when you see this clown, do not try to cross the bridge! Run Away FAST!!
when you see this clown, do not try to cross the bridge! Run Away FAST!!
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  • JosieCreatez

    Stromedy 2 minutes into the video: The clowns don't let normal humans cross the bridge. Stromedy 25 minutes into the video: We'll have to cross the bridge to get to the drone! Me: *Casually eating cereal at 7:06 P.M. on Wednesday night hoarding my brothers computer and waiting for the last Thursday of my school year*

    • Belle


    • Pibbz

      Lol That is so funny

  • Ali MacLeod
    Ali MacLeod

    Bruh I love how this man comes up with crazy ideas and when he says them it’s like his friends didn’t even know about what they were doing

  • Rishi Dhillon
    Rishi Dhillon

    When you were at the suspension bridge I swear I saw something fall down 😬

  • It’s.Terra⚡️#PostiveVibezOnly

    9:48 I saw something in the woods when y’all were walking down the bridge and Kyle went hold up and y’all heard a laugh I saw like a white shape of a face

  • charles bryceland
    charles bryceland

    *kyle gets attacked by a clown* me:*screams* *video ends* me:but what about kyle wheres he gone?? *the nexg video kyle is in the video*

    • 👻Ghosty Ghoul👻
      👻Ghosty Ghoul👻

      A robot.. clone for every video 😶

    • Kimberley Farrer
      Kimberley Farrer

      @Jill vs clementine resident evil vs twd he is doing it for us

    • Hassan Mahmood
      Hassan Mahmood

      Me to why it is so many twins wait h

    • Hassan Mahmood
      Hassan Mahmood

      Me to

    • Kristina Zakareviciute
      Kristina Zakareviciute

      yea how he in the other vids but the clowns got them

  • ScarBlayd

    Stromedy: few have past the bridge and survived, but there's many articles about people who are brave enough to cross the bridge. Me: holds rifle then loads it, get ready mother flippers.

    • shanya walker
      shanya walker

      That is brave

    • owais mansoor
      owais mansoor

      DOOM music kicks in

    • Lion Mania
      Lion Mania

      Hiiiiiiiii loooo bbbnnn

    • Cosmic

      Lol 😂

    • dragglock edna
      dragglock edna

      @ScarBlayd hi

  • Kim Sutton
    Kim Sutton

    Wanna see the clown part of this episode? Then click this! 19:00

  • Kane Shuttleworth
    Kane Shuttleworth

    You should hide and throw eggs and tomatoes at the clowns haha

  • Alice Mcgrath
    Alice Mcgrath

    Just imagine how many drones he loses

  • Elaine Paterson
    Elaine Paterson

    Stromedy:keep a look out guys. Everyone:ok.*stares at screen and nobody keeps a look out

  • Nick Siciliano
    Nick Siciliano

    Whoever reads this know that your loved God and Jesus love you💜

    • Ali Abbas
      Ali Abbas

      nor god exist nor jesus but allah

    • Natasha Lammers
      Natasha Lammers


  • Jacinta Honnibal
    Jacinta Honnibal

    Imagine that was the cloud coming up with the water in the river

  • Teya Alzghoul
    Teya Alzghoul

    Me watching and seeing all the drones Mind: how many drones has this dude got and lost

    • Lilly Gibbons
      Lilly Gibbons

      I know 😏

  • H Marston
    H Marston

    I love your videos❤️ it’s a bit creepy now 😯

  • Neng a Vang
    Neng a Vang

    Lol Imagine being an eagle and then seeing a clown XD

    • Karl Taylor
      Karl Taylor


    • Jayden Rizzo
      Jayden Rizzo

      I would go down and keep pecking it until it died

  • Boba ASMR
    Boba ASMR

    It’s because we’re in this for us to find some clowns

    • Mel Geary
      Mel Geary


  • Jessica Velasquez
    Jessica Velasquez

    it is funny how he gets dragged and in to some where and he is fine next video

  • Artemis

    Me: *sees red balloons* Oh Hi Pennywise :D

    • Clowne fan
      Clowne fan


    • Mr mango
      Mr mango


  • Chris webster
    Chris webster

    My brother:this video seems fun Me: u will get nightmares My brother: he gets nightmares Me: don't say I didn't warn ya Mum: *brothers name* What's wrong

  • Weird Wendy
    Weird Wendy

    21:25 the clown almost fall and the way his leg broke make me laugh so hard🤣🤣

    • Smokey & Bandit The Crazy Doritos
      Smokey & Bandit The Crazy Doritos

      Lol fast forwarding to 21:25 now, Tysm!

  • BoxedBozo69

    I know when the drone lost signal that part was fake cause you can see his phone and it's on lol

  • Eveline

    The Clown very confident on that bridge well me if im the clown if i look down I will go back to the forest 😂 ( The Dangerous Part )

  • Mushroom games
    Mushroom games

    yo it's weird af bc jana said at the start that she wasn't going into the water, but as soon as the clown laughs came she was about to jump in, also the man at the start was doing what jana was doing, its was like she was possessed or something

  • Duck_loser_rose

    I'm serious but i saw a few clowns before and after the drone..

  • yng.chamberx

    16:44 there’s a person on the left side.its just standing

    • Harley

      Was it the white thing ?

    • Lisa Lawrence
      Lisa Lawrence

      Ik I seen it too

  • Kane and Callie
    Kane and Callie

    How does the clown ever chase you on the drone and find you

  • •~normal_gacha_girl~•

    26:30 Bro why u just stand there and put the drone down and when the clown got close u pick the drone up and start running 😶

  • Noah Geraj
    Noah Geraj

    I’ve just started watching stromedy and he is amazingggggggg g!,!,!!?.

  • rainbowdashunicorn06

    Me: A So Scared Clowns Are Totally My Biggest Fear Kyle: OMFG Yes They Are Jana: Oh Believe Her Kyle It Probably Isn't

    • rainbowdashunicorn06

      Hi Fav Member #andrey/andrey Potter. LOL.

  • Kathleen Contreras
    Kathleen Contreras

    stromedy: when the clown starts to charge he will move the drone up also stromedy: dosent do anything but move it back

    • Noe Fuentes
      Noe Fuentes

      Its true he always does that for real

  • Riza Velasquez
    Riza Velasquez

    I've heard it. I'm so lucky I'm staying home

    • Silver Midnight gamer girl
      Silver Midnight gamer girl


  • Michele Walker
    Michele Walker

    When they hear the laugh I think I saw a clown face

  • syon spares
    syon spares

    I actually jumped off a waterfall it was crazy l almost hit my head on a rock

  • Mohamad Husaini
    Mohamad Husaini

    24:00 why not bring the drone up LOL🤣

  • ``𝚈𝚞𝚒𝚔𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚖𝚊.

    Jana: I wanna go swimming... Me: BRO DONT GET POSSESED BY SOMETHIN

    • sonda Adams channel
      sonda Adams channel

      me too

    • BTS ARMY
      BTS ARMY

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BTS ARMY
      BTS ARMY

      This clown is very dangerous clown😯😯😮😮

    • BTS ARMY
      BTS ARMY

      That's a real clown

    • rainbow_5678 legend king
      rainbow_5678 legend king


  • The singing person
    The singing person

    At 16:43 on the cliff when your turning I think I saw a clown

  • MajorDom58

    Me: Sees the sign saying “ I’m ok drowning today “ Also Me: Laughs

  • Cyber life
    Cyber life

    I have't seen this video in a long time i saw it but i have not seen it in a long time love it

  • Bellays✨


  • Da Nub _Official
    Da Nub _Official

    Me: WHY IS THE CLOWN LAUGHING!!! My Brain: I think he’s watching Memes. Me: Hmmm, ok not my problem anyway.

    • 《•Levi.Ackerman.is.hotter.than.you•》


    • Kane Shuttleworth
      Kane Shuttleworth



      Clowns:hahahahahahah hahaha Kid:this man is crazy Clowns:MEMES MORE MEME MEMES

    • Sammiera Smith
      Sammiera Smith

      @Ahmad Nashrul Mubin loop w moo loop on the one that 😴😴😴😴🤓🤓 loo are we going well with 💯💯🙃 op we lol as well and we loo and I love u 😊 looks like Koo a little girl isn't that I am Nik Koo we look at the ii o lol and I will be in 💙💙💙💙💙

    • Ahmad Nashrul Mubin
      Ahmad Nashrul Mubin

      Hahhahhahahah I think he watch among us meme

  • Ireland

    I could hear laughing at 10:09 by clowns 🤡

  • Lia Magsino
    Lia Magsino

    I just saw two clowns coming to get you at the wood bridge

  • Bobbi Bogner
    Bobbi Bogner

    Stromedy:look there on the other side like the danger side Stromedy:HOW DID U GET OVER THERE astrometric:what r they saying? me:umm there is literally and curve right there that u can’t go around and make it to other side….

    • ieshia mccoy
      ieshia mccoy


  • Hunted_Blaze_Lazer 2
    Hunted_Blaze_Lazer 2

    If i would be in that brige i would take out my shoe and throw it on the fool

  • Joy Taylor
    Joy Taylor

    Me*hears clown laughs*..........stromady*dude it sounds like someone's calling us*.......me*runs*me*bye felicia

    • Leah Ann
      Leah Ann

      STROMEDY is his IRglo channel name his real name is Kyle. #IThink

    • Katrina Taylor
      Katrina Taylor

      HaHaHa *you*bye felicia*me*fuck this shit I'm out🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅

    • Nicolette Matoeka
      Nicolette Matoeka


    • Bianca Jade
      Bianca Jade


  • Sienna Marie Gonzales
    Sienna Marie Gonzales

    Who else watch this randomly one day and a suddenly it's your favorite videos to watch

  • Froggydoe

    I’ve been a fan for 14 and I’m been there in that forest and if I was you I wouldn’t go

  • PhoeniXx

    12:19 look to the left😳

    • Samantha Jankowski
      Samantha Jankowski

      Whoa someone is chasing her

  • Rachel Caskey
    Rachel Caskey

    time 5:14/27:19 there is another bridge

  • Anders Pedersen
    Anders Pedersen

    Me: wondering how many drones this dude has lost’wasted’ or gotten ruined by a fricking clown or killer

    • stream961

      H I will be a little

    • stream961

      Many people want me to be a bit of a different person

    • stream961


    • Aicha Ndiaye
      Aicha Ndiaye

      Agree lol

    • Love.Tora_

      14 probably

  • Aquamarine King
    Aquamarine King

    You guys shouldve toaunted the clown that would have been so funny XD

    • Erica Ortiz
      Erica Ortiz

      Yeah I hear the clown voice🎃🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🦎🏚🏪

    • Erica Ortiz
      Erica Ortiz

      Yeah I hear the clown voice🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Smokey & Bandit The Crazy Doritos
      Smokey & Bandit The Crazy Doritos


  • Mr mango
    Mr mango


  • Pineapple pizza
    Pineapple pizza

    I’ve been a fan of stromedy squad for 3 years

  • bestie squad 🥰🥰
    bestie squad 🥰🥰

    It's so scary 😱 l afraid of 🤡 clowns when any Normal clown is coming to me l was running l can't leave there in one second even my dad

  • Summer.x.rose.x X
    Summer.x.rose.x X

    Me seeing clowns on the bridge👁👄👁 Me walking across the bridge and not caring🚶🏻‍♀️ Clowns jump at me 🤡 Me screams 😱 Me faints🤕 Clowns take me and kidnap me ☠️ Me waking up 👁👃🏻👁

    • S A P H I R R E
      S A P H I R R E

      Nope not possible

    • GREEN 212
      GREEN 212

      Ok noce

    • FantaCrystall

      R.I.P oof :0

    • SkullyB

      Nice story

    • Claire Horoch
      Claire Horoch

      When I see clown I sream so loud my dad runs away xd

  • Holly Blackett
    Holly Blackett

    In the cabins if I see a clown out my window in passing out goodbye Dies.

  • Dee Snuts
    Dee Snuts

    "clown laughs" when i live 2 mins away from the bridge

  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos

    You guys are scaring me so much right naw

  • My dog and me
    My dog and me

    Stromdy : oh I didn't even notice that sine Girlfriend: her face be like😦

  • Lillian Stetina
    Lillian Stetina

    When you said "lets explore the left side" I saw red paint on the tree stump

    • November Sue
      November Sue

      That's some one dressed up

    • Mackenzie Edgemon
      Mackenzie Edgemon


    • Lillian Stetina
      Lillian Stetina

      Yeah, prob

    • ostrich09


    • ostrich09

      ya blood

  • Indeahpru do Davis
    Indeahpru do Davis

    This is scary but fine at the same time

  • 1lulbabyk

    When the clown almost fall tryna dance I died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Toca Boca Channel
      Toca Boca Channel


  • 💮•*moon rose*•💮
    💮•*moon rose*•💮

    Me sees a clown Also me pushes everbody out the way:shes a runner shes a track star

    • ReinPlayz


    • Nieema hinkson
      Nieema hinkson


  • Reece Burgess
    Reece Burgess

    I saw a clown 2 years ago at Halloween 🎃 and the clown looked like that clown on the bridge with balloons Creepy jk not

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith

    Stromedy: I’ll show you the sign in a sec” *he doesn’t show the sign* me: BRUH-

  • moondrop

    I've literally been there before

  • Keighley Larkings
    Keighley Larkings

    Bird Tran Man 🤜🏽🤛🏻 and Also I’ve gotten lost in there and trust me there was CLOWNS 🤡 CHASING ME- sus trees

  • David Buffum
    David Buffum

    I am on my bus to school and I saw THIS OMG AMAZING VID

  • #Super _ sisters
    #Super _ sisters

    The time mark is 17:15 it’s either a cross, a clown or a scarecrow. It looks like it’s on top of the tree but the tree could be blocking our view to see the legs.

    • Leonard Mugisha
      Leonard Mugisha

      It does

  • VeiruQII

    11:49 to the right a clown is standing there lil

    • Samantha Jankowski
      Samantha Jankowski

      It’s ok and whoa

    • VeiruQII

      I mean 11:44

  • Kizzy Gaul
    Kizzy Gaul

    I swear I saw something fall off the suspension bridge

  • Gretchen Bohannon
    Gretchen Bohannon

    I'm just not sure if you're right in it right to see you!

  • Shadow Ex
    Shadow Ex

    These videos are clickbait But I LOVE THEM

  • ilylia

    That clown dancing looks like larray on their pole LOL

  • Eva Ferreira
    Eva Ferreira

    I saw a red thing I was scared to death

  • Natalie Addison
    Natalie Addison

    me: oh there is the sign:>

  • Arshia Chohan
    Arshia Chohan

    IDK about there videos being real because I have never heard there are clowns anywhere

  • Youngboy fan
    Youngboy fan

    16:42 on the ground

  • Nina Saunders
    Nina Saunders

    when the clown was on the bridge it looked like his feet kept. getting stuck... but he kept skipping like nothing happened the clown is probably a hallucination so are the balloons

    • TJ Taxcos
      TJ Taxcos


    • idk what im doin-
      idk what im doin-

      thn hiw do we see it?

  • Graves Family
    Graves Family

    After it got hit you can see it still working