Bronny & Trey Parker Takeover Nike EYBL KC Day 1- Crazy Highlights
Bronny, Trey Parker, Rob Dillingham and more. From Nike EYBL KC Day 1 Highlights
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نظر: 129
  • Until Chill
    Until Chill

    Uuhh, Bronny is clearing getting better 👌🏽

    • Gik Gik
      Gik Gik

      @Kickz_N_ Kronic I ain’t wanna be the one to say it lmaooo

    • Kickz_N_ Kronic
      Kickz_N_ Kronic

      🤔 clearing? I believe it should be clearly but hey who am I to correct someone

    • Mateo Cavalleri
      Mateo Cavalleri


    • Eric


    • Gik Gik
      Gik Gik

      @pooh lee facts love to see it

  • baimba conteh
    baimba conteh

    An event like that were everyone is trying to impress college scouts. I love how these guys are playing as a team, much respect. 5:23

  • Troy

    0:40 WHEEWW, that's a crazy ass pass man. I could tell it was meant for the shooter because it had a backspin on it, and came around wide to avoid the defender and the big. He just needs some more power on it tho. Trey Parker better rise in the rankings man, he killed it at top 100, he just got back from serving in the Mecca, and he's been killing it all EYBL season, if Trey Parker isn't top 40 in the ESPN rankings or at least top 100, I'm rioting, jk😂

    • Phil Onufriychuk
      Phil Onufriychuk

      Bronny lowkey traveled before he passed it

    • Troy

      @Jeff Hardy It was either an accidental over shoot that had enough power to make it there in to the shooter in one bounce with a backspin, or it wasn't meant for the shooter. It's just more plausible it was for the shooter. Maybe it wasn't meant for the shooter, the only person who knows is him. Either way, the end result was nice and the scouts and coaches at the game probably gave him the befit of the doubt it was for the shooter

    • Jeff Hardy
      Jeff Hardy

      @Emmanuel Adediran but where did I say that?

    • Emmanuel Adediran
      Emmanuel Adediran

      @Jeff Hardy lmao acting like you could make that pass yourself

    • Jeff Hardy
      Jeff Hardy

      Watched it over 10 times. That wasn’t meant for the shooter bro. You don’t have to gas him up like this

  • lnh

    Happy for Tre and Bronny. They have both been hooping🔥

    • Demi

      @James Malisham your trolling is elite.

    • James Malisham
      James Malisham

      @Jayden Moore _Hyundai

    • James Malisham
      James Malisham

      @Demi p

    • Jayden Moore
      Jayden Moore

      @lnh vids been dope I’m subscribed

    • Demi

      Dope vids bro, keep up the work 👏🏾

  • B- Logna
    B- Logna

    watching them move and share the ball like that is scary. The whole squad is super talented and unselfish, and u can’t forget the crazy athleticism they have.

  • Jr C
    Jr C

    rooting for bronny to succeed so much. would love to see him grow a few inches

    • Lakime

      @LONDO he 17

    • NWSMGQuissyB

      @LONDO exactly like his Pops not Bron which is 6’9

    • LONDO

      @PluLuvsYou you don’t think a 16 year old is gonna keep growing ?? 🤣

    • PluLuvsYou

      not happening

  • Lionell Nieves
    Lionell Nieves

    That boy been getting WAY betta 🙌🏽


    bronny doing his thing, shoutout Trey too

  • Clock Reynolds
    Clock Reynolds

    Bronny had to wait his turn! N he did, Now he can put it up!! N play ball!! Top dawg on the team now…. He’s not a Gunner !! He involves the other players.. Like Dad.. !

  • Shayne Franks
    Shayne Franks

    watching the future nba now , talented youth

  • Don't look at my picture
    Don't look at my picture

    Trey Parker is a 5 star in my book

  • Miguel Meza
    Miguel Meza

    Wow impressive. The guy is short and still dunks. It always amazes me.

  • Demi

    Bronny in attack mode lately 👀

  • Myles Tufts
    Myles Tufts

    my guy trey done came a long way. love ❤️

    • Don't look at my picture
      Don't look at my picture

      Can’t wait to see where he goes for college. He’s special.

  • Hey Zeus!
    Hey Zeus!

    I cant believe people didn’t believe in Bronny 😂 clowns

  • NSKing

    Bro Bronny Had That Boy Touching The Ground From That Crossover 0:35

  • kris hernandez
    kris hernandez

    How you finna show bronny losing by 20 but not put Seattle rotary on the map😭

  • Camreon Loynes
    Camreon Loynes

    Give Aden a Kentucky offer so rob and him can team up‼️💯🤝

  • tee money
    tee money

    Bronny ranking needs to go up , he playing like his daddy

  • William Smith
    William Smith

    Go ahead haters keep it coming because the more you hate the more this kid going prove you wrong. This about development not that who won the game or lost the game by 20 points idiots. Who cares who won the game when players are getting better from the competition and you clearly see Bronny, Trey and Rob are all benefiting from playing against competition.

  • Don't look at my picture
    Don't look at my picture

    1:57 eastbay alley in eybl is crazyyy 😭😭😭

    • MollyAtTheGrave

      Fr that's some lamelo ball sh

  • 1GGcerti

    Bronny is hooping now i love it

  • PunjabiBall3r

    How did Bronny get so good in just 1 month??

    • nyxicia

      He was already that good , he just changed his mentality ,many skillful players become stars when their mentality changes

  • Until Chill
    Until Chill

    Bro every 7ft has handles and a jump shot. The game has changed.

    • Idk

      Aye that mans jumper is wet ngl

  • Melvis Adduru
    Melvis Adduru

    Holy cow 💪🏾


    number 23 for cp3 when he gets to a college program and they work on fixing his gate when running its gonna be scary hours

  • West Baltimore
    West Baltimore

    The future of basketball is doomed. These kids don’t even know what defense is. Shoutout to Bronny, though. Young 🐐.

  • Tyler Stevens
    Tyler Stevens

    We not gonna show respect to rotary who blew sfe out by 20?? How bout Brooklyn hicks wit a triple double for rotary???

  • Jamaal Gill
    Jamaal Gill

    Whos the guard on Albany City Rocks, starting around the 7:50 mark? I'm from NY and I recognize him but idk where from. Also, who is the lefty guard on Boo Williams playing alongside Tre Parker? Kid has a crazy pullup from long and midrange and an excellent floater around the rim amongst the tall trees! Love to see that from small guards.

  • Michael

    Y’all can talk all the shit you want about bronny but I like dudes game a lot he’s fun to watch

  • Benjamin Newton
    Benjamin Newton

    Bronny does this shit and SFG still loses by 21😭

    • Don't look at my picture
      Don't look at my picture

      I feel like he could benefit from playing on a team with players significantly better than him, and not just on his level. They’d force him to be better & viceversa. He did well as a freshman a few years ago when he got minutes with a couple of those nba prospects.

  • Eli

    can you guys put more than the same three players you put in your titles? They are not even the highest ranked players there, like GG Jackson is there and he's not even mentioned.

  • basketball hig
    basketball hig

    trey number one, best player

  • Thomas Payton
    Thomas Payton


    • Thomas Payton
      Thomas Payton

      @Don't look at my picture no sir

    • Don't look at my picture
      Don't look at my picture

      Not done yet 😂

  • icewater206

    Need more Seattle Rotary in this mix bruh. One dunk at the end is all?

  • vlonexdamar

    bronny is everywhere now😰

  • TearsOfHappi

    nah what they did at 2:05 was tough asf omg, on sum koruko basket shit

  • cole holloway
    cole holloway

    Lost to rotary by 20😭😭

  • Jay Faygo
    Jay Faygo

    Why no rotary highlights? They won by 30 against sfg

  • mariluisa flores
    mariluisa flores

    Parker is the one to watch no hate both are awesome players

  • Busha- T
    Busha- T

    Here I was expecting a video of bronny lighting up the guy from South Park

  • Keyy OnlyFans
    Keyy OnlyFans

    How did bronny takeover ?? & hasn’t won a game this session… jw

  • F.B

    Bronny really a built young bul 🧱

  • Kings Meet Here
    Kings Meet Here

    LeBron must be paying for these captions

  • Owen H
    Owen H

    Bronny lost by 20

  • caleek cobb
    caleek cobb

    let’s talk about Jalen Curry tho 💯

    • Jay Tate
      Jay Tate

      Facts that dude raw bro lol I was looking for his name in here somewhere

  • Babyrxnnieee

    bronny tuff

  • Genki_stars

    Ambush all Sunday Rome wins not Tokyo Can't wait for Monday Carful everyone 💀

  • Joaquin Snowden
    Joaquin Snowden

    Should start looking into team Melo those two UConn commits are like that👀👀👀

  • Highlight Nation
    Highlight Nation

    The crowd was lame when Mikey was in kc it was 4,000 people

  • savage?


  • Jesus Christ is Lord of All
    Jesus Christ is Lord of All

    Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. John 3:36 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans‬ ‭6‬:‭23 Jesus Christ is the only way, seek Him while He may be found, before it’s too late, tomorrow is never promised.

  • James Rhinehardt
    James Rhinehardt

    Everyone who talked shit on bronny name keep that same every please don’t switch up

  • Itzz Kk3x
    Itzz Kk3x

    so tuff

  • iissaiah

    briny literally got blown out and y’all still posted him

    • myrealnameis #####
      myrealnameis #####


  • K Moncler 🐺🧬
    K Moncler 🐺🧬

    Rob n Aden 🧬🐺

  • E O
    E O

    0:03 he travelled

    • Hmm Yea
      Hmm Yea

      Gather step, casual

  • Bread

    I didn’t know the creator of South Park played basketball

  • TGN SLay3R
    TGN SLay3R

    Bronny didn’t get way better but he is shooting more

    • Troy

      Idk man, his handle looks a little better and that pass at 0:40 was NUTS. I've never seen him make a read like that, and put the spin on the ball like that, woah.

    • Don't look at my picture
      Don't look at my picture

      Confidence is key

    • Anthony Young
      Anthony Young

      Exactly he’s more aggressive

  • Pai Cabrera
    Pai Cabrera

    Papi Dios te ama

  • Pai Cabrera
    Pai Cabrera

    Papi Dios te ama

  • Pai Cabrera
    Pai Cabrera

    Papi Dios te ama

  • Caleb 11
    Caleb 11

    kc gang where u at?

  • Caleb 11
    Caleb 11

    kc gang where u at?

  • Hardknox 1k
    Hardknox 1k

    Yeah bron y on sun other shit !

    • Troy

      I'm saying tho. That pass at 0:40 was the most impressive thing in his highlights to me

  • Miles Lloyd
    Miles Lloyd


  • Trick Rain
    Trick Rain

    This is horrible they lost by 2o points they didt take over anything and bronny almost got a triple double put on his head

  • RodSean

    Another click baiting misleading title from Ballislife, as per regular - just to get views.

  • Hood Rixh
    Hood Rixh

    whos the redhead kid number 0 ?

  • Hardknox 1k
    Hardknox 1k

    Who is that white boy #0 gud god !

  • Lightskin💙

    Wsg niggas✊🏿

  • RJ Mitchell
    RJ Mitchell


  • Cameron west
    Cameron west

    Wsg niggas🧔🏿

  • Dempo

    Bronny so hard

    • Okwakzz


    • Jimmy1

      Zest God!

    • MAEE

      Wait what?

    • Lionell Nieves
      Lionell Nieves

      Pause 🤔

    • JayWak

      Pause 😐

  • Roberto Alarcon
    Roberto Alarcon


  • Nqobani Dlamini
    Nqobani Dlamini

    Bronny isn't gonna be a one and done Varsity player, he's doing well now cause he's playing people his age and younger.....when he gets to Uni he'll dip again, and have to play another year or two before declaring for the draft...otherwise he won't be drafted and just bought like Scottie and Shaqs sons

    • Carter Myers
      Carter Myers

      Scottie Pippen jr wasn’t bought he deserved to get signed if you don’t think that than watch a live LA summer league game


    Y I just releases try is kwe little brother

  • Chris Barclay
    Chris Barclay


  • Certified Veen
    Certified Veen

    Early asf

  • Wann Sklobi
    Wann Sklobi

    Clickbait! First 2 mins are of Bronny, then 30 seconds of Trey. 👎👎👎👎