"That Man Gonna EXPOSE Y'ALL!" REAL NCAA D1 Basketball Squad PULLED UP ON US & It Got HEATED
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Matt Bradley and the San Diego State University basketball squad pulled up on us in Colton!! Enjoy the show!
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  • Ballislife

    Try Bluechew FREE at bluechew.com/ - Use promo code BALLISLIFE at checkout or visit go.bluechew.com/ballislife

  • RoyAlWhicheez

    Cheated that first game real bad... that's how bad they refuse to take an L

    • Kentrell Carter
      Kentrell Carter

      True that

    • Dr. Madthumbz
      Dr. Madthumbz

      Pretty lame pretty pretty lame

    • FreeWill ThaGreat
      FreeWill ThaGreat

      No cap

    • Dontay Reed Jr
      Dontay Reed Jr

      Not a single alley hoop

    • j.raimundo

      Tbf they literally put that they didnt knew what was happening even you can see that in the scoreboard where they put a "?"

  • BallOut T
    BallOut T

    Y'all really got dropped off first game 💀

    • Trenton Pepito
      Trenton Pepito

      You mean Ty got dropped off

    • A.P.E. Quan
      A.P.E. Quan

      Twice 😂😂🤣🤣

    • j.raimundo

      @Justo314 o ye nah ik whatchu try to say

    • Justo314

      @j.raimundo the game was to 11 then they switched it to 15 you can’t do that sht if game was already ova

    • Justo314

      @j.raimundo bra stop acting like they aint cut scenes from that part we aint hear them say sht we seen that ballislife said that sht

  • Gio mata
    Gio mata

    Kenny proved why he’s the mascot for ball is life once again

    • JDGANG

      @Andy Liu 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Demond Barnes
      Demond Barnes


    • Joshua Brooks
      Joshua Brooks


    • Joshua Brooks
      Joshua Brooks

      Homer skunked

    • Bigmac27sauce

      I watch him move laterally and it's painful to look at.

  • Memz

    These boys need Frank. And that’s just facts. He carries this team with all honesty 💯

    • Phil O
      Phil O

      @John Nguyen nitty getting paid in a professional league

    • Jo Bush
      Jo Bush

      Facts. Cezar too.

    • John Nguyen
      John Nguyen

      @AdamSheriff Hate? So when people spit facts you want to call it hate now. Hate is when Lenny Bobbs tried to bully a smaller white dude on video for everyone to see acting like a fake thug. Hate is when lenny bobbs was running his mouth trying to claim Chris white was ducking him and when it came time to playing for money he lost and didn’t even have the dignity and decency to pay up. You need to grow up bra this ain’t no legacy going on here. These players are putting their bodies on the line and need to be PAID

  • DJ Drich2655
    DJ Drich2655

    That first game everybody should be holding an L because nobody can count. 🤣🤣



    • Priceless Eddiekane
      Priceless Eddiekane

      On Kane Balla life lost Twice Da first Game

  • Comics Mayne
    Comics Mayne

    Ball is life is always cheating…..they can’t ever seem to keep track of the score when they losing 🤨 for some reason

    • mainmainj

      They only can’t keep score when they getting blown out

    • Cameron Bolden
      Cameron Bolden

      @Daniel Watts people called game multiple times bil just decided to take away points lmao

    • heybulldog90

      @Main this is all they do, they can’t afford a electronic scoreboard by now? Or damn those little flip ones we used as kids. Get a table and sit Kenny’s old head ass down and he can keep score. He’s got nothing to do anyway.

    • Daniel Watts
      Daniel Watts

      They have a dude literally standing recording that always knows the score...except this time

    • Shooterbozy

      They swear they be good and then have to cheat people out of games

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright

    “We came back on that..We look like the warriors” 🙄 knowing they lost. Clowns lol

    • A'Zariyah Hall
      A'Zariyah Hall

      he silly asl

    • Adam Sheriff
      Adam Sheriff

      It really hurts and cringes me when I see someone brag like that knowing they lost. That man in the grey shirt was torching them. So much pride🤮

    • jrosswthesauce


  • William

    That first game, that team deserved to "lose," since no one on the team can count. Lol

    • JDGANG


    • j.raimundo

      Like fr if u can't even count why tf you Playin for😭😭😭😭🤣🤣

    • Stunna Ron
      Stunna Ron


    • Valley G
      Valley G

      Facts 🤣🤣🤣

  • Locomoko710

    Damn that dude really got Dollar Store Iverson in his feelings after embarrassing him like that. he was so salty he seriously went up to him and told him that he wasn't the MVP the other guy was🤣🤣🤣

    • Dr ColdBrew
      Dr ColdBrew

      He can’t play defense, he only ever hacks and then bc he’s a “big” name they let him get away with it. The amount of times he gets salty is crazy

    • Z Man
      Z Man

      White overrated iverson can’t play a lick of defense

    • JDGANG

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 doesn’t like contact

    • Kardiyoid

      He was right tho, big dude in white scored more than half their points

  • 704 Jizzle
    704 Jizzle

    Iverson fouled dude on EVERY drive he can't shuffle his feet to save his life

    • cubpenguin

      Iverson is a clown

    • L H
      L H

      He's never been able to - this is why he gets cooked in ones. Every time he's gone up against Cel he's been bodied

    • Dub

      I thought I was the only one seeing this his defense is horrible straight fouls and no one ever calls him out

  • Locomoko710

    He made tiny Iverson look like a damn fool dude got straight embarrassed that's why he had to start hacking because he knew he didn't even have half the skill that kid did.

  • Quinn

    Them D1 Boys Humbled them The Pg is Player of the game he played his role set his team up Scored when needed real pg not that Park shii


    *"We love to see you come back, it brings more memories and its crazy that he makes everyone laugh and brings joy to other people. Keep up buddy!"*

  • RiPnShtUp

    😂 I like how they lost 3 times in the first game but somehow won 😂

  • Sani Tait
    Sani Tait

    BIL Clearly needed Nitty & Monstar. They technically lost the 1st game (twice) and lost to SD State. It was BIL B-Team.

  • Odin Kvalvåg
    Odin Kvalvåg

    White Iverson is a cone with hands. That dude can’t strap up nobody without hands checking 🙌💯

    • Phil O
      Phil O

      Nigga said he a cone with hands 🤣🤣🤣

    • Zyco Jovanni
      Zyco Jovanni

      @Jawn named Jon fr thoe

    • Jawn named Jon
      Jawn named Jon

      @Rob Lowe what that gotta do with him fouling every play on defense or just getting blown by ?

    • Rob Lowe
      Rob Lowe

      He would drop you off my boy

  • TreyOFive 🇭🇹
    TreyOFive 🇭🇹

    I think we can all see the difference in skill when them D1 hoopers played. There’s levels 😂. Park takeovers are entertaining nonetheless.

  • Krazy Horse
    Krazy Horse

    A very different team without Nitty. Everyone turns into ISo players and forget all the little things that makes them a dangerous team.

  • k3n12ock

    Yall had to cheat to win the 1st game, LOL

  • Michael Baskerville II
    Michael Baskerville II

    Y’all are crafty as hell for that first game. No wonder everybody says BIL has their own secret agenda.

  • MVP Brucee B
    MVP Brucee B

    Something about this ball is life dudes just ain’t right ! Kenny giving weirdo vibes 😂😂

    • The Hooper .
      The Hooper .

      @Elias A thanks

    • Elias A
      Elias A

      @The Hooper . I think long hair guy

    • The Hooper .
      The Hooper .

      @BdrumMerX14 I don’t really watch ballislife… who’s Kenny?

    • BdrumMerX14

      man trys to turn everything into a movie, awkward energy.

    • MMarty

      He reminds me of the "How do you do, fellow kids" meme but for basketball.

  • Evan Wolf
    Evan Wolf

    That is why I always yell out loud the score after every basket..

    • JaPes

      I always say the score whenever we check up

    • Chikush Odiz
      Chikush Odiz

      Facts if I don’t things got left

  • Jon C
    Jon C

    Kenny needs to stop talking about money until he pays Chris White

    • SOY

      Hahaha someone tag Chris hahaha

    • Phil O
      Phil O


    • Big Scoobz
      Big Scoobz

      Ayooooooooo 😭

    • Zero Gravity
      Zero Gravity

      Dude u nailed it, thats also what I thought.

    • Heaven and kj family
      Heaven and kj family


  • DAYandNIGHTExterior

    Them bums lost 16-12 the first game… walk around like they hooping. Very clownish

  • WurieTV Wurie123
    WurieTV Wurie123

    To be honest y'all see the difference between street ballers and prof. ballers . There's always an advantage

  • Lebron Sinclair
    Lebron Sinclair

    The college team was toying with them. This the one thing I don’t like about Street ball. No one plays defense. Everyone looks good when no plays defense.

  • tazz 4life
    tazz 4life

    That first game y’all gotta except that lost. Respect the game. The college team did they thing. Still levels to this game

  • DarkManX thomas
    DarkManX thomas

    Atleast they were honest in the video & rolled with it😂, they did lose that first game heavy fr fr😂

  • Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
    Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.

    Iverson has 0 percent defense 100 percent of the time 😆

    • Sneaker Klinic
      Sneaker Klinic

      😂 I bet in a 4v4 pick up, he’d lose against a team of uncles doing hook shots. Probably in a 1v1 too 😲

    • Jawn named Jon
      Jawn named Jon

      @Rob Lowe that still doesnt change the fact he literally cant play defense to save his life .

    • Rob Lowe
      Rob Lowe

      He would merk you 1v1

    • Niko hunt
      Niko hunt

      Facts idk why they don’t iso and post him up all day

  • Dylan Muncy
    Dylan Muncy

    Ain't no way y'all get credit for that first one 😂 that was the teachers curve and extra credit

  • Gregory Partsinevelos
    Gregory Partsinevelos

    man i love watching ball is life but this cheating the score thing has happened a few times aint cool hope you guys figure it out takes away from the game!

  • MrHugePlaya

    Bro what the hell, you guys literally lost the first game. So wack

  • jonny macking
    jonny macking

    It’s sad how not one head on the court can keep count 😂but nah they really got mind fucked out of a dub I’m weak bruh 😂

  • Bigmac27sauce

    The first game was 14-14. Dude on the other team gave them a point when he called score once. Then the 3 he made they didn't count. They checked it back up. Technically nobody reached 15 in that game

    • Phil O
      Phil O

      You never graduated high school

  • Amir Gooden
    Amir Gooden

    “That’s how you grind for a dub” 😂😂😂

  • Lamaris Strong
    Lamaris Strong

    they was getting fried the first game.. scoreboard 11-16 they added a extra point

  • Michael White
    Michael White

    Ty and his dancing for Bluechew cracks me up!!! 😂

  • Miguel Solorio
    Miguel Solorio

    He said that’s how you grind 😂😂😂. Y’all took a L sit you ass down

  • Mr. J1S
    Mr. J1S

    Dude came on out on fire and took the L cuz nobody could math lol... I never seen a score be that wayy off

  • The Blackfeather
    The Blackfeather

    That’s how you grind a dub? That was a loss for sure

  • Jarius Jones
    Jarius Jones

    Lmao Omm they lost first game 😂😂”we grindin for that w”

  • MATT44E

    They really need an official score keeper for these games 🤣

  • B-Boy KenSu
    B-Boy KenSu

    I knew they was gonna confuse the score and make it seem like they won 🤣

  • Cody Eble
    Cody Eble

    I think the first game and 3rd game had the BEST athletes I've seen them play but also by far the WORST scorekeeping I've ever seen

  • Drew Skiii
    Drew Skiii

    Don’t EVER put white iverson on him AGAIN 🤣🤣😵😵

  • JoeDeLaHuge

    Real ones remember Matt Bradley getting buckets against Compton Magic

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis

    Grown men cheating in a park game is absurd💀

  • Octavian Crutcher
    Octavian Crutcher

    So they cheating now! Come now at least respect the hood and call the game right smh

  • Kristian Dowling
    Kristian Dowling

    Love to see Angel out there playing lockdown D but no 3s today. Your boy Allen gotta hook him up with that green light yo

  • Ishan Somani
    Ishan Somani

    Again there’s levels to basketball. Those D1 hoopers whooped their ass. These boys aren’t like that without nitty

  • City Of 5
    City Of 5

    Bro that no look pass for the lob was magic

  • FidelCashflow

    Dam they def cheated that first game. That’s a really bad look for them 😳

  • Stunna Ron
    Stunna Ron

    Now Tht Yall See The Footage Yall Realized Yall Lost 🤣

  • J_Toledo419

    It's a different squad without Nitty 💯

  • Heaven and kj family
    Heaven and kj family

    As a real hooper that shit makes me so mad why not just win straight up Kenny u know u dead ass wrong

  • Gerald A dip
    Gerald A dip

    Frank was really needed here😭💀

  • Biz V
    Biz V

    Them scrubs know they lost the first game.. “let’s just keep playing until we can say we up and call game.. “ 🤣🤣

  • Toney banks
    Toney banks

    They knew it was over doe I’m weak 😂😂

  • I. R.
    I. R.

    Hahahaha imagine he pulling up and actually knew how to hold a gun

  • Steve Coffey
    Steve Coffey

    always messing up the score lol slick way of keeping themselves alive when they lose

  • Lijah Berry
    Lijah Berry

    "That's how you grind for a dub" Kenny said 11 then they lost then said 15 lost again then switched score up so west coast won lmao so trash

  • solstice

    Haha I kinda like watching ballislife squad lose a bit, especially from like real D1 guys. Keeps things interesting especially when ballislife just bullies all the randos they play against. No hate though. Those were some nice runs

  • Darasimi's a baller
    Darasimi's a baller

    Yessir of course i want to see that 1v1 bro ya'll was going crazy ON GOD. Everybody better like this VID!!!!

  • RoyAlWhicheez

    Kenny is way too old to be saying corny shit like "lit" and "lackin" smh lololol

    • Christopher Columbus
      Christopher Columbus


    • LaoKast21

      Dude is so corny lol

  • Adam Parra
    Adam Parra

    it's funny to see how salty Iverson was when he got beat by a real D1 guard

  • Malachi

    A bit more passing to ty, keeping an eye on Iverson at the three, and frank they would dominate.

  • Leobardo Ramos
    Leobardo Ramos

    bro.. BIL lost twice in once game. They lost the first one to 12, then they lost again when they said play to 15. wtfff...yall dont know how to lose

  • A1mostF4mous

    how did they let BIL come their court and change the score and the rules that many times 😭

  • Meho

    Cheating the score is pathetic af! Take the L like a man and move on.

  • zuzucapoeira

    Ballislife Squad Just got smashed 😂 NCAA another level 👍🏾🏀

  • LaoKast21

    Good video, but Kenny stop trying to act hard lol🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Aubrey Pops
    Aubrey Pops

    Ball is life Lost tf out that first game sad how happy they was to successfully cheat but basic math is a must to the other team so hold that L 😂

  • Lucas Sinclair
    Lucas Sinclair

    Damn wish Nitty and Cezar were there

  • Jeremy Kesaulya
    Jeremy Kesaulya

    Y’all really hoed em that first game 🤣

  • Jeremy Kesaulya
    Jeremy Kesaulya

    Y’all really hoed em that first game 🤣

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    I was not expecting that skinny dude to fly like that on the SD team

  • Kitso Rasephei
    Kitso Rasephei

    Yall can't keep count of your own scores while you got the sun in your eyes😭😭

  • Christian Bruh
    Christian Bruh

    “We looked like the warriors man” 🤓

  • Jackin Lee
    Jackin Lee

    Math really took a big L that first game