can someone explain why he is outside my house!? (I don't feel safe)
can someone explain why he is outside my house!? (I feel unsafe)
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  • Aurelia Nguejo
    Aurelia Nguejo

    If u want ur drone not to get noticed by the clowns, spray sunscreen on the wings

  • Chelsea Stutsman
    Chelsea Stutsman

    "I need to gets this drone out, OH HE IS SHOOTING" * brings drone closer*

    • Corrina Jones
      Corrina Jones

      Sorry what

  • SammyboyGaming

    Make sure to check your doors and windows and lock it

  • lol 🥳
    lol 🥳

    Kyle: I got to get out of here Also Kyle: brings drone closer and lower Me:🤦‍♀️

    • Daniel Bell
      Daniel Bell

      Ik this me MOVE THE DRONE

    • Bedwars gamer
      Bedwars gamer


    • Bedwars gamer
      Bedwars gamer

      IKR 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣

    • bofa


    • The crazy cousins
      The crazy cousins


  • River Blackwell
    River Blackwell

    I pray for you and I'm watching this at 2:49

    • Lemonzzz

      I’m pretty sure there fake man no hate but

  • Neelam Dhami
    Neelam Dhami

    Hey stromedy I just wanna let you know that I always like and subscribe before I watch any of your videos!!! (I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS NEVER STOP MAKING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)🤯🤯🤪😁

    • Chezburger

      This guy is a morgz fan im guessing

  • MJ's Channel
    MJ's Channel

    Legend tells it that the clown is sill on the roof

  • Vikki Cain
    Vikki Cain

    Man May is going to be a very interesting year if you know you know if you want a explanation ghost paper challenge on this channel unless if you want to have a rough time for a long time I had recommend not looking at it but if you want to know something really terrifying take a gander

    • Xav23_YT

      Month* ? But I Agree!

  • sroberts423

    when the clown started shooting at them with a nerf gun he was like "oh no I'm going to get shot!"

  • DesireArk

    him: this clown looks like hes not joking around me: lets be friends i have a nerf gun to :D

  • Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez

    You know what you should do just grab one at a time are if there’s one just make all of you guys go after him and take off his mask

  • Taylee Matthias
    Taylee Matthias

    0:41 48 seconds in and that was my favourite part cannot change

    • Boomboom💥mhasquad!!

      Yea same

  • lisa marie
    lisa marie

    I enjoyed watching this crazy video,wow, keep up the awesome work you guys😁😁😁😁

  • Anika Sullens
    Anika Sullens

    Kyle: We got these water guns they are the clown"s most feared weapon Kyle later: We only have these stupid water guns they aren't gonna do anything

    • Boomboom💥mhasquad!!

      yea lol

    • The Hehrings
      The Hehrings


    • Believe Ung
      Believe Ung


  • The 6 besties
    The 6 besties

    I love ur video. they are so funny.sometimes scary but I still watch them.

    • Emily Gorry
      Emily Gorry

      Yeah there scary but fake

    • Unknown

      Yass but most is edited Or cap

  • Yakari

    “Not as ugly as Mark” was so funny my mom sat in front of me when i laughed my heart out hahahahhahahahahhaha

  • bluewater_dragon

    Me: goes and buy a nerf ball gun and aim at him and fire! 🤡🔫 Stormed: goes out with drone and seeking around the house 🏡

  • Enzo Mandia
    Enzo Mandia

    #respect for clown hunters Stromedy your videos look really entertaining and by the look of picture it’s probably already gonna be insane

    • Michael Aguirre
      Michael Aguirre

      @Darriel_dia what

    • Darriel_dia

      Hi stromedy am wching you now

  • Alf Mellow
    Alf Mellow

    Lol when stromedy and mark called the clown names I was in hysterics laughing 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂

  • ThomasPlayz

    Clown: LaLaLaLaLa Stromedy: grabs every NERF gun in Target and blasts it with a mastodon and a rip chain Me: lmfao

  • Ralph Cortiguerra
    Ralph Cortiguerra

    I laugh when stromedy said the weapon is so powerful. the weapon:🔫😂

  • Deynar crake loves trinity madison Sam and colby
    Deynar crake loves trinity madison Sam and colby

    Welcome back Stromedy

  • ㋡ᗫꫝℜᶄ㋡

    Moment of silent to the people who thought the gun was real 😐😶

  • Tayden Soosay
    Tayden Soosay

    Yes he never disappoints

  • Ahmad Parent
    Ahmad Parent

    kyle you know how te put a smile on my face realy mannnnnn

  • Evan Griffith
    Evan Griffith

    Omg yes the clowns are back I love the videos with the clowns

  • Xxxpride2022xxX

    love this clown scared me for min-

  • Ameir Williams
    Ameir Williams

    Stromedy I noticed that at 12.14 when you were flying the drone there was something red in one of the windows No cap

  • vrayarel

    4:04 was it just me that noticed the crib

    • Tilly rose Sheridan pinches
      Tilly rose Sheridan pinches

      Oh yh are they hiding something?

  • lol 🥳
    lol 🥳

    Jana: he also seems a lot bigger than other clowns Clown: you calling me fat!


    This video Is a record to lost a drone 🤣🤣

  • Psyduck Squad 3.0
    Psyduck Squad 3.0

    Hey stromedy your the best and love all ur vids your Chanel has helped me through my anxiety most of the time also when I am sad💞💕💘💖💗💓

  • Taylee Matthias
    Taylee Matthias

    12:40 what are those red things sticking out of the bushes and did anybody else think it was the clown as if he just threw himself into the bush.

  • G13 Sese Alondra
    G13 Sese Alondra


  • Camp bells
    Camp bells

    I like how jana thinks that pool noodle is a weapon and I just want to ask if your videos are real because you could be acting

  • Daniel Gizmo
    Daniel Gizmo

    I am early! Amazing Videos watched you for 2-3 YEARS! Your videos never made me to not liking them, Always made my day so happy!

    • Nicole Kennewell
      Nicole Kennewell


    • Red Panda 🔴🐼
      Red Panda 🔴🐼


  • doug mentzer
    doug mentzer

    You are a banger IRglors and helped me with depression

  • James Gough
    James Gough

    This is a "clown" on your property in LA call the police he will be charged with disordily conduct tresparsing

  • Shanelle Beckhurst
    Shanelle Beckhurst

    wow, why are there clowns always coming for you!

  • Makailyn Carter
    Makailyn Carter

    You're the best IRglors how many I subscribe to all of the prime members I hope you're doing well stay warm and I just got to go right on a roller coaster for my first time it was kind of scary but it was fun and you're the best IRglor but I'm I can't get my tablet to work to get me to be a prime member I love you so much peace


    Stromdey is coming back with the banger after banger

    • Your mom
      Your mom


    • bloody cottoncandy
      bloody cottoncandy


  • Van

    Did anyone else relise that someone was walking in the back when the clown was shooting

  • Actualgamer

    POV: You know its fake but you still watch it.

    • MJ's Channel
      MJ's Channel


  • SH ϟ S U I
    SH ϟ S U I

    3:55 that hair flip was smooth

  • Wayne Dezern
    Wayne Dezern

    Just his friends as the clown

    • Wayne Dezern
      Wayne Dezern

      @Penny Lee got it

  • Owen

    Yeah they’re dealing with her friends and clown costumes

  • SUSSY IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUSSY IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also... Stromedy I have an idea if all of you want to hear it. let me know when u want to hear my idea on how to prank the clowns. OK?

  • diego martinez
    diego martinez

    It looked like he was in the tree

  • stromedykyle_fp

    The man himself is back again with another insane banger video

  • Mohammed Yousaf
    Mohammed Yousaf

    I'm glad you won the fight BTW.

  • Izna Iqbal
    Izna Iqbal

    lets go another crazy banger video i am glad to see you back on IRglo Stromedy you never let us down.congrats on your win in UK

  • Abigaile Piercey
    Abigaile Piercey

    Omfg he is so weird idk why but I hope he goes away soon!🥺

  • ShahKaShow

    Stromedy i,v been a fan for years now and i,v subscribed to everyone on the prime capitol team i really need this drone

  • Mohammed Yousaf
    Mohammed Yousaf

    Is that a clown. I love clowns. 🤡😂🤣

  • Ilikefood_nowonder

    "Ugh he's so ugly" was giving me all the sass

  • Mark Coggins
    Mark Coggins

    It looks like the clown from the movie spawn

  • Kymani Langley
    Kymani Langley

    Stromedy I am still sick but you made me and my brother day

  • Faten Itani
    Faten Itani

    These clowns dont give u guys a break 😂😂

  • 😈N I G H T M A R E😈
    😈N I G H T M A R E😈

    So When Did a Nerf Gun Become A Weapon 😂

  • sarah strauch
    sarah strauch

    Kyle I think I know how to defeat the clowns and then you can have some peace

  • Camp bells
    Camp bells

    How the heck do you sleep in this place?!

  • Ariannah Areli
    Ariannah Areli

    I’m soooo watching this after school

  • ItzJackAttack

    Look in the bushes the clown has a stash of Water guns at 2:07

  • Trevor Colby
    Trevor Colby

    The clowns are back for Revenge.

  • Theodore Williams
    Theodore Williams

    If I ever see a clown standing right in front of my door I will chase that clown with my samurai sword

  • Ashton Morris
    Ashton Morris

    Dose he ever have an unsuccessful take off of the drone?? 😂😂

  • Abdul Hazzouri
    Abdul Hazzouri

    This is click bait but I love his vids amazing vids my fav one are the potion ones

  • Victor Parker
    Victor Parker

    Their was something in the bushes at 2:02

  • GrindingDemon

    It was a nerf gun and you were literally standing right in front of him

  • Susan

    OMG you’re back I’ve missed you dude I was so bored not watching your videos I like really really really really bored

  • Devyn_youtube

    At 2:30 when he said “what if the clowns r getteing redemption on us” I thought or r they protec u 0-0 GOOD CLOWNS

  • Meg moschak
    Meg moschak

    Why is it so gratifying to flying a drone I can barely even left mine off the ground

  • Øẅēñ ïs borëd
    Øẅēñ ïs borëd

    this clown do be lookin like me when my mom turns off my ps5

  • Erick Calvo
    Erick Calvo

    That clown looks creepy on his face!

  • Bryce Vlogs and Gaming
    Bryce Vlogs and Gaming

    maybe you should buy airsoft guns so you have a weapon when clowns come

  • Crystal Mangum
    Crystal Mangum

    All I see are clowns in most of these videos and this is why as soon as you see a clown run really run because you never no if it's a good clown are a bad one.

  • Mads Aly
    Mads Aly

    I feel like you should just go up to the clown and see if you don't get off my property I'm calling cops it might work

  • Michael Aguirre
    Michael Aguirre

    Dose he have a weapon? The weapon: a nerf gun

  • Gracie Sullivan
    Gracie Sullivan

    Hello stormedy I just turned emo kinda yesterday and I’m 8 and you helped me get over it today I love your vids and ik you won’t see this bu5 I love you

  • Carson Hobson
    Carson Hobson

    I did not feel safe watching this video I was hearing noking on the wall of are house 😳😯😟😳😨🤡