"DONT TRY ME!" Zion Williamson THROWS Shot Attempt INTO THE STANDS!
Check out highlights from tonight's game between Spartanburg Day and Kings Academy! They must have not got the scouting report tonight because they constantly kept trying Zion at the rim with no success! Spartanburg Day won the game and will advance to the semi-finals Thursday night!
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نظر: 2 259
  • Daiveon Simmons
    Daiveon Simmons

    Other than getting blocked twice you gotta to admit number 2 was definitely putting in work

    • Crypnitized

      Yh but that number 1 guy aint it💀

    • Conner Creed
      Conner Creed

      @Nawp 😐😐😐

    • Bigserge

      Most deff

    • Vertxz

      @AIMBOT he’s 5’11

  • The Renaissance
    The Renaissance

    So whats the game plan coach.. Pass it to Zion

    • Caio Henrique Santos Souza
      Caio Henrique Santos Souza

      Hey everybody that's the game plan: Throw the ball in the air and wait for Zion to come flying

    • Hiker

      True lol

    • Chambers R
      Chambers R

      Kid: ... shoot the ball Coach: ok smartass take a lap

    • Jurbyl Daipan
      Jurbyl Daipan


    • Daredevil


  • K M
    K M

    6:09 that step back though

  • Voss

    its so nice to see a father spending time with all his little kids on the basketball court

  • Regular Kev
    Regular Kev

    Shot out to number 2 for not backing down to Zion even after getting his ball spiked. Keep ballin bro.

    • Gary Poole
      Gary Poole

      I was thinking the same

    • Blu

      @RomeDa515 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Karthik

      @Wong Ta Yuoh Yeah i realised that later...Cool👍

    • Wong Ta Yu
      Wong Ta Yu

      @Karthik that true fr, i was just joking tho

    • Karthik

      @Wong Ta Yu I guess it's the opposite ..The ones who live and love Basketball will get back to their gym and work their ass off... Giving up ain't no option

  • mannycrb

    2:27 that dude was ready to die for his team

    • Last first
      Last first

      Lmao yep

  • Tina Red Bird
    Tina Red Bird

    Zion blocked that guy so hard that 184 people disliked it

    • Midnight_Horizen

      Back when u could see dislikes 😅

    • Kadek123 Kaneta
      Kadek123 Kaneta

      Now 1k disliked it

    • rell

      @Drizzle uh.. yea?

    • Drizzle

      @rell well he did the same thing in the nba so....

    • rell

      @Seungu L dam bro got me there

  • Sheng Liu
    Sheng Liu

    If I were playing in the other team: "Zion, pls let me score a 3 on you. I beg you. After the 3, I will stay on sidelines. I will be your dunking slave" * I proceed to score a 3 * Zion becomes a superstar in NBA Me telling my son after 10 years: "You see that MVP- Zion? I scored a 3 on him back in the school. I am the real goat"

    • Sheng Liu
      Sheng Liu

      @cow weak as reply :)

    • dropped_cookie

      @무현 lol

    • Gru Lightyear
      Gru Lightyear

      wow so funny 😐


    2:09 number 14 put his hands up closed his eyes and prayed to God he didn’t get ran over lol

    • Bobble


    • Brandon Ruiz
      Brandon Ruiz

      He praying again at 2:24

    • Latayia K amrstrong
      Latayia K amrstrong

      No cap

    • Irwin Capa Bagayo
      Irwin Capa Bagayo

      Yes saw this one too

    • HaStA Ar
      HaStA Ar

      It worked lol

  • Lenext Owens
    Lenext Owens

    The jump ball to start the game was the most one sided I've ever seen

  • Gavin Baldwin
    Gavin Baldwin

    Zions playbook: 1.) drive the basket 2.) drive the basket 3.) drive the basket 4.) don't shoot 3 and drive the basket

    • Who Dat Saints Nation
      Who Dat Saints Nation

      That's what I call "BULLY" 🏀 & I ❤️ IT!

    • Matthew Barela
      Matthew Barela

      He’s a PF ?

    • Cxris-yt

      And are you mad

    • Zen

      @MUFC soccer is shit :/

  • The Renaissance
    The Renaissance

    4:42... so we're all gonna pretend like we didn't just see a grown adult man ..assault a defenseless kid😭😭

    • iG3nt9

      This nigga head hit the ground hard 😭😭🤣

    • Googling Glizzys
      Googling Glizzys

      KiddBlack66 that wasent murder that was execution

    • KiddBlack66

      That wasn't assault. That was murder. 😂

  • Zeyy

    5:26 that 360 was sick

  • Jraybay

    Everybody else looks like they're 5 years old compared to him, damn 😕

    • Benjamin Helton
      Benjamin Helton

      @you fell for the bait eh. tell me, who's having the better pro career? PJ Washington or Zion?

    • you fell for the bait
      you fell for the bait

      @Benjamin Helton your comment aged poorly

    • TUBAR

      @Benjamin Helton L

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      @Jesusarus Rex well this didnt age well

    • JuJu3x

      @Jesusarus Rex huh?😂

  • Max Volk
    Max Volk

    Oh man if only that was Julian Newman, I'd be the happiest person alive

    • Ronan Lascano
      Ronan Lascano

      @Anna Goat he meant that if only Julian Newman was the one who got dunked on.

    • Ronan Lascano
      Ronan Lascano

      @Abel Kun ikr. Lmao

    • 95til_infinity

      @Mario Botti he wants him to get dunked on

    • Mario Botti
      Mario Botti

      Julian who? The dwarf?

  • 3301

    4:44 bruh that contact with the floor gave him an extra chromosome💀💀💀

    • Noah Ross
      Noah Ross


    • Senpai Yami
      Senpai Yami

      Bruh that look like it hurt

    • ͔


    • Joakim Baba
      Joakim Baba

      I’m so confused how he fell though There was no contact with him and Zion

  • Felipe Carlito
    Felipe Carlito

    3:05 Its Ok We're only down by 5 7:45 🙁

    • Trill Da Don
      Trill Da Don


    • Tbonesupreme


  • Setar God
    Setar God

    Wow.. the cameraman's skill is superb to be able to get everything including the crowds reaction!

  • LeBeautiful

    Zion really be carrying his Spartanburg team like he Leonidas... 😲💪

    • Cameron Williams
      Cameron Williams

      Not necessarily number 2 was just as good just not dominant ofc and a few other players on the team was putting in work but how much work do they need to put in if zion is flyin to the basket like a eagle based lion..😂buddy too cold

    • someone on internet
      someone on internet

      How many of you have seen him comment in other videos?

    • Queen

      LeBeautiful, Not really he just doesn't past the ball to his teammates

    • 이태준

      He is just fucking different with other he will be the best in NBA soon

  • Afnaan Alamgir
    Afnaan Alamgir

    This man's dunks are so smooth

  • Jay 21
    Jay 21

    Watching these high school clips on Zion. That man has always been a respectful man.

  • David Akyon
    David Akyon

    7:39 he missed the dude’s dab up and did it to himself 😂 the guy in the camo

  • Vince

    Dude is built like a NFL player. Hes gonna be game ready when he gets drafted

  • Thunder Bee
    Thunder Bee

    Looking at this after the draft and he looks then like he looks now 😱 what a beast

  • Angel

    Literal los aplastaron, impresionante lo que hacía Zion desde que estaba en la escuela

  • Jason A.
    Jason A.

    I just came here looking for the comments from people who said he wouldnt do this in college and the NBA😂😂😂

  • VHNerd

    Every so often I'll get this in my recommended and be amazed at both the block and how hard that kid hit the ground

  • Edward Nigma
    Edward Nigma

    4:47 that lady in the crowd looked like,"not my baby"

    • Jqqckson

      @TahtMemeGuy it’s not his mother she was up in the crowd

    • Emiliano Chavez-Lopez
      Emiliano Chavez-Lopez

      Steezy jay she was probably like Zion your grounded, I told you not to bully people 😂😂

    • TahtMemeGuy

      That’s Zion’s mother I think not 100 percent sure tho

  • Jaden Lustre
    Jaden Lustre

    I’m coming back to these old vids cuz of quarantine but if you put the video into .25x speed and you can see all the face reactions from the crowds when he hit that block... that shit is priceless 😂😂

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Keep in mind a Senior in Highschool did more dunks in this highlight reel than the entire WNBA

    • D

      @The Goat exactly!!! Ppl act like you can make ppl like watching it. They don’t make near the amount of money for the business therefore don’t get equal pay

    • Blink

      @TnD Only if they do as good as a job

    • Blink

      @Samwel Nyamwaya Only if they do as good as a job

    • MsTrish627


    • Mekhi Reid
      Mekhi Reid

      @Devxn Bro you wrong😂😂

  • ziggzagg Zip
    ziggzagg Zip

    Legend has it Zion is doing the same thing in the NBA.

  • -Tee- -Bee-
    -Tee- -Bee-

    He has strong hands!!! He just rips the ball away from guys, and always comes up with loose balls while on defence......

  • ThunderBirdGaming

    The stare down though 😳😂

  • Shall  Smas-h
    Shall Smas-h

    1:38 what he catch it with one hand, truly monster at his age

  • Flava4TheSoul

    Zion is athletically gifted but I'm not sure if he'll be able to hang with the competition in college or the NBA. I guess I'll have to wait and see!

  • Courage !!!!
    Courage !!!!

    #2 is actually tough though, he got blocked a couple times but he was most definitely holding his own. That u cant deny

    • james kimp
      james kimp

      His strike looks like Allen’s ray that is. Looks like he don’t have the size for next level.

    • Rodney C
      Rodney C

      Courage !!!! He can ball and he has good movement

  • Beni Mwamba
    Beni Mwamba

    Look at Zion’s mom after the block 😂😂😂

    • HaStA Ar
      HaStA Ar

      Zion... He a beast

    • HaStA Ar
      HaStA Ar

      She like get the fuck up we don't want that shit lmao

  • Begotten Z
    Begotten Z

    4:44 has to be the greatest shutdown of all time 😭

  • CryptoSir

    It’s crazy that Zion doesn’t have half the quickness or jump rn that he has here but still averaging 23 as a rookie coming off a major injury.

  • max bruh
    max bruh

    2:57 when the play shot takes a layup instead of throwing the lob to the interior finisher


    I love the fact that Zion is the only one w/ a different shoe😂

  • Austin

    He is just looking like a real living beast in the court

  • Brian L
    Brian L

    This is like watching my dad play on 8 foot rims with the kids

  • Misfit.K

    looking back at this i don’t think they should’ve allowed him to play with this type of “competition”

    • Giant👑King

      He's the same age.Its not his fault them kids haven't evolved yet lol

    • james kimp
      james kimp

      This is one of the better schools. He’s just that good.

  • Stephene Smith
    Stephene Smith

    Say what y’all want, #2 is lethal behind the arch. Imagine him on Zion’s team. Smh!

    • T W
      T W

      I agree and they played there own game

    • Stephene Smith
      Stephene Smith

      KAE tv That’s love for real because I know he’s looking back at this game like 🤦🏽‍♂️. 😂

    • Princess Kae
      Princess Kae

      he was about to transfer to his school but the school he @ now show him so much respect he really humble i don't get y they picking but not balling like him

  • Nicholas Spencer
    Nicholas Spencer

    Wait until he gets that one year of Duke. He's far beyond duke. Watch first Year MVP, Finals MVP and the Ring. Zion has been raised with the mind of Jordan. Trust me. I can tell.

  • Cammy

    1:38 damn this boy Zion is fast, quick reflexes

  • wwbdwwbd

    4:45, I haven't seen such hops on a high school kid since MJ.

  • Dillon Quick
    Dillon Quick

    When the senior comes back to play middle school 😂


    I wish I could have the bounce the talent the skill Zion has

  • DewittEagle

    The guy trying to high five Zion 😂 7:40

  • Destiny F. Fugglefert
    Destiny F. Fugglefert

    I would be doing my homework on the bench if I was a player.😂😂

  • Krillin Roshi
    Krillin Roshi

    Zion Williams, a name the world of Basketball and outside of it will soon come to know; incredible talent, dexterity, dynamic, team player, everything; did i mention he can shoot too? Amazing talent; thanks for sharing

  • Cirius Private
    Cirius Private

    6:42 That boy had a better chance to survive a Lion Attack in the middle of a open Savanah, then to make that Score!! 😂😂

  • Big BoiWin
    Big BoiWin

    He's to freaking huge for those guys to even block him😂😂

  • Mason Gustavson
    Mason Gustavson

    I like how the whole team where’s the same shoes except for Zion

  • N.F.L DUKE
    N.F.L DUKE

    I like to see another brother doing good in life instead of getting in trouble Respect ✊ my brother #ThankMeLater

  • Myles Gipson
    Myles Gipson

    Zion the goat 🐐 Btw he should accept his pelicans contract❗️🥶🚫🧢

  • Snoke Gelato
    Snoke Gelato

    All the cheerleaders laughing until they saw zion😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chaleb Miller
    Chaleb Miller

    4:44 he tried staring Zion down and jellying💀

  • Jay Coolx3
    Jay Coolx3

    When I saw the score from the first quarter I thought they might have a good game and put up a fight I was wrong😕

  • Cirius Private
    Cirius Private

    7:25 That's me in the Playground Against the Kindergarteners!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Fisher McCauslin
    Fisher McCauslin

    No wonder he's so good he's like a college player playing against kids in the 5th grade

  • ShiFt 262
    ShiFt 262

    4:44 he tried it. 😂😂😂

  • Manu Kelele
    Manu Kelele

    4:45 he should have passed the ball what a madman

  • Oxters Pits
    Oxters Pits

    No. 2 on the other team got some nice skill

  • Polo Phil
    Polo Phil

    A man amongst boys!!🔥🔥

  • G

    This man grabbed the ball and the whole gym heard it

  • Tej S
    Tej S

    Zion needs to practice 3s a lot more. Modern game is a lot more evolved. He can push his game so much further.

  • Mekhiedmonds3

    At least he tried lol 😂

  • tehnoobestworld

    Man that opening tip was the saddest least balanced thing I’ve ever seen

  • BoxcyFoever

    2:55 who else thought number 2 was going to throw a lob to Zion

  • EpicMobileYt

    Zion is like a NBA 2k tall player just dominating in the game

  • Ronald Rutland
    Ronald Rutland

    People should give props to the guy that tried to lay on Zion

  • bes1batch1976

    He should play in the nba right away imo

  • Gunnar C
    Gunnar C

    4:44 atleast he tried to get a bucket against Zion. Guaranteed that half the people that will roast him have guts to even attempt doing that

  • Miss O.P.
    Miss O.P.

    the kid has really good portions. just need some weight training and weight control. good footwork. the three shot wasn't too messed up a form either.

  • Revander Wijaya
    Revander Wijaya

    I am imagining what the coach of the opposite team got to say during timeout,

  • Thug Fish
    Thug Fish

    After every dunk my guy comes on “ ZION WILLIAMSON”

  • Pure

    7:19 bruh how he go up so slow