Meet The GERMAN FREAK Who Could Replace LONZO BALL As The Lakers Point Guard!
This GERMAN FREAK Is A 6'10 Point Guard! The Lakers Drafted ISAAC BONGA Who One Day Could START Over Last Year's #2 Pick LONZO BALL!
The DLoading experiment lasted just two seasons, by no means did he underperform. But his improvement was overshadowed by an off-court related incident with teammate Swaggy P. From that point forward it was curtains for Russell, who was soon traded away to Brooklyn. As the entire organization embraced the arrival of Lonzo Ball fully buying into the hype that he was the guy. However, a year onwards, although I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’ve given up on him. The addition of Rajon Rondo and the prospect of him starting makes me question whether their as committed to the Lonzo experiment as they were last year, the signing of LeBron James also shifts the team’s focus completely. Zo is very much still in Magic and Pelinka’s long-term plans, but a recent under the radar pickup Isaac Bonga, could one day threaten the oldest ball bro and make that Lakers starting point guard position his own. Now, this isn’t a prediction or the most probable outcome, a lot depends on the assumption he’s developed correctly and let’s say the Lakers don’t just go out and land a guard of Damian Lillard’s caliber and that’s because.
Isaac Bonga is one of those low-risk high reward prospects, standing at 6 foot 10 with an incredible 7 foot wingspan. He’s an international who was ESPN ranked the 58th best prospect of this year’s draft class. Born and bred in Germany as apart of an athletic bloodline. Two of his siblings play soccer in 3rd tier of German soccer, while Isaac prior to the NBA worked his way up from a local streetballer, to apart of the national team. He’s played professionally in the German Bundesliga since 2016. At Frankfurt, where he stood out and emerged as an upcoming European talent, last November at just 17 he earned a call-up to the German first team, to represent his country at the 2019 fiba world cup qualifiers. A few months later he’d make his senior debut against Serbia, which saw him become the youngest German to do so in over 40 years. Bonga’s size, versatility, athleticism combined with his creativity, instincts and intensity makes him an extremely unique prospect. Who at the NBA level can legitimately play anywhere from the 1-4, Mo Wagner another one of the lakers 3 European pickups on first sight believed him to be another center. His passing is terrific and so is his court vision, which is most likely a result of his height that allows him to see over the defenses. This guy has one man fast break on hall of fame already, he has the ability to grab a board and move in transition, get into the lane and making plays. Players with those physical tools and such a high of a basketball IQ are rare. Already 6’10 still growing, as his frame continues to fill out he maintains his quickness and elite coordination. Isaac can handle the ball comfortably both get his own and create for his teammates. He has a variety of creative dribble moves that range from operating the pick and role to shifting his way around opponents. His length and intensity serve him well on defense putting no ceiling on his potential on that side of the floor. Bonga is still a raw and progressing project, a demigod with some noticeable weaknesses that can’t be ingored. His shooting overall is sub par, and being able to add a consistent jumpshot to his game would enhance his probability of reaching his full potential drastically. So far it’s been slow, Bonga was the 14th of 15 player selected to make the summerlegaue roster. His impact was minimal averaging just 2 points and a rebound per game, but remember at 18 he’s just a kid one who’s yet to scratch the surface of his potential, that could just as likely never be reached. He’s a risk, which is why he fell to the second round and was given away for cash. But in the second round there’s no harm in taking a gamble, if you don’t buy a ticket you don’t win the raffle. Next season we’ll probably see Bonga deployed to the G-League, where he could end up spending a couple of seasons. A move back overseas isn’t impossible either.
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  • metaphorical tactics
    metaphorical tactics

    Magic Johnson is on record saying that one of the reasons Rondo is on this team is because he wanted a veteran pg to help mentor Lonzo, that being said, I agree that Isaac Bonga is an intriguing young prospect.

  • Abraham Horowitz
    Abraham Horowitz

    I do feel Bonga will get developed properly, but I don't see him taking the pg spot from Lonzo with the way Ball is being pushed by Rondo. I can see him finding a place on the Lakers as a point forward off the bench. Isaac is such an interesting player, and I love his potential. I hope he does reach his potential, but he's easily 2 years away from pushing for a spot on the Lakers.

  • Rocky Nguyen
    Rocky Nguyen

    i had some high hopes on Bonga for 2 years now but his summer league showing was extremely piss poor. Every boxscore i took a look at the dude would play 8-20 minutes and get around 3-7 turnovers per game no cap, that is atrocious especially since its in the summer league. Hes still young but hes not "replacing" Lonzo any time soon

    • humanoffer

      it was just mainly travels which can sorta be fixed

    • Patrick

      @MYGOD I fux with Ingram but you tripping that's LeBron James he is the MVP of the past decade lol

    • not human
      not human

      Rocky Nguyen summer league means nothing... you've had high hopes of him since he was 16? Maybe be more patient with teenagers bro. He's got a lot of time to grow and blossom

    • MYGOD

      he is no Brandon Ingram who is the MVP on the team and will pull use to the Playoffs.

  • Eric Daniel Toom
    Eric Daniel Toom

    Love the videos lately DKM, easily my favorite offseason content channel💯🔥

  • bradda kimo
    bradda kimo

    Didn't do well in Summer League. Couple seasons in the G League - at least. Definitely need to work on his shots and making good decisions, then maybe he might have a chance.

  • jam_gyul

    There's a reason why Lakers kept him. Hoping for his success one day 💪

  • DKM

    For what they gave up to get him, I think Isaac is a great pickup for the lakers. He needs developed no doubt, and won’t be a hit overnight. These freaks are hit or miss, but when they hit they hit BIG. Do you think that some years down the line, on the chance he reaches his full potential. Could one day start for the lakers, and become their point guard of the future? Not a prediction, but what’s impossible these days in this sport!

  • Jake Miller
    Jake Miller

    If Ball and this German prospect develop into good players they could make a nasty defensive gaurd combo. That length would be scary. That is a big if cause one of these two will need to develop a nice 3 ball to play the 2 guard.

  • Lawaski Chisolm
    Lawaski Chisolm

    PG No.... PF would be great for him. Lamar Odom type player. He needs to work on getting stronger and shooting

  • Adam Guerrero
    Adam Guerrero

    As a laker fan I would love to see Bonga flourish into a star but it’s highly unlikely

  • Xiaolong Lee
    Xiaolong Lee

    That guy will be starting PG for LA DFenders hahaha

    • terrell jones
      terrell jones


    • Derrel Bowers
      Derrel Bowers

      Not even. He is severely raw. Barely could jump😂

    • J Loading
      J Loading

      Latrell Walters aye Marcy any read on my lunch?

    • Xiaolong Lee
      Xiaolong Lee

      @theophilus sparks Start? from what team? i would rather be "stupid" on LA G-League team rather than thinking this guy will be a starter (in NBA) hahaha You actually sounds stupid!

    • theophilus sparks
      theophilus sparks

      Then don't make stupid remarks like that. He'll be brought along slowly and tutored by Miles Simon and Co. He's 2-3 years away from a start

  • L00kiii

    First G-League Game: 27 pts, 9 reb with 18 (!)... this guy is insane!!

  • TheLakerFanNexXDoor

    After what I saw in summer, Bonga never making an NBA roster seems more plausible.

  • Nikola Jakovljevic
    Nikola Jakovljevic

    He could be Giannis 2.0 and new Bruno Caboclo

  • European Basketball
    European Basketball

    He's listed at 6-9, not 6-10. And let's hold off on this kind of hype...he averaged 6 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 2.2 assists in the German League, on a mediocre team last year. And German League is way below EuroLeague level.

  • My penis is incredibly tiny, but
    My penis is incredibly tiny, but

    I know you resisted the urge to compare him to Giannis

    • Pat47

      Brian Scalabrine he plays giannis like but he isn't the freak giannis is. He was drafted based on potential, and I can see him being an impactful role player.

  • Travis Rainey
    Travis Rainey

    Man you owe the ball family some royalties 😂

  • G G
    G G

    I think rondo can teach him more then he can teach Lonzo "since Lonzo apperantly got the best court vision and IQ 😂😂 he don't need Rondos help" and I'm sure he can average the same numbers playing PG if not better, (but only if he gets the same minutes Lonzo was getting last year tho) he'll taller,more aggressive, good vision, great pick up for Lakers wait till he developes more and puts on that 💪 he's going to be like a mini Magic

  • marquis green
    marquis green

    They already confirmed Lonzo starting until he reaches a full recovery this guy ain’t replacing nobody not magic number one boy

  • KCJ

    Lonzo just got a new jumpshot, he's about to go off. You were better off saying Rondo will start.

  • Dominion

    I'm sure this player is talented but L.A. Lakers loves Lonzo. Cause he's talented, home grown and went to high school, college and now playing pro in Southern Cal.

  • Willy Prince
    Willy Prince

    No chance, he needs a lot of experience and confidence.

  • Ray Allen’s Jumper
    Ray Allen’s Jumper

    His floater game is strong 💪💪💪

  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams

    Issa also a 63 overall in my team

  • Kordell 98
    Kordell 98

    How can he replace Lonzo if it's not even confirmed that Lonzo is the starter?

    • Steezo Matic
      Steezo Matic

      DKM nah rondo start look on 2k real roster

    • Ev G
      Ev G

      DKM how can Rondo start in the playoffs if they haven’t even clinched the playoffs yet😂🤔

    • Hans Pertie
      Hans Pertie

      DKM u really a hater doe 🤔

    • Adam V
      Adam V

      You’re tripping if you don’t think Lonzo will be the opening day starter. Sure maybe rondo will replace him later on in the season but it’s Lonzos job to loose. Like you said it’s not confirmed he’ll start, but that’s just to light a fire under his ass

    • DKM

      Imo Lonzo will start reg season and rondo in playoffs

  • Once You Pop You Cant Stop
    Once You Pop You Cant Stop

    Whats outrageous is that I can feel the "lonzo hatin" although you might not even see it yourself!!! Zo is a 12-15 year NBA starter and Isaac Bongas potential is a 10-11 man as a PointForward NOT A PG!!!! See if you knew a little about Basketball (outside your PC) You would know that everything is about Matching Up on Defense so Isaac WOULD NEVER BE A PG...EVER!!!!

  • Enique Mason
    Enique Mason

    He could be another Greek freak just develop and grow into the position and be a player with zo vision and Simmons physical attributes

    • Enique Mason
      Enique Mason

      Also tryna get tht 2k definitely!

  • Caceus D.Rolex
    Caceus D.Rolex

    Let's see what he can do, good fit to me

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson

    Lonzo ball is going to be good fam 🌊🏚🔥

  • Davide Barbieri
    Davide Barbieri

    I saw him play when he was still in Germany.He is NEVER as good Lonzo Ball

  • Gardner Russell
    Gardner Russell

    Why all the hate towards Bonga? He's very young. A work in progress. Who tears it up at his age. Has potential.

  • E.T Way to savage
    E.T Way to savage

    He has a similar body build to Zion


    We will keep Ball!

  • DVo

    @ the very least he'd make a strong backup PG...

  • Vmann2103

    I dont know where you get your info, but ROndo is a bench player and Lonzo will start. Also, Rondo is meant to mentor Lonzo, Reaching son.

    • DKM

      Rondo is starting

  • Alan Pinho
    Alan Pinho

    He was a surprise in draft and is a long way away from playing in the NBA. Perhaps he will demonstrate ability in G League?

  • F

    3:30 that dunk tho lmao

  • OkayOscar

    please do a video about the JBA USA team

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    Keep up the grind

  • jorge ruiz
    jorge ruiz

    Bring him to the bulls !!!!

  • Khockzilla

    Damn I thought bonga was a generated rookie in 2k lol

  • JustShaun

    For those of you talking shit about his summer league keep in mind turnovers are easy to improve

  • B Kelly
    B Kelly

    Keep up The grind my guy 😩🤧🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯👅💦 BBB

  • Hoodie Skies
    Hoodie Skies

    KAT was the #1 pick, the lakers had the 2 pick. How could they have pasted on KAT if he was already drafted

  • spencer

    you do realize bonga gas like a 2 inch vertical right? this definately is not happening

  • Elijah Bryce
    Elijah Bryce

    I just watched Jiedels Trailblazer rebuild and they had Isacc at an 80, 4th season lmao 18:54

  • G G
    G G

    Tell me why I think he'd be a good candidate to fake an injury and pull a Ben Simmons and sit out a year and hit the weight room and practices with Rondo and Hart this man's has a chance to be Special

  • EkDa Beast
    EkDa Beast

    Lakers r lucky they ain’t choose Okafor

  • Wee0078

    I love it how your hype his fastbreak and other things just before we watch him eat shit at 3:28 #greatness

  • Patrick

    he will most likely never play PG they tried the same thing with Giannis because he can dribble does not make him able to run point. He will never be a point guard but he may be able to come down court with the ball without turning it over.

  • Johbee Squad
    Johbee Squad

    U must of not seen him play in summer league he was ass each time he got the ball it was a turnover and I know cuz I’m a laker fan and seen every laker summer league game

    • Broderick Johnson
      Broderick Johnson

      He's 18 give time,pol are willing to give #2 all the time he needs this guy has a huge upside.

    • Tar2185

      Once he becomes use to the speed of the American game, then I will critique his game.

    • aaronhannig

      Ur fucking dumb bro ur don't know anything about the game of basketball bro

    • Saucy Boi
      Saucy Boi

      BeingWokeTV fucking idiot is nowhere to be seen now. Realized he’s a complete dumbass

    • jdn

      bruh u dumb asf he had like 1 or 2 bad games u clearly dont know shit and probs another lonzo hater

  • Nicky Ko
    Nicky Ko

    dude has great physical attributes but to reach his full potential, he’s gonna sit out for at least 2-3 years or even longer so no idt lakers are going to waste time on him when they are playoff contenders with lebron’s signing

  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien

    you're kinda making it sound like he averaged 15 a game in the bbl while in reality he averaged like, i think, 4. that is not very impressive, coming from own experiences out of germany. he probably would have been on his way to become a solid euroleague player but instead entered the draft. and did so way too early.

  • The Bad Guy
    The Bad Guy

    3:28 did dude just land on his head??😂😂💀

  • Cortez Fernandez
    Cortez Fernandez

    This is ridiculous! Bonga won't be a full time NBA starter as a pg.....maybe not EVER. Over the next 3 years, he'll likely get better but Ball will also and each and EVERY skill Ball has is far better than Bongas. At best Bonga will come off the bench in 3 -5 yrs as a swiss knife 6th man type. Ball is just FAR better with FAR more potential than Bonga.

    • DKM

      I agree with u for now bro

  • xNitrodan

    Why does he look so fragile though. Like it looks like anything can knock him down.

  • Nash Kepler
    Nash Kepler

    D.K.M is the G.O.A.T

  • Blam Spot
    Blam Spot

    The aftermath of his dunk at 3:28 is ridiculous! Looks like a face plant.

  • Deshaun621

    DAMN he also killed himself at 3:28 😂😂

  • _GrowLife

    He's fonna be starting in two seasons. Ball would out of LA by then.... Love you BBB but this guy is the future😤💨💨💨

  • nukesnipa1

    That landing at 3:30 scared the shit out of me....🤭

  • Percy Macaveli
    Percy Macaveli

    No way he 6'10

  • Gardner Russell
    Gardner Russell

    Patience. He's young and raw

  • Kristoffer Banares
    Kristoffer Banares

    Lonzo can’t be replaced!

  • Jason Pham
    Jason Pham

    3:30 he flips on his dunk

  • Jin Jitsu
    Jin Jitsu

    Rondo will replace ball as the starting pg. end of story!

  • Maureen Elam
    Maureen Elam

    he won't replace lonzo he's saw him play in summer league he plays wild and out of control

  • cc92103

    3:30 That spill was crazy.

  • CbabyDavy


  • Halo

    Well his shot looks better than that twisty, flick flip thing Lonzo has :)

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page

    Laker management likes big point guards, so give this kid a year or 2 in the G-LEAGUE.

  • MrSodaBelly

    His defense is TRASH! Foul trouble and turnover machine

  • Outer

    Lakers should have drafted Diop over this dude, Diop gonna be steal of the draft

  • Kenny Wefing
    Kenny Wefing

    I live near Frankfurt were he played and went to some of the games and i have a pic with him

  • LoneWolf 333
    LoneWolf 333

    Lonzo may never develop a jumpshot, his shoulders are too tired from carrying this channel 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Kenneth Velarde
    Kenneth Velarde

    He looks kind of uncoordinated but that will prolly get better while he develops in the NBA

  • Eat or Die Food Channel
    Eat or Die Food Channel

    I don’t get the lonzo hate he went 10/7/7 as a rookie pg and hurt most the season those are great numbers y’all don’t know shit about sports 😂

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown

    wow, good by Lonzo and Lavar. LOL

  • Kwalex

    It's funny looking at these negative comments and how they said these same exact things about Giannis.

  • Aloysius Nah
    Aloysius Nah

    Hmmm I mean, anyone could replace lonzo ball

  • Michael Thehawksfan
    Michael Thehawksfan

    bonga is a center 😂

  • ScarzChosenspokesmen

    Lol you bugging here DKM. Lonzo is a future all star and hall of famer. He was crazy good last year considering he couldn't score for shit. If some one like Kuzma doesn't score he's literally dead weight

  • Wander Barriola Jr
    Wander Barriola Jr

    I know him he a 58 ovr on nba live 19 😭😂

  • Wassim Akram
    Wassim Akram

    Bro make some other videos about Kostas or Luka or Jerami Grant and maybe do a season preview so you’d have 30 planned videos for a whole month

    • RareFamily 816
      RareFamily 816

      PEDROJELLO true


      nobody going to watch so what the point

  • George Kokalas
    George Kokalas

    Isaac Bonga is probably the next Bruno Caboclo.

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen

    To be honest Bonga played like Trash summer league had as much turn overs as points I think. He is going to have to flip a 180 to beat out ball.

  • BIG LO
    BIG LO

    4 months later, rondo and lebron hurt (old bodies) and lonzo balling out!

  • Hershy Gaming
    Hershy Gaming

    3:30 im dead 😂

    • Caiden Danielson
      Caiden Danielson

      Hershy Gaming fr I thought nobody noticed that 😂

  • Antonio Valmores Jr.
    Antonio Valmores Jr.

    bonga can play, besides there are many guard options way better than lonzo.. lonzo is still terrible..

    • LND Shit
      LND Shit


  • France Mata
    France Mata

    dont matter lebron will be handling the ball most of the time anyways

    • DKM

      Fr fr

  • Antt r
    Antt r

    Bonga is too green and raw. I think SVi will have a better career but u never know. Low risk high reward Wagner is gonna be good with lebron

  • Yankee Suave
    Yankee Suave

    He barley got any hops and he’s 6’10 barley touching the damn rim

  • 1400IGPlug

    In all likelihood he’ll never make the rotation

  • Ugo CentRiCTV
    Ugo CentRiCTV

    I’m impressed with the kid. He only 18

  • Molax

    did you guys see @3:30? that must have hurt.

  • Gina Pandili
    Gina Pandili

    as observe, yeah much better if bonga will be trained well to a 2 or 4 spot. he plays like lamar odom type...

  • Fantastic Bran
    Fantastic Bran

    For all those thinking this guy is hating... Please watch Ali's Highlights...

  • EGoated

    Two words : Hell No!

  • BlackNite

    He looks like Jordan!!!

  • Jason Santoso
    Jason Santoso

    But is he a stephen curry with a 40 inch vertical?

    • }Łøvé Sosa{
      }Łøvé Sosa{

      He can win three rookie of the year

    • EGoated

      He can't shoot like steph

    • Alexander Schmidt
      Alexander Schmidt

      He actually can shoot

    • Dominic Anderson
      Dominic Anderson

      This joke is lame bruh