Can Our GIANT HAMMER Break Into This BANK SAFE??
How Ridiculous
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Thanks to Richard for being a legend and bringing some safes to the party! If you’re locked out of your safe he’s your man (has tools, will travel):
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  • Kaleb Coggins
    Kaleb Coggins

    Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort goes into these videos and the work these guys do behind the scenes!

  • Bianca M
    Bianca M

    it’s actually astonishing how much rexy has been through and survived - an inspiration to us all

  • Finn Wilde
    Finn Wilde

    Fun fact: If they broke through 26 safes, they would've had to give away nearly $1billion.

  • Cayt W
    Cayt W

    Rexy really is the epitome of endurance.

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B

    Boys! Keep up the great energy! These videos are incredible to watch. Congrats on all the success so far

  • Priest's Gaming Corner
    Priest's Gaming Corner

    I love how these guys can sell broken and "artistically" modified goods, and we are all just here like... Yeah, you know what? I'll buy that!

  • Jaxon Rath
    Jaxon Rath

    i love your content guys I've been watching for around 9 years and it's just been getting better

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    It's always a delight watching Richard react to how you three treat these safes.

  • John Semeniuk
    John Semeniuk

    Not gonna lie, pretty impressive how long the last safe held out.

  • Lawson Leblanc
    Lawson Leblanc

    Thank you for being fun and making videos so others will be happy god bless you!

  • Gedgienator 04
    Gedgienator 04

    such much effort into so many vids, well done guys, keep up the good work!!!

  • Luv3:)

    It’s refreshing getting to watch you all laugh and enjoy what you do! Your positivity is truly an inspiration!

  • SCKarnage

    I love the sheer destruction you guy create and the enjoyment I get from it

  • Wesley Wesley Wesley
    Wesley Wesley Wesley

    I love that Richard as a safe man gets a huge amount of joy from watching y’all bash up parts of his career. What a legend.

  • Valiant Warrior
    Valiant Warrior

    Ooh. Now that’s an epic way to access treasure. I’d love to see a video game character open a locked safe this way.

  • Alex Trundley
    Alex Trundley

    That's a hell of an advertisement for whoever mad that last safe. That's extraordinary strength!

  • David Bacon
    David Bacon

    It's kind of hard to imagine how rexy survived but the safe didn't.😄

  • Opionated Fox
    Opionated Fox

    Only just discovered this group today. Been doing a little IRglo discovery lately and I think this group will be checked out a bit more.

  • Tyler Coley
    Tyler Coley

    Giving the W to y'all on the graphite destruction! I'm loving the collaboration with Demo.

  • Jordan Blunt
    Jordan Blunt

    Your guys' laughs are contagious and it's amazing how you keep coming up with new content