Richarlison shines as Hojbjerg and Kane goals down Fulham | HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 2-1 Fulham
Tottenham Hotspur
Check out the key highlights as Tottenham Hotspur beat Fulham 2-1 in the Premier League.
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  • Salvatore

    Sonny was a beast this match, he seems to be back. Unlucky that he didnt score a goal

    • 양jacob

      he's getting there

    • Silencio

      @LONE BLADETake it easy my friend, I understand your point, Son on form is a deadly finisher, lets pray for that brace vs City


      @Silencio Kane having a slow start and put under real scrutiny? STOP LYING! Kane didn't even TRY!!! He was blatantly SULKING for a FAILED MOVE to City because City didn't offer ANYTHING. City aren't stupid like the media shows them to be. If they can afford a younger and more talented player in Haaland, why should they offer Kane? Kane in the last season didn't even run half of what Son done in the first few games this season. That's why people who say Son are "OFF FORM" don't realize what they post are incredibly SLANDEROUS and STUPID. Spurs will play Kane even if he cost them their Premier League title. They already did when they dropped their plamaking Talisman Moura against Liverpool in the Champions League Final for a Target Man Harry Kane system. This is also the same system which failed in Euro Cup Finals. Period.

    • Silencio

      @LONE BLADE No no, I'm just saying it gets a bit tiring when people blame everyone BUT Son, even when he had an awful game, he was much better vs Fulham and i hope he picks up form. But it gets a bit toxic when people always get super defensive when we criticise Son, even when he deserves it. We're not enemies dw, im not ordering anything and im not the smartest in the world, I just believe there should be some equality, last season when Kane had a slow start he was put under real scrutiny, Son's now in the same situation but we pray for a double vs City COYS

  • Montreal ML
    Montreal ML

    Sonny was brilliant. He created a lot of chances this game.

    • Michael Kennedy
      Michael Kennedy

      @KT hah you sad Tosser!

    • KT

      Agree. Its a shame that his teammates didnt want to help him to score a goal 😔

  • Footballsoccer

    Our best mid duo has to be Hoigberg and Bentancur. They were dominant in midfield today. Richarlison does add a different dynamic than Kulu. Richie is speed and aggression while Kulu is strength and accuracy. Hard do decide who starts honestly. Sonny was fire today. Sad to see the offside, post, and keeper denying him. Hope he builds off this form. We need it for UCL.

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      We need Son more for City. We have to beat City on the counter

    • tipptop9

      Can't decide who starts, its a great position to be in! Strength in depth 💪

    • Richie Till
      Richie Till

      @DiarrheaMusketeer I agree mate he seems to be the sort of player who plays off raw emotion. I get the feel everyone dislikes him but the team he plays for. Really plays for the badge. Was impressed yesterday 👏 COYS

    • King Murgos
      King Murgos

      There are many games to be played and players need to be rested especially when World cup is right around the corner. In fact I don't think 4 attackers are enough to go around with all these games flying in thick.

    • puruhita puruhita
      puruhita puruhita

      100% agree, richarlison offer something different on the attacking style. But kulu also a great great player.

  • John Downey
    John Downey

    Best performance so far for me. Bentancur makes all the difference. Nice to see Son back. Unlucky not to score, same for Richarlson. Lenglet looked steady good passer of the ball.

    • jun

      @anzar kareem he just sayin man chill out

    • Azmi Azmi
      Azmi Azmi

      Totenham and arsenal will give city a run for their title this season ,maybe Chelsea and man utd too but pool are lost and toothless

  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann

    Finally, Son is back just before playing against the team he scores every time against, Man City. Let's go Sonny 🇰🇷🔥

    • Florian DIEZONGO
      Florian DIEZONGO

      Son could score against Olympique de Marseille in Champions League this Wednesday.

  • Ming Tian
    Ming Tian

    Son was really good on the pitch, his shooting, condition, fitness, everything seems to be back. I believe he score a goal very soon 🇰🇷🐐

    • ㅇㅇ

      @후루꾸마꾸 zzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Sabre Cruz
      Sabre Cruz

      @양광호 Of course we talk about Son. The aces are all players in Coys!

    • Danny Kim
      Danny Kim

      @양광호 영어 다시배우고 와 광호야

    • 후루꾸마꾸

      @양광호 광호야 눈치 챙겨~~

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy

    Son had the best game so far, one of the best players on the pitch today. This is what happens when you have faith in a player, he turns up. Imagine if he got benched like the doubters were saying, his form only wouldve been worse, but he is BACK 🔥

  • Tottenham fan
    Tottenham fan

    Kane, Son, Lenglet, Lloris and Richarlison were outstanding! But every player played very well, so great performance from all the lads!

  • Mel_ 16
    Mel_ 16

    For me Son just needs one goal to gain his confidence back, but at least for me today was a good day for Son he’s slowly coming back on the game, so hopefully next game he’s gonna score 1 or 2 goals

    • Mel_ 16
      Mel_ 16

      @Dan K that’s what I was thinking 😭 like it doesn’t make sense

    • 동동

      한국인들이 토트넘 유튜브 싹다 점령했네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • KT

      @Krzyszczynski Son always score against the Sky Blues 😉

    • Krzyszczynski

      @KT Wot, against the Sky Blues, away?

  • Haon Kim
    Haon Kim

    So unlucky today that Son missed that goal on to the crossbar, really wouldve helped his confidence. Hopefully he starts scoring like a machine soon 🙏❤️

    • D Macarthur
      D Macarthur

      I think once he puts one in and gets over the slump he will be on 🔥 sometimes it's just a mental barrier.

    • J Y
      J Y

      Unlucky Not Lucky

  • Jahseh

    Son had smiles on his face in this match. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more soon 🇰🇷💪

  • Nick Graham
    Nick Graham

    We shouldnt worry about Sonny.. Even without scoring... he was in best form for sure.

  • Anass

    Mitrovic what a baller. Scored every single game

    • scieber

      Maybe someday Mitrovic join to spurs 🤭

    • Anass

      @Sekiranda Isaac only because he missed the penalty, which means he’s human

    • Sekiranda Isaac
      Sekiranda Isaac

      He didn't score against Wolves

    • sariman purwita
      sariman purwita

      mitrovic = 70%

    • Ezio Auditore
      Ezio Auditore

      Serbian harry kane.

  • Merry Delo
    Merry Delo

    Son is back 🔥 only matter of time until he gets his first goal

  • Theo Magath
    Theo Magath

    So glad Sonny is back, a braces and hattricks are about to come 🇰🇷🔥

  • alex 1976
    alex 1976

    Son was good and thats the most positive thing today, he's coming back.


      @alex 1976 I've mentioned years ago even before that Champions League defeat to Liverpool that Kane and Son were used WRONGLY by the club. Kane is hardly the best player but Son is. Just because Son is now no longer deployed as a SS but as a SCAPEGOAT bait for the team doesn't mean he's not doing anything good for the team. Son's OFF BALL movement is second to none. Spurs' attackers were so poor that even with Son's creating so much SPACE, they all miss those chances. Now if Son is playing for Man City, it would be way different. Son's best position is SS and Kane's best position is AMF believe it or not. The target man system of Kane is figured out long ago. There's nothing Son or Kane can do to save this club using them WRONGLY.

    • alex 1976
      alex 1976

      @Pt-654 I'm focusing on things that didn't look good before and will improve us going forward because they are hugely important to our season finishing well or not, i'm not here to praise every player, others can do that. I was one of those that was saying that Son was anonymous in our previous games, i wasn't making excuses for him so now i can say something good about him. Those who were making excuses for him are the real fanboys and don't deserve to praise him now. Lets not forget, i didn't praise him, i said its important for us that he was good and his comeback is important for our season, i didn't say he was great, he can be way better or go back to being straight garbage

    • alex 1976
      alex 1976

      @Pt-654 I wasnt one of them so i dont care what others were saying, you care way too much, its not good for your health. Kane was bad, i call it, Son is bad i call it but as i said before i care about the team and team has a bigger chance of success with a good Son. Remember, i didnt say he was great, i said he was good. When Kane was starting to play well again everyone was saying Kane is back, its the same thing here if it continues. The way you speak people will mistake you for a Son hater, you went all the way to the other side with your comments. You need to keep a balance here.

    • alex 1976
      alex 1976

      @Pt-654 You went too far with that percentage. We all know Koreans and other fans from abroad love Son, there's nothing we can do about it, it is what it is. Son was pretty bad up until yesterday and i explained why i said what i said and even Conte would agree with me thats why he kept him in the game, to boost his confidence because we need a good Son. We all know Kane is our best player by far imo. I still dont believe in the consistency of our midfield, they were terrible the previous game, pretty good this game. We dont have a dynamic cdm, neither a creative midfielder and that will be our problem going forward.

    • Swagsterj18

      The most positive thing was that we won the game, we need to support sonny right now but y’all can’t praise him to the point where y’all focus more about him than the results, I love sonny but he wasn’t the best player in the pitch and we should focus and give credit to richarlison, Kane and hojbjerg who actually scored today

  • Ajitem Pisal
    Ajitem Pisal

    Son performed so well😍😍 I know he will comeback strong by scoring in next UCL fixture

  • Yves Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent

    Son should do the "be quiet" celebration for the doubters and the haters when he gets his first goal. He is back 🇰🇷


    Sonny is waiting to score his first goal against Manchester City.


      @LONE BLADE I agree. But most of Sonny's goals on Man City were without Kane!


      HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Man City is so used to playing Kane Only target strategy. With their focus on feeding Kane from the wings, Son most likely won't even touch the ball. Now that Man City has a perfect striker in Haaland, Spurs are absolutely a punching bag for Man City! And not even an ON FORM Son can save them from a hot garbage system.


      The Manchester Killer.

  • Sa Ra J
    Sa Ra J

    Bravo Son Heung-min~! You fought really hard. Even though you didn't score a goal, congratulations on your wonderful appearance. Don't be too sad. Next time, you will definitely score a goal ~ I always support you!!

  • JustPerson

    We missed you Son 🇰🇷🙏 So glad that you're back ❤️

  • Ruth Afrane
    Ruth Afrane

    Gutted for Richarlison's disallowed goal but an improved all round performance from the lads, onwards and upwards COYS

  • Mehmet Yavuzhan
    Mehmet Yavuzhan

    Richarlison was the real spark in this match. Should definitely start more often 🔥🔥🇧🇷

    • Jim Jones
      Jim Jones

      @Shug ! No that's just how Richarlison plays you can never watch a game and not know he's on the field. 100% energy for 90 minutes.

    • Shug !
      Shug !

      I think playing him the way they do is why he is such a spark.

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias

    Kane will go down in the history of this club, he always has a coldness in decisive moments and not in my opinion he is one of the best strikers in the world... today he was unstoppable!

    • Not Bald
      Not Bald

      Finally a comment that praise another player instead of Son! I’m getting tired of these plastic korean fans that are invading the channel

    • Fe4r Less_2223
      Fe4r Less_2223

      @Ro Shambo 26 trophies says otherwise but ok

    • Ro Shambo
      Ro Shambo

      Going down in the history of a club that has no history is wild.

    • Jimmy Page
      Jimmy Page

      He's already in the history books for sure. Question is, how long will it take for someone to surpass Kanes statistics.

    • Leul Georgis
      Leul Georgis

      What a footballer.

  • step-bro27

    Where are the doubters and haters saying Son should be benched? He had a beast game today

    • LDK447

      @LoveDefending Son from who?

    • Love

      Look at the comments defending Son Heung-min! They're not all Koreans! Fans of Son Heung-min all over the world!

    • LDK447

      @Jimmy Page Yep I've noticed. I don't consider myself a real Spurs fan, I just follow Spurs because I like their style of play. I'm Asian and I like Son too, but every comments section just looks like it's full of bots. Its shitty because it somehow makes the people who visit these videos unnecessarily irritated at Son or Koreans when Son hasn't done anything wrong. Korean fans really need to realise that their level of hero-worship is only going to annoy people and damage their idol's image too.

    • Filip

      @Jimmy Page Fr, every 2nd top comment on a Spurs video has at least one mention of Son. I like Son, but the comments are so annoying.

    • Not Bald
      Not Bald

      @Jimmy Page so true. And they always say he’s underrated when he’s not

  • Michael Shim
    Michael Shim

    I only watched Spurs games last season just because I started to like Sonny, but now I started to like the whole team. Congrats to the players for the win! Cant wait to watch their next games.

  • Loopy

    Sonny will start scoring goals, a lot of them, very soon. Mark. My. Words. 🐐

    • Michael Kennedy
      Michael Kennedy

      @LONE BLADE 😂😂😂


      It would be a MIRACLE for Son to score goals with everyone ICING him out. Spurs didn't change ANYTHING.

    • nexus666

      vs man city

  • Your one and only Boyfriend(Gurung)
    Your one and only Boyfriend(Gurung)

    Honestly Everybody played really well in this match. Son Richarlison Bentacur played really well. Hojbjerg and Kane goal was amazing

    • Bali

      @khham Chemz Kane VS Arsenal, White Hart lane, 15/16 season.

    • Jo Boo
      Jo Boo

      Really don't agree, Romero defending for goal was equal of that of a 6 week old kitten. I want to believe he can be world class, but that was appalling and is a worrying showing. Deir needs to stop his arm tuck in behind back also - as VAR will not give pens for natural position.

    • Your one and only Boyfriend(Gurung)
      Your one and only Boyfriend(Gurung)

      @khham Chemz Kulusevski goal against Norwich in last season with left foot. I can add more but I don't have time rn.

    • khham Chemz
      khham Chemz

      Did you saw a Fulham player starting with the letter M with superb goal better than all combined Tottenham players has ever scored in their entire life. Or you just a casual watcher?

  • Jo-Philippe William
    Jo-Philippe William

    What a game that was from the boys! Really impressive, especially after the last few games. I think we have our starting 11 . COYS!!

  • Talha Zubair
    Talha Zubair

    What a save by Hugo Lloris to give us all 3 points. One of the best goalkeeper of all time 👏

  • GameTimeSiv

    I'm still surprised that none of the bigger clubs like Chelsea or even United went for Mitrovic, the dude is a legit goal banger!

    • Adam Here
      Adam Here

      Well he always flopped the other times he's been at top flight, none of the big teams could have logically taken a risk on him.

  • Alexandru Cristea
    Alexandru Cristea

    That goal by Mitrovich though😂 is he human? Also that volley from Richi and the crossbar challenge from Son, so unlucky

    • Bill Larstead
      Bill Larstead

      Hope to see a variety of frontline combos: Richardlison & Kulesevski w/ either Kane or Son in the middle just to keep the squad fresh & rested for all the matches to come. Conte’s no fool; he knows you can’t win trophies w/ exhausted players.

    • Richie Richie
      Richie Richie

      kulusevski scored a similar goal against norwich but with his left

    • Alexandru Cristea
      Alexandru Cristea

      @Zeddy Walskie he played really well though

    • Zeddy Walskie
      Zeddy Walskie

      sick goal while Son keeps hitting the bar

  • Sansani B.N.
    Sansani B.N.

    I liked to watch Kane-Son-Richarlison trio attacking. Sessegnon did well but needs to try harder to make better connection with the other forwards. For Emerson, I think he has some pressure near the box that makes him rush and waste goal chances. Langlet showed good performance in build-up. We are improving.

  • Aleksandar Jovanovic
    Aleksandar Jovanovic

    Mitrovic is a first class goal scorer. Incredible sense for the goal.

  • Zulu Cruz
    Zulu Cruz

    Feel bad for Son. One shot and one golden assist both denied by bar.

  • j g
    j g

    We can talk about kane, richarlison and many others players, they did really great things in game. And let's talk about Lloris, this man needs serioulsy more credits for what he has done with us in this game, thanks to him we have 3 more points today. 🔥

    • 까 줘
      까 줘


    • Morningtable

      we have kane and sonny but our captain is Lloris it explains everything mate

  • Cassano Gray Campbell
    Cassano Gray Campbell

    Mitrovic is a super player. What a man

  • eternal evolution
    eternal evolution

    Today's performance was fantastic. If my team shows this kind of performance, it doesn't matter if we lose the game. Let's go, Spurs

  • Baback D.
    Baback D.

    Two teams I'm excited about this year are Tottenham and Barcelona. Both are on the verge of greatness after building solid squads

    • Baback D.
      Baback D.

      @Transparent that's interesting too. But I'm curious about how far these two can go this year.

    • Transparent

      Hmm I’m more impressed with low-budget teams doing well…like Brentford

  • Jaylen Elmore
    Jaylen Elmore

    What a performance from Richarlison

  • Konnen

    Mitrovic unbelievable player

  • Herakliet

    Mitrovic man, what a finisher.

  • Sausty

    Massive improvement over other games, a real energy to the football. Lenglet and Richarlison great performances.

  • TBD plays
    TBD plays


    • Saper Otaku
      Saper Otaku

      @TBD plays Spurs not Easy 🔥🐓

    • Islam Taha
      Islam Taha

      @TBD plays I agree with you. We have to improve our performances.

    • TBD plays
      TBD plays

      @Spurs fun 292 hopefully

    • TBD plays
      TBD plays

      @Islam Taha yeah i think we were lucky to draw with chelsea so

    • Islam Taha
      Islam Taha

      @TBD plays It's tough I know but we always find a way to beat city 😂😂😂 a draw would be good though.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Amazing performance, great improvement from last few fixtures. Son yet to score but better, Richarlison, Kane, Hojbjerg and Bentancur all amazing.

  • 메타몽냠냠

    멋진 슈팅이 많았는데 이번 시즌 데뷔골들 모두 놓쳐서 아쉽다 1:44 이거 진짜 어려운 각도인데 막은게 미쳤다 요리스는 대체 불가능한 골키퍼다 ㄹㅇ

  • Hans

    Ball actually moving forward, not backward was huuuge improvement. Romaro and Bentancur defintely showed us difference.

  • Ash Island
    Ash Island

    Sonny was his real Sonny this match ❤️

  • Matt Drayton
    Matt Drayton

    Richarlison could be incredible for us this season, let's sing his name loudly every game!

    • Oli Hewitt
      Oli Hewitt

      Is everybody starting realise why us evertonians loved him so much?

    • Meçi Careca 🇧🇷
      Meçi Careca 🇧🇷


    • D - Younes
      D - Younes


    • Edward Hurley
      Edward Hurley

      If only we could fit them all on the pitch at once

  • Guigui

    Mitrovic is a class player that man keep scoring goals for Fulham

  • Ms Son
    Ms Son

    I love u Sonny! I love your smile and passion which makes football fun to watch more! U are a STAR and legend!!!!!!!!!!

  • 태국보틀

    Sonny, keep your head up! We always support you, so you have to trust yourself! I hope he doesn't feel much burden after this game! You got this Sonny! We Spurs fans will always back you up! Though there are some who condemn your performance for not scoring recently, the majority know that you are getting back in form just like last year! Let's go Spurs!

  • Young Dagger D
    Young Dagger D

    Sonny found his real form in this match. So unlucky that he didnt get a goal though

  • Alexandru Cristea
    Alexandru Cristea

    I feel bad for Richarlison, taking his shirt off😂. Really unlucky today, that volley in the crossbar, and the goal disallowed. I would give him MOTM. Big 2 games ahead, COYS!

  • Ara Akreyi
    Ara Akreyi

    Everybody was unbelievable WELL DONE COYS💙🤍

  • Stellars Jay
    Stellars Jay

    Antonio’s correct when he says you can feel Richarlison’s personality when he is on the pitch.

  • Pushpender Gusain
    Pushpender Gusain

    Nice to see Son back on his lethal actions.

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy

    Kanes pass to Son when he hit the bar was top top quality.

  • Dominic L
    Dominic L

    I am still waiting for son to score... I know its coming!!!

  • Robbynacu YT
    Robbynacu YT

    Mitrovic needs a big transfer, what a striker

  • 7tachyon

    Mitrovic is on another level.....

  • Cline Mykbrian
    Cline Mykbrian

    Well done by the team overall! Great performance!

  • AronBoiii

    Can’t believe no one is giving credit to Højbjerg for today! MOTM for me!

    • PanPare

      @Not Bald Hello the true plastic fan who is not even Spurs fan. I agree and respect all of the comments above except your lil fake drama plot mate.

    • Not Bald
      Not Bald


    • im a worm before i am man
      im a worm before i am man

      @PanPare bcoz it's true. Real fans appreciate their players

    • im a worm before i am man
      im a worm before i am man

      Spurs fans are about Son and Kane. Pathetic. They don't really appreciate other players

  • May Lee
    May Lee

    Finally, Conte woke up. Now he knows how to use Sonny. All media, experts, other directors had the same opinions that Conte was not having nice strategy. He seems to realize it. And Sonny and Perisic are horrible combination. I doubt Kulusevski as well. Comig match with Mancity is depending on Sonny. Coz he is the Mancity killer lol Go Go Sonny !! We are always with you.

  • Harshvardhan Rai
    Harshvardhan Rai

    Mitrovic is as dangerous & full of goals as Erling Halaand. Teams need to keep an eye at him.

  • Collins kipkemei
    Collins kipkemei

    This is the best game this season so far

  • حاجتك يوه
    حاجتك يوه

    What the performance ❤️

  • Fortuitous Things
    Fortuitous Things

    Hugo showing world class with the save from Mitrovich if he jumps a nano second later that shot is going in amazing save

  • Vipu Shohe
    Vipu Shohe

    Mitrovich the beast🔥🔥

  • qwertyuiop asdfghjkl
    qwertyuiop asdfghjkl

    This is how I want to see the boys play. They have the fitness and talent. They just need to believe and back themselves

  • With Talal
    With Talal

    Thank you Hugo, Richi, and master Antonio conte. Expression OOzing love it

  • EhIdk

    Richarlison was excellent

  • pacific

    Sonny scored his first goal in the 18/19 season against Chelsea in November. Eventually, he scored 20 goals after the season.

  • Mark Shaz
    Mark Shaz

    Some of the football played yesterday was the best I have seen for many seasons. Bentancur ram that midfield like a boss. The top 3 we’re flying, Lenglet made the LB position seem like a worry free zone. Play this team again.

  • Youl j
    Youl j

    이번 경기 너무 좋았어요👍

  • mishka jin
    mishka jin

    The game that im waiting for! Dynamic!!!

  • James A Georgiades
    James A Georgiades

    It was a joy to see this performance, Tottenham played some great stuff, dazzling football. They’re fitter, more confidence, focused, really working as a team in harmony. The pockets between Son & Kane have the abundance of Richarlson now, with midfield in steady hands, and Dier doing magic, wonder if he’ll be picked by Southgate, certainly has the experience. It was Fulham, who impressed at times, if Villa can draw City, we shouldn’t have a problem- Come You Conte’! You’re in now, best of luck 🤞

  • Too Hotty Entertainment
    Too Hotty Entertainment

    Huge W. Our attacking game needs to be like this against clubs like West Ham, Chelsea etc. Great game boys!!! #COYS

  • Google DEv
    Google DEv

    The Korean king is back and he is ready to claim his goals very soon 🇰🇷👑🔥

  • Idkmynameanymore :]
    Idkmynameanymore :]

    Lovely goal from Højbjerg👏

  • MMTO Official
    MMTO Official

    Kane was in the game mood 🔥

  • N A
    N A

    Hojbjerg Suberb performance again from The Viking truly an Unsung Hero 🇩🇰

  • Christoffer

    So impressed with Richie this game. What technique and work rate. No luck though.

  • 이대진

    Spurs game last night was good enough to give me some pleasure as it was not frustrated, and also Kane looked good since he showed the altruistic play. I hope Spurs would be better game by game and getting the victory in succession with giving joy and fun to fans.

  • Shin

    00:45 best duo. Son and Richarlison

  • Shadel Lord
    Shadel Lord

    Mitrovic is a fantastic player for his age he is outstanding and will go down as one of the most underrated striker he should move to a big club before he retires

    • Bogdan Radosavcev
      Bogdan Radosavcev

      If i was his friend...i would tell him to stay in Fulham until the end if they want him. Holding a record in championship, playing better all because ONE team believes in him and fans love him. Great players do that

    • Mohamed Saidi
      Mohamed Saidi

      He's only 27 years old

  • happy plus77
    happy plus77

    소니는 페레시치보다 쎄세뇽과 더 좋은것같다. 벤탕크루는 미쳤고, 요리스와 랑글레도 아주 좋았다. 호이비에르는 골을 넣었지만 그는 경기중에 다소 산만하다. 더 파이팅해서 1위하자~

  • Sabre Cruz
    Sabre Cruz

    Glad to see our team attacking and great midfield unlike previous matches of backpassing. Son will score very soon. Richarlison starting was a great to see. Hope Man U beats Arsenal so that we can maintain 2nd spot after today.

  • Lans Velarde
    Lans Velarde

    Rooting for Son. Good job

  • gonkfoot

    Bentancur, what a player.

  • Mr. Smithy
    Mr. Smithy

    Tottenham steadily and quietly, away from all press and media attention, climbing up the premier league ladder. In all honesty, I think they can achieve something great this season.

  • Wahyu Kristiansyah
    Wahyu Kristiansyah

    some big clubs must sign Mitrovic. He's absolutely beast.

  • Nikola Dojcinovic
    Nikola Dojcinovic

    Mitro's on fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • a vzvgd
    a vzvgd

    50초에 히샬리송이랑 연계플레이 지렸다..

  • UnKnOwN٭

    Conte thank you! Sonny kane richardson Sesenong hoi bentancru royal Rangle dyer romero Best squads! Keep going!

  • Hassan Radwan
    Hassan Radwan

    Great performance, but must be more clinical. (I rate Romero, but he fell asleep for their goal.)

    • Pablo Dumi
      Pablo Dumi

      Don't forget he had a yellow so he had to be careful as we know hos aggressive, up the Spurs🔥🔥

  • Sir Switch Crookington
    Sir Switch Crookington

    Mitrovic has now proved he should be at a bigger club. Some players don't all develop at 24

  • 터키

    Wow last shooting unbelievable . And Lloris super saved.

  • G Tube Official
    G Tube Official

    Mitrovic is underated premier league player !

  • Bass Voice
    Bass Voice

    It is the best performance of the season so far. I hope it will be better in the future. What a happy weekend!