you couldn't be ar*ed to give me a 👍 - shame on you lolololol

    • the cool man
      the cool man

      @forearthbelow wow such a long comment and nobody noticed it

  • Max

    I remember waking up at 3:00 am to watch this on a Monday night what a game it was 👏🏼🤩🔥

  • FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel
    FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel

    What a manager what a team❤️ after a long time I am seeing men play❤️ Jose is back ❤️

  • Carmen Gracida Elenis
    Carmen Gracida Elenis

    Son and Kane are unstoppable🔥

  • benozir qamruddin
    benozir qamruddin

    What a tremendous finisher Kane is!! Man the goal was a perfection....

  • Anit Gurung
    Anit Gurung

    He’s not just the best asian player, He’s one of the best in the world

    • Aziara Hemed
      Aziara Hemed

      @Ray S minamino just needs to improve

    • Robinson Kim
      Robinson Kim

      손(SON)흥민은 상상을 초월한다👨‍💻



  • Squidward

    that Curve Goal is amazinggggggggg....

  • Yudianto Sujana
    Yudianto Sujana

    Ballon d'Or for Son 🏆

  • ian njuguna
    ian njuguna

    The chemisty between Kane and Son is phenomenal

  • Eduardo Farias
    Eduardo Farias

    Dude... Son is Amazing 🔥

  • Radiohead 321
    Radiohead 321

    Son's goal was an absolute screamer ! And Kane's finish was like a flash !

    • Twilights

      @DOHA FOOT TV Enough

    • Nico Widjaja
      Nico Widjaja

      I like son's assist

  • 박정수

    Son Heung-min, proud of our country, is really great

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    I'm arsenal fan. But Tottenham really earn my respect after son and Kane join the club

  • FootballsFinest

    I remember watching the Son goal and I just thought. My god we have one hell of a player on our books

  • Frank Einstein
    Frank Einstein

    Son must be in the Balon d'or debate if he keeps playing like this .

  • c s lee
    c s lee

    Kane-Son is the world's best duo at the moment

    • one headlightt
      one headlightt

      @dalkong ok, I was talking about the best dúo, not goalrelated

    • dalkong

      @one headlightt Dude, I'm talking about the most goal combinations by a duo. Lampard & Drogba had 36 whereas Son & Kane had 31, 11 of them were from this season alone which is remarkable

    • Darshil Jariwala
      Darshil Jariwala

      Lewandowski - Müller

  • Cliff Chan
    Cliff Chan

    What a shot by Son! Another goal of the month!

  • Lnroy Dann
    Lnroy Dann

    Son is underrated..He's Actually the G.O.A.T

    • Lnroy Dann
      Lnroy Dann

      @M. Connor Everyone only talk about c.ronaldo, messi, Neymar,mbappe.....etc. that's y i am saying people is underrated of Son

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Son is incredible with Kane Best duo in the world

  • Russian Roulette
    Russian Roulette

    Son and Kane a dynamic duo.

  • franky__a

    World class goal from Son Heung Min, superb vision and pass to assist Harry Kane in shooting a rocket goal, what a strike from Kane.

    • Cormac O Sullivan
      Cormac O Sullivan

      @Muhammad Faisal Aulia more better

    • Muhammad Faisal Aulia
      Muhammad Faisal Aulia

      Mo Salah's Rocket goal more better than Son

    • Wonder

      Agree mate, Son move like a beast !

    • Dire Wolf
      Dire Wolf

      When i compare to Ronaldo, Messi or other world class player, either son is in same level or he is better plus now it's not about one man player... Its more of a team player... Son, Kane, Bale and more that makes more threatening..

  • Martin Lai
    Martin Lai

    Kane and Son, two best players in the world!!

  • Mahedi Hasan
    Mahedi Hasan

    Son in superb form🔥🔥🔥

  • Manahil

    Son’s goal was brilliant🤩 Spurs forever #COYS

  • Justice Ojule
    Justice Ojule

    I think son we soon be a world best, what a player with an amazing talent.

  • Виктор Щедров
    Виктор Щедров

    Aurier has been immense for the past few games. No mistakes this game and he started a second goal😤 what a comeback for him

    • imad Mole
      imad Mole

      Yes, I think he's playing very well this season 🔥💪

    • Jason Bell
      Jason Bell

      Poor editing on this highlight video, IMO. You're spot-on about Aurier starting that second goal. They really should have highlighted his interception in the box and brilliant pass to Lo Celso. One of the best moments of the match for me.

    • Jxde 15
      Jxde 15

      @Erik Lakeland agree , now we also know who is our starting rb for now which is aurier but might change if Doherty finds some form

  • Ghazi Kage
    Ghazi Kage

    I am an Arsenal fan, and I am OK with the result. I think..Arsenal needs a creative playmaker, someone who could, not only control the game, but also to score.

  • Mohammad Shatila
    Mohammad Shatila

    As an arsenal fan I personally believe son is the best player in the prem right now.Sure I hate tottenham but I like son he is a baller and as a football enthusiast sometimes I look beyond rivalries and admit a player is class if he is a brilliant footballer

  • Tank

    This is why he’s in my ultimate team

  • raymondhartono

    Heung-min Son is pure class

  • Risto za Ball
    Risto za Ball

    Son-Kane partnership is one of the best things to happen to Tottenham

  • Umair Ahmad
    Umair Ahmad

    OMG😮 I can't explain the happiness I am feeling for Son Was that Son well u better pinch yourselves ☺️😍😍

  • Abir

    Son and Kane duo is arguably in top 3 if not the best

  • Sam Kim
    Sam Kim

    These two are making the history

  • Edward Kim
    Edward Kim

    Artistic, powerful and beautiful goal

  • Jaisean

    SON has always been class! He’s criminally underrated.

    • spacey

      @Clive brown Spurs still shit, car = club, Hamilton = son, okay, now where's his team mates? CAR DON'T PLAY 11 PLAYERS with different mind and heart, your analogy is weird, I never said he's bad, you just keep going off topic and missed the point, Son is good yes but he WILL WIN NOTHING, much less like Totti, and TOTTI WAS EVEN WAY WAY BETTER THAN SON and he only got so little. GOT IT? ps: spurs got "hope" to reach something tho since it's Jose coaching them now

    • Ismail Abdukadir
      Ismail Abdukadir

      I think it is mainly because of the club!

    • Clive brown
      Clive brown

      @spacey I probably didn't phrase it well. What I meant to say was the fact that a player is at a lesser club does not diminish his quality. If anything, it enhances it. Lewis Hamilton is a great driver and his achievements are beyond question. But if he was driving an inferior car to his rivals or even if they all drove identical cars and he still came out on top then the achievements would be even greater.

    • Blessed

      I'm gratefu thatl Son is humble guy. other wise it can be very bitter about discriminated as Asian.

    • spacey

      @Clive brown there's a reason why a 1 in a million player like Totti did just won so less, if Sheva stayed at Kiev and never joined Milan what do you think would he got? Lol Don't get me wrong Kiev was great, but it's Milan ffs. "ridiculous thing to say" lmao

  • daniel yanez
    daniel yanez

    S.Korea must be crazy with the talent they have in Son, amazing player. Cheers from Mexico.

  • Shohan Ranasinghe
    Shohan Ranasinghe

    Kane’s shot was a Rocket damn 🔥🔥

  • The Wifi
    The Wifi

    Son playing like he's playing FIFA

  • 멀봐이 새끼야
    멀봐이 새끼야


  • Daniel L
    Daniel L

    Son is one of the best attacker in the world.

    • Dire Wolf
      Dire Wolf

      @Youssef Mohamed Nah I prefer son because he's been playing all season best while Salah only one season..

  • anonymous ghost
    anonymous ghost

    Son's goal 🔥👌

  • Jerry Kim
    Jerry Kim

    Heung-min Son and a Harry Kane is Goal & Assist, Assist & Goal~

  • shokim

    Son is genius, just as a genius dose music.

  • kodi A
    kodi A

    Wow!! what a goal! Splendid..one belter.sonny is fantastic world star.

  • bytad

    Son's no-look assist is amazing

  • Pornsavanh khamsengsai
    Pornsavanh khamsengsai

    Son and Kane PRICELESS😀🙏. Well done the backs SOLID 👍🍺

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee

    Brilliant & Unselfish !!! What a Fantastic Duo

  • Rich Macer
    Rich Macer

    Utterly glorious Sunday. Thank you team and Jose. So the question is, what sort of team do we put out for the next two matches before the big one?

  • Nguyên Nguyễn
    Nguyên Nguyễn

    Amazing good job!!! Son and Kane

  • Liam Armstrong
    Liam Armstrong

    As a united fan, that goal is absolutely fabulous.

    • Liam Armstrong
      Liam Armstrong

      @Samir SOLAI Agreed, but a lot of manchester united fans will be like “oh pogbas was better”

    • Samir SOLAI
      Samir SOLAI

      being a united fan doesnt change anything in your statement

    • 사이키

      @Unknown Gamer good one!

    • calvin shimoli
      calvin shimoli

      @Unknown Gamer sheiffield united 😂😂. Obviously its manchester

  • 박영훈

    Son's one goal at one shoot ! Every player can/t do it