you won't believe what my drone found at this secret desert abandoned Zombie apocalypse ghost town
you won't believe what my drone found at this secret desert abandoned Zombie apocalypse ghost town
*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.
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  • Stromedy

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      Munchkin Central

      Just be careful okay stromedy

    • little bros and big bros
      little bros and big bros

      Cool but scary

  • mrfreshbacon

    The fact that the soldier dude didn't hear the drone so close to it, there was no blood, no flash from guns and the zombie in white put his hand on ground so he don't get hurt while falling lol

    • Duane Kayawe
      Duane Kayawe

      ALVIN to and you know I'm 10 years old only says 606 class lkg class

    • Syrel Villa
      Syrel Villa


    • Capt.Nobody Gaming
      Capt.Nobody Gaming

      Where in the world would a soldier were sneakers 🤔 the soldier who got attacked wore sneakers

    • Emmanuel Tanio
      Emmanuel Tanio

      very funny lol

  • Person above farts
    Person above farts

    You're a talented bunch! I notice your drone's altitude, is it possibly DJI?

    • Aussie Outdoors
      Aussie Outdoors

      Yes it’s DJI

    • Abby Morris
      Abby Morris


  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski

    I recently got my first drone, a DJI Mini SE. It's very basic but I've been enjoying although not as much as you guys do with your drone.

    • Cassy Basco
      Cassy Basco

      I am a big fan

    • Cassy Basco
      Cassy Basco


  • Smith TV
    Smith TV

    Ok, this is mad! But something I'd consider doing for a Halloween content with a Mavic drone.

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      anna maria


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      Madison Armer


  • Gabriel James
    Gabriel James

    Stromedy: the military try to keep this a secret Stromedy: proceeds to show this to 9M people

  • Mini Your A God
    Mini Your A God

    I'm questioning how is this a secret when millions of people watched this video

    • haley gosselin
      haley gosselin


    • Cletus Spuckler Stable Jeanius
      Cletus Spuckler Stable Jeanius

      Don't tell anyone.

    • #family

      This is fake zombies aren't real

    • ava rowan
      ava rowan

      my mind is blown ur good at looking for stuff

  • Vincent Tourtelotte
    Vincent Tourtelotte

    Also, the water in that big hole is probably to drink, since they don’t have any water except rain out there, or the water could be to test if the virus spreads through water, could be one of those,”one sip and your dead” situations

  • Sally Chestercove
    Sally Chestercove

    2 things, one no body falls like that and two the "zombie" was wearing a hacker mask.

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K

    Keep up the good work on your film making career guys. The zombie acting needs some work.

  • mandy johnson
    mandy johnson

    that is just crazy how he started shaking and also didnt see or hear the zombie behind him lol i also like screamed 5 times

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson

    The real story of that town is that it was a mining town. When the iron ore mining dried up, people moved away. The school is actually still in use. There are current plans for the town btw.

    • Bonnie Buchanan
      Bonnie Buchanan


    • Da gangsta
      Da gangsta

      I just went into it and saw that you also did

    • Hide San
      Hide San

      @Jessica Thompson Decomp is influenced by the balms and chemicals we bump into our deads. So you are right, they don't look like a prepared corpse, but they def look "ok" as big piles of guts decomposing slowly without anything preserving them. And i'v seen corpses, animals and humans, after bombs got dropped on them, I'd say these movies/show did a good job tbh

    • Night Mare
      Night Mare

      @Jessica Thompson If you count your own will to live a corpse, then I have 100% seen a corpse

    • Miniminer_Best_Streamer_Ever

      who gives a shit it just good

  • 스테이씨

    The drone can get the attention of zombies by it sound so i'm scared while watching the soldier being surrounded by zombies

  • Babak P
    Babak P

    You guys staged this nicely but your soldier was way easy to spot as fake! Thanks for the video

  • LaggingLazer

    I come back to this and I just still can't stop laughing

  • Kayla Kreizel
    Kayla Kreizel

    I was watching this video at night it was dark I’m scared of the dark and I turned on the light and I saw something move when I could get a closer look I saw nothing it gave me goosebumps I almost couldn’t sleep the whole night😨😰😥😱😭😬

    • 💜타수💜

      Are you feeling better now?

  • joanne barber
    joanne barber

    I love how they drive 4 hours just for a 22 minute video🤣

    • Indiya Garner
      Indiya Garner

      Why do you love it

    • joanne barber
      joanne barber

      @Jackson Brockmeyer's 🙄

    • Jackson Brockmeyer's
      Jackson Brockmeyer's


  • Ryan samih
    Ryan samih

    the dude who "got attacked by a zombie" had regular shoes on so you could tell it is fake

  • lili zewde
    lili zewde


    • Mindy Jones
      Mindy Jones

      thank you for noticing that

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare

    Props to how well they stage their videos, like I aint mad the =y fake their vids because they actually do it well unlike other 'horror' channels

  • Juan Menchaca
    Juan Menchaca

    Hold up.... did any one else see that the “soldier was wearing shoes that looked liked yeezees and not boots

    • driverles lambo
      driverles lambo

      I was about to say that

    • Breanna Baker
      Breanna Baker

      You know this is fake right?

    • Miaw Tuhdoh
      Miaw Tuhdoh

      They're all actors

    • Jamie Alyssa Detubio Bunggay
      Jamie Alyssa Detubio Bunggay

      Yea- wait.... for your information about it is it true

  • MrJokee

    How fake you want it to be? Stromedy: Yes

  • Brave Wilderness fan
    Brave Wilderness fan

    Hold up wait a minute something ain't right the soldiers weren't wearing boots they where wearing sneakers

  • Video game enthusiast
    Video game enthusiast

    “We put a new battery in the drone- it’s on 20% we can’t” bro what💀

  • Trista W
    Trista W

    He being like: You share this with someone who is scared of zombies! Me: I’m so scared of zombies I’ve had like 10 dreams of them!

  • 71Kenn

    And nobody notices a drone flying around. Silly...

    • Lesli Gattis
      Lesli Gattis

      yeah its soooooooo fake! and when they have the mask creatures I can see its fake

    • Clare smith
      Clare smith

      It’s fake but I love the video and he said that he puts a lot of effort into the video ps to go to these places so I appreciate it even know it is fake and im not trying to be mean

    • Tom Leano
      Tom Leano

      I think its real or fake

    • Frans Hutapea
      Frans Hutapea

      Yes..totaly 100% fake. It is just for content. Nice try dude.. 😂

    • Bert20202


  • Gaming with Katie!
    Gaming with Katie!

    I just realised that there’s a military there I am scared 😱

  • The Slimes
    The Slimes

    I would be so scared to live there and guys stay safe out there wear mask all times don’t let other people get sick

  • Brian Conway
    Brian Conway

    It was good the way they did it very creative well done 5 star's 👍

  • Khendra Quiben
    Khendra Quiben

    I used to watch u and thought this was real and I kept telling my dad to build a bunker telling him the end is coming lol

  • Jennifer Owens
    Jennifer Owens

    Bad ending: the drone runs out of battery Even worse: you go foot in the undead area Nightmare: you get bit by a sombie

  • zZLoneAlphaZz Gaming
    zZLoneAlphaZz Gaming

    The fact that the “US soldier had tennis shoes on and not boots, and a hoodie under the uniform?” And why’d the zombie in lime green look like Michael Jackson 😂💀😭

  • John Sully
    John Sully

    11:03, should we even touch it? Use disinfection wipe 🤣

  • Liah Quam
    Liah Quam

    Soldier:might as well touch my face after making sure the zombie is dead.

  • KingDragon75

    I can't believe that this exist because God would of dun something to stop it. But what I can bleave is that this town does look pretty realistic but I'm not sure if this can be true or false yet?

  • Mr Karn
    Mr Karn

    After knowing this was not real...I want twenty three minutes of my life back 😭😭😭😭😑😑

  • Kian Treslove
    Kian Treslove

    yo stromedy love your videos keep doing all the good work and I'm a fan so keep making bangers

  • Randall Segovia
    Randall Segovia

    Anyone else saw the first zombie in all green wearing a clown mask and then pulling its pants "hold up my pants are falling let me just,there we go alright let's continue this.

  • Risen Daluzon
    Risen Daluzon

    I laughed soo hard when the man says "there trapping the zombies so it cant go to the real world"

    • haley gosselin
      haley gosselin


    • Mohamed Faaz Fazal
      Mohamed Faaz Fazal

      Yeah he thinks we will be fooled like children 🤣🤣

    • Fakhra Farhan
      Fakhra Farhan

      Me tomorrow



  • Stoner_reviews

    They’re is no flash from the gun there’s no blood and no bang Also if the zombies are real there not gonna wear masks 😂

  • Bryan know it all Less
    Bryan know it all Less

    Yah, the zombie dressed it's part!! He wore green!! 😂

  • Kaiya Sims
    Kaiya Sims

    R.I.P soldier I thought he'd actually survive

  • Deeboyy Castro
    Deeboyy Castro

    12:38 thank me later there are two people running

  • Lihte

    Honestly, however much those “zombies” got payed, wasn’t enough

    • Kirsry Wilson
      Kirsry Wilson

      You now what I, v change my mind it, s alright fake. They do not get paid enough

    • BulletZoid

      @Mr. Dirty yup

    • Strike Blxss
      Strike Blxss


  • bonnie official
    bonnie official

    I was thinking you go to diamond back Washington freakin ghost town, when I was there I saw something weird in the woods so I left right alway I didn’t get a close look though

  • Renee Kreuzer
    Renee Kreuzer

    Go stromedy love you bro stay safe from the clowns

  • MashNeon

    The recoil of that military'S pistol is more than a shotgun

  • Zachary and noodles!!
    Zachary and noodles!!

    Bro, If I lived in that town I would rob a solider that turn into a zombie then grow food and i would leave around 10 years after living in that town

  • Agui007

    I see them every day normally in my place of work. They're called customers and they wander aimlessly in an unconscious state similar to death.

    • swizzleproxi

      I see them daily they're called junkies, usually non violent unless needing a hit which turns them quite desperate.

    • Christy Mae Billena
      Christy Mae Billena


    • 𝓢𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓱


    • Teresa Snipes
      Teresa Snipes


    • TallGiraffe5966


  • AnotherYoutuber

    Really fan of how the "the real US soldier doesn't notice the drone xD

  • Cletus Spuckler Stable Jeanius
    Cletus Spuckler Stable Jeanius

    I can't share this video with everyone who would be scared to live in this town, I don't know anybody that stupid.

  • cool floppa
    cool floppa

    The fact that I got nightmares from this video 💀

  • HACKER2323

    No cap but how does he know about all this buildings when he said there has to be 500 houses

  • Neil Maguire
    Neil Maguire

    You're right, I don't believe it. Notice how your "zombie" out's its arm out to protect itself when it fell down.....also, a little surprised the security at this place and indeed your soldier didn't notice the drone?

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      Not fake

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      influenza pandemic 1919 usa

    • X_I_beauty_girl_X

      Now they found new variant (omicron virus) keep thinking that its fake. This all is maybe a warning. CDC SITE has a zombie survival guide. Explain that for me

  • Damnmitch

    Those cars didn't look 50 years old , I'm just saying.

  • Benjamin Logan
    Benjamin Logan

    Lmfao I didnt know us soldiers was aloud to have on normal shoes while in uniform

  • Building Bricks Flashlights, And Other DIY Ideas
    Building Bricks Flashlights, And Other DIY Ideas

    Can someone give me a moment of silence because I believed this

  • JeppyPlayz

    Can we take a moment of silence who thought this was real 😶

    • Lesli Gattis
      Lesli Gattis


    • Mirabella Uscatu
      Mirabella Uscatu

      We all know but we dont care man


    When he zoomed in the “zombies” face u could see the mask on the guys face

    • Stupidity&Salt ._.
      Stupidity&Salt ._.

      @Supreme XD so you’re telling me that the “military” waited 50 years until two dudes and a drone came and then they shot them

    • Ryze

      Its fake plus why would a "zombie" have a white face and why dosnt it have torn clothing

    • Caloob

      There was

    • Ty Blaylock
      Ty Blaylock

      Uh ya I’m pretty sure hat this video is fake

  • Roman Cameron
    Roman Cameron

    You dudes are the coolest man i hope there are no zombies

  • Kai

    When we’re talking about the town I saw a white thingy walking I think it was a zombie waiting to pow

  • pilot rich science
    pilot rich science

    i loved watching these when i actually belived them

  • 𝓜ɪᴄᴄʜᴏɴ 𝓢ʜɪᴋɪᴍᴏʀɪ.
    𝓜ɪᴄᴄʜᴏɴ 𝓢ʜɪᴋɪᴍᴏʀɪ.

    When i watched this vid it freaked me out i got traumatized but when i rewatched it now i know its fake

  • Gabrielle

    Even the zombie is offended by the way that dude in a joker mask and green suit move

    • Ninja Edan
      Ninja Edan

      I don’t think zombies are real, but I think it’s possible that there could be and apocalypse of zombies. But I think it will start out as people just acting like zombies but not actually zombies.

    • Shraddha

      @Cutekoala 360 u r right

    • Kpop__ musickylie
      Kpop__ musickylie

      @Cutekoala 360 this is not just all fake all of rumors not all rumors i meanis true there some zombies eaten by a military that's why we should not come back at this los angeles a banded streetsending the military and of eating by a zombie apocalypse

    • Cutekoala 360
      Cutekoala 360

      @karen osbourne Bruh it's all fake.


    He seen your drone and those cars are too modern for a 1972 zombie town.

  • InuZuki

    Mr.beast be like : I buy this ghost town if one of u see the zombie keeps the 50,000 dollars good luck

  • Kayla Kreizel
    Kayla Kreizel

    I love your Vids I was watching this one at night I saw something so I turned on The lake and it was gone I am filled with goosebumps I’m so scared right now please help me!

  • Maby Gale Moraña
    Maby Gale Moraña

    Hey dude, Don't intimidate other people just because of those views, you don't know what the reaction will be that will affect other viewers.

  • ♡おたくせんぱい~

    Zombie: Hey dude, everyone is afraid of me- Corona: We will see that bro.😎

    • Jameel Seymour
      Jameel Seymour

      Zombie hey dude look I'm gonna eat dat guy Soldier attack Zombie again 😵😵😵😵😵

    • Taylor Broderick
      Taylor Broderick


    • Brenda Harmon
      Brenda Harmon


    • MrETGH

      I agree

    • Kelli Zanon
      Kelli Zanon


  • Drue _sa
    Drue _sa

    can't be no coincedence that I'm watching this 2 years later on the same day

  • Ethan Edwards
    Ethan Edwards

    Bruh....that’s Dean Ambrose photoshopped into a zombie in the thumbnail. 😂🙄

  • Jurate Amosoviene
    Jurate Amosoviene

    15:30 whos that standing see the big bush right on the left whos that?

  • Bunnybabygirl

    12:37 to 12:46 who else saw Two peeeps running. Shes a runner shes a track star

  • Isabella McGrath-Xepoleas
    Isabella McGrath-Xepoleas

    I didn’t know zombies had to pull their pants up when they are being attacked🤣

    • sus

      if anyone wondering it at the 16:19

    • Liz Marco flores
      Liz Marco flores

      Lol 😂

    • Daimler Yosef LACANILAO
      Daimler Yosef LACANILAO

      because its fake

    • Beth Marsh
      Beth Marsh

      True LOL

  • Tiger

    *"Zombie soldier and Zombie attacker".... Uploader still dreaming.*

  • Gore°demon°ゴアデーモン

    it would be so funny that the military is just practicing incase of an actual infection and just built that town to practice and the military is just acting

  • Hunter YT Playz
    Hunter YT Playz

    I would believe this but the cars look good as new and don't look like old vintage cars


    The amount of times the word “bro” was said proves this is so fake

  • Keshi Guban
    Keshi Guban

    Soldier in a uniform with a running shoes ? 🤔 And he never heard the drone in that distance 🤔

  • GJS2009 Studios
    GJS2009 Studios

    Wait if there’s a deadly virus and your drone went in wouldn’t the virus latch on to the drone by the way did you film this on March 9th or 10th because if you did that could explain a lot.