When You Cant Have Shoes On In The House
Adam W
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  • Dustin Is Driving
    Dustin Is Driving

    The spray made all the difference

  • Yaqeen Zindani
    Yaqeen Zindani

    Lol. I love how accurate this is. And when he said “ last one” I’m like dang

  • sam joseph
    sam joseph

    As an Indian I find this completely normal

  • Kermit DA Frog
    Kermit DA Frog

    In India, it's "was" tradition that you go to someone's home, even yours, first you gotta clean your hand and feet properly with water. When you're clean, you go inside the house barefoot. People in India mostly walk barefoot inside their homes. Cause wearing those shoes invited outside bacteria, leaving them outside is cozy.

  • x

    I love it ✨✨😍 the anasala family and nourstars 😍😍😍😍✨ the best combination ever 🥺🥺🥺

  • Blue

    "These shorts make my day😇"

  • A Obi
    A Obi

    Amazing how much water came out of that empty can 😂

  • kraven Liongod
    kraven Liongod

    Finally somebody doing the same exact thing he does to others 😂😂😂😂this videos are awesome

  • Lisseth Araujo
    Lisseth Araujo

    These short make my day everytime

  • Akanksha Ojha
    Akanksha Ojha

    The amount of patience he has no one can ever have. Had it been in real life the person would have left after sanitization 😂.

  • The Troll Face
    The Troll Face

    I like how every time the NFS 2005 soundtrack fits perfectly in all his videos.

  • mp tv
    mp tv

    Legends say he's still doing tasks to go to get his socks back😆

  • Rumaisa Sabir
    Rumaisa Sabir

    Your patience level.. Amazing 😂👌

  • CallmehLarry

    Since I started watching Adams videos I’m addicted to them is that good or bad?!

  • You Are Watched!
    You Are Watched!

    These short make my day everytime !

  • Justin Li
    Justin Li

    As an Asian, I remember watching American TV shows and being really confused when they wore shoes/slippers/footwear in the house. I thought they just did it because they were on set, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out it was an actual thing.

  • Wajia Wasim
    Wajia Wasim

    Man.the face they make after he leaves is so confused FSM and the way the little girl says "bye" at the end is so cute.

  • Omyma Ahmed
    Omyma Ahmed

    اكتر شي ضحكني لمه قال خلاص ولمه قال انس بخ بخ 😂😂😂🤍

  • Champs

    These videos never fail to entertain us I can scroll for soo long ❤️

  • chaotic gaming
    chaotic gaming

    As an Arab this video was incredibly funny😭🤣