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  • Donjuan10k

    It’s 3 am in Scotland my boy DKM be on it nonstop, appreciate you bro love your content 💪🏾💯

    • Jibismacaan

      @Jayus Scotland is a country in the UK you bozo.

    • DeMarcus Batista
      DeMarcus Batista

      @Jayus what you on about ya walloper

    • Andre C
      Andre C

      @Jayus bro stfu Scotland is the best country ever 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Mute Drums Daddy!!
      Mute Drums Daddy!!

      435 am in Texas wassup!?

    • Donjuan10k

      @Jayus get off my jawn

  • David H
    David H

    He's making the roster. They aren't playing him as much cuz they need to see who's worthy of keeping around especially since they already know they are keeping him. He's been the one I've liked the most attitude and struggle wise for years.

  • Dirt Shredder
    Dirt Shredder

    I'm taking my shot with this prediction. MJ and JB have seen enough and plan on signing Gelo! They are giving the time to the guys that need it! Its crystal clear that if Melo was in these games he would be splashing 3's! MJ and JB have seen this already in the scrimmages they had a month ago! Mark my words Gelo will be suiting up in a Hornets Jersey with Melo this year!

    • BH WORK
      BH WORK

      Thank you people don’t realize he was up there running scrims with the team lowkey 😂 off the books but you can’t just sign the guy you gotta make him take the proper steps which is why he’s in summer league but he’s definitely gonna get signed if people think MJ is gonna not keep his ROTY happy they crazy,

    • Samuel Trinh
      Samuel Trinh

      @Acecun Iono about your take. To me, a player who can create openings is someone who is capable of, by himself, create a wide-open shot for himself or others. If Gelo needs to use screens or a point guard to pass to him, then he is in fact not creating his own shots. Also, you say that Bouknight has been there longer? Isn't he two years younger than Gelo (age 20)? Overall, if I was a GM or coach, I would definitely develop Bouknight over Gelo. A confident floor general is the basic fundamental of a strong team.

    • Acecun

      @Jesus Pascual Gelo has shown that he can in fact create for himself utilizing screens and coming off the dribble. I believe Bouknight has just been there longer. The more consistent player is Melo

    • Jesus Pascual
      Jesus Pascual

      @Armonie Torres it still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a better player then Gelo. If you don’t see the disparity between them I don’t know what to tell you.

    • K- No
      K- No

      Doubt that

  • AMJ J
    AMJ J

    Manifestation= he definitely only played 11 minutes because he has a roster spot already and they’re letting the other people play.. Vernon Carey didn’t play the last game and nick richards didn’t play tonight’s game. Those are the two players that the coach and gm were talking about bringing them to the official roster if necessary.. gelo will be on the official roster🙌

    • Apprentice

      I hope so, I need some gelo ball live on tv

    • Apprentice

      @Maurice Mallari I sure hope so

    • Chris

      I really hope so

    • XO

      @Lai Lai great point 😭

    • Maurice Mallari
      Maurice Mallari

      He will get a G League roster spot at the minimum for sure


    I want him on a roster...... Don't care the team. As long as he gets touches, plays and minutes......I'm good.

    • wtfskilz

      Yo it would be cool if he played with his little brother though

    • Guy Wall
      Guy Wall

      @Bautisto Pacheco bro that’s not enough for Balls jock sniffers. They won’t be happy unless he’s starting and taking a ton of threes. They don’t want a team to win. They feel like he’s owed a starting spot and free range to chuck.


      @Bautisto Pacheco yes he will....playing and sniping as he is.

    • Bautisto Pacheco
      Bautisto Pacheco

      Well he won't get touches or play or get minutes if he even makes a team

    • BabyJoker 899
      BabyJoker 899

      Top him off already

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor

    Idc how he performs tbh, I just want to see him and Melo balling together in the NBA. I’m willing to buy tickets to see them play together, but not apart!

    • Iver Mectin
      Iver Mectin

      @Wildernesswolff it’s really sad that the fan boys even exist. We need to stop putting athletes and celebrities in this pedestal. They don’t give two shits about any of us. And the ball bros? Yea they really don’t care.

    • wtfskilz

      It would be pretty exciting to see.

    • ImJustbeingReal AndUSoundDumb
      ImJustbeingReal AndUSoundDumb

      That’s dumb lol. Idc if they play together or not. He’s been putting in work and he has talent. He deserves a spot on a roster💯You should want him to make it whether it’s with or without Melo and/or Zo

    • Guy Wall
      Guy Wall

      That’s never enough for ball fans. He HAS to make the team. Then… he has to get PT. Then… he has to start. Then…. It’s everyone else’s fault he isn’t playing well. Excuses just keep coming. If he can’t help a team win, he doesn’t deserve a spot on the roster.

    • ismael amaro
      ismael amaro

      Hornets vs bulls

  • Daniel Cerda
    Daniel Cerda

    If the hornets do t want him. Chicago will gladly take him!! I'm speaking for all of Chicago from the fans to the players to the front office to the owners! I speak for them! Chicago will take him 👍🏽

    • Aaron Lethal
      Aaron Lethal

      @Daniel Cerda the pistons already played him for clout .they def prolly regretting it rn

    • Daniel Cerda
      Daniel Cerda

      @5thGen nah you not

    • 5thGen

      Nah im good

    • Daniel Cerda
      Daniel Cerda

      @Kevis yesir! He could help the bulls off the bench his first year as he learns from DeRozan and Zach

    • Daniel Cerda
      Daniel Cerda

      @TheCut2009 That would be dope bro! Now I hope we get him so you can make your trip a reality 🤞

  • LeightonG

    Even if there’s a chance he don’t get on the hornets official roster that won’t be the end, he’s now shown these last few games he’s got what it takes and can hold his own, other teams will consider him more and perhaps give him opportunities now they’ve actually got something to work with

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    Liangelo Ball Statline per 3 Summer League Games 12/27 FG for a 44.45% 3PT% 44% 2/2 FT for a 100% 8 total Rebounds for 2.6 Rebound per game 2 Assist for 0.6 Assist per game 5 steals for a 1.6 steals per game 2 TO for 0.6 TO per game 34 total points for 11.3 PPG doing all of this on 15.6 MINUTES PER GAME!!! He's been showing his worth, he gotta get a spot

    • jpapp

      Now do all 5 games...

    • Surprise623er

      @FFRating no it really wasn't...he just doesn't know where to be on defense, hes always looking for a steal when he should be paying attention to who he's supposed to guard...he got back door cut like crazy

    • FFRating

      @Surprise623er how? His defense is good

    • Jonathan Soko
      Jonathan Soko

      He doesn't have to get a spot though. I'm not sure if y'all are new to this or what

    • D.j Phillips
      D.j Phillips

      Bruh DKM can stretch the hell out of a obvious topic without stating facts and he it is in one post.

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Great video again DKM, love to see this dedication 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • The Millennial Project
    The Millennial Project

    Gelo is like myplayer when you want your team to pass to you

    • Vic

      @The Millennial Project that shit feel like when you join rec with randoms on 2k

    • Vic

      @Lamour Glady Gesner no cap they tweakin

    • Lamour Glady Gesner
      Lamour Glady Gesner

      @Vic it's been 2 games that he been frozed by his teammates

    • Vic

      @The Millennial Project bro he be wide open and i be screaming at the screen “pass!!!!”

    • The Millennial Project
      The Millennial Project

      @Vic 😂😂


    Just happy to see this guy get his chance in the nba! Gotta love the ball brothers!

  • Mr Best
    Mr Best

    2:45 that quick release is quite impressive tbh

  • Poetik Flakko
    Poetik Flakko

    Gelo played Goated out there, he only played 8 minutes. Gelo would of put up 30 if he played longer

    • BliqTv

      Come to la gelo

    • Afro Kid
      Afro Kid

      He played 11 mins

    • Jeremy

      @Vik nah. Barnes is nice though

    • JB Skits
      JB Skits

      Y’all need to chill gelo would not put up 30

    • Denzel Mckenzie
      Denzel Mckenzie

      @Vik um just enjoy that chip yall got causeee yea 😭

  • Sir Ronnius Maximus
    Sir Ronnius Maximus

    Remember a while back...when lonzo said he didnt want gelo to go the G league route because "it's a bunch of dogs trying to fight for a spot".... well I think now we see what he means. It also seems like it's taking a toll on gelos mind. All the hate, and shitty energy being around crabs in a bucket....not an excuse. But its important to try to understand what we are looking at.

    • Big Lloyd
      Big Lloyd

      @Djscarecrows still applies im sure he wouldnt want that for the other brother as well if he didnt want it for melo

    • Cornelius Jackson
      Cornelius Jackson

      Summer league no g league

    • Djscarecrows

      Na ThAts what they said about Melo

    • Vic

      fax my guy

  • patrick roland
    patrick roland

    Feels like 2k watching the coaches decisions not to put him in on critical times

    • Elie K
      Elie K

      My boy! deadass feels that way

    • Jc Austintown1
      Jc Austintown1

      He does gets some playing time

    • Jc Austintown1
      Jc Austintown1

      Yeah I put him on the 93 hornets and he is on the bench

  • Cartier Cudi
    Cartier Cudi

    Coach is doing him just how borrego did melo in the beginning of the season

    • Richard Scott II
      Richard Scott II


    • SoTaBoY 99
      SoTaBoY 99

      Exactly they gotta be hungry and want it and win !

    • Jeremy

      @Michael couldn’t agree more!

    • Michael

      @Jeremy man man Man U should have seen everybody saying gelo deserves to be in the league he better than half of the 2021 lotto picks just of the first game. There is a reason for everything. In this situation he need to tune up his game just a little bit more.

    • Jeremy

      @breezy yeah but he can’t pass though he’s 5’4 he isn’t making the pass. That’s why he’s a pure score first guy.

  • Quinnpoppins Wambobbins Jaquan Jimbobo Heffery
    Quinnpoppins Wambobbins Jaquan Jimbobo Heffery

    *_hopefully they let Gelo get more experience thats the only way he'll find out more about not only the pro scene but about his own game, he obviously showed he can hit crazy shots, hustle, and be overall useful to the team its just he needs more game time fr!!_*

  • Ali Mojaddidi
    Ali Mojaddidi

    If he doesn’t make the nba but the g-league, at least we’ll be able to see him start every game and drop 25 a night

    • JB Skits
      JB Skits

      Bro quit disrespecting other g leaguers he won’t average 25 a night I’ll bet my life on that 😂💀

    • JB Skits
      JB Skits

      @Saidu Fofanah fr lol

    • Saidu Fofanah
      Saidu Fofanah

      😂😂 he’s not averaging that in the g league, if he even makes a g league roster.

    • ProdigyOnTop

      Bet he does great in the nba

    • Joe Amazing58
      Joe Amazing58

      if he does that they just gonna call him up to the rosters just to bench him, but he can get picked up by someone else during the season anything can happen

  • Kyle Gravel
    Kyle Gravel

    He’s probably trying to provoke a reaction to see how well or poorly he responds. At the end of the day he’s gotta be a team player and respect the system

    • CJ Gannon
      CJ Gannon

      @Amaziah Ya’ohsharal I'm confused, didn't Gelo shoot 6 threes in like 11 mins? That isn't letting the shooters shot? Take away the half court shot, and he was 1-5 from 3. I'd say he's getting quite a bit of shots.

    • Ssk-_-Dotz

      @Amaziah Ya’ohsharal exactly

    • Amaziah Ya’ohsharal
      Amaziah Ya’ohsharal

      You gotta let your shooters shoot. Also you gotta give the fans what they want to see. They’re literally there to see Gelo play for the most part.

    • Trevor Gibbs
      Trevor Gibbs

      Which is dumb.

  • Jonathan Fernandez
    Jonathan Fernandez

    They’ve seen enough of him in the first 2 games. He’s making the team.

  • thomas stevenson
    thomas stevenson

    He scored 8 points in 11 minutes. The coaching staff saw what they needed. That's wasn't a negative benching. That was a we like what we saw, let's look at other players

  • RJay Mac
    RJay Mac

    I think the limited minutes may be a good sign. We've seen what he can do, and that's Ball out. So the fair thing for these other players is to give them an opportunity to see what they can do. He may be locked in already. Best case scenario. To keep Melo happy, they'll sign him as long as he looks like he can compete, at all; which he's shown. Again, thats best case for this scenario.

  • marcus Yakou
    marcus Yakou

    Bouknight started like 0-5 and ended up with 23 so gelo was 3-9 so what he could of ended up 5-11 if the coach let him play

    • Alex

      Bouknight picked it up pretty quickly in the 2nd quarter n in the 4th quarter the lineup that was out there was playing pretty solid , still sucks liangelo only got 11 minutes tho

  • Maurice Mallari
    Maurice Mallari

    Respect bro! Hopefully we get to see Gelo in the league

  • RaiXVortex

    I think gelo already gotta spot but I wanna see him go off these last 2

    • Jack Livingstone
      Jack Livingstone

      he only has one more

  • CW

    He’s a role player and he played a good amount. Don’t have any problem with him being benched in summer league. He’s not a development priority which makes sense and is okay

  • J Money
    J Money

    I want him to get a roster spot so bad it just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Filthy Shortgame
      Filthy Shortgame

      @Rio Munoz whenever I have the opportunity to educate a young man, I generally take it. It’s my way of giving back, for me to have kept my mouth shut would have been criminal. That aside, if I am a LiAngelo ball hater, and I am not willing to stand by my hatred, and lie about it, that makes me weak and pathetic. Who knows, maybe I am? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • TI

      @Rio Munoz thank ya fa having my back tho bro 💯

    • TI

      @Rio Munoz Thanks bro n it’s ok bro God teaches us to be patient forgiving And at peace with everyone I wish nothing but the best for you bro and him Jesus Christ is King and he is building a army in these last days to crush the hate and evil in Jesus name God bless you brother 💯❤️🙏🏾

    • Deluxe Bulls
      Deluxe Bulls

      @TI you too 🙌

    • Rio Munoz
      Rio Munoz

      @TI don't apologize bruh..👍

  • Hector Cardona
    Hector Cardona

    He's pretty much putting up a point a minute

  • Brian Segoe
    Brian Segoe

    It might be that they are happy with what they have seen in him already and are now trying out other guys this might just be a good thing coz they now have an idea where he fits so he's done his part its up to the other guys to prove their worth and another thing might be a management decision not to play him so they can get him cheap, remember Jordan is a miser😂😂

    • Kevis

      Like your thinking 🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • John White
    John White

    5:53 I agree, I was saying this too! Put him in on that last shot. He is a HUGE floor spacer (at the least). The only guy the other team will guard on the 3pt arc. ALSO, it was less than 1 second and Carey "DRIBBLED"?!?!?! really? Carey had NO CLUE what was going on.

  • DwayneStorm

    How could you NOT be happy for this dude? Got COMPLETELY knocked on his ass in life, got up, dusted himself off and went to work. And now he has a chance to realize a dream that seemed all but impossible a few years ago

  • DwayneStorm

    How could you NOT be happy for this dude? Got COMPLETELY knocked on his ass in life, got up, dusted himself off and went to work. And now he has a chance to realize a dream that seemed all but impossible a few years ago

  • DwayneStorm

    How could you NOT be happy for this dude? Got COMPLETELY knocked on his ass in life, got up, dusted himself off and went to work. And now he has a chance to realize a dream that seemed all but impossible a few years ago

  • Kartoon Management
    Kartoon Management

    He's already made the team. That's why he's not playing late. Don't want him to get hurt

    • Ray Morris
      Ray Morris

      @Big Lloyd ...but how does his enthusiasm, energy and excitement compare to the players on the court around him ?

    • Big Lloyd
      Big Lloyd

      @Ray Morris hes hustling down the court more than any player in the game whatchu smoking bruv

    • Jose Hidalgo
      Jose Hidalgo

      @Ray Morris dammm u are right all this fools just watch highlights not the game

    • Tumbo

      @Ray Morris yeah getting 2 steals a game in 16 mins definitely ain’t showing energy. Dude has played professional ball before why does he need to run around try so fucking hard like a lot of the guys who are undrafted begging for a roster spot. Dude doesn’t need to play sloppy. He plays to pace himself like how a role player should. Ofc he’s gonna look lost at time dude hasn’t played against competition like this in 2 years😂 he isn’t a perfect molded player but to strictly point out his bad moments to downplay his good is sick. Man has done all of this in what 3 or 4 games give him time to actually finally develop with nba talent.

    • JFlexzTV

      @austen russo He gotta be trolling bruh 😭🤣

  • Kobe gang
    Kobe gang

    I agree with you 💯 percent I was so pissed he didn’t play in the second half I was hoping they lost cause of that 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Epony

    Gelo can easily be a 20-25ppg scorer alongside Lamelo. He could easily put up 50 on these bums if his teammates passed him the ball. Hopefully he only played 11 minutes because he is already on the roster and the coaches dont want to risk injury or anything and they want to evaluate the other guys to see if they make the roster like bouknight and kai jones

    • Cameron King
      Cameron King

      @Macy what? u literally just proved bouknight's more efficient and ofc he's gonna get more minutes he's the lottery pick and the best player on the team

    • JB Skits
      JB Skits

      When’s the last time lebron scored 50 cause he’s 1000 times better than gelo

    • JB Skits
      JB Skits

      You can’t be fucking serious 50?

    • Macy

      @Yes you are correct, but bouknight raggedy. does well in games and gets points because of how many minutes he’s getting. bro averages 28 minutes per game, with an average field goal % of 44.7%, whereas gelo averages a total of 16 minutes per game, with an average field goal % of 44.3%. Gelo’s more efficient.

    • Yes you are correct, but
      Yes you are correct, but

      Gelo is not a lock on the team, Jones and Bouknight are!

  • o

    Another HONEST VIDEO DKM you're the goat 🐐 AWESOME video like always.

  • Youtube Doctor
    Youtube Doctor

    3:57 That reaction though!

  • Kylewubz

    Gelo: Hits 3 pointer DKM: GeLo jUsT hIt ThAt (x6)

  • Hector Cardona
    Hector Cardona

    Bro they icing him out and passing to him as the last option late passes on fast breaks if a pass at all

  • BT OnWheels
    BT OnWheels

    I really hope he gets a chance. Zo and Melo wouldnt be good playmakers and that confident growing up if Gelo werent finishing all the plays. They cant all be point guards. Nice content keep it up 👍

  • John White
    John White

    Melo should cut this deal with Mike: "If I get us up 14 in the 4th, you put Gelo in" Now that is motivation all year! His team mates helping.

  • KING K
    KING K

    Imagine how gelo was consistent on his first 3 games and u still treating him like trash instead of the star he is. He’s the first one down the court offense and defense, box everyone out, plays at the fast pace the nba requires, grabs boards, strong physically, and even when his teammates ball hog he does the opposite and moves the ball. Make him a star of the team and y’all wonder why y’all 3-0 and it damn sho ain’t his fault.

  • ian fitton
    ian fitton

    If given the opportunity I have no doubt he can do a job on a roster and may possibly(dependant on where it is) be a decent minutes nba player within a few seasons but it all depends on who takes a chance on him,people got to remember he is still developing and if you can do that at nba level he has a better chance than dropping to g league which might hurt his chances of progressing

  • Benjamin Omidiran
    Benjamin Omidiran

    I am happy dKM is growing.Gelo definitely needs to start next game.He is the second best player in the team after James Bouknight.The Coach did him dirty and wrong.Gelo needs to play the whole 4rth quarter.I think he is going to go off next game.He has contributed way more for the team than the starters and other players.We literary saw the half court buzzer beater.Why was he not on the floor to shoot the last minutes.What is wrong with the coach.He has proven he can compete in the NBA level with the other professional league players.This is really sad.If Charlotte looses every game in the summer league its not Liangelo balls faul.It's the coach and staff even James Bouknight fault because he was contributing and helping the team the whole time in small amount Of minutes.Wish you the best Dkm.

  • A Smith
    A Smith

    Whether he's a role player or not he makes the best out of his minutes and I think the Hornets clearly aren't looking for wins or his mins wouldn't be reduced or be taken out when the points are close. They just want to showcase there younger picks and thats fine. Also something to note, they've seen Gelo the last couple months with the team in scrimmages so they know what he's about perhaps that contributes to the less minutes.

  • tygur23

    I think they know there gonna sign him and the want to evaluate the other players

  • Steven Paster
    Steven Paster

    Sign Gelo#!!! He's an NBA caliber player obviously. Been playing limited minutes and putting up numbers!

  • johnathan petrossian
    johnathan petrossian

    bro its summer league, they want everyone to get reps lol. They don't care about winning, or putting the best player out there. They want to see how every player performs and he already got substantial time in the previous games

    • Amaziah Ya’ohsharal
      Amaziah Ya’ohsharal

      No he didn’t

  • TRIGGER Bogarin
    TRIGGER Bogarin

    I think he's pretty much a lock for a roster spot.... I think they're just doing their due diligence to check out other prospects in the second half.

  • Sunday Brunch
    Sunday Brunch

    Lol I dont even watch the whole game anymore cause im at work when theyre on so I just see the box when Gelo is subbed in/out and watch those parts

    • JB Skits
      JB Skits

      Fr who wants to watch the hornets summer league lol just watch gelo highlights

  • Shift2375

    Anyone else notice that the bench forgot to start the clock on Gelo's buzzer beater? - 0.6 at inbound - still 0.6 at celebration.

  • Jaye_ Comedy
    Jaye_ Comedy

    I feel like the coaches dont want the other teams see what gelos capable of i feel like they are reserving him for the new nba season

  • Gilgandant Omega
    Gilgandant Omega

    I would feel some type of way if my big bro didn’t get a chance

  • TipTopAnteater

    well he's playing with scrubs so he can only play with the team. he's going to shine when he gets on the real squad.

  • Dan Razak
    Dan Razak

    They doing gelo like melo early last season fr

    • Eric Vasquez
      Eric Vasquez

      Like they been doing Lonzo from the start

  • JohnnyWe Good
    JohnnyWe Good

    The Hornets already know what they got in Gelo; he was done for the night after his highlight bucket for the fans, so the team could finish scouting the other players on the fence!

  • Smoke 1
    Smoke 1

    You're def biased towards the Ball brothers, but I still appreciate your content. Just keeping it real with you.

  • Jolani Trotman
    Jolani Trotman

    My theory is that the coaching staff knows what’s he capable of from what he’s showed them in these games and during their time together that we haven’t seen, and know that they’re gonna eventually sign him, however, I think they don’t wanna rush it and why they’re giving him so little mins is bc they’re trying not to diminish their other rookies’ confidence and pride. Like imagine you’re an NBA draft pick, and a dude that hasn’t played competitive ball in over 2 years is getting more time than you. They’re holding out so they don’t get blasted by the media and so they don’t tarnish they’re relationship with their rooks

    • Ruthie Yiu
      Ruthie Yiu

      Could be.....

  • The Art Of Be
    The Art Of Be

    I love that whole family

  • Drago Floyd
    Drago Floyd

    Hes playing alot better than half the damn guys on the team. Give this young man a contract.. damn Char.

  • 1999

    I just want Gelo to succeed :(

  • Manuel Hernandez-Estrada
    Manuel Hernandez-Estrada

    Let’s keep it g Gelo’s defense needs work

  • Tim Dufek
    Tim Dufek

    DKM is a Gelo tsundere fr 😂 he’s like “I don’t like Gelo baka, this is just the unbiased facts”

    • Arran McEvoy
      Arran McEvoy

      ​@Hailing from STL Ok thats actually fair then even if I disagree.

    • Hailing from STL
      Hailing from STL

      @Arran McEvoy I get it. I watch many anime my guy. Assuming gets you nowhere. I’ve watched, Naruto, Boruto, Soul Eater, Demon Slayer, Firesquad, Baki, My Hero Academia, One Piece, many of them it was just a cringe use for basketball. Lol

    • Arran McEvoy
      Arran McEvoy

      @Hailing from STL Its only cringe to you because you dont get it/its not your scene

    • Hailing from STL
      Hailing from STL

      This was cringe

    • Kingy MaBrah
      Kingy MaBrah

      @Arran McEvoy i did “Arran McEvoy”

  • Sayless2x

    He is going to make it I believe in him

  • Unbothered

    I’m thinking they’re taking precautions because he’s going to be on the 15 man roster.

  • Justin Rosenberg
    Justin Rosenberg

    I agree that the next game is very important. Come on Gelo!

  • Hagos M tewolde
    Hagos M tewolde

    Gelo: hasn’t played in over 2 years I don’t think it’s smart for him just to make the roster as of right now .. I think it’s better for him to be on G-league so he get some playing times perhaps 2/3 away from the regular season he can come back and help out his team etc

  • Jarious

    Hornets know what they’re doing trying not to show too much to other teams so they can sign him

  • Bag Chaser
    Bag Chaser

    He got benched for embarrassing the other team with that shot 😳

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon

    he will join a team within the next two years if he works hard

  • Daniel Cerda
    Daniel Cerda

    They don't want him to succeed smh 🤦🏾

  • LoganO Reaction Videos
    LoganO Reaction Videos

    Liked and subscribed. Preciate you dkm

  • Andy Sauro
    Andy Sauro

    I'm sure at this point Liangelo has a spot on a 2-way minimum. The Hornets need to play the other guys who they picked in the draft to know who's ready. Keep in mind, we all recognize Gelo is showing out, and he's scrimmed/trained with the team in the summer. They know what they have.

    • LongLost Coder
      LongLost Coder

      Hornets already have their 2 ways. He's not getting a 2 way. My boy going to the G league. Hes too raw. He has shooting talent but he isn't always hot. And that's the only thing he's above average at. This last game made me realize he needs work. He missed a few open threes before they pulled him.

  • Ian Wilkerson
    Ian Wilkerson

    Bro are you forgetting the fact he went 3 for 9 last night? We still had the third most shots on the team last night but literally the worst percentage of anyone on the team last night! Let’s not just pass over those stats! Coaches aren’t just benching him for nothing. Dude missed twice as many shots as he made. Stop acting like Gelo is some basketball god and the hornets are screwing him over. Third most shots with the worst percentage usually gets you benched dude, that’s basic basketball

  • Samuel Abebe
    Samuel Abebe

    I feel like GELO needs to be more active when he's not shooting! Defensively he can be passive at times, even though he has strength and explosive bursts of speed... he just needs to be more involved in the defensive side. As far as his offense he is very different from MELO, Melo is a pure PG and Gelo is a pure shooting guard. The problem is when he has icey shooting nights like today, I would have loved to see 2-3 steals, 1-2 blocked shots, 2-3 offensive rebounds, 2-3 offensive putbacks, and a couple of free throws - doable with the respectable minutes he's getting.


      You are extremely unrealistic. Eleven minutes to get 8 points and do all that stuff when you are trying to find your rhythm. Most ppl just write things on paper and have very little idea about basketball. The time slot he was given is equivalent to the time James Bouknight used to airball five shots and went 0-5. Can you imagine if the coach took him completely out of the game and sat him on the bench would you have imagined the performance he gave after airballing 5 shots at in succession. Y'all stop with unnecessary inhuman expectations from the ball brothers because everybody thinks they are doing him a favour. Absolutely not. Last time I checked all the people who had two minutes more than him in this game both from Hornets or Spurs side didn't do half what he did because that is the reality of a bench player you need to get into rhythm. Yes and I took time to check Gelos plus or minus in this game he was one of only three people that had a positive impact for hornets in this game against Spurs. Same with the game with Kings. He had the highest positive impact in the Kings game and only two people in hornets had positive impact. The rest were negative.

    • Crimson Heart
      Crimson Heart

      Tf? lmao you want him to get all that in such a limited time - most nba role players don't even get all that, come on now. I agree with you he has to try harder on that end, but you make it sound WAY too easy.

  • Tony

    bro it doesn't matter. they know they're going to sign him already so they don't need to see anything else. They're still trying to see who else on the roster may get a shot on their team

  • Yung_ Vegeta
    Yung_ Vegeta

    You guys gotta remember that gelo has been there for over a month. They've seen his game through scrimmages while he was with Melo.

  • Major Marketing
    Major Marketing

    Melo used to air ball too. These kids can play

  • Mason Fontaine
    Mason Fontaine

    He’s made the team, they don’t need to see anymore. Looking at others now haha

    • Mason Fontaine
      Mason Fontaine

      @AsianVideoGamer elaborate

    • Jimmy

      @Luka DonGOAT and exactly who on that hornet team actually played good? even the lottery picks played terrible , Gelo the only one with a positive +- which says alot

    • Luka DonGOAT
      Luka DonGOAT

      @Jimmy he shot terrible in 2-3 games what you talking about

    • AsianVideoGamer

      Hornets are build differently...

    • Surprise623er

      @Mason Fontaine thats why you want him to succeed? For your own selfish gain? Wow your just as bad as the ones that hate him.

  • VyenegcheezeTV

    If he don’t get signed clout chasing is real in all kinda forms💯😂😂😂

  • Finesse Hennessey
    Finesse Hennessey

    He’s getting a roster spot already

  • Walter Carter
    Walter Carter

    I feel like coaching staff wants other players to showcase their talent without heavy focus on Gelo. Sign Gelo to the regular season team, even if he sits on the bench. He can be the Tacko fall of Charolette, not playing much yet fans cheering when he goes in.

    • wisdom IsLove
      wisdom IsLove

      Except he ain't "NO" damn "Tako" dude!!! Hm🦧🦧🦧??? Amen!!!

  • K Hobbs
    K Hobbs

    Charlotte don’t want Gelo in the game showing out to much bc they fear other teams will offer Gelo a better deal after seeing him actually play at the NBA level & Charlotte don’t want to loose Gelo but know if other NBA teams see the potential they gone cut a check & Charlotte probably got Gelo at a steal

  • A dot BooM
    A dot BooM

    Loving these Gelo videos


    Hopefully Gelo will get a roster spot somewhere

  • Alex

    i was dying at the comments u made with the halftime shot lmao


    That means he’s already made the roster in his coaches eyes and the call probably came down to cut his minutes , if you’ve played sports you know that things like summer league scrimmages etc if your important enough they will sit you


    Somebody better give this man a spot

  • Big daddy P
    Big daddy P

    DKM. I’ve been waiting on another video. Lol. I’m sure you’re wore. Out from this. Week. Seriously thx for good content

  • IamTheSwag God
    IamTheSwag God

    Ayye tbh I seen Kobe brick hellq shots in warms on damn near front seats so trust me these guys r human an he was Bricking everything this was back 2012 warriors stadium he shot 16 for 41 that game but was clutch asf in the 4

  • Justin Gonzalez
    Justin Gonzalez

    Bro gunna make it that’s gods plans he’s the same breed as his two brothers and deserves it just as much as they do there’s no reason for him to not make it just keep working hard and it will come ur just working for both ur brothers now

  • Mystic The G
    Mystic The G

    He is good he is gonna have a exciting career.

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson

    Gelo has done enough for a contract. They are checking the rest of the players worth

  • Sandra Lang
    Sandra Lang

    He has to make it man!

  • LongLost Coder
    LongLost Coder

    I'm rooting for gelo, but he needs to be able to create his own shots even as a forward. He offers spacing which is good because his shot is a threat. But contested threes aren't looking good and he's missing open ones on the wing. He needs to work on his ball handling. So he can offer more then just spot and shoot. A decent step back would make him more lethal and a bit more speed

  • Taylor Ehardt
    Taylor Ehardt

    He’s going to have to be cheeky and work really hard and knock down the open 3

  • CryptoSir

    I think the higher ups must of told the coach to not play him as much for whatever reason. Perhaps he's gonna make the 15 man roster and MJ doesn't want him to get injured?.. although that doesn't make sense for an unproven player

  • Imleocalm

    He's only alloted 8 shots.. He took 9 so they benched him.......