if you ever find this Clown Island, you need to turn away FAST! (The Clowns have Taken over)
if you ever find this Clown Island, you need to turn away FAST! (The Clowns have Taken over)
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  • Stromedy

    Stromedy Squad, I have posted the ENTIRE Hawaii Series as a big compilation for every to enjoy! Lots of bran new videos coming out this week now that I'm back in Canada!

    • joumana gorgees
      joumana gorgees

      I love your videos❤

    • Isaiah sesay
      Isaiah sesay

      okie dokie

    • Delmy Melendez
      Delmy Melendez

      1 st. =)

    • Sharlene Tagami
      Sharlene Tagami

      I live in Hawaii oahu

  • Mateo Mako
    Mateo Mako

    Those waves scarred me more then that clown.

    • Maisie park
      Maisie park


  • The Leeses
    The Leeses

    OMG I’ve watched this video so many times I finally could hear the clown squeaky voice

  • Diamond Noah
    Diamond Noah

    At the start he was so funny 🤣

  • Vanesa Dabre-Zibala
    Vanesa Dabre-Zibala

    Stromedy squad I watch your videos every day and I can't stop looking at them

  • xL1ttleW1tchx14

    Stommy:we're here. Girl:are you sure this is a good idea. Stommy:what! This is a good idea. Started yet cat. Boy 1:uhh guys I see a clown. Stommy:oh god. I see 2 clowns. Like for part 2😃😃

  • Iplaygames12

    25:54 look closely in the trees you can see some red and white things that look like figures of clowns

    • Madddy

      @Aurora Scheffel that they commented this comment 1 month ago😀

    • Aurora Scheffel
      Aurora Scheffel


    • Aurora Scheffel
      Aurora Scheffel

      What does 1mo ago mean

    • invisible


  • ♡•Bunnie_Skies•♡

    I wish i was there with them, mainly because im always prepared, and also because it would be amazing to be at Hawaii!! Now i want to go to Hawaii even more--!

    • Yim wai Li
      Yim wai Li

      call 📱 the police station add to people who have arrested the killers for clown island call the cops 👮‍♂️ police station and police department for the crime scene in the clown 🤡 island and the crime scene in the prison jail for stealing island

    • Hawwa

      Me too

    • Baraa Alasmi
      Baraa Alasmi

      Thanks 😊 thanks again I just had it on Facebook for the first week so we will see what it takes for the future of our future family members who have the right opportunity and a good 😊 for our own business 👨‍💼 our own lives right away with the same people in this relationship that you have and we can all go to you in person for the one ☝️ your family and family are not going on a marriage of our lives or your family is just not in our life anymore it’s not like 👍🏿 and I are just going on a

  • Emrey Pesante
    Emrey Pesante

    I like how he conveniently know clowns language maybe it’s cuz you are friends with them mmmmmm mmmmm.

  • Billy-Joe Coward
    Billy-Joe Coward

    title: if you ever find this clown island you need to turn away fast stromedy: literally decides to go there

  • Squid game detective
    Squid game detective

    Don’t worry Straw mate I’ve been on a 10 hour flight before stuck on a plane for 10 hours

  • Mark & Kim Weber
    Mark & Kim Weber

    It was so funny when you brought the camera to the bear and didnt know what to call him so you said um um bear ya

  • xd tekor
    xd tekor

    47:36 he literally zipline to the clowns then cut it out..

  • Owen Cossota
    Owen Cossota

    I love how thay said it was gonna be the shortest video you’ve ever watched but 3 hours

  • Schlorpian

    I still can't believe I actually thought these videos were real.

  • Wendy jenkinson
    Wendy jenkinson

    Jesus I thought they would fry their drone

  • Simply Pinky
    Simply Pinky

    I’m freaking out watching this Bc I’m super scared of clowns 😖

    • tehya a
      tehya a

      Its obviously fake

  • Jackie Fuentes
    Jackie Fuentes

    it was funny when he said this town is not big enough for the both of us 🤣 😂 😅

  • Lea Bessant
    Lea Bessant

    Me:I don't want to go on this island My mom: me too Lea me too

  • My beloved little nephew
    My beloved little nephew

    POV: (you see not much water on the beach) Your mum: IS THERE A TSUNAMI WHY IS THERE NOT MUCH WATER Me: no it's just Stromedy drinking the water! It's fine ;)

  • Ryder Edmonds
    Ryder Edmonds

    When they were saying the clown was angry there was a shark under his paddleboard!

  • Darsh Salian
    Darsh Salian

    37:01 the video begins

    • Braxton Playhouse
      Braxton Playhouse


    • Braxton Playhouse
      Braxton Playhouse

      Video begins 2:00


      I know right?😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jamison CARR
      Jamison CARR


    • Just A cat on youtube
      Just A cat on youtube

      my god half an hour and it still didnt start wtf

  • Aggie Reese
    Aggie Reese

    I always wanted to go to Hawaii and I’ll actually would like to be there with you on the plane I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like on a plane

  • Grace Vaughn
    Grace Vaughn

    You could’ve sent the drown above the tunnel it would have been safer

  • Hany El-Azab
    Hany El-Azab

    You guys I am also so afraid of clowns they are literally my biggest fear and I cannot watch the midnight it gives me a nightmare and I love your videos there I love your videos they are so cool that I just can’t stop watching them but there’s sometimes really creepy

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones

    My daughter was watching this and wanted to come to lol

  • jessica carlock
    jessica carlock

    Uhm- I have always wanted to go to Hawaii…AND I STILL DO 🤪

    • Mr mango
      Mr mango

      SOOO RISY bro I Hope you survive 🙏

    • Hunter, toga
      Hunter, toga



      @Cody Daniel wat

    • Sherrod Pack
      Sherrod Pack

      I’m from Hawaii

    • Kristina Zakareviciute
      Kristina Zakareviciute

      And wdym means why do you mind

  • Justin Lawrence
    Justin Lawrence

    I know that those are just people that have masks on and suits its easy to see its an act.

  • Brannon Diquattro
    Brannon Diquattro

    i love watching these fake vid there entertaining :)

  • Megan Conley
    Megan Conley

    I've been at Hawaii and I almost broke my stubby legs from a clown

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris

    I live in Hawaii so see you in the afterlife ☺️

  • Madison Curtin
    Madison Curtin

    I think one of those clowns where one of my uncles bc it looks like him .lol

  • Archer’s BB Guns
    Archer’s BB Guns

    *Stromedy talking about water* “IT LOOKS SO TASTY!” Me: It’s water -_-

  • Kathryn Wegwerth
    Kathryn Wegwerth

    the first clown you found saw was so scary hopefully your freinds are safe.

  • Emrey Pesante
    Emrey Pesante

    Stromedy: look how many people are leaving Me: there coming in

  • Tina Turner
    Tina Turner

    That bear in your room should have the name Caleb, it fits the bear :)

    • Jream Doja
      Jream Doja

      Bought cvkccogtf hgffhfitfghg 💭 and I was like a good time for you to come to come to me and see me and I love you too much I hope you to come

    • Tina Turner
      Tina Turner

      @Reid Buboltz cool

  • luis vizcarra
    luis vizcarra

    Great videos keep up the great work

  • Melissa McCormick
    Melissa McCormick

    when i watched one of your vidoes i was so intertain in it that i watched all ur vidoes now and i watch every single one again so just want to say hi i luv ur vidoes and ur my favroite youtuber theres more but your my fav and i wanted to say im ur biggest Fan in the hole WORLD!!!!!!!

  • Savannah Endo
    Savannah Endo

    I find this funny bc I live in Hawaii on Maui but CLOWNS?? 😭

  • Scott K
    Scott K

    My niece was telling me about these crazy clowns in the forest, and she thinks this is real, lol... She is 9, lol

  • Killer gamer
    Killer gamer

    Imagine Jana and Kyle causing a scene on the plane lol Lol the intro lmao

    • Derrick Meints
      Derrick Meints

      @oddmay123 yt channel nnjjjjjjjjj

    • Derrick Meints
      Derrick Meints


    • Derrick Meints
      Derrick Meints

      @Charlie Thorpe agsrs

    • oddmay123 yt channel
      oddmay123 yt channel

      its so true

  • bella

    Cap on the 2nd zip line in one shot you can see the clown 🤡 waiting for the shot to be down before trying to get kyle

  • Addy

    I live in Hawaii and I can say there are so many clowns here no joke a few days ago me and my friends were walking on a trail and we got chased by 2 clowns and this was like 3 weeks ago...ever since then we have never went back on that trail

    • Addy

      Ya, we are all ok, we did call 911, we new what they looked like so we told them what the clowns looked like but when they went to go look for them it was like nothing ever happened there weren't even foot prints it was really weird.

    • Oscar Lillemaa
      Oscar Lillemaa

      Thats crazy i hope you survived if you get attacked hide and call 911 tho in europe is safe

    • Lyuxi


  • Luv2BHated21

    I love your merch so much and I’m wearing it today and right now

  • Jen Leyson
    Jen Leyson

    The clone looking at the camera Me:get ur face out of the camera

  • sushi 🍱
    sushi 🍱

    *"This Is probably gonna be the shortest video you've ever watched.."* *Video: **1:47:48** MINUTES LONG*

    • Exlusive pxppy
      Exlusive pxppy

      I actully did reilise it was this longnuntill i saw thiw

    • ⟬웃𝓚𝓪𝓲𝓽𝓸웃⟭

      Stolen comment lol but its ok

  • Tamara Konings
    Tamara Konings

    Love it keep up the great work You should make a house tour video

  • Candace Tschakert
    Candace Tschakert

    I like that he clickbait’s so much lol

  • •Zamara•

    13:34 Absolutely love this part

  • Kellz& pepper
    Kellz& pepper

    Omg I’m gonna be scared for a week 🖤😬

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson

    That room is so cool lol

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez

    I hope they don’t get caught by clowns I’m so scared

  • lizzey k
    lizzey k

    I hope you know this is not my house but this is actually me your daughter I love your videos make new videos are so good in first year this is my first time watching

  • Lyuxi

    If the clowns don’t have weapons I will just fight them with my friends like man

  • John Voss
    John Voss

    Stromedy: this is gonna be the shortest video you’ve seen Us: ITS TWO HOURS

    • TheOfficial


    • Jamule3 Gaming
      Jamule3 Gaming

      Me to i was going To say it

    • Shannon Bezold
      Shannon Bezold

      i was going to say it to

  • SuperBeansMama

    Does he like not even know but he just showed both of his license plates so I’m gonna remember that and if I see a license plate I am going to park my car right up to his car and be like hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi I’m a big fan I’m a big fan I’m a big fan I’m a big fan and just like yeah yeah that’s what I’m that’s that’s what I’m gonna do I live in Vaughan

  • 🌤 *ariel* 🌤
    🌤 *ariel* 🌤

    “He’s right there, omg yo yo he’s right there omg he’s there omg yo he’s right there”

  • Kathy Leblanc
    Kathy Leblanc

    camera: this clown is ugly why did they leave me we had so many memories together. 😢

  • Brianna Kelsey
    Brianna Kelsey

    I love your videos, they are super fun to watch

  • Cosmo Bolden
    Cosmo Bolden

    Imagine watching this at 4AM in the morning

    • XXairu

      ɪᴍ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪs ᴀᴛ 3 ᴀᴍ 😀🔫

  • Emily Gorry
    Emily Gorry

    I love u guys I hope nothing would ever happen to u 💕

  • Ireland

    I’ve been at that island and I saw 2 killer clowns and 3 clowns and I was with 16 other people

  • Riders &gamers
    Riders &gamers

    I thought this was fake until I installed google🤣

  • Kyla Lombardo
    Kyla Lombardo

    you know that tonowl you went in there was 4 or 5 of yall. Yall could pounce on rhe clown

  • Angela Moretz
    Angela Moretz

    him:we need protecton me:brings rifle

  • Michael Wooten
    Michael Wooten

    I can't stop watching your videos this is so cool hope you make a new one about this comment

  • Halo RG
    Halo RG

    Erica: were you gonna leave me? ???: Hell yeah

  • Alex

    "Longest vid I have ever watched is a huggy wuggy vid that was" 4:57:53

  • Lisa Wilkinson
    Lisa Wilkinson

    I have watched this about 222 thousond times and I like when Mark said he will jump off

  • Paul Bain
    Paul Bain

    Are the clowns really trying to take over the whole entire world

  • Dawna Jersin
    Dawna Jersin

    OMG there actually is clowns in Hawaii

  • Princess Kate De los Santos
    Princess Kate De los Santos

    im scared of the sound and the acting is so funny

  • the Logan and Jeremy show
    the Logan and Jeremy show

    But how is that being a savage 🤔

  • Jonathon Bailly
    Jonathon Bailly

    The people driving by them when they were in the middle of the road having a showdown 👁👄👁 what the actual FUC-

  • shon jackson
    shon jackson

    Stromedy Squad i’m a fan of you guys I love Hawaii😊😉

  • Howard Wilder
    Howard Wilder

    i dont know why im watching this if im scared of clowns

  • Jared Hill
    Jared Hill

    I know this is all fake but I like the work that you put into it

  • Maureen McCafferty
    Maureen McCafferty

    You know you always your videos have clowns in them I think before they knew you they had a plan to do something at someone


    nobody: the clowns patiently waiting in line on the steps for them to finish: 48:39

    • Darkstar_BG

      LOL😆 😆 🤣

    • ⁸⁷⁶ㅤ4ᴠ4 ₁
      ⁸⁷⁶ㅤ4ᴠ4 ₁

      i came down to comments to see if anyone was gonna comment that

  • Laurie Aldrich
    Laurie Aldrich

    …I’m just …."….SCAERED!😰