WORLD RECORD Backwards Basketball Shot!
How Ridiculous
LIKE if it went in!

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  • Nooo Name
    Nooo Name

    Still more real than my first marriage

    • Magnify

      They have videos of them attempting this stuff. They do thousands of attempts. It’s not fake.

    • deadpool


    • Awakened Piccolo Savannah Fall Mode
      Awakened Piccolo Savannah Fall Mode

      Did i already watch a horror movie or something huh

    • Justy Bun
      Justy Bun

      Who hurt you?

  • superlink44

    Been watching y’all for years and it still amazes me how many people still think you guys fake this stuff.

  • Doctor Plattypus
    Doctor Plattypus

    when you realize its just a mini version

    • MeDzanix [メドザニックス様]
      MeDzanix [メドザニックス様]

      It's real tho

  • A piece of cake with internet access
    A piece of cake with internet access

    Mr beast : miss the shot and win 10000$ Chandler:

    • Admir3!!

      @wind _yeet what.

    • oLeafy RLo
      oLeafy RLo

      @wind _yeet how???????

    • Wokeyoungan

      U gotta have the worst luck 😭

    • Wokeyoungan

      U gotta have the worst luck 😭

  • Zblaze

    Imagine a green screen person doing this 💀

  • Shy Brotha Speaks
    Shy Brotha Speaks

    With an infinite number of balls and attempts you're bound to make it once, eventually.

  • Ezana

    Don't you guys love how from such a high altitude the ball curves into the net

    • MeDzanix [メドザニックス様]
      MeDzanix [メドザニックス様]

      Yeah, that's called wind😃

  • WiiUFan1356

    That’s so cool! That was a really nice shot, I’m gonna like the video

  • Prvxylk1250

    "IT CURVED THE BALL CURVED! " -Technoblade the legend.

  • Shok Edits
    Shok Edits

    him telling ade how he did it: A dummy in green jumped off the bridge with the ball, the man died but the ball fell into the basketball hoop.

    • Kid City
      Kid City

      Imagine if that happened and he didn’t make the shot

    • Jayaditya Das
      Jayaditya Das

      He didn't die

    • Jamal Mwanjazi
      Jamal Mwanjazi

      Rip green man 😭

    • Abdullah Jawad
      Abdullah Jawad

      @Clpz. trxpz yea no shii but his compadres did 😆

    • Clpz. trxpz
      Clpz. trxpz

      @Abdullah Jawad he did not live to tell the story

  • sumadhar seetha
    sumadhar seetha

    Editing was highlight in this video. Salute for this editor

  • Empirical Purity
    Empirical Purity

    It looked great until it didn’t. I agree though. That is such a good line. It would have been a great line if it was a bit straighter especially at the end.

  • TheCoolDude

    *"What button do I press to record?"*

    • Tankish

      @Jack an*

    • Jack

      @KennySuper what joke

    • Jack

      @tt2005 I'm not a kid I'm a oldest child

    • KennySuper

      @Jack It was a joke💀

  • Eva Cela
    Eva Cela

    The green man was having the parchute all of green🤣😂

  • Mushrooz

    The curve at the end tho ☠️

    • Waylon McGinnis
      Waylon McGinnis

      That curve in my opinion looked fake

    • Cobalt

      what about it

  • Josh Pryor
    Josh Pryor

    I like how the basketball somehow was glitching in the air then maid it in

  • NoceMoist3

    My man avatar came out of nowhere and saved that trickshot 💀

  • RekT ARFAN
    RekT ARFAN

    Seems like there was no effect of gravity on the ball for a few seconds lol

    • B10 Ranario, John Carlo T.
      B10 Ranario, John Carlo T.

      nah they zoomed it in so it looked like the ball was falling slowly

  • MatirxHunter PG3D
    MatirxHunter PG3D

    Ok so for the people that says its fake, heres what the magnus effect is. fluid pressure decreases at points where the speed of the fluid increases

  • Jay Duong
    Jay Duong

    There’s a video somewhere that explains the air drafting under the ball and that’s why it curved

  • MasBodyCheck

    when you realize the entire thing is a huge green screen

  • Golden Striker
    Golden Striker

    These always make feel a type of way 🥴

  • RoploxerJE

    You guys do sum crazy things just for us! Lets Appreciate what they do for us!❤️

    • Little country boy
      Little country boy

      I love their videos and completely agree

  • EB

    Gravity just slows down and then rapidly gets faster as soon as it’s in the hoop

  • lavablob3000

    theoretically if this was fake, its still impressive on how he got that in

  • Cringe 😬
    Cringe 😬

    Wow the ball defied gravity 🤯

  • Latetootheparty

    With so much technology, we forget how amazing nature and physics naturally are

    • Latetootheparty

      @Htxjohno awe you came to comment ? Whether or not this video is real, nature still defies a lot of what we think to understand, that’s the point of my comment 👌🏾

    • Htxjohno

      Lmao Aawwee you thought that was real

  • Kevin Crabb
    Kevin Crabb

    Wow a ball that steers itself onto the target mid flight

  • Elektronical

    *Wow, I wonder how the ball literally floated into the hoop to the right without high impact* 🤔🤔

    • Elektronical

      @E And it also turned without falling at the rate it was.. 🤔🤔

    • E

      Wind and spin

  • AuQzy ._
    AuQzy ._

    At the last second u see the ball go in very fast when it was slow...

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Clearly edited out the net that really caught the ball and funneled it into the hoop. I bet they still had to do at least three takes, though.

  • OzzyWatchesYT

    I know that Rexy would be impressed. Also, I was doubting where you made that shot, and then I replayed it and I was like: "Dam." Great shot! Keep up the ridiculousness!

  • Bacon

    still realer than my father 😞

  • 4rtbh2010

    How can the ball turn 😂😂

  • Marcus Barnes
    Marcus Barnes

    Let's not act like da ball didn't curve green screen man did a really good job👍

  • Shawna Thornton
    Shawna Thornton

    soy su fan, he estado siguiendo sus videos durante mucho tiempo y me he suscrito a sus videos. En sus videos, obtuve mucha inspiración, pero tengo algunas ideas nuevas, podemos comunicarse entre sí Discutir, por favor respóndame😊

  • Pulsating HEXgasm
    Pulsating HEXgasm

    I love how the ball stayed the same size in the last 2-3 seconds. Very raw footage

    • Wman

      Either the rim being huge or the basketball being baseball-sized would be weird, you know

    • Yee No1
      Yee No1

      Haters gonna hate. Such a genius eh?

    • schlac daddy
      schlac daddy

      @Pulsating HEXgasm They have a 20 minute video go watch it

    • Finn F
      Finn F

      When an object is very far away and you're zooming. It's size changes slower.

    • Nat Rob
      Nat Rob

      It explains everything

  • George Ulicny
    George Ulicny

    How many times did he have to try before he made a basket ?

  • Gaming Aarav
    Gaming Aarav

    How can the ball change its direction this much slowly

  • Locklyn and his friends
    Locklyn and his friends

    Oh my gosh that was the most biggest thing I’ve ever seen literally get better Contin

  • Hello

    How fake do you want this to be? Him: yes

  • Allen James
    Allen James

    For a second I thought out of excitement he is going to jump 😂

    • Omar Chaudhry
      Omar Chaudhry

      Bestgore is that way psychopath

    • KharlsCharls


  • Haven YT
    Haven YT

    Dude perfect shot right there

  • Tiago Portela
    Tiago Portela

    The ball decelerates but should accelerate each time it approaches

  • Depreß tūbêr
    Depreß tūbêr

    Nice record 🤣🤣🤣

  • EliTried

    The movement is very realistic, if this is faked then the editor has a fantastic understanding of physics.

  • AdamDeGoat

    Are we not gonna talk about how far that camera zoomed in? Edit: chill I know now

    • Dell Clouds
      Dell Clouds

      Bro its 2022 not 2002

    • MMID

      How do you think they do it in the old movies bro are you making upwards of 30k-100k like most of these huge IRglors can you afford the cameras they can be realistic now bro

    • HiImSnow

      It's not the same quality. And it's possible it was on an actual camera and not a phone. Those still exist lol.

    • legent 43
      legent 43

      There are lenses that do that and even more 🤦🏻‍♂️ Don’t talk about things you don’t understand

  • Rymd-bannan 🍌
    Rymd-bannan 🍌

    The ball: man, screw gravity

  • Danny Alamo
    Danny Alamo

    Only dude perfect can do that

  • The Trey Show
    The Trey Show

    That turn that happens at the end

  • Juice

    Wow 🤩 that’s so awesome I like it ✅✅✅

  • YouCube

    Not using the ground footage so as to not include the mushroom joke. I respect that

    • John Howard
      John Howard

      @Awakened Piccolo Savannah Fall Mode j

    • Narco

      I don’t get it

    • Strawberry Watermelon Channel
      Strawberry Watermelon Channel


    • Karl Lager
      Karl Lager

      Fake af

  • Viper does edits
    Viper does edits

    Bro is it just me or it looks like this is going slow 😂💀

    • Jonathan Pearce
      Jonathan Pearce

      Zoom lens.

  • Bartholomew Dinglenut
    Bartholomew Dinglenut

    Also get ready for the comments saying "Can we just appreciate all the time and effort that they put in the video for us?🥴"

    • Oscar _bru
      Oscar _bru

      i mean, they probally took weeks for them to get this shot

  • TDP RustPlayer
    TDP RustPlayer

    Dude perfect: Watch a master at work

  • Christian Adriano
    Christian Adriano

    Huy si,como si el balón se moviera mágicamente hacia el aro

  • Glarus

    “Aw man I forgot to press record 💀”

    • Glarus

      @TW1ST3D in this comment it wasn’t so I filled the gap

    • Little 'o
      Little 'o

      Don't worry they Can fix it photo sho- *OH WAIT*

    • TW1ST3D

      @maskboy doesn’t change the fact that it’s overused💀

  • OP Original
    OP Original

    Aye it took them so long they just had to take it 🤣

    • adam E
      adam E


  • DogeWard MC
    DogeWard MC

    Winchumbo be like: “you see a parachuter in all green jumped with a green parachute and a ball in his hands!!!!!!

  • The Perez Family
    The Perez Family

    How ridiculous 😂

  • Am I smarter than my 6th grader😜
    Am I smarter than my 6th grader😜

    Beautiful shot

  • Mariusz Kochel
    Mariusz Kochel

    Luca, what a legend! 😃🏀

    • FBI

      Totally wasn’t done before

  • Goofy grape
    Goofy grape

    How fake do u want this to be? Them: YES

  • Killereria

    The amount of people here who don’t understand physics or depth perception. In addition to those who don’t understand how many shots they had to take before one got in.

  • Isaiah Roders
    Isaiah Roders

    I like how the ball magically changes directions

    • Eli Carlson
      Eli Carlson

      Actually it just looks like that because of how it’s falling. 🤓🤓

  • ItsRyanX

    It’s real on yt they set themselves challenges and it usually takes a couple days of attempts and filming but yeah they did grind to get that shot

  • Bogus

    That ball just slowed down and turned to another direction mid air. That ball is super skilled. It even somehow got rid of its own shadow before it went in the hoop. Edit: it’s real 💀😳

    • Versters

      It’s not it’s the magnus effect making it look like that if you watch the video it took them 4 days to make the shot

    • Robert Hall
      Robert Hall

      @black warrior of course the move pattern is different, when you toss a ball in the air, does it always go in the same direction...No it doesn't. This video requires little to no common sense to understand.

    • Imagine Imagining
      Imagine Imagining

      @Bruh lol don’t u live auto correct it’s just the best sometimes

    • black warrior
      black warrior

      @Joe well now i checked. And now i doubt even more. Move pattern is much different than other shots. And i was not told about "green screen", but "green man". Place 100% is real, I have no doubt there. Well or i am damn and its just a optical illusion.

    • ian morrison
      ian morrison

      100% real. No fakes on their channel. Took them six days to get the world's highest basket in another of their videos. Ball don't fall straight down and sometimes vear away off course.

  • D

    If it’s real. They went through some battery power I’ll tell you that

  • Static Roblox
    Static Roblox

    How fake do you want this to be Him: yes..

  • Gerpsy

    it's gotta be real hot over there in Switzerland right now, 35-40 celsius

  • TFR

    Now make it first try 😂

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh

    I love how the ball stayed the same size in the last 2-3 seconds. Very raw footage

    • Versters

      it’s called the magnus effect making it look like that if you watch the video it took them 4 days to make the shot with a 20 min video

  • luisma

    Si ijomio tiras el balon desde hay una panza de veces alguna vez se colara🤷🏼

  • OK_OG

    See how slow it is when it gets close

  • Dipon Lifestyle
    Dipon Lifestyle


  • Ferrariking87

    Bro in the end the ball went other side like it was controlled by green man

    • Raisa Shafkat
      Raisa Shafkat

      Exactly i was having a bit doubt

  • Harley Edwards
    Harley Edwards

    You do realise balls can curve in mid air even without edits

    • Outbound Edits
      Outbound Edits

      @scythelord lmao actually i don't and chill y u getting triggered? (rhetorical q dont answer)

    • scythelord

      @Outbound Edits clearly you don't know, because you don't understand basic physics.

    • scythelord

      @The Awesomeness You obviously haven't.

    • J M
      J M

      @The Awesomeness bruh, sounds like something a 12 year old would say. Also, that's a fallacy to rely on degrees to prove a point. You are in fact just straight up plain old wrong. This shot actually happened and is real.

    • Vyl

      @The Awesomeness and you?

  • IShowSpeedy

    Ball was going slow cause he used all the stamina

  • Nolan Armistead
    Nolan Armistead

    Haha 😂 that was so cap it curved at the end

    • 6ticci 6toby6
      6ticci 6toby6

      Yeah cause they spun it in the air so it would do that

  • FoldingDemon

    That more real then walking up both way

  • A K
    A K

    That’s insaaaaaane!


    Seems like the ball gliched bruh 😆😆👌

    • someguy

      Not a glitch just an abuse of physics engine.

  • Fiz N
    Fiz N

    He confidently expressed to his wife!

  • Jesse Brennan
    Jesse Brennan

    Now that's Fing rediclious!!

  • SuperMacGyver1

    Especially short before reaching the basket you see the incorrect physics. Nice try guys.

  • Rocky

    It's true. Just when ball was hitting the bottom they edited and added the part where ball went in.. U can say thanks later

  • Mr.Spider

    Kid:MOMMY I DID IT!! Mom:Good Job! A few days later sneaks into NBA and has no idea what he is doing.

    • frank delosa
      frank delosa

      I aint ruining those likes

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru

      Ball: *misses the hula hoop* *Laws Of Gravity has left the game.*

  • ItzLegend

    Bruh it can’t just curve like that

  • Swayaidan_yt on TikTok
    Swayaidan_yt on TikTok

    Moved like a deflated ball

  • IamsannaBunny


  • Rebecca Green
    Rebecca Green

    i love it when i drop a basket-ball and its moves 6 meters to the left right before it lands

    • Adi minecraft clips
      Adi minecraft clips

      its real its an effect magnus effect

  • Dwayne Osodope
    Dwayne Osodope

    Loved how it slowed down and curve right at the end🤣😂😂… definitely cap

    • SSatan Plays
      SSatan Plays

      Slowed down? You know camera is zooming, right? So basically it looks like ball is not moving. If something is falling and you zoom in it won't get smaller until you stop zooming or ball reach the ground. If ball was coming straight at him and he would keep zooming it would look like the ball is getting bigger and bigger (2x faster)

    • Wilde

      These guys don't fake their videos

    • potato_duud !
      potato_duud !

      Yeah you definitely don't know how cameras work

    • Astute69

      Lol the force it had on the rim tho

  • Kaze

    "How fake do you want it to be?" Him: Yes

    • Pam.

      Just because something seems impossible doesn't mean no one can do it 😂🙏

    • Pam.

      Bro💀 They literally have the Guinness World Record for the highest basketball shot

  • Dependent Many
    Dependent Many

    I heard they use green screen for these trick shots so basically there’s a dude in a green screen suit that sits on the basketball goal, catches the basketball and places it in the net.

  • Bradley Bowles
    Bradley Bowles

    I was the ball and confirm this was real How good

  • deadpool

    Even if im imortal this fake score kills me 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Can You?
    Can You?

    The kid who handed him that basketball deserves at least half the credit

    • onei jike
      onei jike

      as we know,the video can't be PS.

  • Iman Guha
    Iman Guha

    Meanwhile I'm thinking, how they had transferred the balls after failed attempts??? Though it was fake!

  • k popular
    k popular

    A movement of silence for people who thought this was real

  • Nobix Gaming
    Nobix Gaming

    Good editing 😉😆😂🤣