James Harden Drew League Debut Got SUPER HEATED!! NBA MVP vs Drew League MVP WENT AT IT!!
James Harden made his Drew League debut today. The NBA MVP went head to head with the Drew League MVP, Frank Nitty!
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  • El Gungador
    El Gungador

    There really is a difference between pros and amateurs. When the pros decided to turn it up a notch the amateurs didnt know wtf to do.

    • Hungarian

      Yeah, and they act like clowns towards the amateurs treating them with disrespect. Tucker the biggest clown acting all tough guy.

    • lifncar28

      Yeah, I remember reading comments from people saying certain IRglors should try out for the NBA 😕

    • Joe Solo
      Joe Solo


    • Kevin McLain
      Kevin McLain

      Thanks Captain Obvious



  • Gonzalo Otheguy
    Gonzalo Otheguy

    I love how Harden makes the defender play at his slow tempo, then erupts to the rim or step back and nothing you can do about it.

    • Death by Debt
      Death by Debt

      Love or hate him, he plays chess with the ball in his hands

    • Olu Hamilton
      Olu Hamilton

      That's why he seeks contact.

  • BushBoy

    Yep James harden must think he’s Zeus or something with his jersey like that

    • Eli Young
      Eli Young



      @Karameros they’re adidas jerseys anyway, Bron covered his up because he’s nike

    • ItsRomyYo

      @Body lol 😂 what game? Bruh

    • 俞 墨
      俞 墨

      James harden

  • shan aiman raed
    shan aiman raed

    harden is the most fit unfit man ive ever seen

    • Joe Solo
      Joe Solo

      El es una problemática

    • One _E
      One _E


    • Dominic Ni
      Dominic Ni

      bryant reeves

    • Scott Roberts
      Scott Roberts

      Tyson fury

  • Marquise Bess
    Marquise Bess

    To me it seems like James harden was not even playing for real tho

    • Tweety Bird
      Tweety Bird

      1.1k like😭😭😭😭👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Tweety Bird
      Tweety Bird

      1.1k like😭😭😭👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🔥🔥🔥😳😳😳

    • Mike Dee
      Mike Dee

      James would of made every shot if he was trying easily........trust

    • Duy Nguyen
      Duy Nguyen

      Harden has never played fr. Man always has strippers and chicken wings on his mind

  • Ryan

    15:37 props to that guy for being conscientious of the rules and protecting the ball without touching it! Lol

  • Leki F.
    Leki F.

    12:55 when he actually tried you could tell he was on a different level he even got that lil speed burst lol

  • NBA Ang
    NBA Ang

    Every time game had it, the crowd would yell out NO!😂😂

  • migol1984

    Even in Drew League, Harden still gets to the free throw line.

  • STEM - Balamiento, Joshua Dwayne M.
    STEM - Balamiento, Joshua Dwayne M.

    17:23 is when James gets serious

    • P J
      P J

      Dang it! You got me 😂

    • Lllukaz0r 2394
      Lllukaz0r 2394

      Ain't gonna lie, I got caught even after a year

    • TR3IS

      if you also look closely, he traveled

    • Daryl Brown
      Daryl Brown


    • asukii


  • S Nasty617
    S Nasty617

    I find it hilarious how dude got tough when the ref grabbed him 😂😭🤣

  • BigA

    Crazy how Mike James playing for the nets now 😭

    • Mike Dee
      Mike Dee

      Bro is a real life bucket

  • Hood News
    Hood News

    James Harden Debuted at the Drew League in 2011 and had 44pts in a duel against KOBE!

  • Fidel V3
    Fidel V3

    Title of this video should've been "Pro NBA players take on guys with Ego issues "

    • jaquan thomas
      jaquan thomas

      Tf that whole other team touching more money then y’all tho 😂but y’all under the comments Nd watching they video talking shit😂😂Something not right.. and y’all couldn’t even guard no one, and I mean no one on the floor so save it

    • John Haywood
      John Haywood

      @Kenneth Walker I never said anything about a trap house or anything about how hard any was playing. Why do you feel the need to get butt hurt and all serious over a stupid comment?

    • Kenneth Walker
      Kenneth Walker

      John Haywood why they gotta be repping a trap house or jail? If you hooping competitively and going against a pro you gonna try hard

    • John Haywood
      John Haywood

      Thier cell blocks are proud of them.

  • spencer trupp
    spencer trupp

    4:36 When coach says "keep your eye on the ball" LMFAO

    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W

      He may be looking at his hips

    • Will

      That works tho


      Lmao got me weak asf 😂

    • Gunnerrich

      spencer trupp dude head was under his elbow LOL

    • kva5004

      For real. His eyes were on that damn ball, eye level!!

  • EarlJrMusic

    12:53 James had to show him he could turn it up a notch

    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W

      Key word. Notch. Also his 25% lol

  • Aidan Clifford
    Aidan Clifford

    Say what you want about PJ tucker, but that man brings so much intensity to the game. He’ll never back down from anyone. Wish my raptors brought him back

    • Hming Than Tluanga
      Hming Than Tluanga

      He's a champ now

    • Vonte’ UGLY 93
      Vonte’ UGLY 93

      919 legend

    • mrceazohawk

      Raleigh's own

    • Aidan Clifford
      Aidan Clifford

      Raider Levie fax

    • Aidan Clifford
      Aidan Clifford

      That Guy Luis The sixers are so overrated going into next season😂😂 they lost key players and only brought in Wilson chandler. Also, we have the new king of the east who’ll lock down any player in the whole league minus Lebron of course

  • Nuw Nitro
    Nuw Nitro

    James harden really covering the Nike logo

    • Antonio Gleyser
      Antonio Gleyser

      Stripes over checks

    • kev

      @J. R. Smith how can a uniform be broken ? 😂 you’re smoked😭🤣

    • J.R. Smith
      J.R. Smith

      aj2468 wait what did I do

    • Tucker Jensen
      Tucker Jensen

      NBA enforces sponsorship the drew league does not.

    • Ironik Royalty
      Ironik Royalty

      DD BB I thought he wanted to look like a spartan

  • Darrian Tatum
    Darrian Tatum

    Just from watching this video I learned that Harden really despises people who can't defend without having to foul he looks really frustrated after every foul😂

  • GBWM2021

    Amazing how far we’ve allowed a carry to go.

  • JADED music
    JADED music

    Okay but the play at 15:42 is actually crazy . . . #7 can't touch ball or it's a double but he manages to guard it from like 3 people long enough for a teammate to pick it up 🤯

  • Adventures Of Von
    Adventures Of Von

    James harden built like childish gambino in the this is America video 😂😂😂

    • Ma. Cecilia Caguring
      Ma. Cecilia Caguring

      @Meme Man Fresh o

    • Ma. Cecilia Caguring
      Ma. Cecilia Caguring

      Yoiii Iy

    • xxxQDAxxx


    • Super Dad
      Super Dad

      Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😆😅🤣😆

    • Marcus Dee
      Marcus Dee


  • Jon Bond
    Jon Bond

    Do y’all hear at 9:30 when Game get the ball, dude get to saying “no” *Game touches the ball and looks at the goal* NOO . I can’t stop laughing at that shit

    • JJ Kamikaze
      JJ Kamikaze

      lmao! thanks for catching that


    Nice game, Harden at 30%. Good recreation to keep the pros Fit.

  • Luckye Twentynine
    Luckye Twentynine

    A.T. # 2 putting in work on the court with Harden. Keep grinding bro.


    Harden blowing me with the way he did his jersey lol

  • Dan O'Donnell
    Dan O'Donnell

    Harden showing off that MVP defense and millennial toughness.

  • Chase Freeman
    Chase Freeman

    To James Harden respect, he does flop and bitch about calls in a street ball to, not just the NBA. There is a man of consistency. Lol 😂

  • Just a Nice Chair
    Just a Nice Chair

    Crazy how he wasnt trying and still cooked they ass 😂 he didnt even do his travel step back much

  • John Haywood
    John Haywood

    Harden looks like he just spent 3 hours at Golden Corral.

    • J Ro
      J Ro

      😂 Eating that pizza from under the heat lamp

    • Axel Mnzava
      Axel Mnzava

      FAX bruh

  • Guero

    1:32 Ron Artest in the bench loving the heat

    • Ron Bautista
      Ron Bautista

      Remember my elbow? HAHAHAHA

    • Ricardo Viveros
      Ricardo Viveros

      “I love basketball” - Metta World Peace

    • The one and only
      The one and only

      @J Walker Ron Artest vs Frank nitty boxing match 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I'd love too see meta straighten him out

    • J Walker
      J Walker

      that face looking like he is ready to lay someone out

  • Knoetsch

    10:18 I have never seen James Harden trying to block a shot in the NBA! Nice to finally see him put in some effort. ;)

  • the beast
    the beast

    Black no.6 was insane. Props to him

  • Le Porta
    Le Porta

    That travelling step back is absolutely unguardabl le. HARDEN ALL THE WAY MA MANNN!

  • Gee Johnson
    Gee Johnson

    Wow 10:34 what an perfect bounce pass between defenders 🔥🔥

  • Jordan Yang
    Jordan Yang

    MVP picking up right where he left off in the WCF. Which is bricking 3s.

  • Matt

    @7:09 Harden practicing his flops and acting i love it

  • mARkTutor

    September 2019 and still looking for the SUPER HEATED scene...

  • C Taylor
    C Taylor

    So happy he finally got his mvp though.

  • Thor Moraes
    Thor Moraes

    @5:37 The long forgotten 3 second 😂

    • AveryMoodyVEVO

      He’s right next to his opponent

    • Illusion

      gdl iverson3 he’s saying 5 because the guy was in the paint for 5.

    • Why Am I here
      Why Am I here

      @Lotus nah it's 3

    • Lotus

      U mean 5 sec

  • Christian Allen
    Christian Allen

    Mike James really came up crazy 💯💯💯

  • DreamOf K
    DreamOf K

    James Harden out here spamming momentums look how he crossing over 😂😂

  • e61agem

    I was ready to see the replay of when JH got his ankles broke. 😂😂

  • Chris Paschal
    Chris Paschal

    When you're allowed to travel and carry the ball, you're hard to guard.

  • Live Streaming
    Live Streaming

    The guy who’s guarding harden was so respectful.

  • Arseniy K
    Arseniy K

    7:22 my mans really covered his eyes to avoid getting his mitt splashed on lmao


    Harden with a steal at the beginning must be HOODIE HARDEN 😭

  • Playhill K
    Playhill K

    Crazy how he's teamed up with one of em now.

  • Poetic Just Less
    Poetic Just Less

    James Harden used to getting those NBA non foul calls lol

  • Gabe L
    Gabe L

    9:30 When The Game gets the ball someone in the crowd "NO...NO..NO"

  • Shane Hupp
    Shane Hupp

    The game got a shot on him 😂 6:00

  • Donny Rye
    Donny Rye

    Great stuff props to harden risking injury to play .

  • Epiph Da 1
    Epiph Da 1

    Excuse me WTF is Harden doing playing in a summer league! How does the Rockets feel about him risking an injury!

  • blackCode Blue
    blackCode Blue

    The Harden Push-Off is REAL!

  • stashouse617

    I would force James harden right and play him tight doing it . He only does step back on the right he never drives on the right his right hand suspect . Not saying he doesn’t do it on the left just saying when he’s on the right he’s not driving it’s going to be a jumper . But he loves to fade when taking that step back jumper which is easier going right for him

  • stutter box
    stutter box

    We all know harden wasn’t trying

    • rasean benton
      rasean benton

      @johkerx how are they scrubs they nice

    • rasean benton
      rasean benton

      Yes he was

    • TheDevil's Rockstxr
      TheDevil's Rockstxr

      Why would he, it's millions on the line

    • John Mayes
      John Mayes

      Whets new its like has in the playoffs again

  • Kabir Goraya
    Kabir Goraya

    12:56 Mans went flying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Youssef Ouhdou
    Youssef Ouhdou

    0:54 James Harden actually playing defense.

  • scott scott
    scott scott

    Frank is definitely better than some other NBA players

  • Alejandro Aguirre
    Alejandro Aguirre

    Double dribble and palming on the first possession tho

  • John Garvey
    John Garvey

    5:34 I was dead at the dude counting the three second violation 😂😂

  • Don Karin
    Don Karin

    That pass ! 🔥

  • Woodyy

    3:04 He got the mean base 9 from 2k🤣😂

    • Walter Flanagan
      Walter Flanagan

      2k trash

    • WHAT?


  • Cuckhead McGee
    Cuckhead McGee

    James harden built like my uncle

    • Tyler Hudson
      Tyler Hudson

      When james harden retires he gon be the guy at his son's aau game

    • Eazy Baby
      Eazy Baby

      Cuckhead McGee you funny af brah 😂😂😂

    • nalim lattarai
      nalim lattarai

      XxmalxX stop

  • Game_Is_ Life51
    Game_Is_ Life51

    Bruh what if that ankle tweak had been worst and cost harden the whole season 😨😨😱😱

  • Iversonwings

    9:31 Lmao, sick moves by The Game on Harden


    Damn Harden still Bricking 3 pointers thought he would have fixed that by now

  • Armin Qureshi
    Armin Qureshi

    6:01 11:55 bruh Game got that HOF limitless range and HOF catch and shoot badge 🔥

  • MigNav

    16:06 Harden smiles at guy he defends against 16:11 Guy scores on Harden

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos

    When I watch Drew league highlights and Rico Hines vids two dudes always had me wonder 🤔, why ain't they in the league: Nitty and Brown

  • Mister Penney
    Mister Penney

    I swear whenever James harden shot it was a foul if he missed it every time

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez

    He shooks every where heplays SEREOUSLY you see the poor dribblE.

  • Ken Yun
    Ken Yun

    If y’all still not sure if Harden was trying, I think the play at 6:30 shows it pretty clearly. Dude doesn’t even attempt any defense lmao 💀

  • WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard
    WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard

    Harden incredible upper body strength

  • John Bussell
    John Bussell

    The Game always in the Drew being the worst player on the floor🤣🤣


      I saw Game only miss one 3. He was money from the stripe.

    • Mike Dee
      Mike Dee

      Wym he was playing good

    • Atomsk Reborn™
      Atomsk Reborn™

      was he not splashing?

    • NHEntertainment

      Bro arms short asf

    • Dylan Simmons
      Dylan Simmons

      @Zayybaybeee Yeah he literally made the team like he hand picked the players and said I’m gonna pay for all this

  • Chris Gabe
    Chris Gabe

    Holy shit Harden absolutely cooked dude at the beginning

  • j will
    j will

    If I was Harden after I fell and grabbed my ankle I would have just left the gym.

  • Alpha Bro
    Alpha Bro

    Number #6 got game ! 🏀

  • Nathan Astorga
    Nathan Astorga

    Harden is just playing 40% hahaha and other nba pro is playing half of their abilities!!! Savage

  • LeadAntagonist

    7:05 I can only imagine the heart attack that would have been had if there was a member of the rockets staff in attendance for this game. I know PJ was there but I thinks CP3 or any member of management would have pulled him: "Get the fuck up we are leaving RIGHT NOW! We aint paying you 40 mil a year to fuck yourself up in no damn Drew League game!"