PakWheels Aur Toyota Kabhi Dhoka Nahn Detay! | Waris Baig | Garage Tour | PakWheels
00:50 - Mercedes SLK
02:04 - Corolla Altis 1.8 SR
03:47 - Honda Civic RS Turbo
04:41 - Toyota Land Cruiser ZX
05:31 - Toyota Fortuner Legender
07:03 - Awareness Message
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  • Wajahat Lodhi
    Wajahat Lodhi

    Can we appreciate the cleanliness and maintenance of all vehicles. Soo mint !

    • Abdur Rehman
      Abdur Rehman

      @Rocky 77 bhai sunnel sir bhi kud car wash karte 🙃🙃🙃

    • Rocky 77
      Rocky 77

      @Waseem malik ne konsa khud kapra or pipe le k garian dhoni 😂

    • Waseem

      Driver ho ga na bhai safai krna wala

    • Rocky 77
      Rocky 77

      @Khurram Shahzad bilkul …

    • Hirdey Nihalani
      Hirdey Nihalani


  • Farhan Rao
    Farhan Rao

    Appreciation msg for Waris Baig. He behaved like a cultured person 👏

  • Kamran Bhatti
    Kamran Bhatti

    Cars were maintained well, they were exceptionally clean, hats off to Waris bhai and his sons.

  • Mohammad Osama
    Mohammad Osama

    Everyone talking about the cars but are we going to ignore that beautiful house?😍

    • Muhammad Ahmad
      Muhammad Ahmad


  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤd

    Let's wait a moment how much effort he puts into his content to entertain us ❤️ ❤️

  • Aishia khan Official
    Aishia khan Official

    Can we all just appreciate the content this man and his crew makes it's just a masterpiece imagine what's he's gonna be doing in the future... ❤🥰

    • 陵子 二木
      陵子 二木

      On every video i saw your this comment,!

  • Osman Rashid
    Osman Rashid

    Every car is top notch clean... well done PW for another nice review...

  • Salman Khokhar
    Salman Khokhar

    What a garage, extraordinary collections 🤍

  • Sher Khan
    Sher Khan

    Maasha Allah may Allah protect them form Evil eyes.. beautiful house beautiful cars

  • Rajah

    Pakwheels is improving their content quality 👍

    • Javed Khan
      Javed Khan


  • tiqu141

    I am really impressed how well mannered his sons are. Waris bai gave really a good message.

  • Farrukh Hassan
    Farrukh Hassan

    Exceptional condition of not only the vehicles but the house also looks great and well-maintained MashAllah.

  • Ali Muslim
    Ali Muslim

    Well I have never heard his songs, but after watching his conversation.. Waris Sb seems to be a very genuine and humble man.

    • Usama Khan
      Usama Khan

      @simple click by RAFAY hmm bilkul sir Lekin inki awaz Kamal thee Kumar Sanu b Kuch nahi inki awaz k smne but in k business k smne to koi b Kuch nai mashaAllah

    • simple click by RAFAY
      simple click by RAFAY

      @Usama Khan bhai apna business hai jabhi to aj Kal ganay nahi garaha hai

    • Usama Khan
      Usama Khan

      Yar gnaay to is k bohat best hain. But mje ye nahi maloom tha bnda itna Ameer b hai

    • simple click by RAFAY
      simple click by RAFAY

      @Ali Muslim thanks you also and give feedback aslo honest if you don't like it's ok

    • Ali Muslim
      Ali Muslim

      @simple click by RAFAY thanks bro, will do!

  • Haseeb Ahmad
    Haseeb Ahmad

    All the vehicles were b2b and in mint condition,,just superb 👌

  • Asad Bilal
    Asad Bilal

    Sir Waris baig hats off to you for these well maintained clean cars. Thanks suneel sb for reviewing such a cleaned cars.

  • Noor of Allah
    Noor of Allah

    Thank for nice video with good lesson regarding traffic law's as advised for seat belts. Kindly always give one good lesson in Ur video regarding road & traffic law's, Manners, to educate our generation Sunnil Bhai it will great blessing on our Nation

  • Javed Khan
    Javed Khan

    Mr.Waris Baig is my favorite Artist. I enjoy the nice V Log very much. I feel like someone give me a precious gift. Thank you Sunil Sir. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • corolla ❤️
    corolla ❤️

    Corolla 2010 waqayi bhut gem of a model ha , all over world ❤️🙌

  • Nida Khan
    Nida Khan

    Beautiful house and cars. Good to see Waris Baig Sahab 🌻

  • tech skt
    tech skt

    Beautifully maintained cars .wow .

  • Jawad Ahmed
    Jawad Ahmed

    So clean car And well maintained

  • Arham Sayz
    Arham Sayz

    Assalamualikum every One. Happy to see Ma Sha Allah Waris Baig Sir happy In life , Tabarak Allah Allah inko Aur Naseeb Farmaye Ameen


    My god ❤️ beautiful garage

  • Abdullah Jawaid
    Abdullah Jawaid

    3:39 Dad Will Always Be Dad 😅

    • Engr Bilal Ahmed Awan
      Engr Bilal Ahmed Awan


    • Javed Khan
      Javed Khan

      Ha Ha Ha .. yep...

  • Malik Adnan Khalid
    Malik Adnan Khalid

    What could be the model year of that Corolla Altis …. Any suggestions 🤗

  • Hondalover civiclover
    Hondalover civiclover

    Yr itna ameer insan or bilkol be attitude ni hai kiya baat hai yr allah ki kasm ye hota hai insan 🥰❤

  • Mubashir Ali Unar
    Mubashir Ali Unar

    Masha Allah, You guys are the best!

  • Mohsan Travels
    Mohsan Travels

    Very nice car 👌collection mashallah

  • Iqbal Khan
    Iqbal Khan

    MashAllah Beautiful garage of Waris baig

  • BK Wasif Official
    BK Wasif Official

    Daily upload is not a joke salute to his hardwork💖❤️👍🤲

    • HIT

      chal bc kisi aur jaga bheek maang likes ke liye. aur ye ghatia bot comments band karde

  • Sameer Hussain
    Sameer Hussain

    THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT. For yourself not for others. The pain of going through an accident is not easy and you can seriously lose your life. See uncle Waris the living legend almost died from a head on collision injury if he had not listened to Allah. Wow.

  • Moazzam Khan
    Moazzam Khan

    Impressive. 👍 Seat belt must 👍

  • Atif Shafique
    Atif Shafique

    MashAllah Suneel Munj Bahi You are really Impressive work Really fan of yours Your vedios was outstanding and especially your Expert Review Love you Bro Regards Atif Shafique

  • Abdullah Imtiaz
    Abdullah Imtiaz

    The cars are too clean. Thumbs up for the owner

  • javaid max
    javaid max

    Me waiting tooo for lagender from last 6month 💕


    Really maximum marks for cleanness, mint condition, just like showroom condition

  • Q social
    Q social

    وارث بیگ صاحب کی شخصیت اور especially maintenance of vehicles is commendable amazing sir so nice to see you healthy wealthy and wise ۔


    Loved the garage

  • Ashraf Ali VLOGS
    Ashraf Ali VLOGS

    One of the best son ever, Ma Sha Allah, Allah pak aesi hai mohabbat qayim rakke in family me. Camera ke samne bewaqoof kaha bhut acha laga isse sabit hota hai bap ne bete ki tarbiyyat achi ki hai

    • Javed Khan
      Javed Khan


  • Nasir Basra - karachi
    Nasir Basra - karachi

    Waris baig 🌟Nice man ..with some nice msgs

  • Aishia khan Official
    Aishia khan Official

    This man always tries to do something new and extra ordinary and make his audience feel excited for every next video , love you❤

    • UK


    • HIT

      chal nikal

  • Razek Noori
    Razek Noori

    Mashallah Waris baig or un ke bacho ko dek ke bari khoshe howe , Allah app sab ko lambi umar de Ameen .

  • mujtaba khan
    mujtaba khan

    Best review☺😍

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan

    the best car garage....very clean cars.. i am impresed..

  • Amar Tunio
    Amar Tunio

    back in and recently got soft soft again, it felt strange and i had previously just taught myself the software. Finding your videos is helping

  • Aadi Raza
    Aadi Raza

    Wow itni Saff 6 saal waris baig really Maintaining It

  • Saad Arif
    Saad Arif

    @3:39 Basically how every desi parent starts a conversation about their kids

  • Hammad Ahmad
    Hammad Ahmad

    MashALLAH what a house.

  • Sameer Tariq
    Sameer Tariq

    Nice tour!! Magar Tussi apnay Garage ka tour tou kara do 🙏😅

  • Asfahan

    Ma shaa'Allah ❤

  • Abdullah Jamil
    Abdullah Jamil

    Suneel Bhai Apne garage ka tour bhi upload karein please

  • Ahmad 1947
    Ahmad 1947

    Wonderful message at the end.

  • Zulifqar Nazeer
    Zulifqar Nazeer

    Mashallah lovely collection God bless Love u sunil sir Ho sake tu rockstar atif aslam ka Bhi garage tour krein It ll be treat

  • Shamayel Khan
    Shamayel Khan

    Really immaculate cars!

    • Javed Khan
      Javed Khan

      Agree with you. Very clean & neat.

  • Junaid Sukhera
    Junaid Sukhera

    MashaAllah very nice vehicals

  • StingerR

    Waris Big🔥🔥

  • UmarEdits

    Very very inspiring 😉

  • Salam Razak
    Salam Razak

    mashallah nice to see u waris baig sb , miss you sir

  • Juan de Marco
    Juan de Marco

    I had no idea Waris Baig is such a rich guy

  • Mohsin Arif
    Mohsin Arif

    Good to see you young chuck…😊

  • Salih Khan
    Salih Khan

    Waris baig is a lovely person

  • Raja Jabran
    Raja Jabran

    MashaAllah Allah apko naseeb kary or nazar e bad sa mehfoz rakhy

  • Abubakar Khurram
    Abubakar Khurram

    We want suneel munj’s garage tour

  • Saad GUجAR
    Saad GUجAR


    • Javed Khan
      Javed Khan

      yes, that is true.

    • GTA VC
      GTA VC

      Ameen 😍


    Hello pakwheels My request to all pakwheels team plz update your car imager in new car section like revo rocco pic is revo not roco plz add correct image about varient.

  • Swing master Na
    Swing master Na

    I had seen Waris bag in 2005 with his wife near center point gulberg. Very humble man , no proud at all. He was also dressing in same hair style same dress type as jeans with shirt 17 years ago. His look doesn't change still since that time

  • Tahir

    what a quality content.. lol

  • Roshaan Aftab
    Roshaan Aftab

    Love you sir ❤

  • Entertainment Vlog
    Entertainment Vlog

    Yes bro , I m also planning to buy a 2nd hand car but prices increase ho jati aur …. Ab to Aik choti car b Etni mehngi Aik middle class k leay mushkal

  • BSK_TheBest

    Plz do owner review of legender Suneel bhai

  • malik m.azam Khan
    malik m.azam Khan

    Keep up the good work manj sahib

  • Ahmed Mughal
    Ahmed Mughal

    Suneel Bosss Tussi Kml Ho ❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻


    Epic ❤

  • Amjad AK
    Amjad AK

    27 Love for Toyota

  • Noor Ullah
    Noor Ullah

    Love you suneel bhaee ❤️❤️

  • youtube sub
    youtube sub

    Did anyone notice that they start hiding number plates after someone found out address of Ali Azmat using just his number plates registered to Social circus, Ali's company

  • Hayat Yousafzai
    Hayat Yousafzai

    Legender with

  • Hassan’s motovlogs
    Hassan’s motovlogs

    Yrr kya saaf Halat haiii yrrr gariyonnn kiii kmal 🔥💯

  • Just Random Things
    Just Random Things

    Wow. Waris baig. Our teen super star. What a beautiful collection.

  • Kashif Naseer
    Kashif Naseer

    Maa Sha Allah. Red mercedes is beauty. So neat just like brand new.



  • malik m.azam Khan
    malik m.azam Khan

    Waris baig sahib well kept and good collection mashallah

  • Ahmed Naveed
    Ahmed Naveed

    MashaAllah ❤️

  • umar ahsan
    umar ahsan

    Two legends one fram

  • Arslan Malik Sunny
    Arslan Malik Sunny

    Bhai inka house 🏠 tour bhi krwaye mashah Allah bht pyara lag raha

  • Manzoor Ali
    Manzoor Ali

    I have Suzuki fx. With no seat belt 😅

  • Shoaib Ghaffar
    Shoaib Ghaffar

    All vehicles are so fresh so clean

  • Fakhri shah
    Fakhri shah

    Mujhe laga k suneel sb Jeela ustad k garage tour karne a gaye hain.... Jeela ik Nasha hai Jo halal hai😂😂😂

  • Umar Arain
    Umar Arain

    kabhi apka garage tour bhi dedeo sir

  • Ahmad Ali
    Ahmad Ali

    Jo log keh rhe han ke Sunil bhai apna garage tour kyun nai krwate, to i think yehi 1 chees ha jis ki log sb se zyada demand krte han, to agr wo ye kr dete han to wo log jo sirf garage tour dekhna chahte han wo videos dekhna kum kr den ge. Iss wja se they will have to do more hard work and bring new ideas than before to get more views on their regular videos. Think about it, it's a strategy, otherwise it's not even difficult for them to shoot a garage tour of Sunil Munj. Or the second reason could be about the cars of Sunil bhai. Ho skta ha ke saari gaariyan na hon garage ma.

    • Irfan Gujjar
      Irfan Gujjar

      Sunil munj May tour to nahi karwaya per aik cideonhi jis May wo apni kui 1 dekha rahay usmay baki cars bhi daikh lay

  • Safiullah Anwar
    Safiullah Anwar

    can we not stop to notice that pakwheels aka sunil sir is praising and supporting toyota a lot past few days😐



  • Shahid Riaz
    Shahid Riaz

    Nice sir Mashallah khush ro Ameen bhi jan Butifull information

  • Muhammad haris
    Muhammad haris

    9.38 I was watching this video during driving 🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Umar Mukhtar
    Umar Mukhtar

    Masha ALLAH.

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    Pakwheels ke legend ka garage tour chahiye

  • Sher Zada khan
    Sher Zada khan

    Masha Allah, bag, Sahab bahuth Hoshi hoye, good video, naic Cars, very nice, pak weell good job

  • Usman Rafiq
    Usman Rafiq

    There should be a very heavy penalty for using a mobile phone while driving۔

  • Fraz Fahad
    Fraz Fahad

    Well said seat belt is very important. Cars are very clean

  • Mubrak Zain Haider
    Mubrak Zain Haider

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    Muhammad Mohsin

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