From WORST INJURY Ever To The NBA!? Inspiring KEVIN WARE Comeback Story!
Before March 31st 2013, kevin ware was just a talented upcoming all-state guard for Rockdale County High in metro Atlanta, the kind of player who tomahawk jams on one play and gets a chase-down block on the next, and coaches lined up with scholarship offers. After heavy interest from both tennesee and Louisville, rick Pitino made the difference however, convining kevin to join him at Louisville, and become a valuable asset off the bench, averaging 4.5ppg, 1.8 boards, a steal and an assist, not the most alarming stats, but the potential was there and people involved at lousville knew how talented he was, Louisville in a game watched by millions where facing off in the final eight against duke, a game that players/coaches and anyone in the arena will have a hard time ever forgetting about..
The sequence began with a defensive error, a mistaken double-team in the high post that left an open shooter in the zone Ware should have been covering. Ware turned to see Tyler Thornton catching a cross-court pass on the right wing, one stride behind the arc. He knew Coach Pitino would curse him out on the sideline, curse him again when they watched the film. Ware stood almost 20 feet from the ball. He began to run.
Flying at Thornton like an Olympic long-jumper, he reached for the block, an instant too late. The shot went up. Ware sailed toward the sideline. That could have been the end of a non-story, a small error at a forgettable juncture. He might have bent his knees, landed on two feet, and gotten on with the game. But he wanted to see the ball, to know immediately whether his blown coverage has cost his team three points, and so he turned in mid-air to look back at the rim. By the time he landed, he was facing the basket. His left leg was still in the air, and his right leg was nearly vertical. When he came down on that leg with all his momentum and force, it collapsed beneath him. The lower leg flopped at a hideous angle, briefly making a perfect L-shape as he fell, and a white spear of bone pierced the skin above his white sock. All this happened with the ball in the air. And because the players and referees and most of the 35,000 people at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis were watching Thornton’s three-pointer go through the net, the game proceeded for a second or two as if nothing had gone wrong. Ware’s teammate Wayne Blackshear caught the ball and threw it inbounds. Then he saw Ware, and he fell to his knees.Thornton swaggered back on defense. Then he saw Ware, and he turned away, putting a hand over his face. This reaction was common around the stadium. A hand to the face. A hand to the mouth. The sight of Ware’s protruding bone was a physical force. It appeared at eye level with the men on the Louisville bench, seated as they were below the elevated court, and they recoiled as if shot with a fire hose. Russ Smith was closest, and it knocked him out of his chair.Ware looked at the bone and looked away. Strangely, he felt no pain. That would come later, in the ambulance, from the bumps in the road. “I’ll be fine,” he told Pitino and the Cardinals. “Just win this game.”And they did, 85-63, once the coach had wiped the tears from his eyes.In the hospital at 3:20 the next morning, after surgery to repair a broken tibia, Kevin Ware broke twitter with his post saying
I should of blocked that shot tho. Lol
His joke from the hospital bed was re-tweeted nearly 50,000 times, making it the ninth-biggest sports tweet of the year. His Twitter following grew to more than 120,000. The search engine Bing announced that he was the fourth most-searched athlete of 2013, behind only Tim Tebow, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods.But Ware did rush back. He couldn’t wait to play ball again, to show the world he was still the same, even though he could feel the metal rod in his leg every time it rained. Back home in Georgia with his old friend and trainer Dominique Cooper, he sat in a plastic chair in the gym at Rockdale County High and shot the ball straight up at the rim. One day he stood up. One day he dunked. In practice at Louisville, he ran harder than ever.

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    I was 7 yrs old when I was watching this and I started crying because my dad knows him

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    But for real, serious question how does someone live through this. I’m praying for him right now

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    I remember watching this as a kid and i randomly remembered it today, this really goes to show how these things can stick in your head for a long time.

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    Kevin Ware’s injury is one of two times I ever felt like getting sick watching sports because of on field play. The other was a serious concussion.

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    Someone sign this man. He obviously has the drive to be good in the nba...

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    I’m a Louisville fan and I take it as inspiration. Louisville was actually beating duke, and seeing that bone pop out and everyone crying or puking was just beyond me. I feel so bad for wares and he made history but maybe not in the way he liked.

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    i remember this. i cant imagine the pain he felt

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    After seeing that injury that inspires me to never give up no matter the circumstances 👊👊

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    That's still the scariest basketball related injury I've ever seen. When I was watching that game as a kid I fell to the ground when I saw his leg.

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    Dude is a trooper like his bone was out of his leg and and is still go hard after his injury bro give this guy a medal

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    well, watching this over and over it doesnt scar me anymore 😄 but still I can only imagine how much that hurt 😭

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    I regret clicking on this...thank God he made it

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    I remember seeing this happen live on tv. It happened during a family get-together for my little cousin’s birthday. Needless to say this imagery wasn’t very family-friendly and honestly I had never seen such a gruesome injury in real life and man the cringe was real. I think it was the shock factor that got me tho, I could watch this video all day and feel fine because I am expecting it, but man when you are just chillen with the fam, shooting shit and eating dinner, then suddenly you see man’s leg explode underneath him out of nowhere...that’s something hard to bounce back from. I wasn’t watching a lot of basketball back then so I didn’t know who it was or how this whole scenario wrapped up so thanks for uploading this. It was very informative 👍

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    I am a Duke fan and i will never forget that moment! I remember the camera man on tv didn't even look at where he was laying down on the floor!

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    I like that Kevin still kept his humor and positivity about his injury

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    This might be late but prayers in the future for Kevin Ware.

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    This injury looks similar to Paul Georges except Wares pierced through the skin

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      @Shove This L Up Your Ass everything including my Achilles

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      I think pgs broke skin too he just had high socks/under armor leggings on so it contained it.. that being said these are fully comebackable from bones heal waaay better than ligaments and tendons (trust me blew my ankle out 10 months ago still has problems)

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      Yeah but Paul George made an amazing return and he's still a beast.

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    I never really gag at injuries and love watching them but this one was the closest to making me react,it was horrible

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    I’m in the same school district that he went to and he came to talk to all of us before a game. Dude is really humble and deserved better.

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    3 days ago, I literally had the EXACT SAME injury except it was to my left pinky. It was at football practice, i ran an in, my QB threw a low bullet and it collided with my pinky. Bone was showing where my finger should have. Got sugery that night, thank God itll heal up 100%. Also felt no pain, but i was a little shocked.

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      Dude like I have never broken my bone but shit how does it feel like?


      Mine was worse. It was a paper cut on the back of my non shooting hand. It was a nightmare. The pain!!! Took days to heal.

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      You felt no pain in surgery or at the time?

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      Sevion Dryer while you dont feel pain your sugar level drops and u feel light headed like you want to sit down

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    I remember watching this live it still hurts to see it I just can't. I did laugh at the bench reaction thou

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    i would buy his jersey no matter what team he goes to, his story and that injury are so insane if he can make it to the league i will 100 percent be a fan of the team that gets him (they wont be my favorite team but i will cheer for them)

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    Wow, thats real live for ur craft, I love basketball, but if I was playing in that Game and I had seen that happen, I would have ran off the court with no hesitation. I would never be the same, I respect kevin. Idk if I could come back after an injury like that

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    I hope Kevin Ware will be at NBA in some day #KevinWarewillgototheNBA

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    Man everytime I see that clip I cringe so hard and my knee gets a weird ass feeling. Seeing that bone pop out like that live was scary. Forever a memory engraved my brain

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    I keep replaying the part where he broke his leg to look at everyone reacting at the same time to look away

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    Back in 2011 I was a captain for a school basketball team in india, heading for state, then during a morning round up, our coach decided to play 3v3 match, that was my last day. A guy playing center (204cm) jumped and landed on my ankle breaking my right ankle. I still can run, jump, just not as high as i used to.

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      You are fine. When he jumped he landed in a way in which he was twisting. The twisting motion snapped the bone. As long as you aren't jumping forward off balanced with your leg sticking straight out mid-air while twisting, you are fine.

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    I hope hes okay now.. That was nasty!

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    Just when I thought you were done showing it, it comes right back on.

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    A similar thing happened to my teammate but it was football. Dude landed on his arm and the bone was sticking out but didn’t break skin. All of my teammates ran to the sidelines about ready to puke. It was nasty.

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    This is what happend to me too trust me it wont hurt as much as a normal broken leg because when you break your leg like that your nervous system dosent work so it wont hurt as much but it still hurts a lot

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    As a person who plays basketball i get scared at injuries like this

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    Yea.... This dude sud get a chance... I remember watching the game wen he snapped his leg, very similar to Paul George injury... I'm shocked this guy has that much footage of the injury (gotta be a personal vid) because i remember during that game the announcers said they would not show that footage again... Gd vid

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    It sucks that whenever you look up his name that's the first thing that pops up. Just his injuries. I'm sure he wants to forget and move on. That injury gets me every time. I remember telling myself I won't play basketball ever again after watching that.

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      I was like can't risk jumping or running. Like something as defending a shot caused that... ughhhh. I wish him nothing less than the best and he is a real warrior for always fighting thru

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    I remember being in a bar watching that Game. The injury happened and I was looking directly at Ware.... omg I can't even stand looking at the picture in the beginning

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    I remember when this happened. I literally thought dude wasn't gonna be able to walk or play again. It's amazing how God works isn't it?

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    When I broke my leg my bone popped out of my skin it was painful for 4 minuets then stopped hurting but when I saw my bone I just fainted it was just like Kevin’s leg except that it was my left leg

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    Story Miles

    When I first saw this a kid in my class showed it to me and at first I was so scared and squeamish but I watched it a couple more times for some reason and it wasn’t that bad

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    At least one of the teammates on the bench had to have said "OH LORD ALL MIGHTY"

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    In school, they taught me always to look where you land. Your eyes are your balance and equilibrium. This confirms it now.

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    I was there and saw players on both teams start dropping to the floor. My first thought, "Oh shit, someone let some poison gas off in here!"

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    Never realized the bone protruded 🤢

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      I watched the game live I almost threw up

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    The guy that caught the pass on the right wing was Tyler Thornton. "Tyler Jones" never played for duke

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    I felt that through the screen

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    It's crazy how bad it is 😰

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    God put this obstacle in his life for him to overcome it and show he is strong every thing happens for a reason bless up

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      Rafael Garcia Pena then why not just create a world that is peaceful instead of making worlds that has fucking lava , asteroids , planets that can explode at any second , and stars that could make the earth go Rip

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      Mexican Taco343

      Maddie Oziarre who created god then , how do we know he’s really the one who did all of these , we don’t even know who he is but only know fictional facts about him , how Can a angle be par with the creator , like stop

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      Mexican Taco343

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      Mexican Taco343

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  • AA vlogs / school starters music hmu !!
    AA vlogs / school starters music hmu !!

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    Illuminus Maximus

    That was one those it hurt you just watching it injurys why was he going so hard it was only first quater a possible career ending injury just to try ta block the ball and the shot . . . . still went in thats what hurt even more.