HIGHLIGHTS | Barça Legends 2-3 Real Madrid Leyendas
FC Barcelona
The Barça Legends have lost the Clásico in Israel against the Real Madrid Leyendas. Despite going ahead thanks to a Ronaldinho penalty, the all-whites came out strong in the second half and scored through Munitis, Alfonso and De La Red, despite Jofre adding a second for the blaugrana
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  • Barca Variety
    Barca Variety

    It is impossible to watch Ronaldinho and not have a smile on your face. Magical! 🎩

    • Lightning Good
      Lightning Good

      @Matheus Andres Martínez 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷>>>>>

    • Nada

      Cara eu tô aqui pensando o meu país é foda tem Ronaldinho Neymar Ronaldo Fenômeno Pelé

    • Vedad Vehabovic
      Vedad Vehabovic

      It is possible. I watched it and I was like "overrated ex player".

    • N - SAYN #45
      N - SAYN #45

      yeah..... dude's smile is infectious

    • Fernando Maron
      Fernando Maron

      Here in Brazil we call him The Wizard

  • Nick Gur
    Nick Gur

    These legends have retired and are playing as legends for their clubs. And then there is Buffon still on his journey

    • Oblivion G
      Oblivion G

      Iniesta 👀👀

    • Nightmare

      @it'shreyammm no Buffon

    • Ricky

      Lol Oliver Kahn already legend

    • TBomb

      @DJ Silversun you clearly know nothing but current football then. Now… yes but of all time absolutely not. 1- delusional german/Bayern fan 2- don’t know shit abt past ball

    • DJ Silversun
      DJ Silversun

      @TBomb Yashin LMFAO neuer is the best goalkeeper the World has ever seen and it’s not even close

  • imaokpersonsometimes

    If Pele scored in this game he would add it to his tally of goals

    • vinicius de moraes
      vinicius de moraes

      @Saksham Singhal It's a shame that in Pele's times only european players could win the prize of best player of the world...

    • vinicius de moraes
      vinicius de moraes

      @Saksham Singhal He's Not better yet, but he can be. At the age of 18 he was already a world champion just like Pele did in his 18's. And remember Mbappe is only 22.

    • Saksham Singhal
      Saksham Singhal

      @vinicius de moraes mbappe has a world cup. Does that make him better than messi or Ronaldo?

    • vinicius de moraes
      vinicius de moraes

      @Saksham Singhal What do you mean by ego bro? Pele alone have 3 world championship. That's more than anyone did in history. He can say whatever he wants 😂.

    • another Bigfoot with internet access
      another Bigfoot with internet access

      Garrinch> Pele

  • burden of moxley
    burden of moxley

    Ronaldinho still looks like he could literally walk in to any big clubs starting 11...talent like that never leaves you...the real 🐐

    • LRN

      @Was but he’s dead

    • Farkle

      Messi literally has 10x the careers maradona and ronaldinho had. Even if we just look at their primes ronaldinho is not even close to messi and maradona. But messi edges it for me.

    • Gregorio Rabinovich
      Gregorio Rabinovich

      @J Final they used to bit the shit out of maradona every game,look at the pitchs he was dominating at and compare them to now...you sound stupid,watch mqradona play saying he would be averge today is dumb

    • Aaron D
      Aaron D

      Hmmm? He literally does not. And he's definitely not the greatest of all time. Coming from a Barca fan. Man people just throw around goat like it's nothing.

    • J Final
      J Final

      @Gregorio Rabinovich the game today is much better. Don’t be so stupid. Just look at how they used to defend. He may have helped revolutionise the game yes but no way in hell is he the best player.

  • seungba


    • RandomGuyWithRandomWords

      10 Maradona 10 Messi 10 Romario

    • Lolllll

      Well done

    • Erdem

      @Marcela Almazan 10 ronaldinho 10 mpabbe

    • Ben

      @Iron mar nah, everybody is just overhyping him up

    • Iron mar
      Iron mar

      @Elnicorey21 depay undreraterd

  • Wouva

    THAT Ronaldinho smile and celebration is pure gold! 😍🤙🤙

    • Umbreon plays
      Umbreon plays

      YO sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    • Alessio Mazzuca
      Alessio Mazzuca

      And legendary!

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      NHJR Tutorial

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    • García 1995
      García 1995

      mientras otros celebran , gestos otros celebran tirunfos jajaj la moda del VARcelomoda jamás superara a la historia del real jajjja

    • Ableh Mamat
      Ableh Mamat

      @@raditzffxj calvin ï

  • Top Reggaetón Mundial
    Top Reggaetón Mundial

    Ronaldinho destaca incluso entre cracks, por sus jugadas, carisma y alegría

  • Moc

    I grew up watching all these players it's making me feel very nostalgic, Ronaldinho was and still is my favourite player of all time.

  • Julio Rafael
    Julio Rafael

    Ronaldinho still at his habits: SMILING

  • Eduardo Avaroa
    Eduardo Avaroa

    Como no recordarlos si fueron parte de nuestra vida

  • Karabo Mokgoko
    Karabo Mokgoko

    Ronaldinho is such a joy to watch,he just enjoys himself in the pitch.All these legends are superb.


      @Epic Barcelona will lose at round-16😂😂

    • michael95

      Where can I re watch this game

    • Olek TRI
      Olek TRI

      @Abbas Amiri , , vale cn B 🥺😭😭

    • MAI

      @Not Real 😂

    • Gautham Rajeev
      Gautham Rajeev


  • memes r0bados
    memes r0bados

    Q hermoso volver a ver a Ronaldinho en cancha 🙏😍

  • The GOAT
    The GOAT

    Como é nostálgico ver o Ronaldinho jogar, o cara é FERA DEMAIS!!! 💙❤

  • Samson Odhiambo
    Samson Odhiambo

    Those were some of the best goals I've seen being scored in a match in quite a while....very calm and exquisite finishes.

    • Timo Peters
      Timo Peters

      mostly poor goalkeeping reflexes tbh. not that you can blame them for it

  • _Jaider796

    Tanta historia en una cancha. ❤️


    Ronaldinho still got his talents. That free kick was accurate as before.💯

    • Spirit 76
      Spirit 76

      @ΜΑΡΙΟΣ - ΝΕΚΤΑΡΙΟΣ ΚΑΠΕΤΑΝΑΚΗΣ u dont lose talent.


      @Spirit 76 after some years you lose it

    • Fernando Maron
      Fernando Maron

      Watch Maradona playing showball at 50 years of age, he still could do many things he did when he was young, the physical part fades, but the knowledge is always there

    • felix vargas
      felix vargas

      He has the touch

    • Spirit 76
      Spirit 76

      u never lose the talent.

  • Juan Carlos Perez Imbett
    Juan Carlos Perez Imbett

    Prefiero ver este hermoso partido que los de suramérica hoy en día

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke

    Força Barçaaaa 💙❤💙💪

  • kaique ferreira
    kaique ferreira

    Por mim o Messi já é tão lenda que mesmo sem estar aposentado ele deveria ter participado desse jogo.

  • William Douglas Silva
    William Douglas Silva

    Que saudades dessa época, Ronaldo X Ronaldinho. O Brasil nunca mais será o mesmo...

  • JayCFC

    Hard not to smile when watching Ronaldinho the magician play.💙

    • Nick Behling
      Nick Behling

      pb ist scheisse er bleibt bei bvb

    • Xda Cdatttwwwmmjjttt
      Xda Cdatttwwwmmjjttt

      @Íssi West de Hbbnbbfdg

    • Xda Cdatttwwwmmjjttt
      Xda Cdatttwwwmmjjttt


    • JayCFC

      @Íssi West you don’t know that, Roman has the money to tempt Dortmund

    • Íssi West
      Íssi West

      @Twitch Ayman -Deluded

  • sergioomaainee

    que golazos de los dos equipos tanto de uno como de otro increíble

  • Donpa

    Y pensar que en unos años en estos partidos podríamos volver a Xavi,Iniesta,Messi,Busquets,Puyol juntos😍

  • Abishek

    Even though they are older now their style of play never change ❤️🔥

  • arcienza

    Jugadores como Dinho deberían ser eternos

  • Jhoan Nerio
    Jhoan Nerio

    Soy 100% Madrilista pero acá no importa quien gano ni quien perdió, que lindo ver a estas leyendas reunidas, saber que están bien y que aun conservan esa magia con el balon 👏

    • Unai Guinea Ruiz
      Unai Guinea Ruiz

      Gran verdad amigo. Estos clásicos están hechos para disfrutar y unir a los aficionados de ambos clubes

    • ~Pat

      @Anderson gomez Lo q cuentan son las victorias oficiales xdxd nuestras leyendas en partidos oficiales se los violaban cuando aun jugaban profesionalmente xd

    • Anderson gomez
      Anderson gomez

      @~Pat Y? ASEPTALO PERDIERON JAJAJAJ NO SIRVEN PARA NADA SUS "LEYENDAS" Y eso de oficial que? Xdxd Tu acaso no te emocionabas cuando ganabas un partido en el colegio?

    • Anderson gomez
      Anderson gomez

      @Sebastian Gombau Bautista y eso que? Xdxd

    • ~Pat


  • GameJ

    These players gave us joy during their time.

  • Dracula 95
    Dracula 95

    Un enorme placer volver a ver a Ronaldinho!! Leyenda muy especial del fútbol

  • Josue Veliz
    Josue Veliz

    Ronaldinho es fantástico, le sigue brindando alegría y magia al fútbol 👏👏

  • mistery chanel
    mistery chanel

    Cuando vean a Messi y Cristiano Ronaldo en un partido así de homenaje, Ese día sera el momento de reflexión para muchos amantes del futbol.

  • Dr. Avichal S. Sodhi
    Dr. Avichal S. Sodhi

    Ronaldinho still sharp. I mean look at the speed & accuracy of that penalty kick…🔥

    • Michael Fernandez
      Michael Fernandez

      @Despize Perform exactly dude im so convinced all these people replying have like 0 experience with girls. When you’re older you tend not to simp like a pre pubescent teen cause damn u just look childish af

    • Michael Fernandez
      Michael Fernandez

      @Jason Puru hahaha yall are definitely simps man and definitely single af 💀 dont worry man im sure as hell hang out with more chicks than u anyways especially cause i work in the marketing field and they’re all pretty much models haha. I just don’t make my whole life about chicks because i aint no simp dude you definitely have 0 experience with girls.

    • Despize Perform
      Despize Perform

      +William Andres That maybe works if you're 16 years old, but for his age it's pretty pathetic

    • Sebastian Gamboa
      Sebastian Gamboa

      @John McJames ronaldinho would have scored the goal that dembele missed in 2019 against liverpool

    • John McJames
      John McJames

      takes a fking penalty better than those overpaid so-called "superstars" in euro 2020

  • Shubham

    Imagine seeing Messi vs Ronaldo in a legends game



    • Caio Luis
      Caio Luis

      Ronaldinho es "el bruxo" ou "o bruxo" em português. É como chamamos ele aqui no Brasil 🇧🇷 Só mágica!

    • D17

      @Santiago [PAMTRI] Latinoamericano espera, la pulga es un bicho, eso quiere decir que......

  • raul fernandez
    raul fernandez

    Como se extrañan ! 😭😭

  • Peter

    Me encantó ver el respeto que se tiene entre todas esas leyendas❤️

  • Andy Mallcco
    Andy Mallcco

    Es que Ronaldinho a la edad que tiene, que magia, eso es innato, nadie se lo quita :D Fue epico ver jugar a este mago junto a otras leyendas

  • Ponte Pilas
    Ponte Pilas

    Ronaldinho retirado tiene mejor físico que yo a mis 25 😂😂

    • Tiziano07

      @Enrique Robledo ok boomer

    • edgar martinez
      edgar martinez

      lo vi mejor fisicamente que cuando estuvo en el queretaro

    • valikny

      Esta mejor ahora que su última temporada en Barcelona.

    • Phoenix-King 77
      Phoenix-King 77


    • El Tal  Gerrard8
      El Tal Gerrard8

      Anda a correr gordo!

  • hector ortiz
    hector ortiz

    este juego trae el mismo ritmo que la liga mx o la mls 😅 de ahi en fuera fue un partidazo

  • Bohlim Creation
    Bohlim Creation

    Imagine Leo playing like this 30 years from now 😭😭 Can't even imagine... He should be in the squad forever..

  • Mahrez-213

    Ça fait tellement plaisir de revoir jouer ces légendes ❤❤💪💪👏👏

  • Neil Reid
    Neil Reid

    Incredible goals by both sides. Indeed why it's called the beautiful game. Superb.

  • Visual Danny
    Visual Danny

    watcing Ronaldinho gave me goose bumps, what a LEGEND!

    • juan pablo gonzalez
      juan pablo gonzalez

      @Manik Karmokar different, they cannot be compared, I like more the showiness of ronaldinho but I do not dare to say that he is better than messi

    • Borax Ramona
      Borax Ramona

      @Manik Karmokar of course

    • Manik Karmokar
      Manik Karmokar

      Better than messi

  • •Always Barcelona•
    •Always Barcelona•

    Ronaldinho é uma lenda viva 👑

  • Simone Mastrogiuseppe
    Simone Mastrogiuseppe

    Ronaldinho will be the same forever. A Legend😍🔥🔥

  • Snapback Y Doble 7 El Milo y el Fredy
    Snapback Y Doble 7 El Milo y el Fredy

    Da gusto ver el fútbol de hace años y mas alegria ver a Ronaldinho de nuevo Vestido con la Camiseta del Barcelona Y más con el Dorsal 10 Una verdadera Leyenda

  • legends

    Impossible to forget such a legend like Ronaldhino, Huge amount of Respect 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaime El ZurdoYT HM
    Jaime El ZurdoYT HM

    Ronaldinho te amo, te amare siempre mago el mejor de la historia y el universo ..

  • this es mango
    this es mango

    acá no hubo rivalidad solo futbol de oro :')

  • Gamer Yousha
    Gamer Yousha

    If there was no rule on age we would have see these legend now ♥️ They are playing like they are just 18 💥


    Ronaldinho R.carlos Rivaldo Representou o Brasil 3R

    • Murat Can YT
      Murat Can YT

      r. carlos fenerbahçe

  • Jaciel solis Hernandez
    Jaciel solis Hernandez

    Impresionante ver cómo a esa edad defienden más que Piqué

    • ~Pat

      @Pol GL Pique es una leyenda del barça pero en estos ultimos años se volvio un tronco y hay q aceptarlo

    • JJRJ 85
      JJRJ 85

      te refieres a esto??? 2:25

    • h e t r.
      h e t r.

      @Pol GL estupidez? es la verdad

    • h e t r.
      h e t r.

      @Fer ellos son extremos no defensas

    • h e t r.
      h e t r.

      lit mejor que tronpique

  • VOTON .W.B.
    VOTON .W.B.


  • Hector Montes
    Hector Montes

    Fue partido de leyendas amigas: faltaron unos grandes como Hristo stoichkov, Hugo sanchez, Ivan zamorano, Rafael marquez, Raúl, Puyol, ....

  • BetOn

    This patient, this calm, this talent 👌

  • Ardi

    I was watching them as a kid, i can't believe these guys are legends already.

  • TheGaelux

    0:17 increíble, aun con su edad muestra ese estilo único, es distinto.


    Feeling joyful to see Ronnie on the pitch again. His smile and Penalty kick........at this age. And Jofre Mateu how he dribbled Marcelo and scored the goal. Incredible Forca Barca Legends.......Proud to be a BARCELONA FAN

  • Erico Saputra
    Erico Saputra

    I miss Ronaldinho so much, good old times

  • TiagoGday

    How beutiful is to see Ronaldinho in Barcelona :")

  • Teekay Mothapo
    Teekay Mothapo

    Imagine Messi and Ronaldo playing in their El Clasico legends in 10 years

    • Jamie

      @Honest vardrid fan he's the 🐐. Facts. I bet you haven't even seen either of Ronaldo or Messi play live, haven't you?! Some little internet critic who hasn't seem them play live, and probably has never been to a game in yoir life. Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time. All time. Keep on reading this comment back to yourself, out loud, over and over again until reality sinks in.

    • David roblox
      David roblox

      @Rocky Bhai yea messi 0 goals in Farmers league ronaldo 7

    • David roblox
      David roblox

      @Honest vardrid fan penaldo? more like goatldo and goatssi

    • Ina boqortoyo
      Ina boqortoyo

      @Rocky Bhai what about pessi?

    • R3QUI3M

      @Rocky Bhai Pendssi crying for a penalty


    Ronaldinho…. La definición de un jugador completo (maestro)

  • jorge hdz
    jorge hdz

    Se vieron mejores jugadas y tiros a la portería que en los partidos de ambos equipos actualmente

  • venguiJR17

    Papá ganandoles como siempre, hasta en partido de leyendas

  • kafle ashraya
    kafle ashraya

    2:10 Messi in the future will probably look like this

    • Shuvo Chowdhury
      Shuvo Chowdhury

      Thought the same 😀 Very Good observation 😁👍

  • 47 Sagnik Basu
    47 Sagnik Basu

    They will be forever in the hearts of each and every football fans.... RESPECT!!

    • brazzo975


  • KYGO

    The legends will forever in our hearts not only for club but also a legendary footballer ❤️❤️❤️


    um dia o ronaldinho ta fazendo musica no outro jogando com essas lendas kkkkkk cara mais humilde do futebol

  • Tesfa Mensah
    Tesfa Mensah

    Crazy to think that soon we will be seeing Messi and CR7 in these matches🤯

  • D J
    D J

    I love how no one is talking about Roberto Carlos 🔥

    • D J
      D J

      @Rithish Balaji ?

    • Rithish Balaji
      Rithish Balaji

      No,it's Tierney 😅😂

    • David Rufus-Giwa
      David Rufus-Giwa

      Best lb in the history of the game

    • Xelaki

      well this is the barcelona account

  • Johan Mestizo
    Johan Mestizo

    Y pensar que en algunos años veremos a Messi y Ronaldo ahi:(

    • Agath Afag
      Agath Afag

      @ALFA & OMEGA Y bueno, no necesita un mundial para ser el mejor, aunque, que Messi no gane un mundial dejaria un mal sabor de boca

    • ALFA & OMEGA
      ALFA & OMEGA

      @Agath Afag soy cule y Messi está a otro nivel, pero no ha ganado un mundial eso le diferencia con las demás leyendas

    • Mayco ss
      Mayco ss

      @Rubén Black Ronaldinho a los 34 ya se estaba retirando y su físico ya se estaba decayendo. Messi ahora en sus 34 ganó la copa américa y destacó tanto en este año que no tiene rivales para el balon de oro 2021, deja de ser tan anti messi porque quedas como un pelotudo jasjaskj

    • Agath Afag
      Agath Afag

      @misterio y realidad Amigo aunque no te guste, tenes que aceptar la realidad

    • misterio y realidad
      misterio y realidad

      @Agath Afag ya ....claro campeón

  • William Douglas Silva
    William Douglas Silva

    Na época de 2004 e 2005 eu chegava da escola correndo pra assistir aos jogos do Barcelona com o Ronaldinho pelo campeonato espanhol na tela da band... E no dia seguinte... Era geral comentando na escola. Que época responsa que não voltará mais...

  • Me llamo Ismael
    Me llamo Ismael

    Y pensar que algún día veremos este partido con Messi retirado😔👍

  • RaidMash2

    Imagine one day Messi and Ronaldo playing like this when they're older

  • DreamForEver

    Passion make someone legend, legends never leave passion.

  • Liv Morgan 🖤
    Liv Morgan 🖤

    Ronaldinho fácil sigue siendo top 5 a nivel mundial, impresionante.

  • Jorge Vera
    Jorge Vera

    Incredibly, Figo could play 1st time for one team and 2nd time for the other one.

  • banana

    Imagine how old we will al feel when Messi and Ronaldo will play in the legends games

  • B.A.S

    Roberto Carlos, so long no see such a real legend playing

  • DreamForEver

    Time passed, many things changed but Ronaldinho still in same rhythm.

  • GOKU

    Long range shots of Ronaldinho ♥️

  • Yanis Ayan
    Yanis Ayan

    Beautiuful match Vamos BARCA❤💙

  • Aelin Uial
    Aelin Uial

    I've seen more magic and football in 3 minutes of old player's highlights than in the real teams in 5 years

  • Luz Zeledon
    Luz Zeledon

    Un gustazo volver a ver estos crack, Rivaldo está más en forma que hazard.

    • Menele

      @D13 RG Es un partido de leyendas xd

    • Noreddine Elmahboubi
      Noreddine Elmahboubi

      @D13 RG ?

    • D13 RG
      D13 RG

      Venga que habéis perdido

    • edcer

      oe si esta mamadisimo encima

    • Derdê Bê Derman
      Derdê Bê Derman

      "Divê miletek ziman û çanda xwe belav bike. Ziman çavkaniya jiyana miletekî ye. Wekî din, ew ê bibe xulamê miletên din. "

  • Gonter HXL
    Gonter HXL

    Mi ídolo Ronaldinho que padre es verlo jugar una vez más😍 Tantas jugadas goles y regates que nos regalo en su tiempo es el mejor jugador para mi mi ídolo sin duda😍😎⚽️

  • Ballı ayran
    Ballı ayran

    After 10 years, We will watch Messi and Ronaldo in a this type of match.😊

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Passion make someone legend, legends never leave passion.

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    Passion make someone legend, legends never leave passion.

  • Pablo A. Barros
    Pablo A. Barros

    Ronaldinho simplesmente nunca vai parar de dar views kkkkkk é lendário demais

  • Creatorz Light
    Creatorz Light

    2:31 Older Isco is a baller!!!

    • Abdul moubarak
      Abdul moubarak

      Ruben de la red ❤️

    • lUt

      No cap🔥

  • Big White Oficial
    Big White Oficial

    Solo vine por mi Ronaldinho toda mi niñez tan solo volver a verlo jugar al menos un amistoso despues de todos los problemes que le toco pasar, dios lo bendiga siempre y pueda seguir teniendo buena salud, VIVA EL FUTBOL VIVA EL BARCA

  • UF KAK
    UF KAK

    Smiling assassin.. Ronaldinho ❤️

  • Richard Naoto
    Richard Naoto

    Rivaldo, ta bem demais fisicamente, pqp. Que saudade de ver essas lendas jogarem.

  • El Tal  Gerrard8
    El Tal Gerrard8

    Pronto lo veremos a Messi y Ronaldinho juntos con la camiseta del Barcelona 😭

  • Vandvæske Flan
    Vandvæske Flan

    In ten years we will see this with Messi and Ronaldo

  • n4 ́1lÜj 53r3ñÏ9
    n4 ́1lÜj 53r3ñÏ9

    Todos: Ronaldinho no sería nada sin un balón. Yo: El fútbol no sería nada sin Ronaldinho.

  • Jesus3xOG TripleOG
    Jesus3xOG TripleOG

    Barca Supporter But Damn Roberto Carlos Got Incredible Control and Shot💯 Ronaldinho Still A GOAT

  • Alex M’Cart
    Alex M’Cart

    No importa el resultado , que lindo ver a estas leyendas jugando 🔥

  • QunzGamer

    i can feel the magique of ronaldinho we are proud of you legend

  • Patience Mandishona
    Patience Mandishona

    Legends still have their skills

  • KYGO

    De la red what the finish goal ❤️❤️

  • Mita Mondal
    Mita Mondal

    Messi is also a legend of barca ❤️