The REAL Reason NEYMAR Signed For PSG! Why NEYMAR Left BARCA Full Story Explained
The REAL Reason NEYMAR Signed For PSG! Why NEYMAR Left BARCA Full Story Explained
- DaKingMoneyYT

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  • DKM


    • Ritwik Misra
      Ritwik Misra

      You can't be yhe best.B coz u r not the best.Team doesn't matter.If you are actually the best then then you would be at Barca too.Team doesn't matter. Until Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe and dembele are playing you can't be the best Neymar. I feel sorry for you.

    • pete persi
      pete persi

      he is welcome at united hahaha.

    • Keitumetse


    • Lewis King
      Lewis King

      DKM I’m from Glasgow

    • Bard A
      Bard A

      DKM ...

  • Triplex HD
    Triplex HD

    Neymar finally gets out of the “shadow”.... He’s free in the spotlight. Mbappe has entered the chat.

    • Renjith Manjavana Rajendran
      Renjith Manjavana Rajendran

      Now Messi again 😂

    • Anu Pathak
      Anu Pathak

      Mbappe is absolutely nothing in front of Ney so don't u dare to compare

    • Rohan Magar
      Rohan Magar

      If he stayed pessi would be shadow of neymar

    • edouard atangana
      edouard atangana

      @Aziz B neymar is good and hes better than mbappe stay mad lool

    • edouard atangana
      edouard atangana

      @Alejandro Hernandez so what ? lol

  • Ordinary guy
    Ordinary guy

    Messi secretly loved and admired Neymar. He had a tremendous respect for him, trust me

    • Ordem é progresso
      Ordem é progresso

      Well it seems to me, that Xavi never liked Neymar. Pushing him, the day Barcelona went On parade. He then choose to criticise. Cause of the way he played. I mean, Brazilians can basiccely Do skills and tricks, without Losing the ball. He also stated that Messi was better Then Ronaldinho, despite all The contributions and hard work That he did, when barcelona, was in Big loss in 2004. In my opinion Xavi is a arrogant Bastard. Barcelona dont deserve Brazilian players.

    • LiamNemTV

      @GOkUL no

    • Charles Hwiridza
      Charles Hwiridza

      Trust u

    • GOkUL

      Ya Messi is a gay

    • Susi Valencia
      Susi Valencia

      I dont think it was a secret, you can tell with how they celebrated goals and joked around.

  • Junior 11
    Junior 11

    PSG purposely bought Dani alves "close friend" which means Neymar would want to move as there are 4 brazilians in the squad.

    • Crafted Skyside
      Crafted Skyside


    • Lady Peace
      Lady Peace

      @Baited Lol dumb thinking!!! What is you criteria I hope it's not popularity

    • Callum Reed
      Callum Reed

      Shinigami xdx Stop being stupid Mbappe has had a very good season. But neymar creates and scores look at his stats on google. Mbappe just scores. Just pls don’t say dumb things like that you know he is the best in the team Mbappe does not have Neymars technique.

    • Baited Lol
      Baited Lol

      @Theradar247 he has moved and hes still not the best in the team.

    • Cobolt Blue
      Cobolt Blue

      pedro solis not when Suárez was bagging more goals than Ronaldo and Messi but yeah the last season Neymar was definitely better and this season probably too.

  • Anthonio Burrowes
    Anthonio Burrowes

    How was Messi disintegrated? The free kick was better for a right footed player and Messi allowed Neymar to get the braces he promised he would’ve got

    • Thanos Richgang
      Thanos Richgang

      He gave up easily, like always.

    • Tomato Lover
      Tomato Lover

      I agree, it would have been a shame anyway to see him in turn to dust.

    • Durlav Regmi
      Durlav Regmi

      ya ...he fucked this one...and the penalty, the brazillian really deserved it

    • Wesley Winklaar
      Wesley Winklaar

      Anthonio Burrowes he said disinterested...

  • Klaze

    Who's here after Neymar decision to come back to Barcelona? (I am definitely)

    • vincent

      keep dreaming

    • MoHiTH

      @Adrian Salaverria your not the president of barca to tell u don't want him

    • Ab

      @Aqil Muaz hater

    • Kgauhelo Letsholo
      Kgauhelo Letsholo


    • Adrian Salaverria
      Adrian Salaverria

      I don’t want him

  • Jeftha Bisschop
    Jeftha Bisschop

    There are 222 millions reasons why he went to PSG


      I would too

    • Random_ Animation
      Random_ Animation

      And one of them is because neymar and suarez always fight

    • Salfy

      @Padey Solti he is trying make history without Messi

    • 17 Ryu
      17 Ryu


    • Greenscreenman YT
      Greenscreenman YT

      @Amir Mosavi wtf?

  • David B.
    David B.

    I understand Neymar's move. Him being in Barca would lead him only to the second place, since Messi is, and always will be the club legend. With PSG, it is different. The best player in the club was Cavani, who couldn't even be compared to legends like Messi and Ronaldo (no offense to Cavani fans). This was his moment. He knew he would be treated like a king in PSG. I'm sad he left Barca, and I'm even more sad he went to a club like PSG, because the club only dominates in France (and yes that Barca game, but that was only ONCE), meanwhile Barca dominates the world scene. However I wish him luck and all the best, and even if he goes to Real Madrid I will still support him.

    • David B.
      David B.

      Yes, but Ibrahimovic left and Cavani is still in PSG.

    • Jose Ortega
      Jose Ortega

      M E M E S the best was ibrahimovic

  • Juan

    “And PSG are currently the only team that can-*dies*

    • brickforge12

      @Cesar Guzman who lost from city? And I'm not a city fan.Ooh and also bottled lique 1.

    • Cesar Guzman
      Cesar Guzman

      Who beat Bayern yesterday?🔵🔴

    • Speedy637


  • Ben DH
    Ben DH

    I think he's a star talent who deserves to be number one but I'm not sure Ligue 1 is the best platform for him to compete with the likes of messi and Ronaldo for the ballon dor

    • Papjin

      Even though he were in a stronger league Messi and Ronaldo are on there own level

    • *love & Peace is never guaranteed
      *love & Peace is never guaranteed

      Well that comment did not age well tho lol.

    • BK2K

      The league dont really matter as long as you win the CL. If PSG manages to win the league and CL with neymar playing well? He can get ballon dor. Problem is that psg always gets knocked out 😂

    • Callum Reed
      Callum Reed

      Ben DH Madrid it is then

    • shakir akashah
      shakir akashah

      @Martin Nathanael well the ballon d'or is from french football. Not from fifa.

  • Connor McMahon
    Connor McMahon

    Messi didn’t walk away he just gave it to Neymar because he already had took the penalty

    • Tko Eleven
      Tko Eleven

      @D N false.

    • Reatile Motsusi
      Reatile Motsusi

      How do you know?

    • Ben Hughes
      Ben Hughes

      so true

    • tompatompsson

      @The Great Neymar Watch Argentinas run to qualify for the world cup and you will see Messi drag a team through it

    • The Great Neymar
      The Great Neymar

      @Cobolt Blue My Grandad's man, listen man, when did Messi ever shine without Barcelona, I know you can think maybe he will quit and cry but what you on about?

  • chino cano
    chino cano

    He should join Man City with Pep Guardiola as his mentor, he could reach he's full potential.

    • captin weestain
      captin weestain

      Hes already peaked.

  • DJ R
    DJ R

    He is more dedicated to being a celebrity than a great footballer

  • ovtroll

    MSN never goes old even till 2019

    • 💯 Shantel 🤯
      💯 Shantel 🤯


  • mustafa nor
    mustafa nor

    There is no problem with money as catalyst for neymar to decide to move on. After all you will be valued by people who would be willing to pay and to me Neymar is a worthy buy.

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot

      But without UCL glory, it will seem like a waste because they already have multiple league titles and cups. Their main purpose of buying Neymar was to ensure the best player in the near future would play for then and bring them UCL glory.

  • sasukeuchia478

    He didn’t leave for money or spotlight or none of that the reason he left was for the ballondo’r Messi tried to convince Neymar to stay saying if he stayed he would help him win the ballondo’r but he felt like at PSG where he would be the focal point of the team he would have a better chance of winning

    • No name
      No name

      He didn’t leave for that he left for money to be more appreciated and to play with his Brazilian friends

    • Blob

      @TheGamingAnimator people are allowed to change opinions lmao

    • TheGamingAnimator

      Heres the thing when he came,he said "I want to help Messi keep being the best" Like,Who the fuck says that?Bruh you just met the guy and he had no issues doing so before you came. It came off fake as fuck lol.

  • claraaaa :]
    claraaaa :]

    The real reason was because the first reason he even joined Barca was because he wanted challenges, but as he stayed in the group, less challenges approached. He even says in on his Instagram post and note to his fans. He when to psg for more challenges and wanted to see what he could do.

  • Nation of Masturbation
    Nation of Masturbation

    Step out of Messi' shadow; more money; easier league; contemplating a return to La Liga (possibly Real Madrid now that C. Ronaldo is gone); Real Madrid are more interested in Mbappé ...

    • Dennis Lewis
      Dennis Lewis

      Yup! Neymar played himself!

  • Diego Conchas
    Diego Conchas

    It didn’t hurt that everyone gave Messi credit for one of the greatest comeback in history against PSG that he was the best player in that game, and created both goals......but Barcelona posts a picture of Messi instead.

  • DragonZMar

    Who’s watching this when Neymar is beging to go to Barça???????😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • edouard atangana
      edouard atangana

      beging looool

    • Liey Aien
      Liey Aien

      Yaa me to..i though he want to be a part of barcelona again..and i hope that from malaysia.

    • maven

      Do not watch the channel me 😂😂

    • Joshthenanna1

      MrMarien13 meeeee

  • george atkinson
    george atkinson

    There was one problem though.. Mbappe.

  • Renjith Manjavana Rajendran
    Renjith Manjavana Rajendran

    Who is here after Neymar is again under Messi's shadow at PSG?😂

  • ovtroll

    MSN never goes old even till 2019

  • Ahmed

    Tbh this man was never in messi's shadow maybe behind the scenes he was but publicly everyone so him as a great player.

  • SoCal Fresh
    SoCal Fresh

    Even with neymar they couldn't beat Germany at the time they were the strongest team and u need a good defence to stand up to them something Brazil lacked

  • shakiba amiri
    shakiba amiri

    he could achive whatever he wanted only in BARCELONA ! leaving was a mistake

    • One & Only
      One & Only

      Yeah, he would have become the next GOAT after Messi had he stayed at Barça

  • B.B

    The ball knowledge in this video: 1) Germany didn't win 7-0. 7-1 is an iconic result in football history for obvious reasons. 2) Even if Neymar was not injured, their defence and defensive midfield was too weak. They could have lost 7-4.


    That Suarez penalty though 🤣🤣 Deserves a major Oscar trophy

  • sergioantoniomestas

    Starting to feel like Neymar will retire before Messi

  • EAEinstruments

    Moves to PSG to get out of Messi’s shadow well he just moved to MBappe’s shadow

  • Anduxb Uzuzvx
    Anduxb Uzuzvx

    there could be millions of reasons why he moved but not many of them make sense and/or are good reasons. I think he should've stayed, less stress for him, barca, psg and all of us as fans tbh.

  • ayman

    He was under appreciated. Plain and simple.

  • JS B
    JS B

    Now he's outshined by Mbappe at PSG.

  • Do the Maths
    Do the Maths

    Imagine if we could have a conternent cup with all 6 inhabited contents so we could have Messi , agrero and naymar

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot

      Or MSN.

  • Anansi’s Tirade
    Anansi’s Tirade

    Still gives me goosebumps alone with Iniestas goal against Chelsea in the 2009 greatest Barca performance of all time

    • Benny Barkie
      Benny Barkie

      KILLTHe BODY fcking rigged from uefa search it up fam

  • Ben DH
    Ben DH

    At 1:23 you said 7-0 oscar scored it was 7-1

    • Michael

      That second half wasn’t bad 2-1. That first half was the worst/greatest performance

    • Michael

      You can’t count that goal. Germany gave it away

    • STAN.P channel
      STAN.P channel

      Man that one does not even count

    • A Lonely Potato
      A Lonely Potato

      @things are way complicated so stop judging mandela effect....i also thoyght it was 7-0

    • SkaffL

      Liverpool 4Life i meant trash as in playing terrible in the world cup

  • Danny Segura
    Danny Segura

    Me hear him say when Messi was announced the best player at the time me he still is 🤣😭

  • gerald geaf
    gerald geaf

    Rubbish! Neymar didnt ask for Paulino and Messi most DEFINITELY did not try to prevent the club from signing Paulino. Paulino in his own testimony says it was Messi who had approached him to come and join him at Barca and he did so during a world cup qualifier match between Brazil and Argentina.

    • Real_Spacely

      Thank you very much! This was the exact comment I was looking for before I had to type it myself.

    • Jr. Swish
      Jr. Swish

      Plus I find Messi was looking for him alot he like him alot

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot

      Yup it was during a friendly I think. During a free kick he approached Paulinho and asked him if he was going to join Barcelona. Edit: Not a friendly but world cup qualifier, like you mentioned.

  • Mawande Ncamani
    Mawande Ncamani

    1 - Brazil didn't cruise through the knockout stages 2 - it wasn't a "freak" injury 3 - it was 7-1 , not 7-0

  • Emmanuel Manuel
    Emmanuel Manuel

    Who's watching this after psg got knockout of the cl by man utd

    • sathyan67


    • farish

      Barca lost 8-2 with bayern . Hahaha . But Neymar go to final with PSG even PSG lost.

    • Nipa Sarker
      Nipa Sarker


    • liberal Chu hain
      liberal Chu hain

      And Barca knocked out by Liverpool lol

    • Fullbrook

      Everyone that sees this

  • Shadz Unruly
    Shadz Unruly

    Thank you so very much for this break down. I have alot on my mind that i want to say but I'll just rant to myself when I'm alone to wrap my head around this.

  • Jonah Ghost
    Jonah Ghost

    i know neymar can score but in the pro level i think his role on barca suit him best. btw neymar is my favorite player.

  • Vadex97

    It hurts me seeing old MSN highlights 😭😭

  • Sajantth

    This was a great video and I think you should keep making these types of soccer/football videos, but why was there an abrupt ending?

    • Broseph Yolonarovich Stalin
      Broseph Yolonarovich Stalin


    • DKM

      and thank you

    • DKM

      was one sentence left, 'psg are the only team that can commend such demands'

  • Dorthusiast

    Neymar didn't go to Barcelona because he wanted to follow the path of players like Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. He just went there because Ronaldo already had the LW spot in Real Madrid first squad, so he would've been benched in Real Madrid.

  • Alan Gutierrez
    Alan Gutierrez

    if Brazil v Argentina would've happened 2014, it would've been one of the biggest in history


    neymar. simplemente el reyyyyy.

  • OkAvin

    Nothing can beat MSN

  • Dude

    The Neymar transfer fiasco reminds me of a peer influence reference. His Barca teammates convinced him to stay while Neymar's Brazillian mates ended up persuaded him to move away. (his ego and desire got the best of him as well)

  • TheWolfHowler

    I think Neymar made a poor choice, He was caught to much in his own head he didnt stop and look around at what hes achieved and what he has. I wouldnt trade playing at Barcelona along with all the fantastics for anything even if they paid more at a different club. 300k a week is insane who needs that much per week. My family doesnt make that much over 5 years. I still love him but I feel like he did the wrong thing.

  • C C
    C C

    I would like to see hi in the premier league I feel like he can really prove himself there

  • Hassan Gelle
    Hassan Gelle

    He wants to be the best and you cant be the best if youre in the same team with messi and im a barca fan but i get his choise.

    • A.L.Suting

      You're right

    • makaraanos

      Still it doesn’t justify the fact that he went to a farmers league reminds me of oscar(also brazilian) he ditched chelsea for a chinese team he later got asked why tl did he leave he replied:i got a family to feed.even tho i respect it i still cant wrap my head around brazilian pro players look for money the minute they leave their local clubs its whoever’s bidding the most nothing more nothing less

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot

      @The Great Neymar Just as good without Messi? Evidently not.

    • krb693

      Hassan Gelle can’r be the best in the French league either.

    • Myrdin

      He was actually Barcelona's best player in his last season there and year by year he was getting better.

  • Adrian Salaverria
    Adrian Salaverria

    He reallly said he was being underapriciated we loved him as same as messi and Suarez and right now I don’t want him to join Barcelona now

  • CoolGuySuda

    In brazil vs germany it wasnt 7-0 it was 7-1

  • Samponsite 23
    Samponsite 23

    The comeback against PSG WAS impossible, the fact was PSG played worse than Wigan would have, and the Uefa referees also gave multiple hand outs to Barcelona including penatlies/frees lol. So yes in those contexts 6-1 was possible.

  • Dennis Reis
    Dennis Reis

    When you have 1.1k people disliking your video, note it's credibility. Please offer some sources for your statements. Plus players don't decide how clubs must spend their money

  • Khvostov 7g-0x
    Khvostov 7g-0x

    Arthur....Malcom....Coutinho... Barça is t short of top Brazilian talents anymore and that could be a strong pulll factor in bringing Neymar back

  • Mohamed Amir Khamassi
    Mohamed Amir Khamassi

    2 Years later... Hello, it's Neymar PSG no more and PSG don't want him anymore.

  • Just10dino

    1:22 He said 7-0 *It's 7-1*

  • Suraj K
    Suraj K

    And now here we are two years later Neymar wants to return to Barcelona (wants to leave PSG to be precise). That deal didn't work for both parties tbh as Neymar couldn't provide which PSG thought he would (Champions League) and Barcelona still struggling to replace that left hand side of the attack even after spending more money than they got from Neymar's release clause. Come back Neymar we both need each other at the moment and show the world what Barcelona's Neymar was with Messi and Suarez.

  • Adrian McLean
    Adrian McLean

    Great videos keep up the good work

  • Emiliano

    but he wasnt in messis shadow tho he was a absolute star

  • ace 026
    ace 026

    Even with neymar the germans were just to good.... they destroyed their midfield and defence... neymar wont help there... ps germanys defenders were great in the tournament 2.

    • Saji Nair
      Saji Nair

      opan pro You might have noticed , but there is a 4 year difference between 2014 and 2018

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot

      @Jayden Lee 10’4 Lmao. Nobody wanted to play? The key player missing was Thiago Silva. Without him David Luiz looked like an idiot.

    • opan pro
      opan pro

      ace 026 Yeah that's why Germans exited in group stage this world cup by losing to South Korea with players like ozil,kroos,muller etc.

    • ok ok
      ok ok

      Without neymar the Brazil team is shit remember 7-1? But with neymar they won the 2016 Olympics

    • Liverpool 4Life
      Liverpool 4Life

      ace 026 Agreed as a germany fan

  • إلكو

    coutihno is in barca and he is brazillian

  • Nishat Akter
    Nishat Akter

    Neymar Jr..🖤 What a look guy...😱😱

  • Hank Storm
    Hank Storm

    Neymar was at his best right before he left... After that it's been downhill.

    • Reckless Gaming
      Reckless Gaming

      Ikr it sucks to see him like this. Psg has just been a curse for him

  • Alexander Baikalov
    Alexander Baikalov

    And now he is in mbappe's shadow

  • Nacer Hi
    Nacer Hi

    He left because he was always at the center of attention but when he joined barca he sat in messis shadow so no one cared about him.

    • LuckySon Ningthou
      LuckySon Ningthou

      now no one consider his as a best player i mean according to your statement no barca players cared him. now who cares him

    • IlyMagic

      No he went for money

  • William Garibo
    William Garibo

    Now he’s in mbappes shadow

  • Jaime Flores
    Jaime Flores

    Now Barca has Dembele

  • Vinícius Oliveira
    Vinícius Oliveira

    Wagner Ribeiro (not "Ribiero") is Neymar's agent and is NOT his dad. Neymar's dad is also called Neymar, that's the reason why Neymar (the player) is often referred as Neymar Jr.

    • Arnold Dsouza
      Arnold Dsouza

      His dad insisted that he stay at barca. But being a barca fan it wasn't the best to watch him go down at every chance he got and get unfair decisions. And i very he thinks it makes sense that if other players unjustly keep fouling him going down will get back at them. But now hes going down in history as the man who dives. No amount of awards can change that.

    • trexzy

      Vinícius Oliveira we all know that his that is called Neymar

  • Njoki

    it was 7-1

    • Josh


    • Vardy Party
      Vardy Party

      @Dean Lewis he was talking about Brazil vs Germany

    • Jon Smith
      Jon Smith

      @Major neymar spreads the field out and provided the only attacking element that squad had.....even if they still lost to Germany it certainly would not have been 7-1 and the way he irritated players into drawing stupid fouls whose to say 1 or 2 Germans don't get red carded that game.....without neymar Brazil couldn't get past midfield allowing players like Mueller to just sit deep in Brazil territory and poach goals

    • TheOG_Giraffe 21
      TheOG_Giraffe 21

      @DKM it was 6-1 what do you mean

    • L M F A O L.O.L
      L M F A O L.O.L

      so much stupidity in one comment, write down what game you mean, so that everyone will know!!! like albert einstein said "two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and im not sure about the universe."

  • Charlie Price
    Charlie Price

    1 neymar made his debut when he was 15 not 17 and 2 it was 7-1 get your facts straight

  • lRydeRdiel

    Defense has been Barcelona's weakest point for the past 3 seasons but for some strange reason they wanna sign Neymar. Smfh.

  • Divyanshu Sachan
    Divyanshu Sachan

    And now Mbappe steals the show... 😂

  • DannyGOaL Channel
    DannyGOaL Channel

    If neymar training more and get strong as Ronapdinho kaka Eto'o etc he would be a great Barca player but hes skinny kid that can get tackled to easy

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson

    So, if Neymar hadn't got injured in the 2014 World Cup, you're saying he'd have stopped Germany scoring 7? Or he would have scored 8?

    • Asma Wasay
      Asma Wasay

      He would score 8

  • neymar25tony

    That's a lie Messi's contract ends in 3 months

  • DEVLIN67

    The score was 7-1 not 7-0

  • Raphael Granger
    Raphael Granger

    Neymar has great individual skill but is overrated. He played on a side that is clearly favored by the referees and won many games by questionably given penalties. He has long passed his prime and that move to PSG is the final nail in the coffin. He is nothing more than a bad parody of a good player.

  • Till the world end Music
    Till the world end Music

    neymar still the best

  • Lee Bee
    Lee Bee

    Yeah, sure.. In 2014, Brazil lost 7-0 to Germany in the WC semis.. but WITH Neymar they'd not only likely have beaten Germany, but would probably have won the whole tournament??? Right. A 7-0 total rout somehow turned into a win, and then a WC trophy, just with the presence of one primadonna?.. Well, sure.. that is apart from it being clear and complete bollocks!!!

  • c h r i s
    c h r i s

    Didnt barca sign coutinho after they sold neymar

  • Billy Tabot
    Billy Tabot

    Great video. Please do a video explaining the real reason why countinho left Liverpool.


    3:10 I remember watching that match I was buzzing when Barca won.

  • Xd Scrimzy
    Xd Scrimzy

    Bring neymar back 🥺😢

  • MayhemTV

    It's 2019, Sanchez is in Manchester, we knocked out PSG without him, PSG still coochie..

  • Decard Cain
    Decard Cain

    He suppose to be messi replacement in future but too bad he cant wait that long till messi retired and went to league 1 thats the mistake he made i think his best choice should be stay on barca under the tutor of messi he will be the best... or transfer to English side which also is more reputable side.... Real Madrid ? Even if he go there now there's nothing he could do now as CR7 left a solid legacy there he will be overshadow again.... a single mistake in his career and he blown it..... good luck wining all the trophies in the farmers league 👍

  • hsi__

    Damn everyone’s on about how Liverpool completed the impossible... We should make those Scouse fans watch Barca PSG....

  • 3rdworldgwaming

    I heard Real Madrid signed Vinicius Junior from flamengo for sure Barca will make some good signings too...I was checkin out Junios skills on youtube.....OH!! he stands out

  • chickenwim

    1:45 the deadliest trio? Ahem ahem, I think we’re forgetting about Milan. Gullit, Van Basten, Rijkaard. Definitely deadlier. None were Messi but all were better than Neymar and Suarez.

  • Arran Kinnear
    Arran Kinnear

    Joe Biggs neymar has accomplished many things but mbappe winning the world cup at 18 or 19 years old shoots him way up and mbappe is already in the talk of winning the balondor

  • Z J
    Z J

    This video should be called “why you don’t let players bully you into signing their friends”

  • Mr C
    Mr C

    You lost me when you said Alexis and European power

    • Jose A. Martinez
      Jose A. Martinez

      Alexis at the time was a really good player. It was until he joined United that's where it all went downhill.

  • Will

    WHat?? He wanted to follow Rivaldo? Ronaldo? Romario? Hell No. he wanted to follow his footsteps of Robinho and let me tell you it's very similar paths. Robinho started off very good gonna be the next pele where is he now...? In Prison...

    • Psyched Vault
      Psyched Vault

      Hes not in prison speak with facts. Obviously you dont know what youre talking about. Robinho failed at madrid, city, and tried his best at milan, neymar won confed cup before going to barça and a trebel with luis henrique after coming to the club... are you fucking insane?

  • Rafael Angulo
    Rafael Angulo

    Neymar left Barça to stop being in Messi’s shadow to be in mbappe’s shadow😂😂😂

  • SpK

    1:23 7-0? Its 7-1 Oscar Scored a goal to make it 6-1 and in the end 7-1

  • Sean Degnan
    Sean Degnan

    Yes man keep up those soccer/football videos!!!

    • DKM

      cheers sen

  • Nyierho Pojar
    Nyierho Pojar

    No wonder.... Neymar is under K. Mbape's shadows again 😂😂

  • Muhammed sahal
    Muhammed sahal

    He should go to real madrid

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