Trae Young & John Collins Get TESTED at The Drew League!! Goes Down To FINAL SECOND!
Trae Young and John Collins pulled up to the Drew League today and things got competitive!
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نظر: 577
  • Ballislife

    The WHOLE PARK tried to FIGHT US!

    • Ravenschampion

      Never mind, my fault! Thanks for posting!

    • Ravenschampion

      Was the camera quality already low? Or did you post too soon?

  • MJ S
    MJ S

    Dude guarding Lebron: We lost by 2 and we dont have NBA guys on our team Same dude: We lost by 2 with 2 NBA guys

    • Bre Schweigert
      Bre Schweigert

      That same dude better thn you and everybody who agrees with you

    • yothatskb

      @bam bam bro everyone that plays in the drew league is a pro on some level of basketball there either a high prospect college player a professional oversees or the nba some of them can be in the nba but they don’t want to be because too much travel the nba life isn’t for everyone and millions clearly don’t mean that much to everyone as you would think.

    • bam bam
      bam bam

      @yothatskb ur dad knows that nba will fuckin slay drew league they ain'y 100% serious playing there 😂 they should be drafted then if they're better lol

    • bam bam
      bam bam

      @yothatskb tf dude drew league is nothing in nba league 😂😂

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @MJ S being in the nba don't mean you are a offensive threat wtf

  • Chris Worland
    Chris Worland

    happy to see Jerome Randle out there. I miss the dude ballin out here in Australia. Was always a pleasure to watch him hoop

  • TheRealJoyRdJu313

    Can't wait to see them back at it again this season with dejounte murray


      Facts will be a fun duo to watch for

    • Derrick Anderson
      Derrick Anderson

      @HashOnTheTrack trae was only really ball dominant because he was the only playmaker they had dejounte is a great playmaker so it can take some of the load of off trae

    • Turt Tv
      Turt Tv

      Hawks gone be nice fr

    • dat_boi_derrick bennett
      dat_boi_derrick bennett

      For real bruh I’m so excited

    • Brennan

      @HashOnTheTrack as someone else said, collins reminds me of a bit of a slightly worse version of Jaren Jackson JR (not play style wise, but impact wise at the PF position). He’s a very athletic, very good role player, nothing more, nothing less. If you compare him to other low level all star PF’s like siakam or Randle, collins is a step below those guys. Nonetheless, still a good player for sure.

  • Tony Risberg
    Tony Risberg

    I loved that Collins let Randle know he better move with the subtle nudge…. Respect 💯

    • Daniel Agbi
      Daniel Agbi


  • Mr.DeLuXe 🥱
    Mr.DeLuXe 🥱

    They should stream the drew leauge live on ESPN or something cuz I gotta see more

    • Jsongz201

      It’s for money don’t ask to give someone money lol youtube is enough, plus the court is small is not nba length meaning they barely had space for pick and rolls

    • joe wu
      joe wu

      NBA official has steamed the drew league game on their app.

    • Ching Her
      Ching Her

      It's on the nba app

  • Michael Carrig
    Michael Carrig

    Hawks are gonna be good this year. The Murray pickup was brilliant.

  • Bee Vang
    Bee Vang

    Would love to see Giannis at the Drew league

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @Aleem Smith no he not

    • Christian Ferrer
      Christian Ferrer

      They would call it Grew league

    • William Stephens
      William Stephens

      That would be crazy

    • Aleem Smith
      Aleem Smith

      Lmao he dropping 60 easy

    • Nottlepurple


  • Jedi Assassins
    Jedi Assassins

    1:33 thats respect man, thats how the game is played

    • circa survive
      circa survive

      That's boring. We want rivalry not buddy buddy lol

    • Doc Holiday
      Doc Holiday

      On god bro , and #19 knew what would of happened if John Collins was getting “paid” like he do in the real nba games. Block city

  • Cal Thomas
    Cal Thomas

    That’s the hardest Trae had to work in years in a game 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Usman

      @HopsMAX He's an NBA player. Man's wasn't trying. Had no reason to.

    • HopsMAX

      @Usman Trae fan lol. If some other good NBA player played like Trae did this game, you wouldn’t say that. He played bad. This was a casual game, but man still barely put up points in the board. Bad game, but he’s still a great player


      Nba is wwe of basketball with magnetic rims all about generating max dollars for all the masons which you have to be to be in nba

  • amare1cro

    You cant really go 60-70 percent on these games because DREW league dudes get 110% motivated and they arent exactly scrubs So this is dangerous for an NBA player to play because Bron was takin it easy and imagine the response if his team lost at the buzzer. And you could see how he didnt really GAF and wanted to put on a show, not playing defense, shooting wild shots..... kinda like an all star game but with other guys playing hard

  • jonathan avice
    jonathan avice

    When Collins shoved Randle in the back to catch the alley oop off the backboard was funny as hell.

  • NFT TJ
    NFT TJ

    I’m still shook how they didn’t let Lamelo play with Gelo but letting all these nba players play in the drew league

  • Dashing Dreww
    Dashing Dreww

    They was trapping and blocking Trae hard 😭😭

    • Chuckie Hutton
      Chuckie Hutton

      Face guarding full court and shit

    • MoriJin

      @YOUNES YASSINE Calm down you getting a lil emotional over there stop acting dumb like trae ain’t better then everybody on that floor


      @Young Dab don't talk about he wasn't going 100% nigga whenever he tried to dribble he got locked down

    • Young Dab
      Young Dab

      @Emmanuel Or mannie Trae wasn't even playing that hard, you can tell him and Collins were playing safely more than being physical

  • Jim Ritner
    Jim Ritner

    They felt bad they made dude play bron, they said next game we got you trae young and Collins

    • TheRealJoyRdJu313

      Yea that dude remind me of dahntay jones for some reason

    • Sebastian Albelais
      Sebastian Albelais

      Still lost tho 😭😭

    • Sebastian Albelais
      Sebastian Albelais

      So I’m not trippin that is him right 🤣🤣

  • AbkMarvo4

    Good to see Jerome Randle he a Baller 🏀🔥

    • George Boone
      George Boone

      Chicago legend 🙌 👏

  • The Binary Domain
    The Binary Domain

    Kevin Panter tha beast!!🤍🖤🤍🖤

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight

    John Collins is nothing more than a dunker.

  • Tobías Chaparro
    Tobías Chaparro

    I feel like they should be able to just spam Trae Collins PnR in clutch time and win, but maybe that's too try hard?

    • Shifty

      @Teezo what does that even mean

    • Teezo

      Nigga this ain’t 2k

    • Shifty


  • De La
    De La

    #22 on white Kevin Punter had a game high 26 pts. 🤷🏽‍♂️ that boy tough. First game of the summer for him too.

    • 7313 Official
      7313 Official

      26pts, 7as. Good game from him. He ist on fire. Partizan Belgrade is upgradeing the Roster of its Team and will be a very tuff Team to beat in the upcoming Euroleague. Thats where Punter plays.

  • Younes Berrahelkheir
    Younes Berrahelkheir

    number 21 gets me every time bruh 💀

  • maree2shiftyy

    so happy for #21 went from getting cooked by bron to getting buckets

    • Benyamin

      @cow yup

    • cow

      @Benyamin ???? okay lmffao

    • Jay

      @maree2shiftyy Definitely fw bron when you in a pro am game you got the greenest light if it take you 36 shots to score 40 when you playing that freely that’s horrible

    • Benyamin

      @Jacob Jiles Okay, that's whats up

  • Danny H
    Danny H

    I'm surprised at all the times defenders were stealing the ball from Trae. Usually ya don't see that.


    Trae Young is too cold 🥶 It's mine blowing how so many people doubt it this young man coming to the league but he clearly silent them with his game. All I can say is now this guy is a fearless killer on the court.

    • Eric Peterson
      Eric Peterson

      * one side of the court

    • Dirtbag Joe
      Dirtbag Joe

      * mind blowing 😆

    • Tarik BosnianGod
      Tarik BosnianGod

      The vision is wild

  • Troyisaboss James
    Troyisaboss James

    John Collins really fouled out though lol

  • BigO Withthejam
    BigO Withthejam

    Looked like a preseason game.

  • Milk

    I know imma get crap for this and that is ok but... I know these NBA players dont take this very serious which is understandable yet they always do end up standing out and looking like NBA players for example; Bron, Trae, Harden etc. This was not the case for JOHN COLLINS. Once again im not expecting NBA players to play their hearts out but nothing out there looked easy for him at all. He had to resort to playing bully ball which still rarely worked for him. Watching the hawks I always thought Collins was overvalued and was only decent because he played with a generation playmaker like Trae and this game Collins looked like an everyday drew league player.

    • samore11

      I think he has a decent post up game he's shown a few times, but they never seem to work it into the offense consistently. I guess from a strategy perspective, when Trae is running the PnR with Capela, it makes sense for JC to slide out behind the arc where he is a very good shooter. Sometimes I think he should play on the second team without Trae and be the focus of the offense. Hopefully the offense gets a little shake-up with Murray and JC can find his game.

    • Joe Stuehmer
      Joe Stuehmer

      Collins ppg doubled as soon as Trae got to the Hawks that was no coincidence he gives him so many easy lobs mainly cause all the attention was always on Trae he got doubled the most out of any Nba player his first couple seasons

    • FenSpeaks4

      I hear you, and you're right. The only thing he is for me he's coming back from injury, so I feel like it's more of rehab games till he gets back to NBA form. Also a lot of the Drew leaugers are oversees guys or looking to get a job, so the competition is pretty decent

  • Mjwittheflu787

    The fact that these nba players stay struggling with the drew league teams gives me hope lol

  • 091696g

    Trae and Collins are an interesting pairing. If they have more talent or bigger, they be the next kobe and shaq but I do believe in trae and collin if they have a KG type in their team/ a shooter who can help with defence like klay/ and a veteran wingman, Atlanta can actually go to the east finals again

    • Its Tino Baby
      Its Tino Baby

      Lmaooooo “Kobe & Shaq” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. I Need some of that weed u smoking fam

    • Zachariah Dawsey
      Zachariah Dawsey

      @Weedman of Toronto brick young 💀💀💀

    • lol what
      lol what

      i dont think theyll be like shaq and kobe but they are a good pairing

    • Homo Habilis
      Homo Habilis

      A better comparison is Nash and Stoudemire

    • W.e.S of D$C 🎵
      W.e.S of D$C 🎵

      Dude they had some real highlights back in the 2018 season! Check em out

  • Ray Jefferson
    Ray Jefferson

    If only trae had the ball last seconds

  • Lesly Vee
    Lesly Vee

    21 is on there TEAM WE LIT SALUTE TO BALLISLIFE 19 for the other team is NICE!! 24 also!! 21 cooking UP 17 cooked him smh The white jerseys came to play

  • Echo Gaming
    Echo Gaming

    why is trae so fun to watch

    • Joe Stuehmer
      Joe Stuehmer

      @Nevin Ok fortnight warrior lol

    • Nevin

      @Joe Stuehmer you mad slow

    • Joe Stuehmer
      Joe Stuehmer

      Been that way since he was in high school ur mad late lol

    • Yo moms A hoe
      Yo moms A hoe

      @Sjsj Djshwjwk true but that was the beginning of the game…

    • DeeJay

      @Sjsj Djshwjwk Still dropped 22,7,7 and 7 steals

  • 4Ever Hoops
    4Ever Hoops

    My Team🔥 should of been in the drew league This Year Smh

    • 4Ever Hoops
      4Ever Hoops

      @Wholsale Love lmao Jhabhari still has some juice left, & Thanks bro for watching our videos

    • Wholsale Love
      Wholsale Love

      Y'all boys get busy, I remember Jhabhari From highschool, He was a real problem. Good to see him back at it. I would love to see Them versus one of these IRglo basketball teams🔥🔥

  • A Eazy
    A Eazy

    If ATL can keep all this talent on multi year Contracts the East is in trouble!

    • Bryce L
      Bryce L

      No they’re not lol

  • Torrey Turner
    Torrey Turner

    I respect it he didn't do all that carrying

  • Doe

    Mark Ogden’s block was beyond crazy tho

  • LBGDion17

    We need steph to pull up too a drew league game !

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B

    The other players going hard. While trae taking it easy not tryina get hurt

    • Kodak Moment
      Kodak Moment

      That’s the excuse we using? When lebron and derozan played the same way and won by only 2 they caught slack

    • Bigdicdaddy

      Them super max contracts make them soft and lazy

    • Joe Stuehmer
      Joe Stuehmer

      They go hard cause they don't have multi million dollar Nba contracts

    • Mac Iller
      Mac Iller


    • Mk

      As should all pro players in a pro-am. Objective is to have fun and not get hurt


    Collins To Miami Heat 🔥🔥👀

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  • Hanz Christian Torrejos
    Hanz Christian Torrejos

    Collins pushing off somebody just to get the highlight. What a sport!


      He could've jumped on him and it would've been a better highlight

  • 870

    This my second time watching a video seeing the point guard for the white team. Buddy got a nice game

    • AMino

      Lol. No.

  • R Rogers
    R Rogers

    Is #16 Randall? Played at u.c. Berkeley and overseas. I remember hooping with him at ppls park once. Him and Ryan Anderson.

  • Kizaru Borsalino
    Kizaru Borsalino

    I want to see Giannis in there. They'll never invite an nba player ever again after that 😂😂. He'll just bullyball everybody on the court.

  • - x2kxanz -
    - x2kxanz -

    Richard Jefferson was really hooping in the 3rd

  • RenaissanceYoungTV

    Lebron set the tone. King James 🤴🏿

  • Carla Jenkins
    Carla Jenkins

    Trae knew that he was coming aftern Bron's Drew League performance and should have taken the last shot especially as a point guard.

    • Jeff Hardy
      Jeff Hardy

      I don’t think he gives a shit. NBA players have been in the drew league for decades. Bron is just one of the more popular players of course

  • J SneakersTV
    J SneakersTV

    The Drew…isn’t a cupcake Pro-am, 2 NBA guys and the team still lost.

    • B Robinson
      B Robinson

      @RAYMOND SWAG stop Bron and Demar was not playing they hardest until the last 5 mins

    • veryslyfox

      Trae was playing like a real game: 100% effort on offense, 10% on defense. Still got blocked like a bitch

    • jpapp

      The Drew is glorified rec basketball.

    • Minge

      @LTN OrBiit also taking away the fact they have other teammates,what about when their on the bench? Or their team ain’t scoring? It’s not only about the stars

  • Bryan Nicholas
    Bryan Nicholas

    8:10 Yo who was #3 mad at?😭. He tried taking bros life next play


    Typical Trae with the TO’s 🤣

  • Izzo

    White team had some shooters 🔥

  • Sensei Dre
    Sensei Dre

    john collins was shooting airballs and getting dunked on all game

    • K T
      K T


  • Jsongz201

    Nobody gon talk about Collins gettin dunked on a few times though? Lol

  • EQ Why
    EQ Why

    Whoever 21 is on the black team dude has been mad consistent this whole tourney!

    • EQ Why
      EQ Why

      @Jason Konadu That man is nice 💯

    • Jason Konadu
      Jason Konadu

      That’s Dion Wright

  • jawon mack
    jawon mack

    The drew is glorified 24hr/LA Fitness & every once in awhile some pros show up and go through the motions

  • Young Morpheus
    Young Morpheus

    Keep hoopin till you can’t no mo!!

  • Em Be
    Em Be

    Oh wow They both did the exact same play twice

  • Chris

    Some of these Drews are NBA material.

  • Jake Sexton
    Jake Sexton

    The free just shows even these former d1 guys if they keep at it will still have a similar prime to the nba guys, a lot of these guys at 26-33 could probably make it on an nba roster they just don’t have the upside to keep around for years and hears

    • Nocomment

      @Jake Sexton to people who don’t know 🏀

    • Oz Rod
      Oz Rod

      @Michael right people judge off one game where they clearly are t going to go hard like 2 months before season starts

    • Michael

      @Jake Sexton you’re making it seem these dudes stopped playing ball after college, when that’s definitely not the case. These over seas guys would probably make a g league roster but saying they would be as good as NBA guys is ridiculous. There is a reason trae and John are getting paid multiple Ms to play this game

    • Jake Sexton
      Jake Sexton

      @Nocomment yeah but they known for the collegiate career

    • Nocomment

      D1? alot of those guys are top pros in Europe punter and Malcolm get m’s

  • Marty Carlton
    Marty Carlton


  • Deceptionz

    “Call a fucking walk”. 🤣 man is serious abt his drew league

  • Mr. J1S
    Mr. J1S

    2 nba players on same team gotta be brutal lol. Bad enough 1 is an all star

  • NZ Toy Reviews
    NZ Toy Reviews

    We’re they tested by the Drew or were they testing the League?

  • Flarow 189
    Flarow 189

    watch these dudes have a intense game in the drew league, and luka blowing out professional teams in europe this summer

  • 黃偉豪

    Nasty handles!!!

  • Mark Estes
    Mark Estes

    JC still can't create for himself. He should focus mainly on D and rbs, and take his easy-with-trae 17 a game on oops and 3s.

    • Mark Estes
      Mark Estes

      @Kim Linden yeah, but he still tries to drive from mid, and that is bad. He has a jump hook..he cud just go straight up with that from 12 ft, but he rarely uses it. I expect Lob City South this year, Cap looks healthy. Lots of opportunity for a diverse offense. But Nate is a dinosaur, and need a modern coach imo. Go Hawks!

    • Nique Fiddy
      Nique Fiddy

      Such a tweener

    • Nique Fiddy
      Nique Fiddy

      Man need some moves…work on his handle

    • Kim Linden
      Kim Linden

      He hit a high rate of those turn around mid-range jumpers last season.

  • McMerry

    Lol imagine Young bully ball someone shorter

  • Khalildowney

    nah the push at 2:07 is crazy 😂

    • Styling with $ixteen
      Styling with $ixteen

      Said the same thing

  • OG_raybanz

    Number 16 shabazz Napier was looking like he was in prime form 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Phillip Conner
      Phillip Conner

      That's Jerome wit da Handle Randell buddy 🤣🤣

    • Golden Okoko
      Golden Okoko

      @Jay right he almost trick me till I look closely

    • Kevin Lambert
      Kevin Lambert

      That’s Jerome Randle lol

    • OG_raybanz

      @Jay little boy

    • King Shark
      King Shark

      @Jay lmfao

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    Hawks definitely need to trade Collins lol he looked bad out there.

  • Mike Junior
    Mike Junior

    Didnt john and trae have some sort of beef with each other at 1 point?? Glad to see they worked out whatever it was cuz they a pretty good 1 2 punch!!

  • absm00th

    Jerome Randle was so cold at cal and in the SF pro Am

    • AbkMarvo4


    • j 314
      j 314


  • Artic

    4 NBA Players Eric Bledsoe was there too and they still lost (Just saw Dejounte Murray aswell)

    • Jacob Jiles
      Jacob Jiles

      He played?

  • eughhkk

    Collins’ middle name is Violence 😤🔥🔥💯💯

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown

    Is Skip Bayless going to go in on Mice Trey’s Drew League performance too 🤷🏾‍♂️?

  • mason tye
    mason tye

    I already know this gon be a fire vid

  • Vinci Perri
    Vinci Perri

    JC out there getting dunked on aint he hahaha


    Can somebody please tell me where can I get that ball from they playing with I need that

  • Piggybabiez Records
    Piggybabiez Records

    NBA stars stunk it up

  • Mark'et GotItAll
    Mark'et GotItAll

    Trey carried about 100% of the time

    • Sjsj Djshwjwk
      Sjsj Djshwjwk

      Lmao u didn't see the full game. Trae was getting locked tf up and had hella turnovers

    • trvst_dreams

      Nah bruh his teammates were pretty good and the dude who got cooked by Lebron was showin some skill 2nd half of the game (Sorry for not knowing his name)