Fighting off Michael Myers at our House! (He found us!!)
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Fighting off Michael Myers at our House! (He found us!!)
*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.
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  • Stromedy

    Check out the Mannequin Man Movie:

    • A&J Gaming
      A&J Gaming

      I Love your vidiyos

    • Tulisa🦒

      I arlready watched it the second you released it I loved it it was amazing 😻

    • Tuyền Thanh
      Tuyền Thanh

      @Vxrtex Minecraft abbghhgh

    • Tuyền Thanh
      Tuyền Thanh

      @Grace.Powell vvvvvhhgguyy

    • Tuyền Thanh
      Tuyền Thanh


  • MrΒeast ⸜⁄
    MrΒeast ⸜⁄

    He Puts So Much Effort In His Videos Im honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos!♡

    • Space Shark
      Space Shark

      Hey your not the real mrbeast boi

    • peeble di
      peeble di

      I think it’s fake but idk

  • Elijah Rivaz
    Elijah Rivaz

    Love these crazy videos. Got one of my favorite serial killers. Stay safe Kyle

    • The Magma Aries Boy
      The Magma Aries Boy

      They ate fake

    • bunnyqueen

      @Nathan Hobbs yup it's a spelling ppl make mistakes bruv

    • Christopher Rodriguez
      Christopher Rodriguez

      P fun Michael Myers ready Michael

    • Addi meurer
      Addi meurer

      ha funny

    • Elijah Rivaz
      Elijah Rivaz

      @Nathan Hobbs yeah I noticed I spelled it wrong I fixed it

  • Neil Magrath
    Neil Magrath

    A dark, chilling masterpiece from the crimson House of Stromedy. Oh, what a joy to be rescued from reality by Stromedy! To be rescued from mundane, crumbling humanity by Stromedy! Loving the lovely portal. Everything about this video is perfect, the music (the immortal Halloween theme), the atmosphere, the acting, the plot, and the blood-red lighting you used. And as for the person playing Myers, he outdid the original. That mask was chilling. Please do more about the other-dimensional, it's fascinating. Such a clever concept. On this occasion, words aren't enough. I'm breathless, intoxicated, giddy. Today you brought me back from a dark abyss of despair. I want to weep with joy. For all those who are weary of reality, there is a remedy. And it is called Stromedy!

    • Neil Magrath
      Neil Magrath

      @Chris & Lian Walvin Thank you, and love you too, fellow Stromedy lover!

    • Chris & Lian Walvin
      Chris & Lian Walvin

      omg cleaver bro same his huge utuber 😎love you stromedy bro

    • Binayak Dhungana
      Binayak Dhungana

      Omg clever bro same his a huge utuber

    • Jazmin Duran
      Jazmin Duran

      Hi so 😎 your back love you stromdy awsome

  • Alexis Saenz
    Alexis Saenz

    As soon as they enter the red house there is a thing standing in the door way and when they look its gone

    • Its Faye Faye
      Its Faye Faye

      Same for both fist I thought I was crazy but I saw that for sure

    • Lexi Stewart
      Lexi Stewart

      i see that i touth i was seeing things

  • Retro Gaming
    Retro Gaming

    It’s pretty obvious that when you see a killer who can’t die and wants to kill you should 100 percent run bro

  • Aner Sejdic
    Aner Sejdic

    alex,the camera man is the brave one

    • DuhAlexLieu

      THANKS 😭

  • Jana.fanpage

    I’ve been watching you for how long now 2019 when I started watching you

    • 𝒜𝒾𝒹𝒶𝓃𝓅𝓁𝒶𝓎𝓈 𝓇𝑜𝒷𝓁𝑜𝓍
      𝒜𝒾𝒹𝒶𝓃𝓅𝓁𝒶𝓎𝓈 𝓇𝑜𝒷𝓁𝑜𝓍

      I’ve been here since his first haunted feild drone vid

    • Pot-Man

      @S Tay 3am challenges right?

    • Braelynn Nicastro
      Braelynn Nicastro


    • SMC-Ari-818 🫠
      SMC-Ari-818 🫠

      @S Tay lol same I watch his old vids too

    • S Tay
      S Tay

      I have been here since 2018 man I miss those videos

  • Shishilan pasalan
    Shishilan pasalan

    I love how Michael just stares at the prime capital discussing

  • shantel anaittuq
    shantel anaittuq

    I miss 2018 I've been watching u that long stromedy and I miss when u was doing 3am videos damn I miss 2018 but now it's 2022

    • Extreme gamer Caver
      Extreme gamer Caver


    • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ GAY BICH ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
      ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ GAY BICH ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

      @shantel anaittuq i miss the drone videos those were bomb too

  • Josh

    I saw a person standing behind you in the kitchen

  • AlexDoesShorts

    Stromedy could have moved all of the stones to shut the portal down

    • Extreme gamer Caver
      Extreme gamer Caver

      yea true

  • ryandaboss

    as you guys were talking im just watching michael myers behind you just staring lol

  • Daveon Wheeler
    Daveon Wheeler

    How long has the portal been open? Who knows what came through from the portal since nobody was at the house

    • Something animations, edits
      Something animations, edits

      Nothing that is a green screen or a projector or even a screen its not real

  • Kyong Jenkins
    Kyong Jenkins

    am I the only one who saw the person in the back watching them when they came out the portal??

    • ginger fox❤️
      ginger fox❤️


    • Trainmad1502

      Me to

    • Glenn Miller
      Glenn Miller

      I saw it

    • ZAHINTEyy ₹
      ZAHINTEyy ₹

      I saw it too

  • Brandon Abbott
    Brandon Abbott

    Just got finished following everyone and keep up the great work guys, hope you come to Australia soon for one

  • Jana Lyn
    Jana Lyn

    Every video is so entertaining omg 10/10 stay safe y'all!!!

    • Zacian

      It’s fake videos

    • Jana Lyn
      Jana Lyn

      @TSG SAM I know u r

    • TSG SAM
      TSG SAM

      @Jana Lyn kid

    • Just some guy on the internet
      Just some guy on the internet

      I’m not y’all!!! I’m bruh

  • Cool guy 69 gamer
    Cool guy 69 gamer

    The hole time starting at 7:02 u can see it in the back

  • Corey Vance
    Corey Vance

    Who else seen in the red portal that there was something in the kitchen

    • SuperSword Playz
      SuperSword Playz

      Yeah it was

    • mikGaming

      that was Michael Myers

  • Mars YT Channel
    Mars YT Channel

    7:11 You can see a silhouette (prob Michael Myers) in the background 🤣 Btw do purple rock!

  • Yunjin

    lets just appreciate how much of a queen jana is bro i literally love u jana (not actually just like your my favorite prime capital team member) jana give me a shout out /hj (means half joking in case who ever reads this comment doesn’t know)

  • mileycyrusfan197

    ahhh. finally, we got a continuation of this portal!!! and arjun's back!!

  • Yur1zx

    Ah yes finally waiting for some more creepy things! Keep it up an other banger

    • Something animations, edits
      Something animations, edits

      Kid you will know the truth when you grow up

  • Sarah Dahl
    Sarah Dahl

    Hey Kyle thanks for getting my mind of on where I was last night if you're wondering where I was I was at the hospital to get my pendics out but I'm fine now thanks to the Kyle and the others

  • Jane_Killer #LongBreak
    Jane_Killer #LongBreak

    Maybe try the purple one??! I love your videos, you make my emotions change, from sad to glad, from glad to happy💕💕

  • Darlene Franco
    Darlene Franco

    Who is behind you at 7:11?

    • Sophie Lee
      Sophie Lee


    • Dynamic Duo Dill Pickle & lukewini
      Dynamic Duo Dill Pickle & lukewini

      I saw that

    • The MHA nerd
      The MHA nerd

      There figure disappeared after a few seconds

    • MeezyTheninja


    • DuhAlexLieu


  • ツiM_a_TaLl_ElFシ

    Keep trying your best and never give up!!!

  • luvlymads

    this man is lying for clout it’s obviously just a person in a costume, it’s really idiotic to see how people actually believe this, like.

  • αєѕтнєтι¢ ℓανєи∂єя
    αєѕтнєтι¢ ℓανєи∂єя

    Love your vids! I’m subscribed to everyone and watched every vid and I liked every vid !

    • αєѕтнєтι¢ ℓανєи∂єя
      αєѕтнєтι¢ ℓανєи∂єя

      I’m following you all in instagram

  • Julie Duggan
    Julie Duggan

    7:03 it looks like a guy is in up left corner might be Michael Myers.

  • Princess Vanessia Davoyia
    Princess Vanessia Davoyia

    🥰Hi #Stromedy, Love the awesome video! Keep making the awesome bangerz that you make!!! BTW, Give me a shoutout sometime!🥰

  • Lola Freeze
    Lola Freeze

    Weird. I haven't had any quality issues until I got to this video. Hope it gets better

  • Noah taylor Roblox
    Noah taylor Roblox

    if they said can you hear us it sounds in the background that he's in the house but he's been in another room in the house

  • Emma Davidson
    Emma Davidson

    There was a person looking at Kyle when he was talking and it was Michael

  • Levi_game1

    At 7:18 you can see someone back there

    • AgentBlurr2022

      It's Michael Myers

    • Ramesh Gowda
      Ramesh Gowda


  • Joshua Bacchus
    Joshua Bacchus

    Stromedy bro you the best really love all your videos bro they are the best and very fun to watch every single day it always made my day so amazing when I feel stressed out I can always count on Stromedy to make me feel better you the best bro keep up the incredible work much love and respect to you since you deserve it

    • Kensey Campbell
      Kensey Campbell

      Yes hes amazing hes my favorite IRglor

  • Ase F
    Ase F

    I just noticed that when you guys were in the portal I seen a person standing by the door 😬🤔😵😶😟😫

  • Roblox indian spam
    Roblox indian spam

    lets all agree that this bros videos never dissapoint us and are banger and insane

  • fireflow639 gaming
    fireflow639 gaming

    Stromedys videos are kind of scary but it so intresting and fun to watch

    • Something animations, edits
      Something animations, edits

      Scary? This is scary? Go watch a sam raimi movie and all of this is fake

  • The best YouTuber
    The best YouTuber

    I saw Michael Myers before you started exploring. He was in the red bedroom

  • c4

    i have a feeling he's going to get DMCA'd, and I hope he get's terminated along with it.

  • ZachBlonde

    He is here with another banger video 🤣

  • Victor Grant
    Victor Grant

    I've watched Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills in a theater and I can't wait to watch Halloween Ends.

  • BeautifulButterfly🦋🦋

    I really want Him to make a series of like going to each portal and maybe in the last dimension it could be a clowny world! I hope you see this Kyle!

  • yaboyramiro30 gaming chanel
    yaboyramiro30 gaming chanel

    I love your videos this is a cool one thank you for updating it for us

  • Sophie Bailey
    Sophie Bailey

    Thank you stromdey for a new video I love all you videos and I watch them all the time and stay safe. 🙂😄

    • logan88

      Today is opposite day so stay safe means don't say safe I hate staying 6 feet' away from other people and I'll never do it again!

    • YT net
      YT net


  • will coward
    will coward

    You killed someone that has had his eyes shot out without dying and can do a one armed pull up?

  • Emily

    I cant even get over the mannequin movie. I was blown away with everything

  • Russ Darracott
    Russ Darracott

    7:06 in the background .

  • Madilyn Sanders
    Madilyn Sanders

    Omg yess finely another BANGER!!!!

  • lisa marie
    lisa marie

    Hey Kyle,i enjoyed this fantastic video!! Super awesome!! The movie was really excellent also,keep up the awesome work!!😁😁😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌹🌹

  • Maria Rivera
    Maria Rivera

    7:10 stromedy there was something in the back

  • LegacyLurks

    7:10 who else saw him?

  • Joseph Sebastian
    Joseph Sebastian

    7:11 Michael Myers was standing in the baground.

  • ★Jade★

    Who said Stromdey could make the best videos?

    • Samuel preperato
      Samuel preperato


    • The Magma Aries Boy
      The Magma Aries Boy


    • Samuel preperato
      Samuel preperato


    • Samuel preperato
      Samuel preperato

      I know it’s fake but it’s still entertaining

  • Aryan's Mania
    Aryan's Mania

    Legendary eyes know the portal is a tv 😂😂

  • Yasmina Wahied
    Yasmina Wahied

    I have been subscribed to you from 5 years This episode will be awesome

  • House of cringe
    House of cringe

    If you looks at the door when they spawned you can see a figure in the door way and the figure was close to the stairs so he went up there to hide.

  • NiamhXx

    When you were talking by the portal there was someone in the kitchen

  • Vicki Brain
    Vicki Brain

    I see something in the background at 7:13

  • ML son
    ML son

    I started watching you when you start a guy told me about and I love it

  • Jayden Rooney
    Jayden Rooney

    At 7:06 mins look at the kitchen door

  • Muichiro Tokito
    Muichiro Tokito

    My man thought the portal would seem real….

    • Something animations, edits
      Something animations, edits

      Yeah 😂

  • Shadow & Sonic & Amy
    Shadow & Sonic & Amy

    In 11:33 Was kind of funny when your friend punches Michael Myers

  • Infinikk

    ah yes a tv fliped portal love it when clowns come thrugh those

  • Rainnix_ owner
    Rainnix_ owner

    Stromedy: it looks like if we take off the stone the door closes also Stromedy: maybe we should go in and figure out how to close the portal i know its all acted and fake, not trying to hate on you because either way content is content

  • MER Xander .
    MER Xander .

    these are the types of videos i make with my brother when i was 8 like hes acting like he is not in his own house

  • Jadyn Meyer
    Jadyn Meyer

    i known this is creepy but in 7:02 in back ground theres someone in the back corner

  • DeltaWolf-1503.

    Wow. hell yes oh my god. a brand new Stromedy video it's perfect and it looks impressive,magnificent and top shelf video. It's an honor to watch your Amazing,Fascinating Video,,I can't wait for you to upload part 2 of the mannequin man your next episode of your video while you're going on a mission with the light society. While you're going on a journey and adventure missions with the Light Society Stromedy. I can't wait to be a member for the stromedy squad. I hope that you can upload your next stromedy squad video,I can't wait to see. "love your videos very much for you,I'm your biggest fan ever. I can't wait to join you into the Legendary Uber-Stromedy Squad Super Prime Capital together. I wish to meet you in person when I go to Canada next time in the future and also we can become friends as well".

  • Toxic_slurpy306

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  • Andrea Modesitt
    Andrea Modesitt

    i love all your videos and all the cool bangers that you post for and i also love your mannequin man movie keep up the good work stromedy^^

  • da

    Ah yes, I love when a clown comes through a portal and knows exactly where the camera is.

    • Donald Blackwell Sr
      Donald Blackwell Sr


    • Ocean Haro
      Ocean Haro

      Ah yes I love that he could just take off the rock to turn it off

    • Loveriis biggest  fan!
      Loveriis biggest fan!

      So do I when a clown come through the portal it’s just mwah chefs kiss

    • Kennedi Taylor
      Kennedi Taylor

      Lol same and the pored is in the house

    • Angel

      It's at there house lol😂

  • nichole aldrich
    nichole aldrich

    This is the best staged video you have ever done, ha! Do blue next! :)

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    Chloe Wills

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    Mpendulo Dlamini

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  • Extreme gamer Caver
    Extreme gamer Caver

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    Jose Benitez

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    K Mc

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    Winston Abbate

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