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نظر: 144
  • 난멋져

    부상에서 빨리 회복되기를 바래요...🙏 한국 팬들이 항상 응원하고 있어요... Love Lucas~~♡♡♡

  • viva cuva
    viva cuva

    순수한 영혼 루카스 모우라, 힘내 화이팅!

  • 영블러드

    감동의 순간... 역시 엄마의 사랑과 희생은 전세계 공통이군요. 루카스 모우라 선수?! 응원할게요.

  • Justin Devine
    Justin Devine

    “ OOOOH HE’S DONE IT LUCAS MOURA WITH THE LAST KICK OF THE GAME!” I will and forever will always here those words ripple…

    • Mark

      First time I heard that was in the full replay - I was screaming way too loudly at the time! COYS

  • KA27

    Lucas is so underrated even after the champions leauge semi final, allways ready to charge in for the 50 50 and win the ball

    • 빨간단풍

      He is legend

  • soyoung in
    soyoung in


  • JS B
    JS B

    Lucas Moura is good player. I 💙 him. 🇰🇷🇧🇷🇰🇷🇧🇷🇰🇷🇧🇷🇰🇷🇧🇷🇰🇷🇧🇷

  • Jack Lewis
    Jack Lewis

    Lucas Moura: a underrated footballer with exceptional talent and skill!😀

    • Y K
      Y K


    • Miss_Kay

      And heart!!

    • Archimedesscrew

      And a really nice bloke .....

  • Tiago Moura
    Tiago Moura

    Cara sou torcedor do São Paulo, e torço pro Tottenham desde 2004, vir o clube Tottenham crescer a cada ano, fiquei muito feliz pó vê Lucas no Tottenham. 👈🏽😉

    • Icon Gamer
      Icon Gamer


  • im4ubabe

    Conte doesn't have the faintest idea how fans love Moura. He is a validated & proven-excellent player in the team, and his contribution has been unprecedented. Abandoning a verified strategy using this excellent player such a stupid idea.

    • purple perc
      purple perc

      Just stop conte loves Moura but there are better/younger players on the squad now living in the past only leads to long term mediocrity

  • Z O
    Z O

    Just finished, really good look at his career and emotional talking about the Champions League Semi goals. Him and everyone on the doc seem like really nice people. Great stuff, lets see more Lucas and more docs in the future.

  • Tanya Ryan
    Tanya Ryan

    I cried at the end. Lucas is a sweet soul 💖

    • Firm Foundation
      Firm Foundation

      He surely is!! I like him so much, Spurs fan in Uganda

  • Jeremy Hooton
    Jeremy Hooton

    As spurs fan i will always love lucas. I wish the best for him always. Great person. I hope he plays this season a important role.

  • H.Y 7
    H.Y 7

    Lucas Moura I know that you are one of Tottenham's heroes. I will always support you. Stay strong and may good luck and blessings always be with you. -in korea

    • H.Y 7
      H.Y 7

      I really like your play. I really want you to be better.

  • Mark

    Just watched it - great stuff. Lucas is a model professional and a great guy to have around. I know Sao Paulo mention they want to offer him a pre-contract agreement, in January, but he deserves one more year at Spurs (which, I think, the club has the option of). Just a wonderful player and person! COYS

  • Vinicius Carreira
    Vinicius Carreira

    Lucas vc é demais cara, um ser iluminado que veio para o clube certo na hora certa. Difundir o Tottão para o Brasil todo que antes tinha pouco contato com esse gigante. Obrigado por Amsterdã e vc ainda vai levantar o sonhado caneco #COYS

  • Freedelivery 85
    Freedelivery 85

    Lucas will forever have a special place in my heart

  • Am_Park

    I want to see Champions League man Lucas Moura on the pitch.He has no doubts that he will create a powerful blast in the Champions League this season with his powerful energy.

  • Sonny Super
    Sonny Super

    Come back! Lucas! I can't forget You took us to final round! You are already a regend! Let's get back to UCL! COYS!!!

  • The Sovereign Millennial
    The Sovereign Millennial

    Lucas Moura, Spurs legend 🔥

  • jefferson souza
    jefferson souza

    UM ser humano incrível e enviado por Deus, para ser semente de coisas boas. Muito humilde e um coração enorme desde de pequeno. Tenho orgulho de fazer parte dessa história como família. Aí é só um pedacinho de muita história e vitórias ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🙏⚽🇧🇷👍🚍🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • [rew] HRE
    [rew] HRE

    Wonder if he's still happy and satisfied in our team atm..

  • When they go low_ We go high
    When they go low_ We go high

    May his family and his future be filled with blessings and good fortune. He is a piece of Spurs history. 👍🤍

  • eunhye

    Lucas Moura is a talented and great player. Perhaps the opportunity was cut off because of coach Conte. I'm your fan and I'll cherish you and remember you as always. 🇧🇷💚 And Sony will also leave Tottenham for fear of us Koreans.😐 Please remember that many fans love and support you in Korea.🇰🇷💙

  • N Thoj
    N Thoj

    What an amazing journey! Fabulous feature of LUCAS-> you are GOLDEN❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lenny Decibel
    Lenny Decibel

    Moura is our hero!

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A

    Lucus made history at Spurs. Incredible player, Hat trick in UCL Semi Final and Conte should keep him.

  • Han Kim
    Han Kim

    Lucas saved spurs millions of times.

  • Alexandru Cristea
    Alexandru Cristea

    Sad he couldn't keep up with the squad improving 😔 I will never forget that semifinal🤍

  • 요리도:쥬아

    I love him ❤

  • 오늘만 산다
    오늘만 산다

    모우라 인생에 항상 흥하길 바래요. 당신을 응원합니다.^^

  • Danielle

    Lovely moment between mother and son 🤍

  • 댕댕냐옹

    My hero! Lucas❤


    lucas, you r the man

  • Anthony Petty
    Anthony Petty

    A fantastic look at a great Tottenham player, and a lovely person. Hoping Lucas is with us at Spurs for a lot longer. Best wishes from New Zealand. COYS!⚽️⚽️⚽️🏆

  • Siddarth Mp
    Siddarth Mp

    My request to Tottenham, plz make a tifo on Wednesday abt conte, ucl .something that makes thanking him, coz all other matches away will be cracker with their atmosphere, we know how hard it's been to achieve till this stage and make it memorable, every matchday 🙏

  • 레투

    챔스 아약스 전은 아직도 잊지못한다

  • John Chisholm
    John Chisholm

    Spurs Legend!

  • cine kimss
    cine kimss

    이글을 읽을지 모르지만. 너의 팬이 된 나로서 너의 축구를 보는건 너무 즐겁고 흥분 돼. 너의 높은 점프력, 헤딩, 드리블, 돌파력, 슈팅 등등 지금도 이전에도 앞으로 너는 최고의 축구 선수야. 어디에 있든 너를 항상 응원하고 지켜 볼께~ ^^ feliz 모우라.

  • Bring Me The FanMade
    Bring Me The FanMade

    Volta pro São Paulo! Estamos precisando!

  • annemie wouters
    annemie wouters

    loved it

  • 파이.D

    lucas is more than soccer more and more

  • Calvin Keyes
    Calvin Keyes

    It feels like this documentary is being marketed as if Lucas is a retired legend. He's still a part of our club and has created phenomenal moments in a Spurs shirt in the past. Why have we not utilized him recently?

  • quest K
    quest K

    모우라 !!! 언제나 어디서나 응원합니다 !!!!!


    Give us Moura 💛♥️

  • Ed smith
    Ed smith

    Spurs great !!

  • Eduardio Reedzki III
    Eduardio Reedzki III

    Well it’s a good thing we didn’t sell Lucas this summer

    • cpa_p

      but, its too sad to Lucas he is loyalty

    • BEE KOOL
      BEE KOOL


  • Andrew S
    Andrew S

    Amazing man

  • Se K
    Se K

    보고싶어요 모우라! 꼭 다 낫고 뛰어주세요❤️

  • Hồng Ninh Mai
    Hồng Ninh Mai

    I love Lucas moura

  • 파리

    the man of UCL again he shall

  • Mailo


  • 정권교

    I'll remember your performance.

  • young Yung
    young Yung

    lucas~~~ we all love you from korea💖

  • BTSON혜안

    MOURA... 그리울거야 변함없이 응원할게 모두가 널 참 좋아해 가지마... love you 💜

    • BTSON혜안

      @Youl j 그래요?? 아..진짜 가짜뉴스에 낚임 고마워요😪💜

    • Youl j
      Youl j


  • 미리미리미리야

    경기장에 보고 싶은 모우라입니다. 빨리 회복되어서 다시 경기하는 것을 보고 싶어요. 모우라 파이팅입니다.

  • 김장군


  • SPower606

    Club League, he got us to the champions league final, Always remember Ajax

  • Larissa Stuart
    Larissa Stuart


  • Programming Thinking
    Programming Thinking

    a nice guy!

  • 블루잉

    부상 괜찮나? 보고 싶다. 그리고 오른쪽 윙백 좀 맡아줘 제발 =ㅁ=

  • Neil George
    Neil George


  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    모우라 이번시즌 이적했어야 했는데 안타깝네 이번시즌 쩌리경기에 나올것 같은데 다음시즌 꼭 이적하길 바래~

  • Georges Donaldo
    Georges Donaldo

    Moura we are waiting for you in thé chonpions league

  • In Zaki
    In Zaki

    Lucas 🤍

  • 웅

    모우라는 잊으면 안되지

  • Harry f1
    Harry f1

    Who else is crying 😢

  • S Mardi
    S Mardi

    COYS COYS COYS Legend Lucas...

  • 민쓱이유튜브

    Lucas i miss you !!🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • Claudia Vasile
    Claudia Vasile


  • 조니비

    우리 모우라!!

  • Wesley Stafford
    Wesley Stafford

    As well as we are doing now it hurts we can't fit this man in Conte's system. "hE hAs No EnD pRoDuct" is such a naive statement, this guy gives his all in every game. I hope we can re-sign him but can understand if he wants to leave. Wish we gave him enough game time to try and make the Brazilian national team as this could be his last chance to play in a world cup. Vamos Lucas Moura 🇧🇷 COYS COYS COYS COYS COYS

  • George 1961
    George 1961

    I think I was sitting just behind your family. I wondered who they were when they arrived with Lucas’s wife during the game v Wolves 😊

  • Conner

    본국인 브라질 리그서 훨훨 날아 오르기를....👍👍👍👍

    • Youl j
      Youl j

      안가요 팀에 남는다던데..

  • tonsk2k

    중용하긴 곤란하고 시즌 일정을 보아 내보내긴 아깝다는 거군..반면 벤치에서 곯기엔 루카스 스스로 자신의 재능과 시간이 아깝다.결국 콘테와 모우라의 시각 차 좁히기가 잔류의 관건

  • 보경


  • Izumrud3443

    140 yers of Tottenhem Hotspur🐓

  • David Vernon
    David Vernon

    His life story should be free to all... Not up for subscription... Please let us see it for free... 🇳🇿

  • Farfromit

    Had once in a lifetime game agains Ajax only to find out that Kane, who’s clearly not fit, starts in the CL final…

  • Sarah

    I miss him

  • 자 미친
    자 미친

    루카스 챔스4강서 케리했듯 다시돌아와서 케리해줘

  • life suffering Spurs Fan
    life suffering Spurs Fan

    Make it a monthly subscription and I might consider it

  • Jim K’ze  🤴🏻
    Jim K’ze 🤴🏻


  • A&K

    Love ya!

  • Tebeck Collins
    Tebeck Collins


  • Long Vũ Hoàng
    Long Vũ Hoàng


  • BigTimeGurter

    I wouldn't wait 2 years lol

  • Gae

    So hyped about this

  • Jeremiah Shingai Mandizha
    Jeremiah Shingai Mandizha

    AJAX vs TOTTENHAM unforgettable experience L.M

  • Romeo Messarides
    Romeo Messarides

    Come on spurs

  • Swagsterj18

    This has nothing with his doc but I’m genuinely wondering why Lucas is still at spurs? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE him and the way he plays football so much and he’s obviously a legend in this club but it feels like he’s kinda wasting years of his career by sitting on the bench like 85% of the games, he’s a class player that deserves play time which he definitely could get in a club that doesn’t have players like Kane who obviously is hard to replace. Does anyone know why he’s still at the club tho because I’m glad to have him but I don’t feel like I really could see a reason for him wanting to stay?

    • Mora Siregar
      Mora Siregar

      @Swagsterj18 maybe yes he's already feel like home at Spurs. But I also think that he now has a mindset of a father who working for his family rather than an ambitious player. So, as long as he's getting paid, he'll be fine and give his best for the money.

    • Swagsterj18

      @Mora Siregar thank you!! I still feel bad for him tho😭 i don’t really understand why he wants to sit on the bench instead of going somewhere where he could at least start some games, maybe he’s just very comfortable in London?

    • Mora Siregar
      Mora Siregar

      Actually from the news back from the summer. Conte have been in private talk with him and says that He would probably don't get that much of playtime under him. So, Conte offered him to go so he can have his career, but he refused and said that he's fine waiting on the bench.

  • lilmin릴민

    Is he leave this club??

  • AB형 ENTP-T
    AB형 ENTP-T

    한국 예능인줄 알았네;

  • ultrAslan


    • BEE KOOL
      BEE KOOL

      @ultrAslan he will be staying at spurs thanks 😊

    • ANDRS


    • ultrAslan

      @BEE KOOL what lol bro ?

    • BEE KOOL
      BEE KOOL

      No lol

  • asdfack

    모우라 교체선수 말고 윙백 골 보고싶소. 한번 어떻게안될까요 콘테 감독님과모우라님.

  • 토티야

    한국어 패치좀 해주라 그러면 가입해서 볼텐데

  • 테라파파

    모우라 좋아요


    Can Lucas fam speak Engles or only him

  • wssr shy
    wssr shy

    yeey mouraa spurs win euhrrn

  • primitivo