How Former #1 Pick ANTHONY BENNETT Saved His NBA CAREER After DOMINATING The G-League!
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  • delve

    It would be crazy if he came back and became an all star

    • Keiied

      If that's true imma come back to this comment

    • delve

      @cash mere im not personally hoping for it g, i aint even invested in him like that. d rose my fav player of all time so if i anything thats who i really wanna see come back these next few seasons

    • Nathan Goucher
      Nathan Goucher

      愛と喪失delve He would never be an all star but imagine if He wins a championship with houston and like is a role player who goes off in the finals or something, Im sorry but I couldnt call a guy a bust if he is the reason a team won a championship

    • SpFlash1523

      I hope the same thing for Derrick Rose.

    • Kawhi's adopted son
      Kawhi's adopted son

      Lol cavs fans would be salty

  • Wachira Risky
    Wachira Risky

    When you think all the 2019 shock is over they hit us with this

    • Billyyyboyyy

      Imagine Bennett and harden connection

    • Kyle2324

      Also remember cp3 is still getting moved again

    • ThA MAN C MAcK
      ThA MAN C MAcK

      Let’s GO AB!

    • Lymbe06

      Lol true.

  • iNCOZ

    Imagine Anthony Bennett getting a championship before cp3. Lol

    • Joe rk
      Joe rk

      DJuan Brown Westbrook had a better 3 point percentage after the all star break than Durant, Jokic, Harris, Lebron, etc. keep talkin shit kid 😂

    • Carlos Ramirez
      Carlos Ramirez

      @MysticMech that be harden's dynamic duo

    • Unknown Faith
      Unknown Faith

      iNCOZFN That will be tragic as fuck

    • MysticMech

      Won't happen with the Lockets!! Not with that style of play. He doesn't rebound. He don't play defense, either.

    • sSonga

      @DJuan Brown with the volume that harden shot the ball that 3pt% is elite. And the fg same shit my guy

  • Inspectah Metal
    Inspectah Metal

    The best thing about all these comments is the ammount of people saying that they hope he redeems himself and turns things around. So rare to see such possitivity especially on youtube of all places.

    • KingReformed

      Just wait until he makes it onto the roster, it will be nothing but hate towards a "has been" and a "bust". People are pretending here because it's a positive video, just wait on ESPN's upload, it'll be terrifying.

  • Chaquan Smith
    Chaquan Smith

    Crazy he is only 26, I feel like he was drafted like a decade ago #BennetBackToStay

    • Dev Patel
      Dev Patel

      cash mere yeah that’s young


      Chaquan Smith - Your life is like a vapor , see James 4:14 .

    • breezy 5000
      breezy 5000

      Damm I thought dude was like round kd and them age or something

    • N.W.A.

      Only 26?

    • nomooon

      @cash mere in nba, people usually start peaking after 25, and end their peak at around 31.

  • J C
    J C

    Bennett: I can’t rebound, but I can catch and shoot. Westbrook: I approve this player.

    • Johnny Moreno
      Johnny Moreno

      Haha makes sense💯💯😂😂😂😂

  • Iestyn Symonds
    Iestyn Symonds

    Hope he becomes hella good, he could be a beast if he worked on himself

  • Alvin Elmore
    Alvin Elmore

    I like the fact he never gave up. I hope he keeps grindin.

  • NANI


  • PROllY

    Man i really want him to do good next season just for what hes been through

  • Kingdra-Winston

    Its kinda sad how everyone is calling him a bust when Cleveland is the reason why he was considered a bust by picking him

  • *you're not your
    *you're not your

    Anthony Bennett is 26 and Micheal Jordan won his first championship at 28. He has plenty of time

    • Mathis

      Well mj was actually good

    • Michael

      @cash mere you're a fucking idiot bro

    • cash mere
      cash mere

      @CSKG - STFU 😠. Yo momma stank bitch

    • cash mere
      cash mere

      @Chet U'betcha and u care enough about MJ to write a paragraph dumb bitch

    • cash mere
      cash mere

      @Chet U'betcha STFU 😠

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK

    Nice! 👍 Awesome to hear he’s starting to ball out again. Good for him. I really hope he makes it with The Rockets 🚀 and helps Russ & Harden Win that ring. Let’s Go Bro Bro!!

  • Sternritter Gaming
    Sternritter Gaming

    I always pick him up when im playing MY GM in 2k. I know its useless in real life but i really do hope his career takes off at this point. I know hes not star material but i hope he could be a good role player for the rest of his career.

  • Frosty 2.0
    Frosty 2.0

    Lol wouldnt it be funny if Anthony bennett became the greatest basketball player of all time

    • Choppa

      It would be funnier if he wins 7 rings and average more then MJ

    • Phoenix

      He will, averaging 60 20 and 20 on 60% 3PT and 85% 2PT

    • Ethan D
      Ethan D

      jlxelite he’s 26 dumbass and has always been way below average

    • Alan Shaw
      Alan Shaw

      @Jld_2Goated_ 2nd greatest

    • Marz Q
      Marz Q

      @Brad sry I meant career average, u are right

  • wramsey193

    Love his game,hope he makes it back.

  • joshua batts
    joshua batts

    I seriously hope he makes it on the final roster. He looks in way better shape and good cardio with a improved jump shot

  • Vaibhav K Bhatti
    Vaibhav K Bhatti

    If he come back to NBA through rockets and made in starting lineup then he will made a biggest comeback story ever in NBA history.

    • J C
      J C

      Rockets need Ariza back. Westbrook Harden Ariza Tucker Capella Bench: Rivers Gordon Green Bennett Faried

  • Weirdos and Basketball
    Weirdos and Basketball

    This is crazy, but I miss Anthony Bennett

  • Kergwa


    • Kari

      No but that’s the main goal

    • deep deep
      deep deep

      Lol but he's playing like he was undrafted ... And that's disrespectful given Fred van vleet is a starter for the raptors who went undrafted.

    • Zombie Ape
      Zombie Ape

      Anthony Archibald fuck are you talking about???

    • Nick Halfmann
      Nick Halfmann

      @Unknown Haha, the Cavs drafted a PG that played 5 college games. Not saying the kid won't be good, just a really ballsy play.

    • Tethloach1

      @Anthony Archibald Since Ben Simmons has been to Kitchener Canada if Grand River High School was the place he played than I almost went to that school, making the basketball team there would have been next to impossible. I lived by that high School when I was 8-11 and when I was 15. I played basketball against some kid who was 6'1 and next thing the kid was like 6'6 = 3 months later.

  • Karan Phull
    Karan Phull

    I want this dude to make a come back to be an inspiration for others to come. People always gonna talk shit but you gotta believe and prove yourself wrong. Put in work and it will pay off. He's gonna go off mark my word.

  • Chip Skylark
    Chip Skylark

    I knew bennet when he was still in the high school circuit. Guy is super talented. I think he will have a very solid season in Houston with Harden and Westbrook taking attention off of him.

  • Horten Ojongtambia
    Horten Ojongtambia

    As a optimistic Houston fan, u just gained a subscriber for your thorough analysis of Bennett’s determination to get back to the league. #Respect

  • Elevated 4lyfe
    Elevated 4lyfe

    Let’s Go!! He’ll be just fine!! Upcoming season will be something to watch!!

  • mp3

    Bennett's back... For now. Hope he can stick around but the man shows little passion when it's needed

    • mp3

      @M Miller Murray? Shai?

    • M Miller
      M Miller

      @mp3 That's a Canadian player for you. They are soft.

    • ThA MAN C MAcK
      ThA MAN C MAcK

      Hopefully he’s finally realized what’s up. Matured and is ready to give it his all.

    • mp3

      @Asdf Asdf Of course it's possible but he's signed with nba teams the last few training camps and not been able to earn a spot and if he does he's cut early in the season, Iam not hating on him it's not his fault he was the 1st pick he should never of been and the Cavs hold half of that blame but from a players standpoint to date he hasn't fought for his own he hasn't looked like he enjoyed playing even at times last year in the G but then he has a promising game so who knows what version the Rockets will get come September and onwards

    • Asdf Asdf
      Asdf Asdf

      That may have changed.

  • jon snipe
    jon snipe

    good for him... knew he can get better

  • Suhaib Ghaffar
    Suhaib Ghaffar

    Anthony Bennett will be the mvp on the team even thought there is two former mvps

    • ThA MAN C MAcK
      ThA MAN C MAcK

      I like it. More like Come Back POTY though

    • Kartik Ramesh
      Kartik Ramesh

      @Suhaib Ghaffar lmfao good one

    • Suhaib Ghaffar
      Suhaib Ghaffar

      @RichOffCrank1.5 hes faster than d fox but he dont try

  • wnerk o
    wnerk o

    nice!!!i hope he does it.this is the 1st time ive seen him play with confidence.he seemed kind of a beat dog at 1st.he didnt play his game at all.he was playing the part of "i dont want to piss anyone off".now he has that stigma of being "the bust".he has nothing to lose now and he can just go out there and play his game.i hope the rockets let him

  • Josh Ball
    Josh Ball

    I geniunely hope he turns out for the rockets and shakes off whatever demons his been carrying, go get em Bennett.

  • Big Hunnit
    Big Hunnit

    He a walking my career story line 😂😂 All luck to him though 💯

    • H Freddie
      H Freddie

      Big Hunnit 😂😂

  • Godwins Tuyishime
    Godwins Tuyishime

    Let’s Go Bennet!!! I hope he’s back to stay


    Time for Bennett to make a comeback and prove the NBA what he's made of

  • HadesOG

    Would be real nice to see him come back and put up some good numbers

  • Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends
    Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends

    In my opinion, he could have a breakout season in about 2020-21 if his role can boost him.


    I like hearing about busts that make a turn around.although he should never had been #1 overall,he didn't choose that and I'm sure the pressure of that,along with LeBron leaving them butt hurt for miami was alot to live up to.hope he does make a comeback!

  • Luigi Salvacion
    Luigi Salvacion

    His style of play fits in the current NBA. He can shoot and move as a big man. If only hi didn't lose his confidence he'll definitely be a good starter or worst, a good role player for a championship contender team.

  • WH WH
    WH WH

    he would be perfect for D'antoni run and gun offense. Imagine Russell pushing with ball and everyone running alongside hv 3pt ability and althletic to finnish at the rim, the offense will be lethal.

  • Thomas Leijten
    Thomas Leijten

    Damn haven't been this early since Anthony Bennett was actually valuable in trades

    • 360 Wege
      360 Wege

      LKG Variety r/im14andthisiswoooosh

    • Tenasjay

      Berto Clips andrew bogut

    • Berto Clips
      Berto Clips

      @Tenasjay Andrea Barginiani

    • Tenasjay

      remember andrew bynum? 😂😂😂 any big man with the initials with AB get hurt, should be noted by scouts

    • cash mere
      cash mere

      @Thomas Leijten yep more

  • VaderXHooper

    Holy Shit they signed the G.O.A.T Harden, Westbrook and Bennett that’s Crazy

  • Gold WurL Recordings
    Gold WurL Recordings

    I’m Rooting for Bennett 💪🏽

  • Schauncy North
    Schauncy North

    Always wondered what happened to him he has so much promise when he first came in the league

  • Kemarius Williams
    Kemarius Williams

    A lot of people doubting him I hope he show out next season

  • Steven Pineda
    Steven Pineda

    Bennett’s back to stay! Love your vids man keep the grind going

  • Kid Canada
    Kid Canada

    Melo punching the air right now

    • OJ

      Are You Sure about that?

    • Don_east

      Kid Canada not anymore

    • comptonproduction 2
      comptonproduction 2

      MELO IN LA.

    • JCW871

      ThA MAN C MAcK dude everyone wants a ring wtf do you mean

    • LmaoGucci

      @Virus Xtal remember when melo ruined Jeremly lins career in the NYC knicks?

  • Dee Nugent
    Dee Nugent

    I hope he will be successful with the Rockets!

  • SphericalCow

    Good move for Houston! He can be a starter. His body is totally different and he has experience now.

  • HCK

    big bust for a 1 pick but mad respect for him to stay and grind his way back into the league

  • KOTS

    Well if Anthony Bennett become a solid player.ESPN will have a new and a great story to tell.

  • TC

    Feel bad for this man. Unexpected #1 pick in what was a not-so-strong draft class at the time and had to live up to all this hype of being the #1 pick when he was projected to be a lottery pick. Also the amount of shit people give this man is unbelievable, such as a whole video of him talking about his journey from #1 pick to the G League

  • Brandon Lambert
    Brandon Lambert

    I hope he makes it. I think the Cavs destroyed his career; didn't allow him proper time to recover from his shoulder injury/surgery after the draft and then whoever his trainers/player development coaches were after that didn't instill any good work ethic into him. If that wasn't enough, then after just one year they shipped him to Minnesota where a lot of potential careers go to die (besides the KG era). Really hope he becomes a glue guy like Draymond or Iggy

  • Logan Andrews
    Logan Andrews

    At least he’s putting the work in. A lot of ppl in his position wouldn’t have the will to keep it up.

  • farrellcityking1

    Good grief! He looks dangerous out there. Definitely been working on his game.

  • Alexander Gammon
    Alexander Gammon

    Hope Bennett really is back at least in part 10 and 6 something

  • Ya Boi Jern757
    Ya Boi Jern757

    He looks good he been putting in work

  • 4KT YB4L
    4KT YB4L

    I remember in 2k14 when you would literally have to average 25 8 and 5 just to become the number one pick over this guy

  • MJS

    That 1st Overall Draft Pick thing really messed him up. He shouldn’t have been picked that high. He has great potential to be a contributing player. Not at all A Star player. But a good player. Hope with the Rockets could be his breakout year.

  • Vito Bonifacio
    Vito Bonifacio

    Good luck! I hope it helps the Rockets

  • R0UX

    Wow he never gave up and now it’s the perfect time to redeem himself

  • Langston Galloway
    Langston Galloway

    It would be cool if he became a decent player, however I find it unlikely that Houston would give him above 5 minutes a game

  • ExE Studios
    ExE Studios

    Someone gotta take him to rico Hines and he'll be an MIP candidate

  • joshua batts
    joshua batts

    He will get there. Him and Markell Fultz new starts and both #1 pics

  • gorobot

    Always thought he got a bad rap, blame the cavs for drafting him #1 and putting that pressure on a kid that should have been a second round pick. Respect to him not giving up, he could have sat on his couch the rest of his life with his rookie contract $ and been in luxury, instead he works through the g-league to get another shot. If he turns this around and becomes a solid role player, they better start filming his 30 for 30 immediately.

  • Walker McKenna
    Walker McKenna

    As a Canadian, living in Scotland, I love hearing this accent talking hoops. I think Bennet will be an underrated pick up.

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Great video, the only problem is that Russ might not be the best player on Houston anymore😫

    • tezzl

      Max Manzo u seriously call Russ better than harden besides that Anthony Bennett is a goat

  • G.

    A real one stayed til the end and liked the vid a lot. I'm a fan of AB especially being Canadian. Always hoped the Raptors picked him up but def a great pick up for Houston.

  • themihalyincident

    The Cavs kinda ruined his career. We was never a No.1 Pick player. Hope he does fine for the Rockets as a solid backup player. I have faith.

  • TWB soon
    TWB soon

    Tbh, he was always going to be good in the NBA but since he was a #1 pick nobody wanted to be patient with his development like, he’s a rookie, it doesn’t make him a bust, he just needs to adjust and learn the game around vets in the league

  • Rogelio Pérez H
    Rogelio Pérez H

    I think that zion is very simililar to bennet very heavy small forwards with dependency of the fisical game, maybe he will afront the same difficulties.

  • Jon Melendez
    Jon Melendez

    My *Houston Rockets* need a new front office and new recruiters. Signing CP3 at a +100million contract WAY PAST his prime (Westbroke got a broken jump shot not solving anything for my 🚀s )and decided not to trade PJ Tucker for Jimmy Butler. Now they thinking about signing Anthony Bennett 🤨🤨🤨😭

  • Jud Gle
    Jud Gle

    I feel bad for him. He clearly was not good enough to be the #1 pick and when he was selected he had so much pressure on him to prove it.

  • Damu Williams
    Damu Williams

    People never give up . Never count yourself out. Bennett is so aspiring great story. He made it back props to A.B

  • Unbiased Opinion
    Unbiased Opinion

    Can’t wait to see him... Bennett’s Back!!

  • Kilgor

    I wanna see him at the small foward

  • Mike Richey
    Mike Richey

    I hope he does well I really do

  • Misael Hernandez
    Misael Hernandez

    If he comes back and averages 10ppg and 8rb id say it’s a solid pickup

  • We are not Your kind
    We are not Your kind

    Too much pressure too soon for someone who wasn't ready to begin with

  • Chowell

    I’m happy for him

  • Ivan Calderon
    Ivan Calderon

    I can definitely see him come off the bench and get about like 6 ppg

  • Clayton Foreman
    Clayton Foreman

    He looks like he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in and his jumper looks really smooth

  • 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor

    WHOOOAAAAA Bro. Whoa. Dominating the GLeague??? He wasn't even close to "dominating" in the GLeague. Slow that roll lol. He was solid in the GLeague though. He's really improved his outside shooting. It gives him a chance to be a really solid stretch big man in the NBA. I'm excited to see how he does.

  • Vlone Vlone
    Vlone Vlone

    Bennett was a sniper in college the #1 overall pick put to much pressure on him he wasn’t used too he could defitnely make a come back

  • Mitch Williams
    Mitch Williams

    Dude has some serious offensive skills. It must be mental for him

  • Shanid G
    Shanid G

    Is it time to shine for Toronto and Canada? First we win conference then finals, we produce high caliber player like RJ. Anthony Bennet steps up his game. Your move next 22 Wiggins!

  • K C
    K C

    Bennett is back to stay.

  • Desmond Izko
    Desmond Izko

    Bennet is back to stay!

  • Nick Dance
    Nick Dance

    Bennett is back to stay

  • Marcelo M
    Marcelo M

    Bennett’s Back to Stay

  • tezzl

    I want to see him avg 20 points he was no 1 overall for a reason

    • Prod. Bnc Jordan
      Prod. Bnc Jordan

      That reason is the cavs being stupid

  • K S
    K S

    Why do people keep saying 2013 is a weak draft class? Just cause the top players didnt perform? That just means scouting sucked this year. Its not that hard to look at the draft board, instead of jsut following what others are saying; Giannis Antetokounmpo Rudy Gobert CJ McCollum Victor Oladipo Otto Porter Steven Adams Tim Hardaway And that's just a few starters from this draft, and plenty of other role players still in the NBA! I would say this isn't the strongest, but stronger than most. Giannis is in this class for crying out loud.

  • MusicKnowledge1

    Brave of him to come back think of the humiliation of his failed career as a scrub #1 pick and then think of the on court trash talk he will receive

  • North South
    North South

    I remember him at unlv I just can't believe he was the 1st pick

  • Vinsur SZN
    Vinsur SZN

    Imagine a galaxy opal Anthony Bennett card in 2k 🙏👀

  • SavvyComic

    I think he’s good but he be scared of the NBA players

  • Italianmarcus10

    Rockets love giving another chance to players. Michael Carter Williams and now Anthony Bennett

    • Skz

      kenneth faried

    • Notorious J
      Notorious J

      Italianmarcus10 & Melo

  • Show Me
    Show Me

    I just think life came at him fast n he wasn't ready!! But who knows why he don't live up to the hype!!

  • Baba

    I’m rooting for him like everyone else...but cmon...the guy was horrendous in the NBA given several chances. He’s done.

  • nukesnipa1

    Im rooting for him

  • HoodieJT

    Wouldn’t say this saved his career everyone will still consider him a bust

  • Thomas Leijten
    Thomas Leijten

    Bennett is back to stay

  • Young Oddo
    Young Oddo

    4:52 that defender was 5’2 and just spammed Y.