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  • lj3372

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought book and Riller were not passing him the ball in the first half. Gelo was open multiple times.

    • thlvking

      @OG LXXI where he made at cause he trash

    • Ryu Ken
      Ryu Ken

      @Ess Edu in the summer league its not all about winning, it's more about showing how you can fit the real team. Summer league is basically a glorified pick up game lol. But the way to get on the team is to show you can fit their system. It's not always about 1 on 1 scoring, you gotta show you can fit with their scheme and what not. Of course you gotta have the prerequisites too like enough athleticism or iq and speed and what not. Caruso said it when he was on the podcast with jj reddick. That's what the thunders gm told him. I'm sure teams are looking at gelo tho even if not the hornets. Hes a hustle guy and plays hard, pretty sure he has good iq too.

    • Ess Edu
      Ess Edu

      @Ryu Ken so how does all the Aholes win games in the summer league then.I mean your statements is 110% accurate but damn. Lol

    • MYGOD

      Gelo will get a chance to play in the NBA...but he isn't a Star, At best he is a coming off the bench because he is a role player. I don't see Star level in him. He is already 22 about to be 23 years old and still not shown star potential. Melo ball is the only one of the brothers that actually has a good chance of being a Star and super star, because he is only 19 years old and he has soo much time. I'll give Lonzo a slim chance because he has gotten much better over the years...but I just don't See Gelo being a star player just a decent Role player. I'm not even hating on him at all, I actually like Gelo I think he is a decent human being who has made some bad decisions, but who hasn't? we all make some bad decisions when we are young and learning. I hope he makes it, but They might give him a G-league contract, and then bring up him maybe if they don't put him on the team.

    • Kujichagulia Self-Determination
      Kujichagulia Self-Determination

      @Michael Ryan please do not compare Gelo with Charles Barkley. Please don't!

  • R.M Haych
    R.M Haych

    I think he gets a spot, just remember Mj knows what it feels like to get rejected and never give up. Liangelo is the epitome of hard work, dedication and never listening to the haters. I pray he makes it !

    • Tim Labarda
      Tim Labarda

      @Drew Laventure i aint hatin on you since all of us here have diff. opinions for gelo.. melo, almost 2 years ago has the same treatment gelo is getting now not making the nba or like he wasnt ready to be in the nba look where melo at now!? he got his chances at spire and nbl after his not so good stint at lithuania d2 league.. gelo got his chances this summer league with charlotte and thats all he need whether he make the roster or not .. the important is he showed what he got and capable of even with the limited minutes he played.. if divine miracle happens and he somehow make the main roster even as a bench warmer, him pairing with melo in buzz city i can see him score 10-15ppg as a bench player, 20-25ppg as a starter melo gonna find his bro no matter what but lets see as of now its just all speculations

    • Eagle Winnings
      Eagle Winnings

      I think someone will sign him just because the Ball family has a pretty solid fan base (especially after Melo's big rookie season). Charlotte probably won't sign him though. It just forms a strange dynamic IMO. What happens if he doesn't get minutes? What happens if he does & Melo shows him favoritism? What happens if he struggles & he has to be waived? Its a strange dynamic when your franchise player's brother is a fringe NBA player?

    • ygbiz_inc

      @Gav_Noctem1207 whst mindset? Pray gor a spoiled rich guy? FOH

    • ygbiz_inc

      @Marcel Marshall facts

    • FreedGaming

      @Wille Its not charity but apparently there are some niggas who aren’t better than Gelo who are in the league 🤡

  • David Pallen
    David Pallen

    I laughed when they left him open like really His jump shot was always the smoothest outta the ball brothers

    • Erick

      @UncomfortableTruths keep dreaming

    • Jay p
      Jay p

      Lets not forget his biggest highlight thus far is a stumble layup assist!

    • Spook84

      Ye he got no wrinkles in his game.

    • Drew Fleming
      Drew Fleming

      @UncomfortableTruths 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ
      ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ

      I like this dude LiAngelo than his other brothers. I hope he will develop more now that he's inside NBA.

  • david bonilla bravo
    david bonilla bravo

    This is not Liangelo, this is merely a preview or a 30 day limited trial. Wait till Melo is assisting him to see what he can really be


      Completely 👍

    • j s
      j s

      @Ess Edu casual

    • j s
      j s

      @Drew Fleming he’d give you buckets. The haters are unreal. Spit facts if you hate. You sound like a fkn female

    • j s
      j s

      @Who Is Him he’s exactly what the nba requires right now. Anyone with a shot can play in this league. It’s weak as fk. Gelo is a perfect fit. Duncan Robinson would’ve never made the nba until recently

    • j s
      j s

      @Drew Laventure I’ll take that bet. Not stepping on an nba court this year? How you want to bet?

  • IamVani Indu
    IamVani Indu

    Gelo is the most professional and polished player on that roster. And he definitely shows it during play. He doesn’t get discouraged or give up and still produces. In my eyes he’s still in great running for a 6 man spot

    • IamVani Indu
      IamVani Indu

      @dcoog anml facts Riller need to stay in the G. Kai could go to the G too I hate when he’s taking the ball he’s so sloppy and trips over himself ugh he just don’t know his role

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      It’s Ridiculous the Hate this man has gotten, when he gets in real NBA playing shape that’s gonna be scary! He needs to start at 2 with Boogy Nights this guy G.Riller has to g

  • cristian carceller
    cristian carceller

    the play at 5:01 really does show gelo has some actual speed with the beautiful steal. Like that is a huge concern because old film of gelo shows he isn't the fastest. but this play shows he is quick and uses that speed to out run opponents to actually get a great steal with a quick touch that aimed right to his teammate creating a turnover on the Kings, Impressive. I am honestly surprised by his game. didn't except this much. really did prove the dude was really not messing around during these one thousand days off. Great job gelo. and thank you DKM for all the updated content not making us wait even a day, thank you for ur work. You already know all the Ball family including the big 3 watch ur videos. they are probably very thankful for u.

    • Connor Saxton
      Connor Saxton

      Maybe Lavar but I don't think melo gelo and Zo are searching for videos about leaked information about themselves or game breakdowns when they already watch film


    The epitome of perseverance. You in the league young man. Show these fools who they passed up on. Much respect to your parents for raising strong minded young men.

  • John Burns
    John Burns

    Another banger my dude. Best video I’ve seen on Gelo in weeks. Pointing out him crashing the boards and more aggressive on the D. Look at his face in the interviews. Gelo is in this summer league playing like it’s his one and only shot.

    • Myke Mynah
      Myke Mynah

      Like the way the coach broke it down before game two. They're watching and encouraging him.

    • cristian carceller
      cristian carceller

      impressed he isn't too caught up in the moment. knowing this is his only shot to the NBA, anyone would be so nervous. But he is handling his own. so sick to see

    • Isaac

      It is

  • Rage

    Props to gelo though for his hustle, every time he was the first to run down the court and making cuts. He had good defense too

    • One Way
      One Way

      There is no doubt he’s been working his ass off it shows on the court

  • Jonathan Vega
    Jonathan Vega

    I think he’s guaranteed making the league I think other teams will have interest in him if Hornets are blind and don’t

    • Anthony Gerard
      Anthony Gerard

      Lakers bound? 😂😭

    • Gabriel Nieves
      Gabriel Nieves

      @Drew Laventure I mean, that ain't really his job tho.... That's the point guards job which guess what, he was sucking ass in this game.

    • D.A.N Pharaoh
      D.A.N Pharaoh

      @Drew Laventure lol but he literally has nba hoopers and hoopers in the G league thats played against him that said he can hoop & should be on a roster. So you're telling me you're more of a hooper then them? lol whats the highest level you ever hooped on? Just curious.

    • Jonathan Vega
      Jonathan Vega

      @Drew Laventure he’s not how much you trynna bet

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @B Rabbit Obviously? Well since you appreciate that word let me remind you he OBVIOUSLY is not NBA level since the only reason he even got a summer league spot is because baby brother is a STAR and unless 'Gelo can put up numbers in the G league he gonna be watching the NBA from the sidelines..

  • Jaffet Methuselah
    Jaffet Methuselah

    It’s Ridiculous the Hate this man has gotten, when he gets in real NBA playing shape that’s gonna be scary! He needs to start at 2 with Boogy Nights this guy G.Riller has to go

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone

      @Diogenes Arauz we got coach 10 yr old over here with the analysis

    • Jaffet Methuselah
      Jaffet Methuselah

      @Diogenes Arauz I ain’t gone lie Lavar that Guy !!! Foreal tho !! And then boys be ballin !!!

    • Jaffet Methuselah
      Jaffet Methuselah

      @Seti Ra naw took Lonzo a little time to get used to the schedule and speed of the game to look comfortable out there and in their element, Melo found that overseas in Aus, Gelo gonna really be ready when he’s on the floor with Melo for the first time. Hopefully Zo either gets get traded there or the NBA calls tampering with these deals and they have to renegotiate and he can go to Charlotte on sign and trade or something. But Gelo looking so nice if they can’t see it they hating

    • Seti Ra
      Seti Ra

      @Jaffet Methuselah not really them ball boys different they were made for the nba

    • Jaffet Methuselah
      Jaffet Methuselah

      @Seti Ra naw man only way you get in nba game shape is to play nba games that’s why people talk about an 82 game season is no joke

  • George

    All levels of basketball have a toxic side, whether it's the outrageous politics between the parents and coaches or players freezing their teammates out. But Gelo will find his place

    • Sulayman Mbenga Jr.
      Sulayman Mbenga Jr.

      @Kujichagulia Self-Determination Thinking like that is exactly why majority of those players won’t end up on a roster. They had 22 turnovers in a single game while they didn’t pass the ball to Gelo the entire first half. Basketball is a team sport, and if you want a spot through summer league, you should focus on winning and being a team player, not being a bunch of ball-hoggin bums getting 22 turnovers

    • Kujichagulia Self-Determination
      Kujichagulia Self-Determination

      James Bouknight's excuse is Gelo trying to take his spot next to Melo on the Hornets, but the other guys who are not 1st Round picks know if Gelo makes the team then they won't. Summer League is every man for himself.

    • Ssk-_-Dotz

      I know what it’s like getting freezed by teammates😂 yesterday I had a ball game and I was wide open all game no one passed😂

    • MalikdaGoat xxL
      MalikdaGoat xxL

      he will forsure and i’m sure the coaches are seeing the hard work he puts in in the court and the plus 9 with him on the floor

  • X IV
    X IV

    Good vibes and positive energy to my boy Gelo. He’s gonna make it, I know it! Give him some time to get comfortable.

  • okallup

    DKM you hit the nail on the head, the ballhandlers BLEW IT today. Nobody can put blame on Gelo for not showing out because the ballhandlers didn't do what they were supposed to do which is take care of the ball and playmake. So if these guys arent doing what they are supposed to do, then how can anyone expect Liangelo to do what he's supposed to do? Gelo made good with what he had, but honestly Bouknight got exposed today.

  • brandon Brown
    brandon Brown

    I’m still sad that my warriors didn’t pick him up last year 😔

  • Jeff Howard
    Jeff Howard

    GELOs game is clearly made for competent point guards...the way he sprints back every play says he must get on a team where the point guard knows what's up

    • Davonte Williams
      Davonte Williams

      @dawg headshot hell either brother or even the Lakers or philly if they get a competent guard

    • zoobiezaa

      of course he played with lonzo in hs in the chino hills sytem

    • J D
      J D

      The chino way, that starting 5 used to outrun teams and press them high on defense.

    • dawg headshot
      dawg headshot

      Facts he needs to be out there with lamelo

  • bilza hart
    bilza hart

    Bouknight all cap, he knows if he passes to Gelo, man taking his shine

    • Michael Parker
      Michael Parker

      Dribbling with his head down shows he's a D-league player only. Look up, look out, no awareness at all.

    • JimDaGem WGG
      JimDaGem WGG


    • Prime E
      Prime E

      @Drew Fleming they're playing for a spot on the roster, as well as playing time... That's what summer league is for... Otherwise they'd have their starters playing 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Drew Fleming
      Drew Fleming

      @Prime E lol no. this is summer league.

    • Prime E
      Prime E

      @Drew Fleming he feels pressure... It's more about playing time than making the team

  • Robert Robert
    Robert Robert

    he played his butt off, no complaining... took what he got and made the best out of it. cheering for him

  • Mario T
    Mario T

    Great video! Explaining how he didn’t get touches that probably opened up a lot of eyes. When you said “he’s not a guard like so or melo zo he doesn’t run the ball”

  • HenryIX.Productions

    He's been grinding and it shows I'm happy for him! Even if the hornets don't pick him up another team will.

  • Mike Wells
    Mike Wells

    His IQ is far beyond everyone on his summer league squad. He runs the floor, boxes out, doesn't force shots, solid on D, and is stronger than people realize. He better make the roster

  • Jordan Tarapacki
    Jordan Tarapacki

    You asked a year ago and I am still here for the Ball updates. Love the videos. Keep it up DKM

  • RocknRolla 1984
    RocknRolla 1984

    Loving the gelo coverage keep it coming my man 👍🏻

  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron Martin

    His journey into nba line up will be an amazing one. All these obstacles will only sharpen this dude.

  • 1018miamidrive

    Gelo is impressive. I love how he makes hustle plays and rebounds against bigger players. Strong and smart. He’d be picked up by some team if Hornets let him go. His potential is high.

  • Patrick Lauron
    Patrick Lauron

    For sure Lamello ain’t passing it to book when they start playing 😂

    • Taylor Hogue
      Taylor Hogue

      Hella facts don’t mess with the golden boys bro or you ain’t getting shit on the court 😂😂

  • Cal Tube T.V
    Cal Tube T.V

    Keep Striving for greatness GELO.. Your time comin bro 💯

  • Lifted JSL
    Lifted JSL

    I’ve been waiting for him! He deserves this, he’s worked his ass off and is going to kill it in the league especially if he plays with Melo!

  • ian fitton
    ian fitton

    I think he might get a start before end of summer league if he continues his production but also from a coaching viewpoint they may be building him up as he hasn't played competitively for a long time so it's smart to not just throw him in and let him build up gradually got to remember it's all about getting a good look at all the players to see who might make the roster and coming from the bench and giving a spark is a vital skill they need to see and realistically is the spot most players who make it from summer league will be taking

  • Chi_ Jk
    Chi_ Jk

    I've always thought he was a good player even before a team decided to give him a chance. One thing I like is tht gelo never gave up even when he didn't get drafted cuz basketball is wht he wants his life to be. So congrats to him for never giving up on his dream


    He can shoot with either foot in front, catches most off guard. That makes him tough to guard

  • Hold The Truth Hostage
    Hold The Truth Hostage

    I knew they would attempt to Freeze 🥶 him man the NBA hates the Ball family man, if they would let him be a 2 Way Guard he would have lead them to the W

    • Hold The Truth Hostage
      Hold The Truth Hostage

      @Emil Lindström I agree the players mostly American have love for them but not the league ownership

    • Emil Lindström
      Emil Lindström

      Its just people outside the NBA who hates them, the ACTUAL NBA players have nothing but love for all them :D

  • meks

    He's going to have to make plays for himself for now. I can tell Bouknight is a selfish pointguard, prefers attacking 11/10 of the time than passing and creating plays

  • Nathaniel Stevens
    Nathaniel Stevens

    I respect the fact that he didn’t let his mistakes hold him back. He kept working hard and has almost earned his dream of not only playing in the NBA but potential being able to play with his brother! #Respect

  • Dre Q
    Dre Q

    Im really rooting for gelo, I love their entire family. Watching Summer League only thing I wish to see gelo do is not to only settle for the 3. He is a great player I would love to see him add a pump fake and a midrange to make himself a even better asset for the team. His hustle is phenomenal he’s only getting better each day.

    • Dre Q
      Dre Q

      @Uptown Scenery not hard at all, a lot of guys are going to jump at his fakes cause they assume he is going to shoot first.

    • Uptown Scenery
      Uptown Scenery

      Yea a pump fake is hard to aquire 🤔


    DKM always ready with that post game vid🔥🔥

  • Mitchell Pintar
    Mitchell Pintar

    Love that dude is hella serious every game and every moment. Hope his hard work pays off

  • TaoRenYT

    I watched this game live, he was open so many times but bouknight was ballhogging most of the time but it wasn’t just him, it was other teammates not passing to him

  • Gburg_Prince

    Is it me or was Bouknight kinda ball hogging the whole game

    • sobiesky Jimenez
      sobiesky Jimenez

      Lol facts ! 😅😅

    • Edward Pena
      Edward Pena

      All the guys that didn't get picked in the lottery are not passing the ball to the ones that got picked, because they know that those guys are on the team so those guys are hogging or jacking up shots , they have nothing to lose 😝

  • honcho

    Anyone else noticed sometimes he calls Liangelo “LaGelo”

    • Harris Farr
      Harris Farr


    • Still BAU Vlogs 202
      Still BAU Vlogs 202

      I thought he was saying it every time

    • jg fxotg
      jg fxotg


    • CerealMilK

      Lol I was looking for this comment

  • Myles Henderson
    Myles Henderson

    Imagine if the Hornets don't sign him but the bulls sign him instead. Big Brother will make Gelo look like something great. Just ask Kuzma

  • Terrance S
    Terrance S

    Lets hope he gets some solid minutes and can take advantage of them rooting for all the bros and just imagine if all three brothers perform well enough long enough they could all be on the same team and just off storyline alone I'm claiming bandwagon RN if that ever happens

  • Tyler Murray
    Tyler Murray

    You can argue gelo has been the best player he has scored second most points on highest %ages while playing good defense

    • James Anderson
      James Anderson

      Not an argument he's clearly the best

  • Eric H
    Eric H

    Bro, im from Charlotte and was watching this game. I t was like the rest of the team did not want to get him involved, i was yelling at the TV. Seriously Bouknight PASS the dam ball, he will not fit in being selfish. I understand its the summer league and guys are given limited time to play but DAMN Gelo outworked most of the team.

  • Protogonus

    lol these fools playing right into Gelo’s hands. those dudes like Bouknight and Riller trying to show up Gelo is showing they selfish while Gelo was still hustling and making the right plays and passing. It’s showing he’s a team player while the rest are showing they ain’t championship team material

  • ŠR-Fîvé

    Gelo: this isn’t even my final form

  • James H
    James H

    He looks like the most NBA ready dude on the court. Why? I.Q.. He's playing faster than his entire team! He's pinning dudes under the basket in transition, making easy cuts, they aren't finding him. Bouknight is only good if he is quicker than the dude guarding him. As you saw in the last game, he doesn't have the I.Q. to play against guys quicker than him. 5 turnovers, he got sped up out of his comfort zone, and rarely made the right play.

  • Bgood2life always
    Bgood2life always

    Message Alert to DKM, don't for one minute think little brother LaMelo had already warned Liangelo to prepare for the freeze-out. The same freeze-out he experienced with the Charlotte Hornets. Just blood is thicker than water.

  • A Smith
    A Smith

    He did well to keep composed coz his point guards were trying to get themselves highlights and not team play so glad he didn't take up 50 shots and worked on defence and speed. More impressive then yesterday if you look at what he actually did

  • demigod

    bro all the ball brothers are good at getting steals, he’s had 2 steals each game !!

    • money way
      money way

      Lol they sure are good stealers

    • Cartier Cudi
      Cartier Cudi

      They all good defenders fr

  • Eagle Winnings
    Eagle Winnings

    Keep in mind that 80% of summer league players will never sign an NBA contract. Plus he's older than over half the players in summer league. Putting up average numbers vs this team is much different than doing it vs NBA players. Don't see why he doesn't go the overseas route.

  • Lucky Ripz
    Lucky Ripz

    when the coach said can you do it again, but his team mates didnt really pass him the ball , i think he can keep doing it again and again aslong as his given the ball whens hes open and askin for it.

  • Captain Chaos - Have No Fear Him Is Here
    Captain Chaos - Have No Fear Him Is Here

    I want Gelo in the G League 1 season first!! He needs/wants PT after a 1000 day wait!! Then call him up to see how he "Gels" ;) Just a heads up..... The Hornets are not the only team watching him :)

  • Tyler Murray
    Tyler Murray

    To me it makes more sense that he just has trash playmakers then being frozen. And when he makes the roster lamelo is gonna know exactly where to find him

    • K FH
      K FH

      @Drew Laventure let’s see

  • Seti Ra
    Seti Ra

    He’s already a superstar all he need is a good pg dude is the real deal Lavar did his thing forreal

  • Compound Wealth Tree
    Compound Wealth Tree

    im rooting for gelo man hope he does well

  • J vlog
    J vlog

    1:43 sec in and you have me rolling 😭😂 like he was a “Make a wish kid”

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    I’m glad y’all can see the games. We’re on that blackout ish here in Eastern NC, and it’s infuriating.🤬

  • Abdullahi Noor
    Abdullahi Noor

    I hope he keeps this level of consistency when he gets chosen inshallah

  • 47

    Yes Gelo is a NBA player let’s go ! 💯🔥

  • William Breeze
    William Breeze

    Gelo just knows how to play the game at a high level! The kings last night were looking like first team all defense lol.

  • A B
    A B

    The "make-a-wish kid" comment had me rolling laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • jlee222ballin

    Gelo's been doing great. I feel like he needs to get a bit more leaner though cause he looks a bit heavy and slow out there. I think if he could get to his size from when he was at vytatuas, that would be good

  • dylan Kinshela
    dylan Kinshela

    Gelo was cutting and running open the whole game, the other players just didn’t have the court vision to notice

  • Derek Jablonski
    Derek Jablonski

    Love your vids man been watching for a minute keep it up

  • E Make Beatz
    E Make Beatz

    He'll be in the starting lineup by tge end of next season

  • Caleb Morice
    Caleb Morice

    I think him and melo on the floor together would he deadly. Their chemistry will be unmatched

  • Kuba

    after gelo makes the roster you should make a vid making comparisons to other players that did similar in summer league in the past

  • David Pavia
    David Pavia

    He'll do great in the G league

  • Presto

    If he sharpens up his defensive skills, he could be a klay Thompson type player

  • Mubarak Suleiman
    Mubarak Suleiman

    If you ever think teams are looking for stars in the summer league you’re delusional. Teams are looking for players who can play a specific role. And gelo has a clear role that most teams are in search for in today’s NBA. Even though Charlotte doesn’t retain him. I’m more than certain he’ll be on a two-way contract somewhere this coming season

  • bsokol

    Hornets should sign him regardless because they will make more ticket sales also but gelo is good enough to make it to the nba anyways

  • o

    DKM is the truth and honestly super Fair. Great video

  • Devon Jamison
    Devon Jamison

    They don’t want my boy to win

  • Big J.T. Bornfly
    Big J.T. Bornfly

    Hello we want more Gelo 🙌🏾🏀

  • Johnson Lillie
    Johnson Lillie

    He reminds me of the character Terminator that Arnold Schwarzenegger played, sniper moves you never know where he is nor what he'll do. With continued practice as he continues to mix it up with moves they don't expect he will become a rare gem on the court. If he incorporates the Kobe B. court style moves he will be unstoppable. He has the drive, confidence, knowledge base and skills, all he needs now is to gel with the team which comes with time on the court as well as studying their game moves and applying his own spices and flavors to the mix>< GO Gelooooooo, Goooooo!!!>>>>!!!

  • Burning Love
    Burning Love

    Both him and his little brother are a perfect match on the court imagine melo throwing no look passes to a open gelo in the NBA.

  • Kaleb Pyle
    Kaleb Pyle

    The amount of turnovers was just pure ridiculous they must’ve had on Coach Godwins dribble gloves

  • Harry

    I think he’ll get a 2 way spot on the team and play a decent amount for the swarm up in Greensboro

  • doct101

    He deserves at least a g league spot at the very least !

  • Young Among
    Young Among

    Gotta blame the coach on this loss he let knight hog the ball and make take costly turnovers

  • Gavin Keogh
    Gavin Keogh

    Thats what you call a fkn player no1 was given him the ball to nock down his threes, so he takes matters into his own hands to make his own and to please the crowd inda prosess, well done gelo your a fkn super star and when proper season starts we will see that. Untill then jus keep doing wa ur have been its workin..#GELO,4,ROKKIE OFDA YEAR

  • Jalen Mundy
    Jalen Mundy

    In summer league you kinda have to ball hog to get the shine, but it’s true tiller and bouknight weren’t passing to him

  • John Loftus IV
    John Loftus IV

    I love how you finally have some new Liangelo clips from summer league, now you don't have to use clips of him shooting in LA fitness 🤣

  • Manny Irving
    Manny Irving

    What's funny is lavar might still bash on this game just to keep him on his toes....that man is a real basketball dad

  • Yusekay

    Only dude on the court with a plus imma keep it a bean, we don't play too much into analytics but if you watched the game it means he's a winner and he competes on both ends. Play that man! Sign him!


    I never doubted him for a minute but it’s still refreshing to see tell succeed

  • Rahul

    DKM so smart for starting a channel about this family

    • Philip K
      Philip K

      Once all the brothers become stars in the NBA, DKM finna pop off big time‼️

  • Bobby Maverick
    Bobby Maverick

    happy for him, carry on Ball

  • D B
    D B

    Definitely the best shooter since they were kids cmon I can’t wait to use hornets this year …but no Malik monk 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • renato friol
    renato friol

    Cant wait to see all ball brothers play in one team. 😎

  • nau or nvr
    nau or nvr


  • Binniam Eskender
    Binniam Eskender

    Gelo had the highest plus minus score of 9 of the Hornets team! That tells the most correct story of the game.

  • P_ DrizzyTv
    P_ DrizzyTv

    This your time Gelo! Been supporting you my man! Lfgggg

  • SkittleS

    im not saying this will happen but imagine the hornets with liangelo melo and lonzo a lot more seats in the arena and the chemistry the hornets could really do a lot with these brothers it probally wont happen but i would love to see that


    Let’s go gelo!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏼👍🏼

  • JGO

    For some reason I thought he was 6’7 forward. Him being a guard limits his ceiling.

  • Gdajuiceman4x

    Idc if he makes it on the hornets he’s already proved he can make it in the league rn hed make a good 6th man an there’s nothing wrong with that

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz

    Point guard was doing too much and ball hogging. And I feel a lot of jealousy from his teamates and they are trying to outshine him.

  • jayjay911

    I believe his the best ball brother out of the three of em

    • Dre-Cool

      glad im not the only crazy out here