LaMelo Ball GETS SUPER HEATED vs TRASH Talking Team & Makes Them Pay w/ CRAZY TRIPLE DOUBLE!!!
LaMelo Ball & Spire won 113 - 67 against a team who's crowd was heckling and chanting overrated to Melo whole time.
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  • S Navarre
    S Navarre

    Lamelo: Dribbles down the court Little kid:”SHOW OFF”

    • StaySolidShades

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved....

    • TITUS KU
      TITUS KU

      Lamelo: ***flashy handles Little Kid: That's a travel! Old guy: That's a travel! 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Utusuki


    • Jakevion Mosby
      Jakevion Mosby

      Fr like bro shut on and watch

    • Swav_ft

      Ikr lmao

  • Esteban Rustrian
    Esteban Rustrian

    Love how they say overrated and he's in the nba n finna win roty

    • StaySolidShades

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved....

    • schwpo_

      @Richard Chaney this didn’t age well💀

    • ALN2 THE DON
      ALN2 THE DON

      Speaking into existence

    • ALN2 THE DON
      ALN2 THE DON

      Speaking into existence

    • ALN2 THE DON
      ALN2 THE DON

      Speaking into existence

  • Popocomingfornu

    I bet u all those kids follow Melo on ig now saying they fans 💀💀

    • T3ARS


    • CrimZxn

      ong i have been a melo since day one

    • Dinkz- Frizzy
      Dinkz- Frizzy


    • Jeremy Karwoski
      Jeremy Karwoski

      That’s fucked up but true

    • Shawn Kaz
      Shawn Kaz

      “I played against you in high school bro remember me”

  • Dan Damian
    Dan Damian

    “Ya my son played against him in high school” - dad in the stands

    • Xzzxsdg

      @The Awesome Gamer why bring race into this lmao

    • x

      @The Awesome Gamer white people? lmao

    • The Awesome Gamer
      The Awesome Gamer

      Your saying that now since he in the nba what about when y’all white people were calling him overrated or boo

  • Anderson Arksey
    Anderson Arksey

    11:41 melo just went through the whole team 💀

    • Jason Farrell
      Jason Farrell

      @Chilitheman lmao i swear that dude's just saying the most random shit now trying to be right on literally anything lol

    • Chilitheman


    • B Stafford
      B Stafford


  • Tye Cornwall
    Tye Cornwall

    Who else gets mad at the kid and his dad yelling “that’s a travel” or “ boo” or “show off”

    • Drumdrop

      Plot twist…the camera guy is the dad

    • basketball clypz
      basketball clypz

      They got them big mouths

    • basketball clypz
      basketball clypz

      They be saying boo when they not even good at basketball themselves😂

    • StaySolidShades

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved....

  • Sharronnn

    The kid said “stop shooting 3s” 😂

  • Jinxx Garcia
    Jinxx Garcia

    8:37 homie tried to flop so hard I’m weak 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Cody Wilkins
      Cody Wilkins

      I seen that to lol

    • 2k Demiks
      2k Demiks


  • _gianelliii

    that’s what i love abt him , he never brags he’s the best he doesn’t hog, like melo swag frfr

    • bronks

      fr the first few seconds he walking down the court passing it to his teammates and making baskets like it’s nothing 😭 man doesn’t even care bout the crowd

  • Soryuhaa

    “overrated” man’s won rookie of the month and is gonna win roty

    • Bigdoinks

      Oh and WTF ARE THESE JUMPS SHOTS WHAT IS THIS lol it was like watching a competition on who could brick the most shots......also man...that white team is so fkin bad

    • Bigdoinks

      He also scored how many points this game wtf they talking about overrated he was the best player on the court lmao

    • Harrison Hou
      Harrison Hou

      #3 1st round pick too

  • daddy

    How can you say overrated when your teams down by 50

    • Almighty_Kdap

      There's a whole crowd of haters and we all the the theme

    • Diego Meza
      Diego Meza

      @Dennis Vu yet hes in the league and won roty😀

    • TayD1

      My point

    • 444.kissesfromkae

      ong.. melo drops 40+ in every game he plays . they just mad melo got it better than them tbh😹😹.

  • connor gering
    connor gering

    Two years later and the “show off” still gets me😂😂😭😭

  • Charles Figur
    Charles Figur

    This video made me realize just how much patience athletes must have. That dad and kid duo was pissing me off, imagine how melo must’ve felt. And to be able to keep calm and play ball, it’s impressive

    • can't sing
      can't sing

      as someone who has played basketball matches i would like to tell that we cant even hear a person individually shouting in the heat of the game . lamelo prolly didnt even care lol . the kid was hella annoying tho

  • Alejandro Xancal
    Alejandro Xancal

    i just love how lamelo doesn’t let anything get to his head and how he is still playing nonchalant

  • mazyy

    “show off” is the funniest thing, someone take that little girl back to her tea party

    • Hunter Reber
      Hunter Reber

      How is that even an insult to him

    • Okay Boomer
      Okay Boomer

      @Psyducky a prepubescent boy at best

    • Psyducky

      That’s a boy😂😭😭

  • AV

    Who got mad at the 50 year old man yelling “TRAVEL” when someone did a eurostep 😂

    • trev1on

      ongggggi was js finna comment that

    • Quamy 🙈
      Quamy 🙈

      You can tell they don’t know how to play basketball🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Blake Basich
      Blake Basich

      Then the 5 yo after lol


      @Sport games i was kidding

    • Sport games
      Sport games

      @LUKA VUJICIC Mike was ASCII

  • TheTruth isCHRIST
    TheTruth isCHRIST

    This is pure comedy! The fact that Melo is literally playing around and the white patents getting angry lol

  • TroopFX

    10:38 notice how that kid tryna fight got real scared after coach got in his face

  • Dropout Bear
    Dropout Bear

    All of them now : “oh I love LaMelo, I saw him play once😌”

  • Tyler Brody
    Tyler Brody

    11:40 worst flop I’ve ever seen and the player was tryna play it off 😂😂 his crowd was screaming really thinking it was a foul

  • Kisu Bags
    Kisu Bags

    The irony in chanting overrated while losing by 40 is epic.

    • Kisu Bags
      Kisu Bags

      @Johnny Sins so, I’m glad someone recently commented cause I never saw this one. But….really? Who said anything about white/black here? Sounds like you have an issue. But if you want to discuss the reality of oppression we can have a whole conversation about the skewed justice system, or the lack of school funding particularly in black neighborhoods. We can talk about the centuries of American culture that was based on racism and black people being considered less than a person and how those actions effect us to this day.

    • To busy doin your mom
      To busy doin your mom

      5:28 just imagine doing a cool pass to your teammate and u miss a layup

    • Aidan Callero
      Aidan Callero

      @Quandale Dingle bro I was 14 when I wrote that 🤣 believe me my personality has definitely changed

    • Quandale Dingle
      Quandale Dingle

      @Johnny Sins I’m gonna assume you’re a drunkie because what u said makes 0 sense

    • Quandale Dingle
      Quandale Dingle

      @Aidan Callero this might be the crib guest comment I’ve ever read, I hope ur personality has changed

  • Andrew Dozier
    Andrew Dozier

    The other team was getting beat so bad that the crowd was getting hype over them getting fucking rebounds 😂😂😂

  • Omg he’s Gaming
    Omg he’s Gaming

    I love how they’re yelling overrated yet their team is getting blown out 😂

  • Tyler Cripe
    Tyler Cripe

    I love how the whole crowd is screaming “Overrated” when they are double teaming Melo and he still gets past it and scores pretty much every time

  • Super Cooper Productions
    Super Cooper Productions

    Them saying “overrated” Lemelo shooting threes ; opponent misses every three.

  • Jake Barber
    Jake Barber

    lamelo: *dribbles down the court* kid: SHOWOFF

    • CryPtoStealer

      @STRONGEST NATTY IN THE WORLD. I imagine getting shouted overrated for missing a shot

    • vince11baller harris
      vince11baller harris

      @Johnny Sins bro what are you talking about

    • ObaRich

      Keara Wallace In a highschool game you aren’t there to just show off you’re there to show your skills and make your team win

  • Jaycee Ruiz
    Jaycee Ruiz

    It’s funny how the whole gym can’t understand that this is high school ball💀💀

  • Kris Rodriguez
    Kris Rodriguez

    Love how he takes 2 steps and the crowd goes “travel”

  • ohmighty gio
    ohmighty gio

    7:56 “WOOOOOO” while her son is getting destroyed.

    • m¡lf


  • Harjot Arora
    Harjot Arora

    It’s hilarious how they’re calling him overrated yet they’re losing by 50 points

  • Padraig Collins
    Padraig Collins

    Man do I miss watching these other teams fans shout goofy things at lamelo, while their team is down by 50 and lamelo is literally so obviously not trying. Just walking thru the motions so care free 😂

  • Kyla Wooland
    Kyla Wooland

    10:27 the way he flew 😭

  • Franky One-Scoop
    Franky One-Scoop

    The height difference between these two teams has me dying lol

  • Caspian

    “Overrated” Melo: literally wins nba roty and is a starter

  • Jordan Kilikily
    Jordan Kilikily

    crowd:"overrated" melo: top 3 nba draft pick😂

    • Ozymandias

      And a millionaire

    • Love is Blind
      Love is Blind

      @Chester Jhon Seguma wow,good for him

    • Chester Jhon Seguma
      Chester Jhon Seguma

      @Love is Blind he's a star player now

    • Jordan Parrott
      Jordan Parrott

      @Calvin Avila they commented this 4 months ago at that point melo was doing pretty good but wasn’t all star material

  • che a qt
    che a qt

    Melo: *misses one layup* The entire crowd: “overrated”

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    Imagine getting the chance to watch Lemelo ball play in high school and waste it by yelling overrated and show off the entire time..

  • Anghelo

    That one kid in the back: SHOW OFF, STOP SHOOTING THREE'S Melo: Third Pick In The NBA Draft

  • Kaleb Roberts
    Kaleb Roberts

    10:34 the kid wanted smoke n he didn’t even hit his head 😂 I’ve actually smacked my head on the court

  • XxtattyXx_5k0

    Crowd : "Overrated" Melo : literally crush their team..

    • Ken Chuck
      Ken Chuck

      @Thunder Bolt 🤣😂

    • StaySolidShades

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved....

    • Chow D
      Chow D

      man, do those kids look foolish now

    • mirkezza

      Yea true

    • Emmett Cox
      Emmett Cox

      theyre chanting overated when they are down 50

  • lmbao

    10:30 tried to scare melo with the ball

    • Psyducky

      Mamba mentality right there

    • Zetsu

      That was a Kobe moment good catch

  • ImJustMekai

    “Overrated” but they doubled your score

  • Jeremy Karwoski
    Jeremy Karwoski

    That one kid acting tough would’ve gotten fucked up lol. And he missed every shot he took.

  • Rooster

    Best part of this entire match is that Bay lost 113-67 lmao

  • Adam Baeza
    Adam Baeza

    bet u half of those kids yelling “overrated” asked for his autograph after the game.

    • MFarhan Ul Haq
      MFarhan Ul Haq


    • lolfluid

      Kid: “BOOOO” kid After game: “OMG MELO AUTOGRAPH PLEASEEE”

    • Stress

      or coudn't play at that level even with years of practice

    • Subossed

      FAX my bro

    • Buddyimgoldn

      Mar Co they overated by ended the game with a lead of 50

  • Dallan Tobler
    Dallan Tobler

    I love how the kid just mimics whatever bs the dad says lmao

  • Sangmin Park
    Sangmin Park

    Other team: OVERRATED Also the other team: *down 40

  • Jennifer Vena-Perry
    Jennifer Vena-Perry

    I like how the kid just says what his dad says😂

  • Patriot2020

    I love hearing from the experts in the stands.

  • Chester ThePro
    Chester ThePro

    Lamelo: *bounces ball once* Little kid: "Show off" Lamelo: *breathes* Little Kid: "show off"


      I be

    • Mari Turn
      Mari Turn

      I hate people like that

    • m3ad0w13

      Chester ThePro thank you. At least I’m not the only person who thought that kid was anoying

    • Ida

      Chester ThePro 😂😂😂😭😭🤣🤣 no 🧢

  • yo boi mk
    yo boi mk

    6:41 every time this team does something it’s “foul” or “travel”

  • Jordan Kinard
    Jordan Kinard

    I like how the home crowd chatting overrated while getting blown out🤣

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    You know your teams ass when the other team is walking around winning while you’re giving it your all

  • mike hock
    mike hock

    score 17-36 and theyre screaming overrated 😂💀

  • Vincent Roach
    Vincent Roach

    The overrated chant doesn’t work unless it’s Julian Newman

    • Nitsu Zuni
      Nitsu Zuni

      Julian Newman isn't a bad player he's a bad teammate. That score first shit might have worked for him in is earlier years but now it isn't. Dude needs to learn to pass the ball and be intelligent on the court. He could definitely use that quickness and his small stature to be a little more cunning but he just doesn't. Unless he lets go of his ego and starts becoming smarter on the court I do not see him going anywhere. Side note he dribbles so much in one place its annoying.

    • Will Page Jr
      Will Page Jr

      @Buddyimgoldn cap my guy

    • Prime

      @Buddyimgoldn by airballing and getting blocked and ball hogging?

    • kju botushi
      kju botushi


  • Carlos Correa
    Carlos Correa

    They actually thought they had a chance. I was surprised that they stood there and watched the whole game. Overrated in the NBA congratulations. Haters will always be haters you do you good luck.

  • Chaotic builds .-.
    Chaotic builds .-.

    When I first watched but I didn’t realize is they wanted the other team to have confidence and then completely crush it😂

  • Nana uchiha
    Nana uchiha

    All I can hear is “BOO” everytime he’s tryna shoot 😂💀

  • Aidan Begley
    Aidan Begley

    Cant even pass the ball in without being called show-off hahah

  • Lucas Rollan
    Lucas Rollan

    The crowd: overrated Melo: *third draft pick*

    • strokes


    • Trent Barillas
      Trent Barillas


    • Thunder Bolt
      Thunder Bolt

      They were saying overated about their OWN team.

    • Moreno

      Why they mad melo is the fucking goat

    • Mkara.

      and ROTY

  • Jackson Rodrigues
    Jackson Rodrigues

    imagine saying over rated or travel when your team is losing by 40 lol

  • Vtx Nova
    Vtx Nova

    #0 on the other team really thought he was all that 😭💀😂😂😂

  • A Horrible Person
    A Horrible Person

    The ones yelling overrated are the same ones running over each other to get a picture with him smh

  • Thomas Fitton productions
    Thomas Fitton productions

    10:58 if melo hit him with a snatch back oh my lord ankles gone

  • BLBG

    How you gonna chant overrated while being mopped by 40 points. lmao the irony 🤣

    • Dennis Vu
      Dennis Vu

      Cuz melo was carried by his teammates lol

    • Dolo

      facts yo

    • Rebecca Keaton
      Rebecca Keaton

      I know right

    • fish and chips
      fish and chips

      frrrr shit don’t add up 🤣😂

  • Joshua Stermer
    Joshua Stermer

    Saying he was traveling the entire time cause they didn't know what else to complain about😂

  • Bop

    I remember watching this for the first time on IRglo and thought. The irony of the crowd calling him “overrated” like as if they have any higher status then lamelo himself. Like..💀 Especially now. Ain’t he in the NBA? Pure comedy.

  • Zohan Dvir
    Zohan Dvir

    From being called overrated into one of the best active pointguards in the NBA today Averaging 19.9ppg, timeflies.

  • George Cluett
    George Cluett

    The crowd yelling overstated when their team are getting crushed

  • justin perrin
    justin perrin

    Can you please stop sitting next to the other teams parents and 11 year olds

    • Kabean


    • Georgi Kirtley
      Georgi Kirtley

      justin perrin yes plz do u keep hearing and 8 year old screaming boo and an old man saying where’s the foul

    • Grayson

      justin perrin fr tho

  • _iyonnahh_

    I love how they are hating and screaming OVERRATED and then at the end of the games, they are the main ones wanting to take a picture with him LMAO.

  • Akira LeVa
    Akira LeVa

    To all the jerks yelling “overrated” he’s in the nba now soooooo....

    • Psyducky

      And he’s only 19 and won roty and now he’s up for another award

  • Dimswyd

    I like how they were faking that they were injured so then they can make it a foul

  • Xavier bush
    Xavier bush

    I love how melo is just messing around with them and yet they are getting shat on

  • Kevin Fisherkeller
    Kevin Fisherkeller

    If you ever call someone a "showoff", you're officially a bum

    • Prince Rock
      Prince Rock

      @Servent mike there not no damn little kids those mfs are in highschool they know exactly what they are saying and doing.

    • ky jackson
      ky jackson

      @Servent mike At what point in the comment did he mention a little kid though, that's the math equation you did in your head

    • Jagveer Kang
      Jagveer Kang

      Unless it’s Julian Newman

    • Servent mike
      Servent mike

      @Eric Vasquez I'm not about to edit my comment to please you.

  • Fredekuske

    kid: "show off" melo: ok chill buddy, your team is down by 40

  • Kaden Owens
    Kaden Owens

    I love how they all said overrated now lamelo is one of the best young stars in the nba

  • A Horrible Person
    A Horrible Person

    9:09 the spire players don’t even care about the play that is happening because they’re destroying the other team so bad 😂

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson

    That team lost by so much cause they spent so much of the game whining about “missed” foul calls

  • King Scrappy
    King Scrappy

    How many times the squeaker said show off 👇🏼🤣🤣🤣

    • Nickie Stiix
      Nickie Stiix

      Some people will be mad just because you are good at what you do.

    • Nickie Stiix
      Nickie Stiix

      He needs to learn the fundamentals of the game before he starts yelling out violations 😆😆😆. He had the kids yelling the wrong calls.

    • JaNiece 😎
      JaNiece 😎

      John Doe what ?

    • Thomas Phan
      Thomas Phan

      Little kid just copied what his dad was saying