Power Tools Racing Is INTENSE!!
How Ridiculous
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  • Pooja’s World
    Pooja’s World


  • Morgan Chills
    Morgan Chills


  • Shelby Moreci
    Shelby Moreci

    Me “What side are y-“

  • U:P

    They allmost stab each other😅

  • 誤字べる


  • The_ Anonymous
    The_ Anonymous

    The cleaner: “nah I’m out”

  • Pokerfan Fanner
    Pokerfan Fanner

    Fun fact: the person who always started off last, always win in the end

  • Nilesh Patil
    Nilesh Patil

    Them playing silently the cameraman be like: ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh.. 🤣

  • Katleho Mokoatle
    Katleho Mokoatle

    “WOW ITS SO TIGHT” 😂😂😂😂

  • Kassiah Jones
    Kassiah Jones

    I always love watching these 😁

  • Foolishly

    "Ohhh shit it's soooo tiiiight!"

  • for us
    for us

    These look like so much fun.

  • Aidan Daniel Ortega
    Aidan Daniel Ortega

    Every time I’ve watched these so far red has never won

  • Ethan Pulig
    Ethan Pulig

    The guy recording sounds like Lemongrab from Adventure Time 😂😂

  • Vivek Rao
    Vivek Rao

    Woowee yeeesss screaming like pregnent lady in hospital ward waiting for final moment

  • JN Antagonist
    JN Antagonist

    Bro almost stabbed each other 💀

  • Zuhair Solomons
    Zuhair Solomons

    "it's soooooooooo tighttttt"

  • Lupe Dozier
    Lupe Dozier

    That looked fun!!

  • R.K

    I actually love all of their videos 🤣🤣

  • Christopher Primm
    Christopher Primm

    Yellow actually lost, one candle was still lit towards the end.