Where Is ANDRE INGRAM Now In 2019 After G-LEAGUE Callup To The Lakers?
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If we wind the clock back to earlier this year, most of you might recall a particular feel good story involving a player called Andre Ingram. Someone who after 4 years in college. Went undrafted in 2007, and has since spent 10 years of grinding in the G-League. Working as a math tutor on the side to sustain a living. He could’ve easily taken his talents overseas, and settled with a luxurious lifestyle in Europe. But instead he held out, hoping that one day he’d earn himself an NBA callup. If there is even such thing, few players would have a stronger hall of fame case in the minors than AI. He’s played over 400 games, won 2x three-point contest’s and is the all-time leader in 3 pointers made in the history of the D-League. For what it’s worth he won the sportsmanship award also in 2010. Ingram has beem apart of the LA D-Fenders now South Bay Lakers since 2012, and in april of this year, during what he believed to be his exit meeting. He was pleasantly surprised by the lakers front office and given the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m not about to explain this in words roll the clip
What I just showed you guys is someone trying to comprehend that a dream he worked towards for 10 plus years and sacrificed so much for was about to become his reality. Andre was called up for the lakers remaining 2 regular season games and got to make his long-awaited NBA debut against the #1 seed Houston Rockets. Ingram made nothing short of the most of his NBA debut, Scoring 19 points on 75% field goal shooting, knocking down 4 of his 5 three-pointers. Overall in his 2 game spell with the Lakers, Andre averaged 12 points. And shot 56% from deep, Back in as a senior in college he shot 42% from outside, and 46% over a decade-long span in the G-League. They called him the greatest shooter you’ve never heard of for a reason, however, great things don’t last forever, And after collecting a nice $14k paycheque for 3 days of work with the Lakers. On top of his 19,000 salaries in the G-League. Andre’s 15 minutes of fame were over, so it begs to ask the question. Where Is Andre Ingram, months removed from his glory coming into 2019?
Well, Ingram is back with the South Bay lakers and has regained his place in the starting lineup, after getting off to a slow start to the 2018-19 season. He made only 9 of his first 43 shots, shooting 21 percent from the field. However, he’s picked up the pace since the start of December, scoring 24 points, shooting 6-of-7 from the three-point line December 7th. Helping South Bay beat the Santa Cruz Warriors. Through 11 games, he’s now averaging 9 points and 3 rebounds per game. Though his percentages have hit at a career low. Right now he’s shooting 37% from the field and 35% from the perimeter. And while everyone is rooting for Ingram to make an NBA return, truthfully the chances of that this season are slim to none, Even if he picks up where he left off last year and continues his success in the G-league. Last season, the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs in March and didn't have much to play for by April, which they decided to call up Ingram from South Bay. In one summer, the lakers priorities have flipped from rebuilding to win now, an expectation that comes with the arrival of Lebron James and the number of other veterans brought with him. This goes around by the end of the season every game will matter, the western conference is wild as ever, and the Lakers will hope to get the best seeding possible to make a playoff run. An NBA return for Andre Ingram just isn’t realistic, not with the Lakers at least. He’s 33 years old, and to be honest, he’s lucky to get the opportunity he did. Because what made it so inspiring was the fact it’s such a rare occurrence. I’m sure there are countless other players like Andre in the minors, who won’t get the chance he did, therefore, we’ll never hear about them, and that’s okay. I’m sure Ingram can accept that he’ll be widely remembered as “that unknown guy who did an amazing thing that one time.” Because to him, his basketball career has been more than that. He has made a career of his passion. Never cheated the game, very hard working humble etc.

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  • Eric Duschean
    Eric Duschean

    There is a problem in the scouting system in all the major sports these days. These scouts value an athletes athleticism more than they do his ability. Athleticism should be one of a number of factors that make a player good enough to be a professional. It’s sad to say, but there are basketball players out there who aren’t as athletic that could’ve been the next Larry bird but will never get the chance. It’s a growing theme in sports to see a player that gets signed that has a 40 inch vertical, runs a 4.4 40, but they find out after they sign him that he can’t shoot in basketball, catch in football, or hit in baseball. Glad to see a player who can shoot the ball in the basket get his time. One can say all they want that you can’t teach athleticism, you can teach shooting, catching, and hitting, but the players that are polished fundamentally in their sports and not necessarily athletic deserve a chance too. Rant over.

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