The BEST Dunker In The World Kenny Dobbs Puttin' Down Some CRAZY Dunks
Check out 6'3" Kenny "KD" Dobbs doing nearly every dunk you can possibly think of in his latest video as he makes his last push during the last week of voting for the NBA/Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown Finals. KD is widely known as the dunk inventor now and continues to set the bar higher and higher with every video and is safe to say that he's the best freestyle dunker in the WORLD now.
Shoutout to DJ FI-G for the "I Can Do Better" beat!
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نظر: 3 331
  • tswei

    11 years and still with BIL... Kenny's a LEGEND!

    • Brolic Rage Like Broly
      Brolic Rage Like Broly

      Fr .. 11 yrs and counting!

    • yayo4nasal


    • Tay Hoops
      Tay Hoops

      @Gabriel he in his 40s now

    • AW

      Real love.!

    • JesseMojado Q
      JesseMojado Q

      @Manny C wyd rn?

  • Geo

    11 years ago and I barely found out of him last year that’s crazy. Never knew he was this athletic. Good shit.


      @Bdot Honcho fax

    • Bdot Honcho
      Bdot Honcho

      @M M he still plays now sometimes. He participates more in big anticipated games.. and he’s more of a shooter now since he’s older. U gotta preserve your body for the long run

    • Mon Breau
      Mon Breau

      @M M He still plays. He's just not as athletic anymore.

    • kui

      @M M he plays all the time

    • M M
      M M

      today he doesn't play anymore? I've seen him in some videos here on the channel, but I've never seen him playing. has he suffered an injury and can't play anymore?

  • Neymar Dybala
    Neymar Dybala

    i just came here ten years later 😭 why did i not know he was a dunker

    • Shmoney Myke
      Shmoney Myke

      @Elijah Gomez he seems like a cool dude to meet

    • Shmoney Myke
      Shmoney Myke

      @Neymar Dybala nothing wrong with not knowing.. we don’t know what we don’t know lol but yes.. when I was 14 he was one of the most popular dunkers in the world.. he’s one of the very first IRglo dunkers.. he helped paved the way

    • Elijah Gomez
      Elijah Gomez

      @Shmoney Myke bruh I’m thinking about meeting him. My family grew up with him

    • Neymar Dybala
      Neymar Dybala

      @Shmoney Myke ur right im only 14 i didnt know he was a dunker 💀

    • Shmoney Myke
      Shmoney Myke

      You’re were either too young when he was around or just a newer fan of ball is life lol he was one of the first dunkers that made it on IRglo.. a legend in the game

  • Bruh Mannerisms
    Bruh Mannerisms

    Kenny Dobbs was HIM back in those days fam!!! Him, T-Dub, Air Up There, Golden Child, someone who thought he had bounce, I was floored by Kenny's athletic bounce. Dude sprang of the ground so fast. Kenny Dobbs: LEGEND.

    • King Ares
      King Ares

      You just named a bunch of greats. SALUTE

  • Shmoney Myke
    Shmoney Myke

    This man was one of the first IRglo dunk sensations 🔥 big props for inspiring a whole generation

  • Basketball Skillz
    Basketball Skillz

    People get jealous of others but it sure seems tough to give credit where it's due. Kenny great stuff bro! Your dunking ability motivates me at 40 to work on my hops a bit more. Thanks for the true inspiration. Awesome show of amazing dunking and leaping ability not many people can do or can do "Better Than".

    • Tim Nelcin
      Tim Nelcin

      @Unknow N? he died trying to dunk over a train. Kenny's video made him overconfident

    • Unknow N?
      Unknow N?

      Did you work on them?

  • i5tephen

    I remembered watching this on my fiiiiiirst IRglo, the BIL crew made such a massive impact on me as a young kid but I was too into football to really appreciate it. But now I take in every single word this man says and use it. Shouts out KD man his game still speaks for itself

  • Kristoffer Tupas
    Kristoffer Tupas

    Kenny is a true legend and is still doing great things for the culture to this day.

  • Blacksky Music
    Blacksky Music

    In his prime….no one better…..Legend!🔥🔥🔥🏀🐐

  • The Juan Moreno
    The Juan Moreno

    When I see him in videos now I had no idea this man was this athletic with bounce in his prime! Goat 🐐 😎

  • Logan

    I always wondered what type of validation he had to call shots at every event and have everyone's respect. He been doing this since most of the BIL players were in diapers.

  • DJ12

    11 years later and it's on my recommended,he's a legend!

  • Ryan

    Look at young Kenny man. Such an inspiration.

  • Darick

    Bro I Watched this 10 years ago as a youngin, till this day this mans name is stuck in my head. Crazzzyyy 😯

    • KG23

      When I watched this I first watched this I barely started middle school. Now I’m in 2nd year university

  • Kyle Siluano Le'i
    Kyle Siluano Le'i

    This was our street dunk king 10 years ago lol Keny dobbs been high flying, along with airupthere

  • tomwms

    The dunk at 0:30 is SICK!

  • D Sota 63rdSL
    D Sota 63rdSL

    11 years strong and KD is one of the best to ever do it. And take this platform and make it for the kids to want to strive for something they believe in. That’s why he the best

  • Rob

    This guy's been through hell and back. Glad to hear he's doing good for himself. Explosive hops tho

  • cortez

    11 years later still legend vibes

  • De'Angelo Turner
    De'Angelo Turner

    11 years ago he still at it. Not the young Kenny but he still can get up 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥👂🏾👂🏾

  • Ed

    This dude is a good dude! If I were an NBA team I'd have him as depth on the bench, & have him dunk just to energize the squad!!!

  • Eaccy Dawson Duro
    Eaccy Dawson Duro

    I met him Kenny Dobbs is a really insperational guy he is so amazing I played basketball with him he is a native american also like me I have his autographs and everything

  • Kaiyeem Walker
    Kaiyeem Walker

    Got DAMN, his dunks are unreal sheesh. This is the reason why I keep my old ass off the basketball court lol, I lost my hops 18 years ago, and I don't want to end up on a poster totally humiliated.

  • Garnet West
    Garnet West

    By far the best dunker I've seen in a long time!!!!!!

  • David Zahry
    David Zahry

    People always love to complain about 9 1/2 foot rims at commercial gyms like La Fitness and 24 hour fitness... I've never run into one more than 1 inch lower than 10. The reason they look so low is because of depth perception. In an NBA or College gym the back round makes the hoop look much higher than it really is. Also backboard size and type can change how your eyes view things as well.

    • Loaded2k-

      @Steven P there’s 12 inches in a foot genius

    • Steven P
      Steven P

      a lot of rims are under 9'10

    • Trey Nathaniel
      Trey Nathaniel

      Guess you don't ball much.

  • Luis Smith
    Luis Smith

    Kenny you always been fire bro one of the most inspirational ball is life players stay positive bro

  • D1STURB3D Merk
    D1STURB3D Merk

    I’ve been watching his park pickups and stuff for the last couple months. I had no idea he was like this!!! I messed with him before but I really fcks with him now. Straight legend

  • Julian Jackson
    Julian Jackson

    This was the first video I ever saw from ballislife and a DECADE has passed! time goes by fast 😭

  • A Cappella Trudbol
    A Cappella Trudbol

    Wow, that is amazing! I wonder how well KD would perform on the high jump / long jump in track & field. I once read that Michael Jordan at his peak had the capacity to long jump beyond 9 meters, had he learned the technique. I don't recall he had such a vertical!

    • Ultimo Twan
      Ultimo Twan

      @Jackson Williams I doubt bro is gonna respond that comment is from nine years ago lmao

    • Jackson Williams
      Jackson Williams

      i extremely doubt this mate sorry hahaha its different speed and hops

  • DnastyGaming

    Damn Kenny had that bounce!!! I didn't know this🤯

  • She's_Just_Funsized 0
    She's_Just_Funsized 0

    He's such an inspiration! He came to our school teach a life lesson ❤️. So glad I got a hug! Kenny ftw! ❤️❤️

  • Barry Sterling
    Barry Sterling

    Regardless of the height of the rim. you still gotta have the technique to execute.

  • Arthur Johnson
    Arthur Johnson

    at least look up kenny dobbs before you diss him, he is legit, he tours with the nba for half time shows and such, he has several videos and has won the sprite slam dunk contest, lmao look that up...

  • stevenanimator

    Thank you, Kenny, for signing my son's basketball (Job from Flagstaff) today. I just read your personal story out loud to my family and we were all moved to tears. You are an inspiration. Thank you for making a difference in this sometimes cruel world. You have touched our lives with your testimony. God bless.

    • mranderson 1
      mranderson 1

      What’s the personal story?

  • exnvyVFX

    wow i didn't know kenny was like this back then damn no cap dude a legend.

  • Mez

    Damn and Kenny was in his prime that time 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller

    Nasty moves bro... I'm still with my mouth open from 1:22...


    NBA managers,coaches,you must have this guy..superman!

  • Joshua Jimenez
    Joshua Jimenez

    Dude is insane

  • CaPxlot D
    CaPxlot D

    Never would think that he could do all of this the way he is now🤷🏾

  • Martin Newton
    Martin Newton

    That man did a double reverse 180 windmill 😂😂

  • ClickZen

    The more videos i watch the more i get to see how much of fucking legend Mr. Dobbs is. Legend alive, period.

  • Kevin Conway
    Kevin Conway

    Awesome but a little more power would've made these absolutely insane 😳 👏

  • DJaySplitSecond

    Why not just put this guy in the NBA dunk contest? Lol he better than the last few years

    • DaevonTheSavage

      @Nicolas Scheidler Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon literally got their ideas from this videos. Hell in 2014 John Wall admitted it but he called him Kenny Doobs instead of Kenny Dobbs. Lmao

    • Ian A. Dickson
      Ian A. Dickson

      DJaySplitSecond I KNOW RIGHT?

    • Basketball Skillz
      Basketball Skillz

      +DJaySplitSecond yeah I believe he's especially trained to dunk and uses all his energy for such as it appears. NBA players gotta focus on much more. I bet they could become this good at dunking if they trained for it though.

    • Tony Bowyer
      Tony Bowyer

      @MyAssStings NBA players are basketball players, they aren't professional dunkers, you can't compare the two.

    • Tony Bowyer
      Tony Bowyer

      because he's not an NBA player

  • ballislife diop
    ballislife diop

    He's good but can he dunk??

    • Myst

      He can dunk but can he play basketball though?*

  • C-Swooop

    What a legend 🔥😎🤌

  • TheLittleSpanishFlea


  • Im Chillzzz
    Im Chillzzz

    I love how he just punches everything

  • Lacie S
    Lacie S

    💪🏼🤣🏀🥇 #1 Kenny "Dunk King" Dobbs! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ayo Kev
    Ayo Kev

    I remember this dude was like the first on IRglo almost 10 plus years ago he was in his own lane ahead of his time

  • Zeferino Rodriguez
    Zeferino Rodriguez

    Dude I don't know how to express my respect to your ability to do what you do on that court! go forward!

  • Kingxgotta

    Dang I wish I knew about him in his prime. Only started to hear about him last year🤦🏾‍♂️

  • fortchipman1234

    damn this native can jump

  • Killz Banga
    Killz Banga

    Kennnyyyyy!!!!! Broo use to be crazy . I been watching y’all videos for a while now. Much much much more respect for you!

  • My loyal White man
    My loyal White man

    0:17 bends the rim.

    • Flyyy

      My loyal White man lol didn't even notice

  • pauly c
    pauly c

    He pulled the 360 between the legs that Doug Anderson did in the college contest but did it off a bounce thats crazy. Would love to see him on the big stage where pressure is on

  • Dan Tae
    Dan Tae

    Dam!! I’m so ashamed of myself. I didn’t kno KD had this in him

  • Booty Cheeks
    Booty Cheeks

    Man is crazy how much younger he looks compared to know, he still a goat tho🔥🔥🔥

  • andy salas
    andy salas

    This is still crazy, I bet most people were not aware of this side of his game! 😁

  • Wouter van Geert
    Wouter van Geert

    I am not really into basketball, but i will like your video because you put it together so well. The slow downs on the important part to get the dunks on the beat... impressive!

  • vincent thompson
    vincent thompson

    Amazing talent

  • sweetchaos Fox
    sweetchaos Fox

    i want him on my team lol

  • Rene Trujillo
    Rene Trujillo


  • Milan Martinec
    Milan Martinec

    just wow. this guy has some serious hops.

  • Daily Driver
    Daily Driver

    Dam didn't know Kenny use to get up like that just started hearing about him this year through ball is life

  • Blacmamba96

    Damn I knew he looked familiar, I remember that blindfolded dunk he did for the sprite dunk contest

  • vendryck

    In a year, i'm going to dunk like this guy. No, now talking serious, i will in 2 or 2 and 1/2 years luckly.

    • Arbaz Sharif
      Arbaz Sharif

      how tall are you? Also are you black?

  • Alrighty Then!
    Alrighty Then!

    When I was in 8th grade this kid could 360 between the legs on a 10 ft rim and he was more than 5'5 #Amazed

  • OrangeMCE

    Holy shit. I can only do those dunks on a minihoop. Or at least, I'll get lucky if I can jump that high. Look at his ups.

  • Who CareDude
    Who CareDude

    This video makes me wanna get up and try those but im to short and would never reach the hoop lol

  • The Aries Experiment
    The Aries Experiment

    I know Kenny a little older now but did he sustain a injury that prevents him from dunking like this anymore. He hardly ever does any crazy dunks with West Coast squad nowadays. Just curious.

  • Austin foster
    Austin foster

    U know I always see in on the sidelines or just talking to the viewers. I DID NOT know he was bouncy like that. That’s crazy

  • liu travis
    liu travis

    I wanna say "best my ass" when I saw the title but man this guy is a videogame dunker, unreal

  • antfree22

    I can do that all night! In my dreams...Lol

  • Dakota

    11 years n Kenny still be doin this shit you gotta watch not to long ago he caught a lob n did a windmill in somebody like damn

  • Ramon Kalaw
    Ramon Kalaw

    Dude reminds me of a young Gerald green..that vertical and power!

  • 4wamps

    Something is wrong with this dude. By far the best dunker I have ever seen

  • Isaac Conder
    Isaac Conder

    Kenny Dobbs paved the way for kilganon and Jonathan Clark

  • RJKT

    The NBA only just starting to do dunks like this. About fuckin time. But mad respect to Air Gordon And Zach WaVine

    • prophet DJS
      prophet DJS

      Yeah one of the best dunk contest ever, between Gordon & Lavine which I still believe Gordon should've won

    • Da hustling gamer ken
      Da hustling gamer ken

      thy OK especially Gordon he live that junt up but lavine just jumps high

  • Johntavis

    2021 going into 2022 kenny still the goat