Zion Williamson OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape!!! CERTIFIED High School LEGEND!!!
Zion Williamson's OFFICIAL Ballislife senior year mixtape! The Duke bound freak athlete is officially a mixtape legend now!
Edited by: Arek Kissoyan
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  • Ballislife

    Edited by your boy Arek

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin


    • kobe winston
      kobe winston

      Ballislife what’s the name of this song

    • TylerThaGoatHD

      we ,,

    • Spencer Smith
      Spencer Smith

      I'm watching the video but I'm not processing anything because I'm so annoyed with the cheering.

  • ashleigh

    watching zion get drafted was like watching your kid grow up

    • Brandon Dulcio
      Brandon Dulcio

      @rooxiety not no more

    • Garenthal

      @rooxiety nah b Knicks is solid now

    • Joseph Ragosta
      Joseph Ragosta

      @Garenthal I would honestly have been a knicks fan if I didn’t become basketball fan in NY when the knicks reeked

    • King J
      King J


    • Garenthal

      @Joakim Baba crazy the difference coachin makes

  • Jay Boxerr
    Jay Boxerr

    When you grinding for badges so you put your difficulty on rookie

    • Michael.Editzz


    • Keith Nieves
      Keith Nieves

      The struggle

    • retro331

      And then when you put it on pro you get injured repeatedly. Shit happens but he has been a disappointment, to say the least up till now

    • Joshua Lee
      Joshua Lee


    • TheDarkNate

      @Bryce Mcdonald "pro" might as well be rookie...shit is easy

  • gogator squad
    gogator squad

    This is simply the best high school mixtape ever made.

    • Carmelo Okc
      Carmelo Okc

      John Wall: I created mixtapes

    • DrewMakesBank

      seventh woods: am i a joke to u?

    • Saul Goodman
      Saul Goodman

      wiggins was better

  • Joe

    he is basically Shaquille O'Neal mixed with Russell Westbrook like.... wtf

    • HiLearn 125
      HiLearn 125

      Shaq is 7'1, this guy is 6'6..

    • Niel Caldwell
      Niel Caldwell

      That's a pretty good comp

    • Anita Gaind
      Anita Gaind

      More like shaq and bron and Westbrook

    • CR Outdoors
      CR Outdoors

      Charles Barkley and Brodie I would say

    • IcyboyG

      Baby Shaq

  • Kevin Glover
    Kevin Glover

    When you look back and remember when you said “I want to see him against college competition”and come to the conclusion he is still doing the same thing...

    • Julian Zapata-Hall
      Julian Zapata-Hall

      His greatest competition is literally himself he has to wise up if he wants to do something with his career

    • Rohan Kumar
      Rohan Kumar

      @LebronIsUnderrated he literally was averaging 27 and 7 in his second year in the league lmao he'll be fine


      @LebronIsUnderrated He’s already a allstar and 21 still have time to turn it around

    • LebronIsUnderrated

      @Hokage Obama Now he's a Big mac among French fries 😬😬🥶

  • Clumsy

    Can’t believe he has been in the nba for few years now, time flies

  • Lucid

    Nah Zion is insane bro, this is actually crazy. Like imagine if you had to guard him in high school 😂

    • Horse -
      Horse -

      I’d just realize I ain’t shit.

  • The Angry Slav
    The Angry Slav

    Love how the dunks are synchronized with the beat. One of the best compilations on youtube. Always come back for some motivation and a smile on my face.

  • Kristy Wilder
    Kristy Wilder

    It's like 99 overall vs 55 overall

    • RyanDaGoat

      @RiineGxn you mean cam reddish

    • Nate

      99 slasher

    • RiineGxn

      Cam Newton 99 ovr finisher

    • Cam Newton
      Cam Newton

      99 Offensive Threat

    • Chen Ceaser
      Chen Ceaser

      Yes bro

  • Stanley Watson
    Stanley Watson

    Bruh the song goes perfectly one of the best mixtapes hands down

    • Stanley Watson
      Stanley Watson

      @Ur never cared about Kobe it’s koo

    • Ur never cared about Kobe
      Ur never cared about Kobe

      Have you seen John walls mixtape

  • NotTJ


    • LebronIsUnderrated

      @No reasons Now he a big mac 💀

    • No reasons
      No reasons

      Now he outta shape

    • Awesomesause 111
      Awesomesause 111

      @Jahmeir Peoples 2 years ago now...

    • Dariel Alexander Hilario Soriano
      Dariel Alexander Hilario Soriano

      nba all-star

    • mal

      @Jahmeir Peoples so does Zion.

  • C Swan
    C Swan

    Just want the best for this young man. I've watched him years. He's amazing 👏

  • Emperor2K

    First time all-star in 2021 🔥🔥🔥 First of many and well-deserved Z

  • Rasar Amani
    Rasar Amani

    WOW!! I’ve been watching and playing basketball before this kid was born and I am in absolute shock at his athleticism. This is freakish. I had to get up and started pacing; just held my hand over my mouth in disbelief. This is the first video I’ve ever watched of his after hearing about all the recent Duke hype.

  • The lyric
    The lyric

    "zion couldnt do this in the nba" TEST HIS GANGSTA!!!!!!!!

    • Bane Hogs
      Bane Hogs

      Hell ya bro 2020 gang zion goin off

    • Anton Srpg Plus
      Anton Srpg Plus

      Every step they said it like and it didnt make sense his strength and speed are what you need at the next level.

  • Jayden Herrmann
    Jayden Herrmann

    One of the best Mixtapes I have ever seen, Good song too

  • SavingLives LLC
    SavingLives LLC

    1:32 God bless him for trying😂😂😂

    • almarijames90

      I mean hey he tried at least he ain’t no wussy

    • Jeffrey R.
      Jeffrey R.

      respect ✊🏻

    • YPK

      Amen brother

    • Jarvis Carter
      Jarvis Carter

      Bruh RIP 😂😂😂

    • B. O. 44
      B. O. 44

      Literally twice his size

  • Calvertron

    Watching Zion in high school is like watching Adam Sandler play dodge ball with first graders. 😂😂😂😂

  • BigA

    Crazy watching Zion in the league now time goes by so fast 😭

  • JyeJye

    I love how all ballislife misxtapes have the crowds reaction for like the best drop it makes the mixtape so much better and unique

  • LeBeautiful

    Perfect song for a perfect high school career...the LEGACY lives on for Zion from his family, to his future. Good luck in duke. #ZIONWILLIA2ON 🏀1️⃣2️⃣

    • Trias Wijaya
      Trias Wijaya

      song by?

    • Yami

      LeBeautiful you're the GOAT

  • D Young
    D Young

    So can we finally admit Zion is everything we hyped him up to be the man is a monster he dominated high school, college and now he’s making nba players look like kids the sky is the limit for this kid

  • Jonathan Roberts
    Jonathan Roberts

    He's just like Giannis - soft spoken and fun loving off the court, tenacious and dominating on the court. Young players like him will usher in a new era for the NBA.

  • FuriousJack 1933
    FuriousJack 1933

    There haven't been many number 1 NBA picks who everyone just knew were going to be great. The last 3 have been Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan, and then Lebron James. Zion will be in that group.

    • Ty Calvert
      Ty Calvert

      Magic, and LeBron ate the only guys that got even close to this level of exposure

    • Postulates

      Anthony Davis ?

    • Don Vito
      Don Vito

      Andrew Wiggins

    • ranzigervogel

      Derrick Rose

    • CeeK

      Prior to Zion I would say Ben Simmons. Still has the potential to be the next one up

  • Ivan Kartov
    Ivan Kartov

    He has the energy of Shawn Kemp. I've been waiting 20 years to see that kind of posterizing. Keep up the good work Zion !

  • Darryl Wallace
    Darryl Wallace

    God bless him. I hope he has a long and successful career, and that he remains humble throughout his NBA journey.

  • Shaww?

    now that im coming back to this i realize, this might have been one of the greatest high school players EVER

  • Yusef Brown
    Yusef Brown

    for everybody saying this compares favorably to the andrew Wiggins mixtape I would agree...except this guy weighs about a huindred pounds more than Andrew did. To move that much bulk/muscle, that explosively is on a hole other level. Its why little guys like Nate Robinson doing 360 dunks was always far more impressive than 7 foot dudes like Dwight Howard doing the same. Far more athletic

  • Joseph Ragosta
    Joseph Ragosta

    That’s gotta be one of the most stressful but awesome feelings ever.... going to highschool knowing your going to be in the NBA and practically being a celebrity. I know a lot of high schoolers are being like this nowaday but that’s because it’s forced

  • EddBoii OnGD
    EddBoii OnGD

    Haters: It’s harder playing college ball, let’s see him keep the energy Zion: Became top player for Duke. Haters: NBA is a whole mother level, he won’t make it. Zion: Dunks in Harden and caught full court Ally Ops Haters :: 😔😭😭😡

  • E Dub
    E Dub

    This young man and his immense talent has about 6 NBA teams not trying to win a damn game this year. 2019 unanimous #1 Draft pick. WOW

  • Joseph Nono
    Joseph Nono

    Most dominant high school player in the world no joke

  • Nomad DAG
    Nomad DAG

    This guys a beast. He reminds me a bit of a young Shawn Kemp. Standing 6'6", he seems like he might be a little undersized for a power forward. Charles Barkley was the same height and pulled it off so it's totally possible. It will be interesting to see how he stacks up in college.

    • Horror Addict
      Horror Addict

      He’s taller than Barkley, Barkley admitted hes 6’4 and change 6’6 w shoes but Zion is a legit 6’6

  • Michael Swadberg jr
    Michael Swadberg jr

    One of the best mixtapes of all time, music, everything about it

  • Rebecca Kaba
    Rebecca Kaba

    He come a new history legend!!💯💯🙏🙏🏀

  • marcvizionz

    Still one of my favorite mixtapes

  • Antoine B
    Antoine B

    This look like me playing against my 7 and 8 year old nephews on a 7 foot rim

  • BallsworthBallsbury

    Music producer: "Listen to this beat. Dope, right?" Ball is Life: "Yeah, but can you add a singing chipmunk?"

    • Niel Caldwell
      Niel Caldwell


    • El Jefe
      El Jefe

      BallsworthBallsbury too young to appreciate the greatness of this song and what it means

    • Idvextreme Br
      Idvextreme Br


  • Zack Young
    Zack Young

    🔥🔥🔥 This what we finna be showing our kids! Zion is a certified hs legend, he better kill it at duke with RJ and Cam!

    • vazarus paytonas
      vazarus paytonas

      *Update* They murdering so far stay tuned...

    • Logic Lamar Cole
      Logic Lamar Cole

      Zack Young word

  • Ray Paints Shoes
    Ray Paints Shoes

    The music and the editing made this feel like one of those 90s basketball movies. Props to the editor bruh

  • Jay p
    Jay p

    this type of talent deserves to go straight into the nba

  • Logan Andrews
    Logan Andrews

    Ya’ll remember when these videos were new and people were saying he wasnt that good because his competition was too weak? Lol yeah....

    • jalenc

      ngl his competition is weak , but he's still best the hs player since wiggins

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin

      @chico Exactly

    • chico

      @Jit Trippin Mikey gon be a problem on every level

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin

      They say the same thing about Mikey

    • Teflon Don
      Teflon Don

      Abusing grown men in the league

  • Alex Mejia
    Alex Mejia

    He was basically an nba player even back then 🤯

  • Xavier Jones
    Xavier Jones

    Might go down as one of the greatest mixes of all time!

  • Brian Newsome
    Brian Newsome

    almost two years later and i still can't believe what im seeing. i watch this more than DSJ's junior year mixtape and that was cold asf

  • atze bol
    atze bol

    Dude is a beast hope he stays healthy future star

  • jlemaster20

    i was at the majority of these games and i got to meet him he’s been a big inspiration in my life

  • Dee Jones
    Dee Jones

    He's 18 now.. Dude is a beast wtf!

  • Important_Man

    He’s a phenomenal player...if he gets his shot together it’s over.

  • Shawnyysosa

    1:50 is just too much a human shouldn't jump that high at that size of two feet 🔥🔥He will be the greatest of all time if he finds a consistent shot 🔥🐐

  • Raj Ibrahim
    Raj Ibrahim

    Maniacal Duke fan, I’ve seen this kid play so many times from HS to College to All Star type games and I honestly still don’t understand how. That insane size coupled with all time human being athleticism. Just wild.

  • ThrilledMotion

    This man been ready for the NBA and proving just that

  • BleachFan 2.0
    BleachFan 2.0

    1:01 My favorite Dunk

  • Steven Shootz
    Steven Shootz

    2:45 w/ the ability to travel like that, there's no doubt he's bouta dominate the league

  • LaVell G. JR.
    LaVell G. JR.

    He gives me goose bumps. He’s up next

  • Jacob Wondercheck
    Jacob Wondercheck

    Zion has some of the most insane highlights of any high school basketball player ever. And people said his play style wouldn't translate to the nba smh

  • Dreadrockz

    One of the Best Mixtapes in a while 🔥

  • TheShachattack13

    He was probably good enough to play in the nba at 15

  • Evan Seekins
    Evan Seekins

    Crazy bit is this version of Z is more NBA ready cause the playing weight is right about here. Hope he gets back. Love watching the throwback highlights but he got to start making history in the big leagues.

  • JigsawJay007

    He could probably go straight to the NBA if they'd let him

  • David Boateng
    David Boateng

    This is the best mixtape I've ever seen.

  • Jason Quanico
    Jason Quanico

    Def one of the best mixtapes I’ve seen in awhile. Thank you so much for bringing mixtapes back 🤘🏼

  • Alex HD
    Alex HD

    One of the best mixtapes ive ever seen

  • 336 Novi Luminis
    336 Novi Luminis

    This guy is a hybrid between Shaq and Lebron! Keep it up ZION

  • Tedd Jean
    Tedd Jean

    Watching this now after the weight gain and injuries like damn man

  • Peter Parker of The Web
    Peter Parker of The Web

    No matter what this kid does in life, he will forever be greatest HS player in history. PERIOD!

  • Unreleased Hitz
    Unreleased Hitz

    Damm can’t really wait to see what he gonna do in Duke

    • Kyle2324

      Juzby Official Online so wrong lol



    • Cooper James
      Cooper James

      PLEASE FORGIVE MY SOUL hmmmmmmmmm

    • black.

      PLEASE FORGIVE MY SOUL Think again

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore

    He might be the darkest brother I've seen in a Duke uniform ever. I love it! #Brotherhood Let's go get #7 after we get #6 this year! #GoDuke #Si6hts #Se7en

  • Daniel Buyaba
    Daniel Buyaba

    omg zion senior year highlights is insane 🔥🔥🔥

  • Frederic Chen
    Frederic Chen

    This man is gonna be a basketball legend some day

  • hugo

    The best mixtape I’ve ever seen

  • Lionel Rakotoniaina
    Lionel Rakotoniaina

    I really wish for this dude all the best

  • Chelsey Late
    Chelsey Late

    Reminds me of barkley jordan and lebron all wrapped up in one. Amazing. Hope he stays healthy. He is a once in a lifetime player.

    • Chelsey Late
      Chelsey Late

      Neon Zeon. Dubbed it 1st to say it. Lol

  • Dave Brewer
    Dave Brewer

    Tried to watch it but was too busy laughing at how he made every basket perfectly timed with the beat of this song 😂😂😂

  • Cj Agsalud
    Cj Agsalud

    this video makes me want to play bball again thanks!

  • J.N.K Arts
    J.N.K Arts

    man i dont know whos better. This baller or you, as a director. Amazing work. Cheers bro. keep going!!!

  • LarryG3

    Can't wait to see him play with Duke!

  • ZackG32 baseball
    ZackG32 baseball

    This reminds me of when I play my 9 year old brother on a mini hoop

  • Colin Boni
    Colin Boni

    Im soo proud of this kid ! Duke will be national champs !