Extreme Balloon Pop Racing Is INTENSE!!!
How Ridiculous

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  • Xavier

    That was the biggest emotional rollercoaster I've ever been on

  • Mary Torosyan
    Mary Torosyan

    I never figured out that how they pop the ballon’s with just their hands🙃

  • Doge memes
    Doge memes

    I love how in these videos there is so much chaotic energy

  • bubbaballer88

    That was a lot more intense than I originally imagined. I was emotionally invested by the end. To be completely honest, I was rooting for Aaron...

  • Rob Howard
    Rob Howard

    Man that looks fun🤩

  • gasmi elarbi
    gasmi elarbi


  • blattstone

    How nobody realised that the yellow dude missed the green baloon at the end an tought he won😂

  • alejandra pacsay
    alejandra pacsay

    I knew yellow is always for the comeback yellow my fav coloe

  • Adventures With Games!
    Adventures With Games!

    Guys, you see?! Yellow was slow at first, but then he won at the end.. don’t feel you are a looser just never give up, no matter you win or loose, it’s what the participating that counts… be successful in your life and never give up guys !😉

  • Aaron jose Fuentes luna
    Aaron jose Fuentes luna

    I like how the yellow 1 waits for him at the end😂😂

  • adamd706 daroomar
    adamd706 daroomar

    Ahh Yes the videos of the screaming Australian, my favorite

  • MR.Mysterious Gamer
    MR.Mysterious Gamer

    After watching All videos of him

  • Masanamuthu

    Learned here: Never watch what others doing, Just focus on yourself and you will win,

  • SaifAldeen Qaitbay
    SaifAldeen Qaitbay

    "Ok guys, it's a draw!"

  • Yashawant Gharat
    Yashawant Gharat

    I like how the yellow 1 waits for him at the end 😂😂

  • 11 crossty
    11 crossty

    I like how he amotionally just threw a bunch of darts at the end and it actually worked! 😂

  • Stanley Dog
    Stanley Dog

    They're... They're running with giant scissors :'(

  • Chill x Retro Gaming
    Chill x Retro Gaming

    When it got to the hedging made me laugh hard 🤣

  • Connecting Dots
    Connecting Dots

    That was awesome at the end. He knew he needed to break all three with one throw and he did it! Photo finish!

  • Tertil Zitouni
    Tertil Zitouni