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  • Christopher Barhoum
    Christopher Barhoum

    I wouldn’t agree entirely with you. He did make news with getting his #1 jersey. This also isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He’s not causing controversy like many of the other NBA players. He’s doing the work. Good for him. He will shine during the season.

    • Blake


    • Realm35

      @I am Groot! Melo will be as good as he wants to. He has no true physical limits on himself like height(weight is up to him). The difficult stuff like iq and 3pt shooting and handle are his strengths. If melo becomes a top 10 nba player it’ll be because he is serious about being the best

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Looking for big big things from #1

  • Scalez Beatz
    Scalez Beatz

    “The only all star from the last 3 drafts” When you say it like that, DAMN

    • Justin Munoz
      Justin Munoz

      @Scalez Beatz he is going into his 3rd season… do you know how to count?

  • Jamir G
    Jamir G

    Reason why is because he been puttin work in on the low! This gone be his breakout year... He knows he not gone have Miles Bridges this season so the weight will be on Melo's shoulders.... 💯

    • Byron Parker
      Byron Parker

      Melo will have a huge year in charlotte

    • JV Nation
      JV Nation

      @kkdssodjwjdjd I want whatever you’re smoking!

    • Inmyexpression

      Let's see!

    • Monte

      @kkdssodjwjdjd you sound slow

    • HVx T E C H
      HVx T E C H

      @kkdssodjwjdjd Hayward definitely winning mvp

  • Jake Skidnuk
    Jake Skidnuk

    I agree it seems he’s lost his hype. I think it’s because he’s on a mediocre Charlotte team that hasn’t made the playoffs. I’m expecting big numbers this season I think he could reach numbers like 25 8 8

  • Troy Mahone
    Troy Mahone

    It’s about winning. Devin Booker went through this too. Anthony Edwards passed him partly because of team success.

  • Ken Barracoso
    Ken Barracoso

    Your takes are spot on, as always! Can't wait for the games to start once again!

  • Patrick Bond
    Patrick Bond

    keep up the grind DKM! Love your videos

  • Isaac Jules
    Isaac Jules

    He’ll step up this season & shine. He’ll make allstars again be on everyone’s top 10 list.

  • Hail Hughes
    Hail Hughes

    I lowkey think people forget bout Lamelo cause 1. His team is ass 2. Charlotte is a forgettable place. If LaMelo was on/in a good team/market he will be higher in the rankings. You also got people looking at “wins” in rankings for sone reasons.

    • Robbie Williams
      Robbie Williams

      @Sweat Box I hope he goes to LA lol


      Ant is In Minnesota

    • Great Pyrenees
      Great Pyrenees

      @Tavious Moore they lost bridges… they need more than a big

    • Tavious Moore
      Tavious Moore

      Hornets won almost 50 games that's not trash Melo just needs a big

    • lukas radinovic
      lukas radinovic

      @The Kush Blowing Blower aight you right o thought that’s how they worked my b😂 but yeah I just think melo needs a better supporting cast I wanna see what he can do with competent big men not like Cody zeller and plumlee. I think their best bet gotta be just tank for a high draft pick next year. Especially if bridges gets time for what he did

  • Hugo Adore
    Hugo Adore

    Its gotta be how the Hornets fell off in the play in games the past 2 seasons but that isnt Melos fault. Hornets need a competent team around melo, back office, coaching were holding him back.

  • Jamir G
    Jamir G

    @6:05 "BECAUSE THEY ENVY HIS STARDOM!!!!" MANNNN THATS NOTHIN BUT FACTS DKM!! 💯 💯 💯 They envy him & its hate in their hearts! sad truth

  • Deuante Kelly
    Deuante Kelly

    You have to remember nobody ever wanted to see him succeed

  • Hamizan Saini
    Hamizan Saini

    I think the main reason is anthony edwards making the playoffs and lamelo not. They have always been compared and now all the talk is with edwards. He is put in the top young players lists instead of lamelo.

    • Kalan

      ant has diangelo russel kat and patrick beverly stardom tied with vets and they were still in the play in melo basically got there himself and miles terry is so inconsistent

  • Hamptons Royce
    Hamptons Royce

    Lamelo hasn’t been passed up by any of the guys you’re mentioning in the minds of coaches and players around the league. If he’s not getting the pub and fanfare that you think he deserves, it has everything to do with the Charlotte Hornets, who are already irrelevant, but they’ve had an awful offseason. Unfortunately, Lamelo can’t avoid the stench of this franchise until he leaves or has an incredible statistical season

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    I have to say I think you're commentary is on point DKM but I think we also need to remember the NBA is very political it's not like overseas basketball where people are just judged off talent.

  • studio bauhaus
    studio bauhaus

    Melo is going to the Lakers. The Hornets is not where he finds his launching pad.

    • LE RUU76
      LE RUU76

      that would be definite ring material is he did💯

  • Jamir G
    Jamir G

    @5:27 THAT IS FACTS!! the whole league just loves to hate on the Ball family... But Ball bro's always find a way to prove EVERYBODY WRONG!... I aint worried bout it tho.... Keep goin BBB!

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Oh yeah the 'whole league' loves to.. oh wait nevermind. The BBB ended a couple years ago. No need to respond

  • Friction

    He plays for charlotte that’s why

  • Chase Hattan
    Chase Hattan

    The answer is simple and it's really a 2 part answer. The answer for why no one is talking about him is because he's been lowkey this off season. The answer for why they have Ant-man so far ahead of him is simply because Minnesota looked like they could make a deep playoff run last season and now with the addition of Gobert, they are projecting the Twolves to be contenders and Ant man will be the #1 option so it's a matter of the team. Remember this is a business of headlines and it's looking like the biggest headline regarding the Hornets is Bridges might not be playing because of domestic violence and the NBA doesn't want to point the news in the hornets direction due to that shit!

    • Inmyexpression

      Good answer

  • In Texas
    In Texas

    It had looked like the hornets might have a decent team this season. Now they look hopeless so there’s no point talking about the hornets or Melo.

  • ThePrivateHoard Collectibles On Mercari
    ThePrivateHoard Collectibles On Mercari

    Lamelo is my favorite player. Let the haters hate! Lamelo's game will do the talking.

  • LE RUU76
    LE RUU76

    Melo is in my top 3 of PG💯Honestly he would be a perfect facilitator for Lebron. That man is definitely 1of1💯💪😤☝️🏀🏀🏀 edit: Trust me, it wont work if you had Tre or Anthony facilitating Lebron, Melo definitely works☝️😤💯

  • Adam Maskell
    Adam Maskell

    100% Agree DKm. Wtf is Perkins thinking? I do love Ant, but i think people r getting carried away because he made the play-offs. Not realising I could make the Play-offs in a Team with KAT , Russell et al

  • The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke
    The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke

    They probably haven't even watched most of his games as they're not televised nationally... either that or they're just pissed he's made so much money from shoes when other "big" names can't compete. Just my opinion though.

  • GamingGranny

    I also believe that most of the NBA world doesn't like the Hornets front office including the owner.

    • Robbie Williams
      Robbie Williams

      @Ren Kane no I don't think it has anything to do with legacy lamelo got a long way to go before that's even a discussion. Something is off in Charlotte they don't treat him like a franchise player and it doesn't make sense.

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @Robbie Williams I don’t disagree with anything you said. His ceiling is unknown. Sky’s the limit. But are you trying to tell me that Jordan is worried about his legacy, therefore he’s treating him in such a negative way??? What?????

    • Robbie Williams
      Robbie Williams

      @Ren Kane I think there's alot of ppl behind the scenes that want Lamelo in a big market asap. Fastest way is if he's so unhappy he leaves extension on table or requests a trade. How bad would jordan and hornets look if they just traded him w/out a request? It just doesn't make sense how they're doing that kid down there he's too good and he's box office ppl tune in to watch him play, 90% of season ticket holders renewed, he was top 15 in jersey sales in charlotte. Not to mention his shoes sell out and they're Puma not Nike lol. The writing is on the wall. The nba is made up of 30 owners that are in the business of selling the nba. They just topped 10 billion in revenue and Lebron is on his way out they'll need that American face. Will he be the best player prob not but he's the most marketable and you put him in LA with a loaded roster and it could carry the league the next 10 yrs. Lebron is the biggest star in the league. Why he pick LA? They weren't good when he went there they were terrible. Not only did he double net worth but they brought him whoever he wanted. He's going to break records this year in a lakers jersey. Lebron wants to be an owner to do that you need other owners backing you and buss is a powerful owner can make or break alot of decisions or atleast FastTrack. Lamelo not only marketable here but Australia loves him, in a lakers jersey China would love him. This kids going where he can make the league the most money. I think it's LA but NY is an option too. Just my opinion, these owners ain't hard to read they follow the money.

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @NoBeta 93 MJ sees Melo as a threat to his legacy!?!?!? I’ve heard a lot of conspiracies, but this has got to be the most ridiculous take ever.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @NoBeta 93 I mean with all this spin and misinformation how could we NOT be mad at... oh wait who we supposed to be mad at again?

  • Jay Banks
    Jay Banks

    NBA Twitter world has been D riding Anthony Edwards sooo crazy over Melo. I think it’s cause AE played well in the playoffs though. And that was more recent.

  • Scott J. Parisi
    Scott J. Parisi

    Interesting take. On a side note, anyone else fired-up for next season watching the Melo highlight reel during the narrative?

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    Kendrick Perkins is part of old media so he has to be on script. The Ball family will always gonna have haters so it's nothing we say that'll sway them.

  • AMJ J
    AMJ J

    Melo needed to play in some pro am leagues to get his name back in the convo.. he’s been a basketball ghost this summer

  • The Official Anthony
    The Official Anthony

    With miles out this year his points definitely gonna go up but his assist might go down a little bit but he definitely shouldn’t be slept on

  • Smithy Georgio
    Smithy Georgio

    You are absolutely correct when you say they dismiss him because of how good he is THE HATE is real he has his new number now he's going to show out now

  • GamingGranny

    You just said it, he has no real big man to pass too and no supporting cast that can catch his passes. If he was on the Nets Melo would be relevant.

  • John Doee
    John Doee

    He is going to be in the hall of fame one day.

  • Idonttext

    there is a lot of good players in the nba but lamelo is special 6 7 point is rare on that alone and hes so young i wouldnt worrie

  • Serious Nick Gaming & Asmr
    Serious Nick Gaming & Asmr

    That "Gelo stole the show" was corny to me man 😂. You're better than that. Great analysis other than that DKM

  • fire lord
    fire lord

    This may all be becuz lamelo passed up on signing on Nike/Jordan and went with puma...all those puma sales are probably translating to melo taking puma beyond Nike someday to come. Key to aligning all this is to check all the media personnels and other young stars affiliaton to these sneaker brands.

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @I am Groot! EXACTLY!

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @fire lord MJ literally has the Jordan logo on major college FOOTBALL uniforms. He won. He not worried about nobody shoe deal

    • fire lord
      fire lord

      @I am Groot! 🤦🏻‍♂️ I was referring to all the rankings and all the young players they have ahead of lamelo. If you check bcuz I just did, all those players ahead of him this year are either signed to Nike/Jordan and Adidas... and through searching I just found out ESPN has a multi-year endorsement deal with adidas... kendrink perkins mentioned by DKM has/had an endorsement deal with Nike... making mention of charolette which wasn't the point I was making, their shittiest player plumlee is with nike... @DKM do some digging in this I may be right or maybe I'm close but I know I'm not wrong, this shit doesn't add up.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Hmm let's fact check this. Pop quiz. How many of the top paid Hornets are Nike/Jordan guys? None? Ok cool

  • Kev.Reloaded

    This is Melos year just watch Ant did have a better year 2, but this year I’m predicting Melo will have career highs and will make the playoffs cause he know it’s time💪🏽

  • Felix Candelaria
    Felix Candelaria

    Sadly it might have something to do with him playing for the Hornets. No one cares about them. Even MJ can't do enough to get them the shine we want for them.

  • MusicKnowledge1

    It's no surprise as the Jealousy and envy was there towards him from a kid from these folks and as you can see now it's trickling into adulthood as he elevates to even more dizzying heights of superstardom, records set, allstar status, adverts that showcase his star presence, private jets a popular shoe, an incredible talent all that unlimited potential at 20 years old, but it's all good he will keep shining and aint damn thing that they can do but look a fool, more awards are to come, now expectations will elevate these upcoming years and that will be up to him to get his team in the playoffs regardless of what tools his terrible organization gives him, but anyone who underestimates this kid is silly at this point that guy will have a Mvp one day book it and sooner than you'd expect. Just Watch what he does in the new season the league aint seen nothing yet.

  • Shay Hayden
    Shay Hayden

    I don’t think melo really cares if people “forgot about him” as longs as he’s playing ball and still have enough money to support his family. I don’t think he really cares.

  • Marcus Taylor
    Marcus Taylor

    Lamelo is worth every penny, this kid is spectacular, at 20 years old entering his 3rd year in the league, such great value in this "Superstar"

  • Dark midnight
    Dark midnight

    The goat DKM 🔥

  • Jamile Davis
    Jamile Davis

    I'm hoping they give lamelo , James bouknight, kai Jones and Mark Williams a chance to play together that's a young good lineup.

  • Dr. J.J. Spinner
    Dr. J.J. Spinner

    He will command the max and the pr department with the hornets keep minimizing his skills saying he is not the best one on the team so they wont have to pay the max. Melo is destine to go to New York plus charlotte is a small market whereas edwards made the playoffs and pu t up numbers on a better team. The hornets lost one of their best players then liost another to drugs.

  • isthiswill

    The ongoing legal issues with Hornets roster members might have cause a bit of a media blackout on covering anything but their rookies & summer league roster by NBA media affiliates. I'm speculating, but hey.

  • lukas radinovic
    lukas radinovic

    For real I have noticed nothing but the media giving Ant man all this hype over last year like hell I even saw some people say how Ant is ready in line for club superstar even tho he’s accomplished 1 first round exit over melo even tho you can compare both teams and see who obviously has the better team around them. Ant ain’t even their number 1 scoring option but they make it seem like he carried the t wolves. I think this year with bridges gone, and hopefully a coach who gives the ball to melo we can actually see what melo is instead of 80% or what he can do as it felt under borego

  • millio Lester
    millio Lester

    I honestly think it’s because he’s not in the open like everybody ..playing in these different summer only see him with his Aau team .. understandably so

  • Leonidas CarVinci
    Leonidas CarVinci

    DKM I'm with you... the NBA shun LaVar...........('s) Son(s)

  • Dunzonite

    He brought Charlotte to the play in that's enough for me

  • Thomas Jarrett
    Thomas Jarrett

    The reason why Edwards past Lamelo, because his team went far in the playoffs. Cade Cunningham Past Lamelo among the NBA analyst, because the Detroit Pistons is a reputable franchise with championships,the Charlotte hornets is just Michael Jordan, that's it, before Lamelo got there. No championships, nothing.

  • Young Among
    Young Among

    Melo just chillin he ain't playin in no pro am or drew league shid so Melo just vibing but Melo got the youth

  • --

    When someone is up they like to hate that's how it goes even Trae gets hated and forgotten especially in his earlier years

  • Shanna Gee
    Shanna Gee

    It’s the playoffs that tanked his ranking

  • Brother EDEN
    Brother EDEN

    Melo ... had those HULU commercials that played throughout the NBA finals ... and I suspect that didn't sit well with a lot of the players. He also drops a shoe seemingly every week and that's more exposure (and $$) and again ... that's not a place many players can get to in their whole careers. I also think there's a bit of trepidation about him getting his #1 ... which again, shows his 'star power' ... and finally, I think they do NOT wanna talk about Miles Bridges and it's hard to mention Melo without them avoiding Miles, so he's getting a bit of distance that's NOT his fault. I also believe that many are also 'shell shocked' at just how much Melo doesn't need their props, one way or the other ... and that's the real rub.

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @studio bauhaus what the heck!? Haha no they didn’t. What are you using for your figures. Judging by gross revenue sales, melo shoes only sold 32% of air Jordan shoe sales for 2022. What in the world is your source? Mines is business trader, so pretty sure it’s about as accurate a public facing site will provide

    • studio bauhaus
      studio bauhaus

      @Ren Kane they outsold Air Jordans so far this year

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @studio bauhaus hahahahah!!! That doesn’t mean his shoe outsold Jordans! Melos shoe wasn’t even the highest selling shoe for puma!

    • studio bauhaus
      studio bauhaus

      @Ty Fizzle yes Melo is the only basketball shoe with lines outside the stores for every release this year.

    • FinesseThaProfit

      @Ty Fizzle no lol

  • mo williams
    mo williams

    Charlotte did the same thing!🤔

  • Yankee Suave
    Yankee Suave

    I can tell you why because e the HORNETS HAVE HELD HIM BACK!!!!! he needs to request a trade

  • KNav

    ive heard more about lamelo from random youtube channels everyday than any of those guys on the thumbnail combined...

  • Deven Williams
    Deven Williams

    It’s called “Hate” & “Politics” .. they’ve always hated the Baller Brand, they just HAVE to respect em. So they envy him because they really wanted to be the ones that said “I told you he wasn’t ready for the nba” if he would’ve failed … he’s my 🐐

  • Sihle Ngcongo
    Sihle Ngcongo

    Remember Gelo was in mainstream media for sometime and there's still that narrative about Big Baller circulating on a smaller scale. This is just to control BBB and when the season starts again watch them speak about Lafranz again

  • Dre Mc
    Dre Mc

    Giannas was dominating and not talked about till he won MVP haha

  • My Vlogs
    My Vlogs

    Ain’t nothing like moving in silence 🤫

  • Ricosav _33
    Ricosav _33

    He hasn’t been forgotten ma nivva i look up news abt him everyday ma boi

  • john seventeen
    john seventeen

    Cus hes gota get his ass into pro am and give his fans something to watch 😤😤

  • patrick roland
    patrick roland

    Forgot is a stretch. He’s been quiet and missed the opportunity to play in the drew while it was being broadcasted on the nba. Trae for example took that opportunity. He did camps but it’s not highly televised at all.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      True story. Melo been keeping it low doing the work getting ready to bust out that year 3 come up

    • studio bauhaus
      studio bauhaus

      Trey flopped at the Drew

  • Anthony East
    Anthony East

    Melo will prove them wrong bro dw

  • PAY Y.A
    PAY Y.A

    Soon as he leaves charlotte his name gone BUZZ Again for sure

  • Dunzonite

    Bro melo is that dude give him a few years

  • chemistry physics
    chemistry physics

    problem with lamelo is he promotes himself. the league is interested in players who promote the league. there may be some behind the scenes behaviour with lamelo that the league is aware of and is hesitant to promote him.

  • Kenrick Doherty
    Kenrick Doherty

    Lamelo should be top 10

  • jimmie williams
    jimmie williams

    Naw bro has more to with bigger stories in the offseasons KD ect... And he plays in Charlotte.. Naw hes not Ja more long term value in melo 26 year old melo going to be better than 26 year old 24 year old ja going to be better than 24 year old melo

  • Kenny Phillips
    Kenny Phillips

    Shhhh it's Because MJ still wants all the Shine. I guess that's why MJ never told us about his Son NBA Super Star Jimmy Butler. You think he will tell you about his best player and a Ball Brother. Nope! MJ you are going to lose #1

  • André-Grant Larey
    André-Grant Larey

    Nah DKM, the only reason that they underrate Melo is because he ain't as flashy as how he was in high school, JBA or NBL. MB1 gonna hit different this NBA season. A lot of people be focusing on Gelo journey to the league.

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    If bring up Melo that’s going to lead to Bridges. NBA doesn’t want to talk that at all

  • God King Vontez
    God King Vontez

    The only reason they don't talk about melo is because we a losing team.. when we was winning the league was on his nuts. But with that being said the league never even wanted melo so charlotte was the perfect place for him.

  • abdulallahi

    He plays for Charlotte cmom y'all and Jordan is a very cheap owner they ain't getting no coverage at all


    Melo need to leave the hornets

  • KK PH-JP
    KK PH-JP

    he did not reach playoff. there s is no noise in his name anymore.

  • antonio mcmahon
    antonio mcmahon

    As long as this young man isn't in the news during off season getting pulled outta his Lamborghini drunk or in court with 20plus sexual assault cases, im happy he's being lowkey! Real Gs move in silence as a real G once put it!! I salute this kid!!

  • Inmyexpression

    Lamelo is a whole Brand. He sells. On top of that he is great. But I do believe he could be on a more popular team especially since Miles bridges will be in jail. But we can't forget lamelo unless he just stops carrying, remains stagnant or becomes unimpressive.

  • Aaron Perez
    Aaron Perez

    Cause he hasn’t been able to make the playoffs 🥴

  • Idonttext

    i recommend picking up some gem 10 lamelo rookies while they are still not to crazy

  • Leonidas CarVinci
    Leonidas CarVinci

    Have Substance is that it? LaMelo is THE STUFF *Substances in The NBA are made of...⛅🌤⭐🌟 ( 1 )

  • The Art Of Be
    The Art Of Be

    The league hates his father and they make Zo and Melo pay for it. That's gotta be one of the reasons.

    • Smithy Georgio
      Smithy Georgio

      They make Gelo pay for it too

  • Scottie Davis
    Scottie Davis

    It’s only one season ain’t it and your throwing shade during the off season 😂😂

  • Ren Kane
    Ren Kane

    Hate to say it, but I also just think ant is a more likable player and personality right now. He’s also acting. I still think people see melo as that annoying cocky kid from ball in the family. They don’t realize he’s matured a lot and has the potential to become an nba icon. It’ll be fine though, guys like trae got hate too his first few years. Melo will be fine

  • Rodolfo Garcia
    Rodolfo Garcia

    Lamelo Ballsack 😂😂


    He is not forgotten. The new season has not begun yet. If he so forgotten, why the PUMA shoes sell out each time? They just did it again when he did the "Be you..." shoe.

  • Hollow Steez
    Hollow Steez

    it’s off season for the nba 😐

  • Break Harpe
    Break Harpe

    I guess I don't see it cause Melo is my favorite player so I watch alot of BBB content, Melo highlights, breakdowns, etc...This isn't a good video to make b/c U put the idea out there that Melo isn't viewed as important which isn't true, plus U dismiss ur own importance of online media. I've never even had that thought until this video. U can't focus on the negative. What u watch is what pops up in ur algorithm so i see Melo being praised everyday & then I go to the comments & see it. They not calling him trash, thats all that matters. They don't have to uplift lamelo b/c we do. There's people who don't look at John Morant as good, just athletic me being 1 of them. Melo won Rookie of the year & AllStar 2nd yr, so clearly people think he's good. Mainstream media doesn't dictate Lamelo's worth. 10 years from now mainstream sports media may be a thing of the past

  • The Art Of Be
    The Art Of Be

    I know exactly why DKM


    We all know what’s good with melo…duck all these weirdos…he’s only in his 3rd season and he got his number now…nobody can hold him down now

  • Jay Banks
    Jay Banks

    LaMelo has single-handedly brought Puma back from the dead.

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @Jay Banks smh, I literally just laid out where his shoe ranked in sales for puma. He was actually #2 in us basketball shoe sales for puma. You’re literally just dropping anecdotal feedback about what you see, I’m literally dropping quantitative facts. I’m confused why you can’t admit your asinine comment of puma being dead before melo makes sense. I get it. You’re a young kid and you love melo. That’s fine. But you also have to accept facts when it’s said to you. I’m not denying melo has made an impact on puma, but let’s not forget….melo is the one being paid by puma, not the other way around.

    • Jay Banks
      Jay Banks

      @Ren Kane I’m not sure how long ago you play D3. But I’m closer to the high school age. And the highschoolers and AAU players of today. A lot of them were Melo’s you see them worn constantly at Tournaments. And before he got there no one was it we’re wearing pumas in general they weren’t even close to the conversation. I think that’s a come back if you ask me

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @Jay Banks and to add to that, that’s 7th in the US! 22nd in the world. So before you open your mouth, know what you’re talking about. Im a fan of melo, but not a delusional fanboy like you.

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @Jay Banks I played d3 basketball and play in several extension leagues, so I think I know a thing or two about basketball. Definitely a whole lot more than you. Also, a simple search will tell you that Melos shoes aren’t even the top grossing athlete shoes for puma. I would tell you who 1-6 are, but I’ll let you look it up. He’s ranked 7th…so tell me again how melo brought puma back from the dead? I’m waiting…

    • Jay Banks
      Jay Banks

      @Ren Kane if you’re hooper. You know the shoes that are actually being worn in Gyms.

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    The NBA world don't even LaMelo as a superstar. I view Lonzo in the same universe as Cade, Edwards, Zion, Morant, Luka etc.

    • Surprise623er

      Most delusional comment ever

  • Balla Maniac
    Balla Maniac

    Hornets is gon be trash next season no bridges and Montrez

  • It’s Faxx
    It’s Faxx

    Bruh what lamelo is in every 3 videos of yours

  • Shawn

    Don’t you worry lamelo ball news may be quiet right now but when lamleo ball is winning mvps we can see whose quiet then

  • Chris Nguyen
    Chris Nguyen

    Why do you use the same footage of melo for every video

  • Marlee Fläme
    Marlee Fläme

    Its because they dnt like his attitude they think he is too cocky n flashy

  • Eli

    Cause they don't want to talk about him

  • Tadi Sibanda
    Tadi Sibanda

    Yessir finally a new video