Trampoline Balloon Pop Racing Is CRAZY!!
How Ridiculous
Balloon popping mayhem at RAC Arena!
Thanks to Orbit fitness fitness for lending us 40 mini tramps!

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  • Sophia Barker
    Sophia Barker

    Me: watches first video

  • Vishnu.v 20TS0115
    Vishnu.v 20TS0115

    My eyes automatically right side mam seeing eppadi apdi nadakuthu

  • Gerry Mathew
    Gerry Mathew

    Its now too predictable. We all know that red will win everytime

  • DarthWookiee

    I think we need a petition to put these guys in charge of choosing the events for the Olympics

  • Lala H
    Lala H

    Me on my bed moving my feet as if I’m popping the balloons. Lol

  • maci world and madson
    maci world and madson

    I love yellow when he lost and put his head down

  • wuphat

    Three guys around a table. One of them says, "So what if we got like 60 trampolines..."

  • 夢華りんご


  • lalisa_lovenezuko

    I be so scared them trampolines gonna break don't know why they so low it would be harmless

  • Annabelle Wack
    Annabelle Wack

    The moment you realize this all they post

  • AzizA🖤.

    😂😂😂😂Baqirip olll 🙆🏻‍♀️

  • Manuel Meyer
    Manuel Meyer

    Other people:“Thats amanzing!“

  • mabi

    This should be made into an official sport! Love these videos!!

  • sadam Al zhoul
    sadam Al zhoul

    The bllons

  • Chanel Hiburan
    Chanel Hiburan

    wow, the red guy so fast.....

  • Waxxle

    So no one’s gonna talk about how the red guy it’s just 😄+😮 in the beginning

  • Anna Banana🥳
    Anna Banana🥳

    Bro, are we trying to cut down on plastic?


    THIS LOOKS SO FUN I should do this with my friends it would be epic lol

  • Pooja Bisht
    Pooja Bisht

    Dighir the best lol of course the h h nhi h kya hua 😅 the h kya hua ra h h kya h ye nhi h to kya knni of a call from a I h to wo boli i to kya kar rahe the best regards John sent from a virus-free to kya knni the kya hua 😅😅 the best of each other to kya kar rahi the kya hua ra ra ki or suna e

  • Deft_Spex_JR

    This looks fun but kind of dangerous.