Bronny James FIRST Game On NBA Court w/ Dwayne Wade Watching! Sierra Canyon TESTED!?
Sierra Canyon went against Duncanville at the 2019 Thanksgiving Hoopfest at the Dallas Maverick Arena with over 12,000 people watching! Bronny made his debut on a NBA court for the first time.
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  • Deante Clark
    Deante Clark

    Times like this is when you miss Zion in high school dunking on everybody

    • jack buhayan
      jack buhayan

      @uncle bob 😯

    • Zay 2x
      Zay 2x

      Drake's Wheelchair wait Zion was in high school 3 years ago

    • Enduro Dreaming
      Enduro Dreaming

      Miguel Perez Zion was at Duke last year

    • secretAZNman

      you mean you don't like watching JV basketball like this?

    • Mr. Puppet
      Mr. Puppet

      II Profound II he’s too busy eating gumbo lol

  • Zach DeGeorge
    Zach DeGeorge

    The guy in the background going “Nyowwww” when he was dribbling up the court 😂

    • Mac The Avenger
      Mac The Avenger

      LMAO I realized that too


      OKC Gaming same

    • Trade Like A Champ
      Trade Like A Champ

      Made me laugh hard when I was reading this and suddenly I heard that "Nyowwww"😂

    • Malakai Klassen
      Malakai Klassen

      😂😂😂 bro that guy got me dead every time😂😂

    • drip lord
      drip lord

      Who won

  • Henry Tornwini
    Henry Tornwini

    The attendance there was higher than a WNBA game😭

    • Hiitsmorgan

      @Amari ok but the women literally say they are better than the men and the men are good just because they can dunk

    • Admire Mi’Aunis Driving!
      Admire Mi’Aunis Driving!

      @A M periodt 💀.

    • Jotnar

      2 combined prob

    • A M
      A M

      @KING KONGstfu

  • kynglc


    • SkyTeddy

      christianland04 fr I couldn’t see them doing layup lines because the 7’6 guy was standing right in front of me 😂😂

    • Jonathan Grossfeld
      Jonathan Grossfeld

      I was there and I remember that it was rly funny

    • ThaKiddK2

      I was @ the game

    • Not Ethan Wolf
      Not Ethan Wolf

      I was there it was so funny

    • Aaron Hall
      Aaron Hall

      bro i was happy when he said that cause I couldn’t see 😂

  • J Money
    J Money

    Zaire playing a game in the same place his dad played one of the best finals series ever and won finals mvp. Dope asf for father and son

    • chi

      Mike Royal B4 he got injured, he was getting more minutes and was producing more. If u watched his first couple of games he was actually rlly good. He also went from a 3 star to a 5 star as well but then the injury happened and he got no playing time cuz of Bronny

    • Mike Royal
      Mike Royal

      J Money zwade is trash, thought he would be better with all the trainers helping be a senior he should be playing a lot better..sorry to say he just don't have that desire and drive, aggressiveness imo..

    • James Santos
      James Santos

      @magavins bruh, he talking about the 06 finals

    • Modern Feminism Is Cancer
      Modern Feminism Is Cancer

      The league handed wade that championship.

  • charlie ferrari
    charlie ferrari

    you guys should highlight all the top scorers in your video on both teams in description. Not just clickbait for Bronny etc. Most these kids actually need the recognition and deservingly so. Your platforms big enough and we dont know half the kids playing their hearts out and trying to make a name that you can provide. Brandon Boston is a hooper and runs that team. #2 on the other team balled out as well.

    • Nyoman Triandi
      Nyoman Triandi


    • Trey2Extra


    • ben Meehan
      ben Meehan


  • GrownMoolie

    8:45 is the definition of LeBron James jr. 😂

  • Chandrea Miller
    Chandrea Miller

    The game was awesome, glad I had a chance to go 🤗

    • Robert West
      Robert West

      Wish I could have gone.

  • RayRay2k

    2 Had some crazy speed, they couldn’t stop him if he was on a break

    • purestformofpeace

      @SON_OF_ YAH It was sarcasm big boy lol

    • SON_OF_ YAH
      SON_OF_ YAH

      @Dom ok? Thx

  • Ben Great Forever
    Ben Great Forever

    I respect the fact that coach is making bronny earn everything. It'll make him a hell of a player down the line

  • Gordon Tseng
    Gordon Tseng

    Mini Yao Ming with them dagger free throws though......

    • Mark Raniel Faderanga
      Mark Raniel Faderanga


    • will york
      will york

      Sheldon he’s tall for no reason. he has no post moves

    • The grateful 1
      The grateful 1

      Hell nah he look weak asf to be 7’3

    • IndustryTalk

      Anyone that know Texas highschool basketball know this not the real Duncanville when i was in highschool Duncanville had atleast 4 6'9 6'10 big men 6'6 wings and point guards they were stacked every year. This team looks like a regular Metroplex highschool team old Duncanville teams looked like d1 college teams real spill.

  • Malachi J. Ward
    Malachi J. Ward

    I was playing this game my number was #3 and it felt good just to be on a NBA court I could imagine what it would feel like to be in the NBA

  • JuniorIVY

    “BRONNY JAMES FIRST NBA COURT” Bronny: Scores 1 lay up

    • Pre Law
      Pre Law

      @Syn You are correct, I am not in the NBA. My opinion remains.

    • Syn

      @Pre Law its his first game and no one was passing to him i dont see you in the NBA

    • BasketballEdits Prod.
      BasketballEdits Prod.

      @Pre Law Update: "Bronny just dominate against Lebron's former High school team and Scored 19pts they played in Staples btw"

    • Mark Swift
      Mark Swift

      @Pre Law His brother Bryce is going to be the one watch

    • MJ

      Brony is gineration, james is distroyer rating in nba, james is saccesfull in nba assusation, james have 4 ring.

  • woo

    Bronny showing flashes of Bron even when complaining 😭😭😭

    • OgGuak420

      yermit I noticed the same thing lol

  • Ospylac

    Are we just gonna ignore how good these kids are doing on a NBA court

  • sk8rdude0921

    Bronny just getting cardio out there 🤣

    • Made Mell
      Made Mell


    • S. Alexander
      S. Alexander

      sk8rdude0921 mannnnn

  • glen khumalo
    glen khumalo

    The last play was phenomenal if that boy made the 3 it would've of been viral

  • NCDabKing

    Duncanville set to defend their state championship this year and they look solid even droppings 2 games so far and winning 5. Sierra Canyon looking solid this year but its between IMG, Prolific, & Montverde for best HS team

  • DJones21

    Bronny checked in and thats the last time we saw him 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • LordLeezy

    6:25 - He looks surprised at the fact that he got called for a foul in spite of elbowing the defender in the face.

  • Tony Mo
    Tony Mo

    You’ve got to at least mention Duncanville in the title, they put up a good fight

    • BIGBOI Bundy
      BIGBOI Bundy

      Tony Mo Sierra canyon only lost by 3

  • Yrnc2

    They don’t show when Brandon Boston missed 3 free throws in a row😭

  • ƒσяαѕкєηッ

    These kid's got some talent! Espically Bronny & Zaire!

    • Anthony Taylor
      Anthony Taylor

      Aw stop it are u being sarcastic

  • BoredTamashi

    I don’t think they deserved that win! They are a great team with tons of talent but if they don’t start doing the little things like boxing out, talking on defense, and hedging screens then it could go wrong for them in the future. Still a great game tho.

  • AdmixSZN

    Nice to see someone in the wade family catch a dub in Dallas

  • Matt Alex
    Matt Alex

    Sierra Canyon so deep they got Amari Bailey coming off the bench? Crazy.

  • canaan yarro
    canaan yarro

    If Bronny can become an elite defender he’ll be unstoppable

  • Creezy Wilson
    Creezy Wilson

    6:25 acting like it wasn’t an offensive foul 😂 dude ran him over

  • James Rhinehardt
    James Rhinehardt

    Duncanville put up a good fight. Expected Texas boys don’t fold but not shocked Sierra Canyon took it. Good game!

  • All fun and games YT_SheLit
    All fun and games YT_SheLit

    Zaire wade got hurt 😔 on his first game on a NBA Court, thankful he came back

  • Dashing Dreww
    Dashing Dreww

    Why do I have a feeling all of the Sierra canyon games are gonna say “ with Dwayne Wade watching!! “

    • Mo 2k
      Mo 2k

      Dashing Dreww because he is watching plus you get more views putting wade in the title

  • That Nigga GHOST
    That Nigga GHOST

    #14 for the other team got a wife & 2 kids that's a grown ass man out there 😂

    • FreeSmoke WL
      FreeSmoke WL

      I was looking for this comment dude is a dad

    • John Plum
      John Plum

      Facts!!! That shit is weird to see cats in HS with full ass beards like that. Look like he uses Beard Wash, Beard oils, and all that lol.

    • Ezra Mwesiga
      Ezra Mwesiga


  • Joel Mackman
    Joel Mackman

    Bronny about to be the next Richard jefferson🔥🔥

  • JrRanks

    Love the effort by #5 on the black jersey team

  • MistaBozack

    Well it's bout damn time!! He been warming up on nba courts since he was 2 or 3 yrs

  • Gametime Np
    Gametime Np

    Happy to say I was at this game ..its kinda messed up wade got hurt early in the game .

  • Kyle Allen
    Kyle Allen

    #2 and #5 for duncanville are amazing.

  • Deidrick Parsons
    Deidrick Parsons

    Bronny looks so scared playing with these guys. I don’t know if it’s the crowd or if he just isn’t feeling the energy, But this certainly ain’t his game.🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Anthony Taylor
      Anthony Taylor

      @CHenny 06 naw not nowadays u have freshman playing against guys way older it's a regular thing

    • Anthony Taylor
      Anthony Taylor

      That's what happens when u don't learn the game the natural way i.ll bet some of these kids don't come from privilege and started on the playground or at the local rec not with a trainer or indoors with a structured surroundings it's a different kinda confidence when u learn it the way LeBron and dwayde did

    • Surviving the game
      Surviving the game

      Pressure is normal when you father is regarded as one of the best players in the world and you are suppose to follow

    • CHenny 06
      CHenny 06

      James Darwin how do u know ? He told u that ????

    • Deidrick Parsons
      Deidrick Parsons

      CleveHenny 06 Most likely

  • Eduardo Esparza
    Eduardo Esparza

    i swear number 2 on the other team de’aaron fox from the kings 😭

    • Kenney P.
      Kenney P.

      Plays just like him to

    • yo itzjm
      yo itzjm

      That's my cousin

    • The Stig's African Cousin
      The Stig's African Cousin

      Really good even the #5 of Duncanville

    • rich hill
      rich hill

      That’s my cousin Ja’Bryant Hill

    • Latrice Taylor
      Latrice Taylor

      He is a Beast!!


    1point for Bronny James, good start at NBA Court... 🤣

  • ELFanum

    The only reason bronny is so hyped is literally because of his dad

    • ELFanum

      FOCUS HDTV he’s an average freshman


      He’s great , just a freshmen on varsity that has 5 star seniors

    • ELFanum

      Jared Jenkins what Im tryna say is , if his dad wasn’t lebron would he be an average player or an outstanding player

    • ELFanum


    • ELFanum

      Goat-_-SweatzYT Goat-_-SweatzYT ok? If my dad was lebron James I’m pretty sure I would classes as good too

  • Dwight Partlow
    Dwight Partlow

    Jr. plays defence like a matador! Move your feet young man!

  • Dillon Claussen
    Dillon Claussen

    Imagine if they would’ve hit that 😂

  • Richard P.
    Richard P.

    These kids are great. The future is in good hands

  • CallMeLilNeek

    Honestly, if all schools got to play at a stage like this, they could all have a chance to make it or not

  • Addison Taylor
    Addison Taylor

    someone reall said “#11 really not that good” after somebody pushed his arm to no make the shot 🤣🤣

  • Fallrisk Chris
    Fallrisk Chris

    Imagine a crowd this big in high school

  • SonJclol

    It’s almost 2020 and ballislife still hasn’t put up the scoreboard.🙃

  • 1k xavierrrr
    1k xavierrrr

    Duncanville should’ve won lost by 3 😪

  • Khi Huncho
    Khi Huncho

    I’m pretty sure it was all their first times playin on a nba court 😭

  • Alijah McGaha
    Alijah McGaha

    Please stop putting this man in the title if he's not significantly impacting the game, he's my guy but put the spotlight on someone who's working out there

  • Gage 27
    Gage 27

    Wow Bronny really went off 😂


    Duncanvile actually played good

  • Sebastian Kronbach Brescia
    Sebastian Kronbach Brescia

    I really hope that bronny is coming to spokane hoopfest

    • Arturo Soto
      Arturo Soto

      U really that excited? Lol

    • JA 197
      JA 197

      wtf would he...…. it aint that big

  • Sayed Hashimi
    Sayed Hashimi

    4:10 “number 11 really isn’t that good” 💀😂

    • John Plum
      John Plum

      @Analytical Chick facts!!! I played Football and ball. Football was my main sport but I played more basketball year round .....pickup with friends and things, summer tourneys, rec leagues, etc.

    • Analytical Chick
      Analytical Chick

      @John Plum I saw a video about how the pro and college basketball players are getting injured more now than they used to. It's probably because they don't emphasize cross training. When I was growing up, in my school, there were three sports seasons that mostly didn't overlap so kids usually played 2 or 3 sports. So even if they didn't purposely "cross train," they cross trained just cuz. Look at Scottie Pippen. He played Football and only played basketball his senior year.

    • John Plum
      John Plum

      @Analytical Chick yea or ballet/dance....they usually work wonders for footwork.

    • Analytical Chick
      Analytical Chick

      @John Plum I mean, he's awkward, but maybe it's something the coaches can fix. I wonder if he might benefit from drinking more water and stretching more, as well as some yoga.

    • John Plum
      John Plum

      @Analytical Chick lol. Well he has an offer from California currently. He has another year at Sierra Canyon to improve as well. Right now from what I've seen of him....he has a decent hook shot and it seems to be his go to move, good hands, and he has potential to be a good shot blocker, and rebounder. His motor isn't that great and his feet seem to be clumsy at times. He's got some time. Hopefully next year when some of those guys move on....he get more touches and really implemented into the offense.

  • WoodyGoCrazy

    So bronny just be running the whole game?😂

    • Mike Thomas
      Mike Thomas

      @Nefthalie right people are so stupid and rude and can be so ugly

    • Nefthalie

      inoZent One and do you have a future hating on someone with so much potential.dont put him down like that he’s only 15

    • Meister Igi
      Meister Igi

      He is still a freshman I think... SC doesn't give him special treatment

    • 360 Carter
      360 Carter

      He not even gettin the ball😂, his teammates ignoring him🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • inoZent One
      inoZent One

      Hahahahahahaha.. and the caption??😂🤣 this kid has no future in NBA..

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty

    So you’re telling me I wasted 13 mins of my life to only see LeBron score 2 points

  • Abel Lai
    Abel Lai

    DWade be like, "If only Shaq could shoot free throws half as well as Sierra's big man could" 😂

  • Meron Hile
    Meron Hile

    Ecpectation Bronny first game in nba arena Reality Bronny got two highlights

  • Godwin Uwaeme
    Godwin Uwaeme

    6:50 is what you’re looking for

    • YGK

      the typical teenager celebration 😭 we love to see it

    • Caden Sutton
      Caden Sutton

      Godwin Uwaeme Wuts he doing?

  • Parsiphany Pender
    Parsiphany Pender

    I hope this is a freshman phase bronny going through, because I need for him to be more aggressive and look for his shot more. I dont see that mentality bron had in high school. I dont see bronny being ranked this year. Maybe teaming up with other stars wasnt a good move for him or Zaire cause they are being outshined. Especially Zaire being this is his last year and he is only a 3 star recruit. He has to show and prove this year and so far not so good. Its obvious bronny and Zaire are not Dwade and Bron. Hope they prove me wrong tho.

  • Tyran D. Jones
    Tyran D. Jones

    Ahhh. My first game on a nba court was 2 yrs ago in my freshman year - I didn’t play😂😂

  • Aaron Breaux
    Aaron Breaux

    I like how they say Dwayne wade watching well of course he is going to watch his kid

  • sblizzy

    When the story reads Bronny and Zaire combined for 2 points to help SC defeat Duncanville, that is a struggle article.

    • sblizzy

      1301407gl I know they are but these news publications are really doing a disservice to these kids. That was an actual News article. Just let them play and have fun without the hoopla. People are paying for these games because the media is portraying this team as the greatest team in history and are expecting highlights in every possession. Don’t make them All Americans and All Pros before the first game.

    • DJ-GL

      From the comments wade got hurt. And bronny is just a freshman

  • Coach B
    Coach B

    So we gonna act like this kid don’t have a drake beard

    • chi

      Dxrk Jxk3r how u go to Duncanville and ur just not hearing abt this 😂. Ur school is widely famous for being #1 in every sport and ur just now hearing that y’all played LeBron’s son’s hs team? Bruh

    • Zach Smith
      Zach Smith


    • Aint Tellinu
      Aint Tellinu

      I'm at least twice his age and could only wish my beard grew in like his 😂😂

    • Scatpack Ty
      Scatpack Ty

      He look 30

    • mynamelenny

      Coach B lol

  • inoZent One
    inoZent One

    LeBron- The GOAT Bronny- The Runner

  • MJW

    At 8:39 Amari Bailey came back to Chicago for lil sec😭💀

  • Karl Linnas
    Karl Linnas

    That’s actually cool when you’re dad’s best friend comes to watch bronny’s game


    They better have the same energy when they play us December 21st


    Bronny has to wait his time. They don't even pass him the ball.

    • Florian Nydegger
      Florian Nydegger

      Cut season For real.? Never heard of you 🤣What’s your name? Since you’re a pro give us at least your name so that you can prove you’re a professional athlete 😂

    • Nick Peacock
      Nick Peacock

      @Cut season 🤦🏿‍♂️ you a damn lie brah. You said he ride the bench and wont get the chance to play. It's in the comments brah. Mikey nice too, that's not the argument just a way you tryna distract from the conversation. He BEEN athletic. And I'm sure he airball his fair share of shots as well. And Bronny went from barely dunking to windmilling in a matter of months, tf is you talking about? Smh you just talking to talk now. We'll see in the next 3 years 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Cut season
      Cut season

      N Peacock another lie from you 🤦🏽‍♂️ Bronny don’t have multiple offers, he only has 1. An all I said is the more you play the better you get. Never did I say the kid wouldn’t play. Hence why Mikey is getting better an more athletic while Bronny still moving timid an air balling 3 Pointers. You stretch everything to make yourself feel right. Cut it out. Take this L an learn from it.

    • Nick Peacock
      Nick Peacock

      @Cut season 🤦🏿‍♂️ brah, you goofy. He been ranked #1 in his class since middle school. And Bronny had offers since middle school as well. They both talented but that's not the argument. The argument is what makes you develop more. And you claimed Bronny wasn't playing. Now he's playing. And producing. You lost that debate. Period.

  • Kyle Allen
    Kyle Allen

    when zaire and bronny arent even close to being the best on the court lol

    • prince kelvin
      prince kelvin

      FOCUS HDTV how you know that ? Yall need to accept the fact that he his not that great for his age theres alot of youngster better then him


      Bronny will be better than all of them his senior year

    • Jackson Killman
      Jackson Killman

      Fr 😂

  • Justwhit17

    We gon ignore the fact bronny went 1-8 and 3 TO’s

  • mr49er burger
    mr49er burger

    2:55 he's trying to play like the big boys

  • Hill Chuk
    Hill Chuk

    Ya see how bronny hooping in the kyrie 5s 😂😂

  • Kevin

    What growth now and will be in the future for the son of LeBron James

  • Tanner Woods
    Tanner Woods

    Duncanville still has players playing football. Gotta love multi sport athletes.

  • Zac

    why dont they just film it like an nba game bruhhh 💀💀

  • Bossman

    Imagine putting Brony in the title just to have 2 clips of him playing

  • Life's Good Everyone!
    Life's Good Everyone!

    So I'm guessing this legal to travel and carry throughout the high school game now I wish I can travel and carry the whole game I think I would have averaged 50 points per game

  • Rahtez Hamilton
    Rahtez Hamilton

    Good bronny james and Zaire Wade playing on the same high school basketball team Sierra canyon