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20kg Anvil + 45m Tower = Destruction.
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  • blunders

    4 days to freeze ?

  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor
    The Organic Chemistry Tutor

    That ice block got crushed!

  • Ben Duncan
    Ben Duncan

    HR in 2017: 20kg, this is pretty heavy, I'm pretty nervous

  • Mike Felber
    Mike Felber

    “This series is basically- We drop stuff on other stuff” The videos from 2018-2019 in this series are like my world legit lately. Soooo entertained by y’all !!

  • Falcon

    Herron managed to get 3 solid hits out of what could have been a minute long video! Well done!

  • Ryan McMenamin
    Ryan McMenamin

    For the future, a great way to hit it with more precision would be to use the vertical railing post as a marker, and hold the anvil say 6 inches out. Drop it once without the ice in place, see where it lands, then place the ice there. Should be easy to hit the same spot again since you know exactly where you dropped it from.

  • Rebecca Abrams-Flohr
    Rebecca Abrams-Flohr

    I was curious and decided to calculate how fast it would freeze. I got between 25 hours and 13 days, depending on the starting temperature of the water (assuming industry standard for walk in freezer temperature). The pinned comment indicates that they were using cold, but not freezing water to fill the bucket.

  • Harry

    You should drop that anvil on a slightly bigger anvil

  • Nexus Intake
    Nexus Intake

    My heart goes out to whoever climed the endless staircase with a 20 kilogram anvil for god knows how many times.

  • DALX. & ADNAMA Media
    DALX. & ADNAMA Media

    If my calculations are correct, the anvil was going 29.53 m/s

  • Sierra Deal
    Sierra Deal

    I love these videos!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Your channel is the G.O.A.T

  • Andrew Pawlack
    Andrew Pawlack

    Completely crushing Drop at

  • Clare

    “We drop stuff on other stuff”

  • William Sahlin
    William Sahlin

    Poor dude carrying that anvil up the stairs...

  • Vegetsu101

    It must have been quite a workout to carry that anvil all the way up!


    Dude seriously awesome job the camera movement and physics sold it so well always look forward to more

  • T-800

    I love how they considered this "a lot of power" meanwhile now they've dropped planes cars and boats.

  • Epic Gaming
    Epic Gaming

    It's so satisfying when they show it in slow mo

  • Erich Smith
    Erich Smith

    To Freeze that ice block I'm guessing around maybe 8 to 10 days, depending on the temperature of the freezer.

  • BigMint

    I know it sounds crazy but how about dropping anvil on a another anvil. LOL