Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007
John Schroter
This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

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  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    It was very cool then but now I look around and see what ‘smart phones’ and ‘social media’ have done to western society and wonder how things’d turned out if this never happened

    • Matty

      @FancyDesigns Yeah, just like the atomic bomb

    • Jonathan Aguilera
      Jonathan Aguilera


    • Backup_al meknassi
      Backup_al meknassi

      @InvertedAlex Yourself makes my brain hurt

    • Nicolas Pdorf
      Nicolas Pdorf

      similar to the invention of the A-bomb, the potential was ginormous - and not meant to destroy humanity

    • Chris M.
      Chris M.

      ...but it's not the fault of the devices. It's more what a significant amount of people is interested in and using it for. I'm confident that these things will develop as time goes by, too.

  • Pia the Great
    Pia the Great

    Can't believe it'll soon be 15 years since the first iPhone came out, feels like 2007 was yesterday...

  • SonicMation49


  • h l
    h l

    Its so sad that Steve Jobs died of ligma

    • h l
      h l

      @Will Roche ligma balls

    • Will Roche
      Will Roche

      Who the hell is Steve Jobs

    • Carrot

      @JakeIsCalling lol

    • JakeIsCalling

      @Carrot ligma balls

    • Carrot

      Was that

  • A.T

    Apple is a plague on society. Change my mind.

    • Sarii hover
      Sarii hover

      change your diapers

  • Luis Nazario
    Luis Nazario

    Buttons have never been a problem. Apple made a problem out of it. And people believed that shit. I miss smartphones with buttons.

    • Sheila Sammons
      Sheila Sammons

      @A.T It's the ingenious iPhone that is enslaving people from living their lives? Wow, what power Steve Jobs had! That's what he intended all right. c'mon - people have always enslaved themselves. This technology has always been fascinating.

    • Moaath

      Then sell your phone

    • eric brown
      eric brown

      That’s right

    • A.T

      I just bought a pre-owned Walkman W800i. Nothing beats the classics. The Iphone today is now less of a phone and more of a device to enslave people to keep from living their lives. That was the intention when designing it. Now, don’t get me wrong - it has benefits. But mostly, it’s a liability, for many of us. Though, you might not realise it.

    • Ayoub Rannan
      Ayoub Rannan

      Nah buttons were a big problem don't trip

  • Yes

    The fact that there are still comments on this video from literally a few hours ago on a 10 year old video hits kinda different

  • The Professor
    The Professor

    Watching this on Android.

    • gamefox120

      watching on linux

    • vacuumlover1

      You mean the iPhone copy

    • Kiran - The Tribute Channel
      Kiran - The Tribute Channel

      It's ok , android is adopted from iPhone

  • OnTheGo

    I bought my first iPhone in Glasgow, UK in 2008 and it got stolen in my short visit in New Delhi.

  • Jeff Darnell
    Jeff Darnell

    "We have invented a new technology called multi-touch" they adopted the technology , but certainly didn't invent it

    • Matt

      @Tim Suetens he didn't say they invented the mouse.

    • A.T

      @Tim Suetens Yeah, I thought it sounded a little weird when he said that too...

    • Tim Suetens
      Tim Suetens

      I also doubt he invented the mouse. I just saw a video from 1968 that had a guy using a mouse.

  • Mohammad Faakhir
    Mohammad Faakhir

    All of the comments are of 1 day ago or so. Well done YT Algorithm 👏

  • Vincent Louis Alcomendras
    Vincent Louis Alcomendras

    Oh wow oh wow oh wow

    • Kiran - The Tribute Channel
      Kiran - The Tribute Channel

      Last words of steve

  • Mathew Loves His Life
    Mathew Loves His Life

    RIP Steve

    • A.T

      If only you knew how evil that man truly was.

  • jonno63

    if you didn't do ,someone else would have , good timing for u

  • dadab0y

    Watching this on my iPhone.:)

    • A.T

      Man, that must be old by now. How is it still in working condition?

  • The Multiverse
    The Multiverse

    I've always hated Apple, and considering how little innovation they bring to their products today, still do, but I have to admit, the world would have been different have they not introduced so many great and absolutely game-changing technologies... Apple shaped the maket of the time, and they always tried to do something completely new, even if it was risky. Thank you Steve

    • A.T

      “Thank you” is taking it a bit too far. I agree that the Iphone has its benefits, but mostly it’s just a liability for me.

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    This is the day the world died. The introduction of the smartphone.

    • Noelle Plays Games
      Noelle Plays Games

      @Tiannam It really is.

    • A.T

      @Ana You’re in denial.

    • Ana


    • Tiannam

      It’s sad but true.

  • Dave Brinkhus
    Dave Brinkhus

    A masterclass troll job here (at first) wow!

  • Sir Winston
    Sir Winston

    One of the best marketing pitches of all time

  • Jonathan Aguilera
    Jonathan Aguilera

    Shit brand

    • A.T

      @Pedro Meneses Reminds me of a certain interview...

    • Pedro Meneses
      Pedro Meneses

      "You are gay", that has to be the greatest comeback I've seen.

    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      @Jonathan Aguilera how does that have to do with "left wing". i personally dislike apple because of its capitalist exploitation and ridiculously overpriced products. i am what you would consider "left wing". but hold your sweet horses for a second. what does "left wing" have to do with anything? excuse me for assuming you are from the usa, but just a little reminder: you are gay. "left wing" is not the cause for everything bad. in fact its the usa. the capitalist gays. i would use the h word, but sadly youtube, a capitalist american piece of a joke, doesnt allow me to do that.

    • Jonathan Aguilera
      Jonathan Aguilera

      @Mathew Loves His Life shit brand

    • Mathew Loves His Life
      Mathew Loves His Life

      Excuse ME

  • Jonathan Aguilera
    Jonathan Aguilera

    Steve the loser was only after people's money and Apple today is stealing from their dumb followers ... Long live Microsoft and Google

    • A.T

      @chrnaf A major reason I despise Apple products is that they’re designed to break. Your battery’s dead? Well too bad. You’ll have to get a new phone. Android phones suck too, but at least you can switch out the batteries on most, if not all of them.

    • A.T

      You’re a fool if you prefer Microsoft and Google over Apple. The truth is all three of these brands are equally bad.

    • chrnaf

      They created the first smart phone that a 2 year old can use, and yet your grandmother can use, and everyone else between. Meanwhile, other operating systems were too busy spamming you with 7 layers of popups and a stylus that kept breaking or getting lost. It's sad that over a decade later, people like you are unable to appreciate how Apple restructured the market. When an android user has a problem with a smart phone, they have to ask: 1. Is the problem with the hardware of the phone, made by (Samsung etc. Company)? 2. Is it caused by the operating system made by Google? 3. Is it the app made by (insert random third party software company here)? Apple user has a problem: Contact Apple. Once stop shop to resolve anything. THAT is the business model that most Americans choose, THAT'S why most smart phones in America in 2021 are iPhones. If I wanted poorly made cheaper products, I'd settle for Android, as most of the world has to. If you have the money for the best, it's Apple.

    • Ana


    • Jakob scott
      Jakob scott

      Apple is the best and most successful company in the world so shut up. They made the world easier and made it so that we could communicate with people so we didn't have to go and see them

  • A J2
    A J2

    why isnt it compelete?

  • Nicolas Pdorf
    Nicolas Pdorf

    1:42 I love his facial expression right there he looks like he was thinking: I know what you're thinking of, I know you are just applauding because it's Apple and new - but you have no idea what innovation you're witnessing as the first ones in the world. it will blow your minds. and yo have no idea. I wonder if/how it didn't leak - such an innovation in technology must have been too exciting for the engineers and developers

  • Josecruz9498

    The title should say the day black berry died

  • pls steve go bac k to us

    • A.T

      I don’t know if you’re aware, but there’s no way to rise from the grave.

    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      he ded

  • Kun Kun
    Kun Kun

    Steve Jobs: "Nobody wants a stylus!" *years later* Apple Pencil: *"It's showtime!"*

    • A.T

      What a blundering idiot.

  • Jerry Akamu Adams
    Jerry Akamu Adams

    i dont think anyone in that room really realized how revolutionary this was. Except for maybe Steve Jobs

  • violinistvanessaofficial

    I was only 4 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone!😮 I miss Steve Jobs everyday and the world isn’t the same without him. But when Tim Cook sadly passes away, The whole world is going to drop as everyone is grieving him. It is like when Kobe bryant,Carl from Dhar Mann,Caleb Leblanc and of course Steve Jobs sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer.😢😭

    • spurgear

      Seek help

  • Michel Briand
    Michel Briand

    Caricature of US hubris !

  • Dogliano Ergassia
    Dogliano Ergassia

    Synaptics invented the multi-touch...

    • Ginger

      And who's heard of them?

  • Mr Coco
    Mr Coco

    2007?! I was 2 years old back then, amazing how technology has improved in a decade... We don't realize it because we are still fantasying over landing on other planets and spaceships.

    • ShiRo


    • Battlehard

      Me too. Impressive how everything has changed

  • Mauricio Espinoza
    Mauricio Espinoza

    Da verguenza ajena lo estupido que suenan los grupis. Nunca es la historia humana ocurrieron tantos orgasmos sincronizados en un mismo sitio.

  • Cool Admin
    Cool Admin

    This is the day.. that I've been looking forward to for 2 and a half years!! What a start!! ❤️❤️

  • Arafath

    Revolution of mobile phone ❤️

    • William Bineke
      William Bineke

      💯 agreed

  • Arian Prakash
    Arian Prakash

    I miss when apples device were this exciting

  • Glennwulf

    God I remember this moment so well. I got goosebumps when I realized along with the audience that it was all one device. And this video is so old I probably already put this exact same comment on here lmfao. But I really miss Steve's keynotes, he was one of a kind with them. The apple keynotes now are so full of cringe they are very painful to watch.

  • I do what I want I may do what u subbed for ok
    I do what I want I may do what u subbed for ok


  • Genia-chlorox Plumtree
    Genia-chlorox Plumtree

    )Oh thank you for the reminder) Did you know Nokia was only in trend when I was in my late teens without a physical metal key shaped key but Nokia shouldn’t like digital keypads either🧚🏿‍♂️

  • Emir eymen kaya
    Emir eymen kaya

    İphone 13

  • james jade lasquites
    james jade lasquites

    Jobs wears Levi’s 501. “Stay hungry, Stay Foolish”

  • Junior17

    These are subtle ideas that revolutionized technology!

  • Super Art Studio
    Super Art Studio

    A giant screen yay

  • Ayub Chandra
    Ayub Chandra

    I really miss Steve Jobs. Humans with hundreds of innovations and intelligence.

  • Joker FF
    Joker FF

    IF YOU ARE IN 2021 .LIKE

    • Casey Grogan
      Casey Grogan

      Man I remember watching this live I bought the first iPhone and still have it to frame it one day in memory of Steve Jobs. I have been a Samsung owner since after the iPhone 5S and I'm glad I love Samsung but with that said Steve Jobs started Samsung innovation I know nobody wants to admit it but I believe if he didn't get the iPhone out Samsung wouldn't be where it is today!

    • Game Mobile Android
      Game Mobile Android


  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    At 6:33 folks in attendance didn't even know what they were looking at yet.

  • David Paquette
    David Paquette

    Got recommended with this

    • NoobPerson305

  • Jayco

    In my recommendations yet again - in the style of the great Lionel Richie: “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”

  • 7—The Sushi Guy
    7—The Sushi Guy

    0:02 what the fuck was that buffering

    • JSGV

      a camera?

    • katerina zachariadou
      katerina zachariadou

      @John Schroter Μaybe it was a Nokia S phone? Or it could be digital cameras of the time.

    • John Schroter
      John Schroter

      Are you talking about the camera flash?

  • Mr.G

    Steve Jobs really changed the world.

    • Pre Malone
      Pre Malone

      Yeah but unfortunately for the worse...

  • rmaaa

    aaand theres one on my desk

  • The Gent
    The Gent

    I bet the Chinese had this Technology YEARS before we got it

  • The Gent
    The Gent

    Without the iPhone we would have POS Samsung Galaxy phones...I dont think Steve would approved of this NEW THING with not allowing us to swap out the Battery now they just glue the back on so you are FORCED to buy a new phone.

    • Orly90

      Galaxy is not a POS lol you are just some goofy fan boy

  • Nathan2055

    I still can’t get over the fact that they hadn’t even finished getting it to work by this point. Steve was covertly switching phones under his podium every time he showed off a new app because the OS (it wasn’t even called iOS yet) wasn’t stable enough to handle more than one app at a time. The engineers are backstage during all of this playing a game where you could start drinking if Steve managed to get through your part of the demo without anything crashing. Somehow, it actually went great without any problems during the presentation, they worked out the bugs before launch, and the rest is history.

  • RoXMvPRoY2007

    Presentation created on PowerPoint

  • KrazyBabyXx

    Watching this makes my heart race. Just the impact the iPhone brought to the world. Hardly anyone uses Blackberry's anymore in America, the leap of faith from the iPhone Steve is holding, and the uniqueness of the product when it came out. I watched news coverage of later iPhone Gens being revealed, and lines would form at stores. The payphone died indefinitely when this came out. I bet you don't have a home phone anymore, only mobile phones.

  • Edison Cheng
    Edison Cheng

    Back in the days when Steve Jobs called a 3.5’ screen a GIANT screen.

    • Marco Dr. Grünenwald
      Marco Dr. Grünenwald

      Before youp**n!

  • gerhitchman

    in 2007 iphones were truly revolutionary. if only apple could do something like that again

    • Jake G
      Jake G

      the m1 chip?

  • Sadnessinz

    2030: we introduce the new brand Iphone "Banana"

  • John C Reynoso
    John C Reynoso

    so cute Steve

  • Raagavee Recipes
    Raagavee Recipes

    It's so sad Steve Jobs died of ligma .

    • Exalt

      @Ben Potts nah bro this guys is just a plain stupid 5th grader I bet. People like him make stereotypes about different races.

    • Ben Potts
      Ben Potts

      have some respect indian boy

    • Jupiter

      @Stefi Cristian ligma balls

    • Stefi Cristian
      Stefi Cristian

      Who the hell is Steve Jobs?

    • Cheese

      @RBC jobsballs wait wrong joke

  • Menpal Mirkan
    Menpal Mirkan

    Apple iPhone 1st (2007) 🖤 Legend’s Beginning 👑 📱🤴

  • doggo

    Back when apple products were truly revolutionary

  • Aman Nai
    Aman Nai

    Presentation skills are just oh my goodness

    • The Super Surfer
      The Super Surfer


  • Ethan

    I swear youtube is the closest we can get to time travel

  • Kelberoth

    2:57 history was made

  • Lorenzo Salamone
    Lorenzo Salamone


  • Aveen Burney
    Aveen Burney

    Just realized this was not recorded on an iPhone 😂

    • Doodle

      the iphone was just getting revealed no one had an iphone

  • fintan hÜttermann
    fintan hÜttermann


  • Jechew

    Steve Jobs: So *Audience claps for 10 seconds*

    • fintan hÜttermann
      fintan hÜttermann


  • David Perez
    David Perez


    • Kevin Resendiz
      Kevin Resendiz

      @Yuuri Shibuya 💀

    • Mare Z
      Mare Z

      Thats what your mother said when you were born

    • MaxPaxe

      @David Perez stop shouting

    • David Perez
      David Perez


    • IteratedGaming

      Me tryna figure out who asked 🔎

  • Cchapz

    Sitting here in 2021 and watching this with goose bumps

  • Comino


  • awreckingball

    The fanboys sound as annoying now as they did 14 years ago.

  • Fantastic Auditions | Get shocked
    Fantastic Auditions | Get shocked


  • MatthewPlays_YT


  • Teemu Purtilo
    Teemu Purtilo

    that phone destroyed nokia

    • fintan hÜttermann
      fintan hÜttermann

      @Yuuri Shibuya no, that phoeno nijuo nokia

    • Yuuri Shibuya
      Yuuri Shibuya

      No, stupidity of Nokia and it’s the then CEO destroyed it.

  • Anastasia Cho
    Anastasia Cho

    สุดยอดเลยอะ กลับมาฟังตอนนี้ยังประทับใจเลย

  • Jed's Gaming Adventure
    Jed's Gaming Adventure

    6:40 anybody wants a stylus thanks to the Apple Pencil for all iPad users

  • teensy beensy
    teensy beensy

    MAN, he beat around the bush somethin fierce, hoo boy.

  • the dopest dude
    the dopest dude

    I wonder what the exact tipping point was. Obviously high technology has not been good for the overall well being of humanity. People waste huge portions of their limited life staring at a screen or worrying about what so and so posted on the ‘gram. I’m old enough to remember life before cell phones and the internet. If you never knew that time and you think that things are better now….it’s unfortunate you never had that experience. The impact of high tech, internet and phones can never be truly quantified. Life was just better before. People actually lived it

    • ChrisTX

      Even thinking about this gives me a headache. Life without smartphones was slower but it must have been so much more relaxed. Just a slower pace of things which gives you more time to think, or rest, or just live life without giving a d*mn about 'social' media.

  • Genius football S710
    Genius football S710


  • Kenn Tollens
    Kenn Tollens

    So many comments, days old, from a video posted in 2011. Why did the IRglo algorithm decide now?

    • John Schroter
      John Schroter

      @fintan hÜttermann what?

    • fintan hÜttermann
      fintan hÜttermann

      @John Schroter it's never slowed down itsj it's j it's j it's j oh my d revolutionary mobile phone breakthrough ioks so. 3 things. Boo

    • John Schroter
      John Schroter

      It's never slowed down.

  • Kenn Tollens
    Kenn Tollens

    Did they ever

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez

    2007: iPhone is Revolutionary 2021: iPhone cant' open you PDF file

    • Caleb Green
      Caleb Green

      Um, thats not an issue.

    • Michael Meißner
      Michael Meißner

      sorry, but that's nonsense. Just click and it opens.

    • Kenn Tollens
      Kenn Tollens

      There is an app for that

  • Poyz Jr
    Poyz Jr

    • Chaos the Ancap
      Chaos the Ancap

      Nobody cares

  • Poyz Jr
    Poyz Jr

  • Poyz Jr
    Poyz Jr

  • Real Baron
    Real Baron

    This marked the beginning of the end of the traditional era and the beginning of the digital age of social media.

  • Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher

    Why is nobody still legitimately complaining that Apple is not including the wall charger with their devices. Since when in history has it been okay for a company to sell an expensive item and then turn around and gouge their customers for more money if you actually wanted to use that item? This is not the American way. BAD FORM APPLE.

    • Chaos the Ancap
      Chaos the Ancap

      Make Apple Great Again

    • Angelo Kipp
      Angelo Kipp

      Tbf you probably have 10 iPhone chargers

    • fye

      Ur acting like apple has not been making trash for the last 10years😂 they been doing that forever

  • PengWin0420

    Wtf happened to this comment section...

  • Charles George
    Charles George

    A ubiquitous thing that. Despite all that can be said about it. I often want to hurl my iPhone Into the nearest river.

  • HaydenArter

    And they never made another phone again

  • Iberia


  • sheffin muhammed
    sheffin muhammed

    I phone era is coming to an end. May be. Who knows..

    • Caleb Green
      Caleb Green

      Nope. More like android.

    • Aj Ma
      Aj Ma

      Nah, it will never happen

  • fake todd howard
    fake todd howard

    Wtf is this comment section

  • MrSargebaxter

    All that covid coughing

    • fintan hÜttermann
      fintan hÜttermann


    • fintan hÜttermann
      fintan hÜttermann

      Covid wants around in 2001

  • therealknapster

    Pushing the technology of man with forsight . AKA the same ever every great inventor , bringing together the work of previous people . NOTHING IS NEW . The current trend of electric cars is revolutionary in 1884

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams

    Fuck iphone android roles

    • Relja Bjelos
      Relja Bjelos

      @Chaos the Ancap i likes peanuts more

    • Steve Jobs
      Steve Jobs

      shut up kid

    • IteratedGaming

      I don't think so bud 🤣🤣

    • Erina

      @Mr Nobody I can’t compare it yet lol

    • Mr Nobody
      Mr Nobody

      @Erina Compare it with upcoming s22 u donut, u are comparing a phone that has kust launched like a month ago with a phone that is 1.5 years old, wait till January when s22 launches and then we will see who is faster

  • Fab

    ... then f**king dies

    • fintan hÜttermann
      fintan hÜttermann

      I like Steve job

    • Smoochie

      Nokia employee strikes back lol

  • Red Apple
    Red Apple

    It was not 5 years ahead, its more than 10 years ahead now