Julian Newman GETS SUPER HEATED vs IMG Academy!!! Prodigy Prep vs IMG Got WILD!!
Julian Newman and Prodigy Prep faced off against IMG Academy today and things got a little interesting to say the least.
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  • Natanael Kevin
    Natanael Kevin

    Julian is pretty good Edit : just found out that number 3 is not julian

    • Emil Monegro
      Emil Monegro

      Julián is the part 2 of Juwanna Mann!! But on the suck version!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

    • imunknown


    • MxghtyJxhn

      @YouUselessClown what ab now

    • ABL Quality
      ABL Quality



      Number 3 really played well!

  • OliVa LuCio
    OliVa LuCio

    Julian is the most consistent player i've seen so far in terms of maintaining his height over the years its unbelievable. Keep up julian in maintaining your height

    • Hang Su
      Hang Su

      You mean keep down?

    • WatchHowDatStickGetNasty



      Bruhh 😂😂😂😂

    • Kerwin Allarde
      Kerwin Allarde

      Oke keyooo

  • Kameron Golden
    Kameron Golden

    No matter the sport...if your dad starts a school to build a team around you...that means you peaked at 13!

    • Jey Rodriguez
      Jey Rodriguez

      @Rome King No, everything Melo, Zo, and Gelo did was entirely their choice. Melo played overseas, didn’t like it, went back to high school, then played overseas again after graduating. Lavar didn’t make any of them play anywhere. Melo and Gelo played in the JBA cuz they felt like it cuz it was a good opportunity, but Lavar would’ve kept coaching that team with or without them.

    • Joe Selsbury
      Joe Selsbury

      @Rome King Wrong! Just accept/admit you made a false comparison... Lavar didnt create his own school, nor did he take them out of chino hills so his kids could "have more playing time" lmao 🤣. They were starters already, what he DID do was create a rec league OUTSIDE of school leagues. Not the same things at all, you just wrong dude. So cringe when a man cant admit when he is wrong and instead keeps doubling down...

  • Ally Sham
    Ally Sham

    Julian's way of dribbling was so good that he was tricked and confused by himself

    • Injun Jo
      Injun Jo

      That is not how the way.....sigh* Ok I'll take the deal you are right

    • BlueGorilla XD
      BlueGorilla XD

      would've been better if he's not that agressive

    • Huskie Huskerson
      Huskie Huskerson

      It's painful to watch ngl, the other team is also so tall

    • Ncang Channel
      Ncang Channel

      His so fool, his legs and arms not sincron

  • josh:D

    I almost felt bad for Julian seeing him use all his energy just tryna get around them and still being knocked over. And they ain't even have to move a muscle to cover him.

    • Quamy 🙈
      Quamy 🙈

      Then maybe he should pass the ball. That’s no excuse for him getting smothered, there’s a reason why you pass to your teammates when you get smothered. SO YOU DONT LOSE THE BALL

    • Alex Crews
      Alex Crews

      @Rheyell13 Gaming they did jump but like... slaps the ball 10 feet in the air. Newman is 5'7 😭😭😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Lord Insidious
      Lord Insidious

      @Albert Lin Like I said to Zexall in my earlier comment, If he wants people to view him negatively, he should continue playing the way he does.

    • Albert Lin
      Albert Lin

      @Lord Insidious if he does all the things you say he should, he'd just be another player without the clout he has. He's a IRglo baller, that's all they care about.

  • Deremiah Chavis
    Deremiah Chavis

    Brah I can’t stress enough how number 3 is a whole lot betta than Julian Newman

    • AJ MXGs
      AJ MXGs

      first game against img he sucked

    • Hang Su
      Hang Su

      The whole team were

    • Jacob Turner
      Jacob Turner


    • Allen Campbell
      Allen Campbell


  • DannyIsOnFire17 !
    DannyIsOnFire17 !

    Let’s be honest, only someone like Zion would carry Julian’s team at that point

  • Jaber Jaber
    Jaber Jaber

    The game is a mind set , that goes for any sport. Once an athlete reaches the top levels of competition he/she will have to evolve , Julian is obviously stuck in the role he played as an 11 year old and high school .

  • Clown Pusi
    Clown Pusi

    I see... Julian never cease to impress me with his ability not to pass to his teammates because he's the best... he thought

  • D King
    D King

    The size difference of both the teams is ridiculous 😂

  • The Offseason 16
    The Offseason 16

    Notice how much smoother the offense runs when Julian doesn’t have the ball 🤦🏾‍♂️ and I feel bad for #3 he’s got potential

    • Jx Jx
      Jx Jx

      I know a lot of people are going to come after me for this but Julian Newman is not meant for point guard he just does pointless dribbling and then shoots it from however far he is from the hoop

    • en K
      en K

      @inchaoswetrust emmanuel maldonado

    • inchaoswetrust

      #3…any idea who he is❓ Unlike Julian…he sure can play

    • 島袋均

      @Shoe Mania や

  • 34stzoo

    5:30 Why would he tried to drive the lane when there's a 7'2" and a 6'8" defender standing right there. That's the IQ again or lack of.

    • Smashed Tomato
      Smashed Tomato

      @Ras Putin dont listen to that guy, 7'2 is literally 218 cm, 2m is 6'7

    • Ras Putin
      Ras Putin

      @WallSt Bets thank you thats very tall

    • WallSt Bets
      WallSt Bets

      @Ras Putin he means 2m

    • Ras Putin
      Ras Putin

      Sorry im european how much is 7'2

  • University of Michigan
    University of Michigan

    Shoutout to Make-A-Wish foundation for making Julian Newman play IMG Academy possible.

    • Hoosclu3s 3.0
      Hoosclu3s 3.0

      Most underrated comment of the year.

  • 34stzoo

    Here's the thing that people don't talk about... Emmanual #3 hit them up for 30 points this game. He's the truth and I hope his career hasn't been damage missing with Julian and his crazy family!

  • Oscar Fox
    Oscar Fox

    Oh my god. I never know how good IMG was. That’s a squad right there! Also Julian Newman is obsolete now, he’s the iPhone 4 of mixtape hoopers

    • ProPlusNoob

      @Trey who the hell asked mate

  • JFairfax

    There’s no way IMG should be letting this team score like that. They should be dominant on both ends. Smh

  • Corbyn Steen
    Corbyn Steen

    Really revolutionary coaching by Prodigy Prep here. Running Iso on literally ever single play when it clearly is already not working is just genius coaching

  • thepokemonkid383

    I am going to address the glaring flaws prodigy prep has. first of all their player selection is awful it looks like a group of friends decided they wanted to make a basketball team just for fun .Its blatantly obvious that the team was made just so Julian could star in it and could hopefully get an offer ( but number 3 is by far the best player on the team creating open space for some people to get a shot open but besides the point ) . I am not sure if I need to point this out but they are all short and you can see that imp utilizes their height. second of all their defense is so bad its like watching a team of middle schoolers trying to guard a NBA team they have no shot block option and their team is solely based on offence. also another glaring flaw is that their team almost always goes for isolation plays rather than creating space for others to shoot julian usually plays the role of a selfish point guard who does not try to even consider to pass. the amount of times this man turns it over is ridiculous julian doesnt even do well if the defense keeps constant pressure on him in conclusion prodigy prep needs to get a better point guard pass it more and get a better name because they are not what they claim to be

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez

    It’s crazy how good Julian’s team looks without him

  • V_nceeG

    Julian needs to be in D1 He'd make a great cheerleader

    • 90’s baby
      90’s baby

      @Sacramento Kings will Rise nah but he’s small enough to toss through the air

    • Manlikeis300

      @Sacramento Kings will Rise yall to funny bruh💀

    • KuyaSEB TV
      KuyaSEB TV

      Y'all got no chill lmao 🤣

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
    JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    9:22 The most satisfying block I’ve ever seen

  • Asher Low
    Asher Low

    Prodigy players passed the ball like 8 times during those 11 mins (1 turnover, 1 assist) and made roughly 64million dribbles

  • Melvin H
    Melvin H

    7:00 is just too good. Julian stumbling over his legs once again just to have his shot killed by Williams 😂

  • Marcelo Flores
    Marcelo Flores

    This shows how impressive Mugsy Bugs was at the NBA, being able to score against such big players. Unfortunately Julian is not as fast or unpredictable

  • Francisco Gómez Grand
    Francisco Gómez Grand

    That number 3 guy should go to a competitive team, he's a baller.

    • patrick ellerin
      patrick ellerin

      yep wasting his time with the newmans

  • Patrick Lynch
    Patrick Lynch

    33 killed the ball when he blocked Julian also killed Julian’s ego😂

  • Oldschool gamer and Lover
    Oldschool gamer and Lover

    Julian is killing it out there! Edit: Oh, 4 is Julian, my bad, I was talking about number 3.

  • polyprinz

    IMG Academy might be better than a lot of the college teams in the NCAA. Those kids are all phenomenal!

  • Dr. Granger
    Dr. Granger

    Not only is he overrated, he literally plays the worst defense I’ve ever seen. Bruh, take him OUT OF THE GAME

    • Ciaran Moog McNeill
      Ciaran Moog McNeill

      @DH4PRES defence? The other team can just hold the ball above his head... There's nothing he can do, he's just too short to play. There's a reason all NBA players are tall. You think it's a coincidence?

    • Jared Wolfe
      Jared Wolfe

      murahk123 height doesn’t matter, he is constantly leaving they’re shooters and a little pressure will force mistakes.

    • Jonathan Dixon
      Jonathan Dixon

      Even if he had perfect positioning the dude is practically a toenail compared to the rest of these dudes.

    • Teddrick Johnson
      Teddrick Johnson

      To much prove from being so small,clearly a 2nd PG option,he should focus on running the offense &stop trying 2 so much.

    • Emmanuel James
      Emmanuel James

      Like a James Harden!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Mark West
    Mark West

    Everyone kept running him over because they couldn't see him from up there. I hope Julian has a back up career. Also, you should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have a parent as a coach. Dont you think the others are getting sick and tired of the two of you arguing in front of them all the time? Leave at at home. And Dad/coach give the kid room to breath. This is why he's allways

  • M.J. Torque
    M.J. Torque

    It's painful to see that Julian is a wallflower when defending, It's like 4 v 5 when the other team has the ball. He should use his height to sneak and steal the ball instead of just standing there when defending.

  • big artery
    big artery

    I can't help laughing at Julian

  • Michael Tovar
    Michael Tovar

    Crazy part even if he was much taller or let’s just say around the height of his fellow players he still would suck his court vision decision making ball passing shooting running drilling layups jumpshot post up Play making skills or horrible

  • Richie_is_boss

    Julian is gonna be the worst person to play with at LA Fitness when he’s older.. 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • TYLER


    • Javier Giron
      Javier Giron


    • Nathan Scipio
      Nathan Scipio


    • Sacramento Kings will Rise
      Sacramento Kings will Rise

      @Dom1n1can _Swagg You mean LVP?

    • John Doe
      John Doe


  • bayag baba
    bayag baba

    they forgot the most important in playing basket ball! "TEAM WORK"

  • Giderz

    Julians team really carried em, he didn’t get back and put no effort in, really lives up to the hype 😆

  • Porsche Pallion
    Porsche Pallion

    Every possession Julian dribbles and falls 😂

  • Y

    I wouldnt really celebrate if everyone on my team's 6'9" and above lol

  • Wavy Bone
    Wavy Bone

    Imagine being a 6’6” center and seeing a 5’4” Julian Newman running into your lane 😂😂😂

    • Lamar J Pierre
      Lamar J Pierre

      @patrick santino he 5’6.5

    • Silver surfer
      Silver surfer

      @30kmask if you played basketball your whole life at 5’8 plus and can’t even touch the rim…. Quit

    • 30kmask

      @Torian C not all 5’8 people got mad bunny’s bro

    • Zayne Ali
      Zayne Ali

      Being 6' 4 n had won a state championship w my team in high school... this genuinely made me giggle

    • Torian C
      Torian C

      @patrick santino if he was 5'8 you'd see him dunk. you've never even witnessed him grab a 10 ft rim.

  • runz a
    runz a

    6:26 he totally quit on that play.

  • William The Killer
    William The Killer

    I'm amazed he's never embarrassed being blocked so many times

  • Panda Boi
    Panda Boi

    All this game proves is that Newman will never let go of his ego, He REFUSES to use his team mates. He just continuously rushes in like he's about to be a bad ass and win the game alone then we He gets shut down he acts like a child Edit: Not just that, dude acts like he's got mad dribble game and can't even hold onto the ball

  • iscokc12

    I really feel kinda bad for Julian, he really worked hard but being super short and cocky didn't help. He probably knows his time in pro/amateur or even hs basketball is over, I put myself in his shoes and I feel like shit man

    • Lucas Weiss
      Lucas Weiss

      @New Look Tub Restoration because he doesn’t play basketball the right way. He’s not bad because of his height, he’s bad because he puts in no effort on defense and refuses to pass the ball. All while driving on people a foot taller then him and shooting threes like 4 feet behind the line

    • New Look Tub Restoration
      New Look Tub Restoration

      Feel the same way, don't know what people are so brutal in the comments

  • HuhWhatwasThatNoise?

    Julians awareness is horrible and it seems everytime he gets the ball he needs to do more than simply passing it to someone who is open. He's begging to do something "interesting" and he fails miserably because of it. Those turnovers were so disgusting and he forced some garbage up every single time. My soul regrets ever watching thism

    • Jebjeb Monana
      Jebjeb Monana

      Hahahahaha i feel u bro

  • mad scientist
    mad scientist

    If I was the coach I would've already taken him out after 3 turnovers. He's obviously not learning. He's trying to brute force things everytime. He's gotta learn that you can't expect something different to happen if you keep doing the exact same thing.

  • Wal bart
    Wal bart

    In my honest opinion Julian was a major hindrance to his team 😂

  • 55Brooks & Dunn28
    55Brooks & Dunn28

    He was soo good playing against smaller kids. All the excessive dribbling and yelling, flexing, trash talking definitely was toned down after he wasn’t the biggest one on the court.

  • Sides of Famous Dex's mouth
    Sides of Famous Dex's mouth

    Please tell me this was a pre-season scrimmage, b/c MANNN!😬 Sad to say, but Julian Newman was at the peak of his career when everyone was his height

  • Ga Rock Zombies
    Ga Rock Zombies

    This was like watching the Monstars take on the Looney Toons without Michael Jordan.

    • Jamer365 Mojica
      Jamer365 Mojica

      @John Doe facts, they got all cocky. All they had to do was hold their arms up and play keep away like if it was with their little brothers on the other team.

    • Conner Creed
      Conner Creed

      @John Doe You gonna cry?

    • EmariDaProdigy

      I swear this was all I was thinking about during film study on high schools with my team 😂

    • Ga Rock Zombies
      Ga Rock Zombies

      Peter Dunphy I bet you have waited your whole life to be able to drop that bit of useless information. Great job Captain Correction, no one cares.

    • Selim Griggs-Ross
      Selim Griggs-Ross

      Bruh this is exactly what I was thinking. Glad I’m not the only one

  • Romeo Alpha
    Romeo Alpha

    That dude has more turnovers in one game than his whole career points. 🤣

  • Black Donald Trump
    Black Donald Trump

    That dribble thing he does gets a turnover every time

  • Andrew Valdivia
    Andrew Valdivia

    Julian couldve been the best player on the team if he passes more and stops trying to take it up against players 4 feet taller than him🤦🏽‍♂️ needs to be smart with the ball i blame the coach more than anything for his failure.

  • Danny Laureano
    Danny Laureano

    Hi is going to be a great player once he eventually graduates from elementary school. Keep it up!!!

  • Shalton Blaylock
    Shalton Blaylock

    This game proved that Julian isn’t even the best player on his team.

    • dut dut 2.0
      dut dut 2.0

      @Ferb I wouldn’t say their schedule was weak they would play some tough teams

    • Rugz_ Deathwish
      Rugz_ Deathwish

      That number 3 deserves the hype not Newman

    • Uzun Saçlı Kel Adam
      Uzun Saçlı Kel Adam

      *Julian isn't even a player on his team

    • how bout no?
      how bout no?

      He's just being cocky and all (assuming he could plow them giants). Man that #3 is playing better.

    • Eric Cartman
      Eric Cartman

      His dad was the coach of the team thats why

  • ExploraDORA

    10:34 bruh u do that to me infront of 4 cute girls and I’m ending it right there on the spot, that’s stage 4 embarrassment 🤦‍♂️

  • Tommaso Campanile
    Tommaso Campanile

    he wouldn’t be so bad if he just passed the ball from time to time instead of going 1v5 against giants

  • samuel sloas
    samuel sloas

    Once again. Julian Newman's quality feature is making the other team look great. With the tiniest amount of pressure he'll cough the ball up everytime. I mean every mf single time.

  • Riley Munoz
    Riley Munoz

    Julian real life spent a whole game just running. Not scoring, not passing, not rebounding, just running 🤣

  • Thomas Iem
    Thomas Iem

    I like how everytime Julian gets the ball, they get dunked on.

  • Victor Bernal
    Victor Bernal

    Newman’s PlayStation remote when he plays 2K doesn’t have the “X” button 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Ciara

      Nah bro he's clearly running that Xbox

  • AJeight3

    Julians must be insane. Does the same dribble move every time and gets punked every time!

  • Ean B
    Ean B

    Got to the 4:05 mark, 35 passes by IMG and 2 by Prodigy.

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez

    Nobody: Julian: drives to the basket with three 7’0 players under the rim

    • Luthfi Fahreza
      Luthfi Fahreza

      @Born 2 Win hes 5'5

    • Born 2 Win
      Born 2 Win

      Jake Meke I agree with that. He look about that. I’d say 5’2 max.

    • Grayson Grove
      Grayson Grove


    • Jake Meke
      Jake Meke

      Julian gotta be 4’10

    • Anar84 76
      Anar84 76

      @Hunter ZT I'm 5'9 and I thought I was too short for basketball

  • Jelly Gecko
    Jelly Gecko

    Julian Newman: 8 points 15 turnovers O Assists 😂

  • rodrigo lovera abundis
    rodrigo lovera abundis

    The number 2 and 3 of the other team will turn into pro players soon. They have a lot of talent

  • William Murray
    William Murray

    #3 and #0 should've been the main two shooting. You can see the quit in Newman when he's getting locked down cause he just starts to do the same dribble step back drive left even though that just caused him a turnover the last two possessions

  • William Kreiss
    William Kreiss

    Between the football game I watched and this, where does IMG find these kids? Unbelievable! They have like a professional sports teams level of recruitment! I’m assuming they give out HS scholarships? Do kids come from all over the state? Do families relocate for their kids to go to this high school?

  • PaCute807

    Julian’s Dad knows he in too deep to let Julian give up basketball lmao 😂

    • Steez Nash
      Steez Nash

      @EA Rodriguez Bro China has actual NBA players in their league. He'll go play in Iran

    • K T
      K T

      Al Karram 😂😂😂😭

    • K T
      K T

      California Cowboy LMFAO!!!!

    • Alpacshakur

      Basically 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • TrustTheVibes

      If he was a good dad he’d support whatever decision his son makes. I do think he pushed him a little too hard and now that he’s older and he hasn’t really developed his game. His pops is looking stupid. Feel kind bad for Julian though.

  • Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad

    Newman keeps on drivng to the basket as if he’s a tall guy hahaha!

  • Nathan Jimenez
    Nathan Jimenez

    When Julian didn't have the ball his team was scoring

  • AAVisualz

    “Presses video about Julian Newman” *gets ripped the whole video*😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Camari

    Julian had more turnovers than points 😂😂😂

  • Kenta Itow
    Kenta Itow

    Imma start a GoFund me to get Emmanuel out of there 😂 kid can straight ball

    • Sav-Prodigy


    • Quincy.0

      He got offers already he’ll be straight

    • Pirro

      Can you do a GoFund for me?

    • XO The Host
      XO The Host

      @tim munhnar he’s number 3

    • Combotages

      what number is emanuel

  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn

    I like how the guys on IMG just have to barely lift their heels to dunk... maybe in another life 😂

  • Unouno carti carti
    Unouno carti carti

    When ever I feel bad about my self I just watch this video 😔

  • Janzel's Aquatic
    Janzel's Aquatic

    It took a whole 1 person to hold him back 💀

  • Hiro Santiago
    Hiro Santiago

    That was painful to watch. That Julian dude seems to NEVER pass the ball!

  • Eskimo

    You can really tell Julian’s dad has no idea how to coach. They literally just run iso plays &IMG looks for the open man every time. Every player on IMG could’ve bullied their way into the paint easily but they actually run the floor and spread their offense, even on the fast break. Julians dad is failing these kids it’s sad

  • Goobly

    Ever notice that when Julian had possession they don’t score? But when it’s his teammates they almost score every possession? He’s the problem lmao

    • Ronald Edwards
      Ronald Edwards


  • Masonsvr08

    You know it was a bad game for prodigy when u couldn’t hear Julians dad yelling