WOLVES DO THE DOUBLE OVER THE CHAMPIONS! | Wolves 3-2 Man City | Extended highlights
Adama Traore, Raul Jimenez and Matt Doherty were on the scoresheet as Wolves recorded a remarkable win over the champions, Man City.

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  • S Islam
    S Islam

    I remember following this game as a Liverpool fan . Loved watching city drop points that season in which we won the title

  • Shank

    Martin Atkinson the bloody clown. Mahrez clearly dived. Justice prevailed in the end. The worst referee in Premier League history

  • Swag Daddy Diego
    Swag Daddy Diego

    3.9k dislikes. Probably all of Man City’s fan base.

  • Nikhil Menezes
    Nikhil Menezes

    This dsnt happen it seems meanwhile man utd be like first time??

  • Rodrigo Perez Romero
    Rodrigo Perez Romero

    Esperamos a que Raúl regrese a su nivel🙏

  • Fergie Sevilla
    Fergie Sevilla

    Sterling is definitely too bad at shooting penalties, think again before shooting

  • NaggingFire21

    Bruh you’d be terrified as a defender to see Adama Traore running full sprint right at you

    • NaggingFire21

      @prod. robinhood but he’s buff as hell for a soccer player

    • prod. robinhood
      prod. robinhood

      Hes like 5’7 mate

  • Scott Chappell
    Scott Chappell

    Oh yeah that dirty bstrd mendy was playing here

  • 08 Diep
    08 Diep

    Why is the goalkeeper number 11?

  • Arif Rohman
    Arif Rohman


  • Arif Rohman
    Arif Rohman

    Raul Jimenez

  • Arif Rohman
    Arif Rohman

    Musim dingin

  • Tre67frzz

    This championship was incredible for wolves

  • lutha king
    lutha king

    Am still watching this highlights 1000th time🔥

  • Ashley BX
    Ashley BX

    I remember rubbing a bald man's head when we made it 2-2 jahahaha don't think he took it very well!

  • Lizzie Fitz
    Lizzie Fitz

    The commentator deserves a raise lmao also that ref was 100% rigged

  • Jordan

    good commentating but clueless about penalties

  • 慕延希

    Well, I am not a fan of Wolves, but I hate Man City, so I am so happy to see City had lost.

  • Matt.wolves

    I watch this game to cheer me up when I'm sad

  • Jay Ryan
    Jay Ryan

    3:42 sterling acting like he did something lmaooo

  • Joaquin Daniel Reyes
    Joaquin Daniel Reyes

    Chulada jimenes

  • zg

    Unlucky Mendy mate x

  • Diego

    Esta plantilla de los Wolves ganaba a los grandes perdía con los chicos xD

  • conejopsp

    No me canso de ver este resumen... Saludos desde México

  • wan

    what a dope song to play at the end of winning the game

  • Clarist

    3:47 Pep : im dissapointing, i wont celebrate the goal that after missed 2 penalties...

  • Rifky Amarullah
    Rifky Amarullah


  • SAITAMA___09

    9:21......look at the dude................lol

  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang

    Is such a shame that Adama goal didn't count.. otherwise it would've been 4-2

  • kevin ramirez
    kevin ramirez

    9:15 coach got real thursty.

  • Blue Pixel
    Blue Pixel

    Is anyone not going to talk about Claudio bravo?

  • Thejfy

    Atkinson is great but that game wasnt good reffeeied

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan

    We need this commentator in FIFA 22.

  • Alan Jiménez
    Alan Jiménez


  • Luke s
    Luke s

    I dont give a crap on what team you support but if you dive like sterling and mahrez then youre a proper ballerina


    9:21 the joy in the face of the autistic person , 12:07 the tears of a blind person it proves this game is for everyone ,,the most beautiful game.

    • ✰vanilla stardust✰
      ✰vanilla stardust✰


  • Hellfire Studio
    Hellfire Studio

    This is a beautiful game of odds stacked against Wolves and Wolves producing a magnificent comeback. We love it when the dominating team gets screwed despite being favored.

  • Beto Gazga
    Beto Gazga

    Ojala que Raul tome nuevamente su nivel 7w7

    • Santi 2008
      Santi 2008

      Si Raul, El Chucky y el Tecatiyo llegan en un buen nivel al mundial pueden formar un tridente increible

  • Beto Gazga
    Beto Gazga

    Hola buenos dias saludos a todos 😊

  • wilbert vasquez
    wilbert vasquez

    Algún mexicano que vino a ver los recuerdos de Raúl Jiménez 😓😟❤️

    • alejandrinho


  • lofilovemore


  • Frank Russo
    Frank Russo

    The flawless alto regrettably suspect because test expectedly fool with a female fertile card. overconfident, ubiquitous marble

  • Taffara Matthews
    Taffara Matthews

    If manchester city won I would of been soooooooo mad

  • Iuli Ps4
    Iuli Ps4


  • Grievous

    Traore fell off so hard and Jiminez will never be the same with his injury

  • Kimberly Pedroza
    Kimberly Pedroza

    I really want to see Raul come back to this! He always had quality but the Wolves gave him the confidence he needed! Honorable mention to the commentator, he's great, one of the best I've heard in English! Ojalá regrese a su nivel pronto 🇲🇽🇲🇽🤠

  • MeziinFn

    Watching this back 😔😔

  • Inuked _
    Inuked _

    The most bias commentary I’ve ever heard

  • ZENHA Sherin k
    ZENHA Sherin k

    Rui patricio 🔥🔥🔥

  • Raul Martinez
    Raul Martinez


  • Jonas Garcia Garcia
    Jonas Garcia Garcia

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  • Israel Abaded Abraján
    Israel Abaded Abraján

    Apoyo a Wolves desde la Gran Ciudad de México. 🇲🇽

  • studpunit

    Traore the beast

  • Angel Avendaño
    Angel Avendaño

    9:20 min

  • Angel Avendaño
    Angel Avendaño

    9:2o min

  • Aaron 3729
    Aaron 3729

    Una pregunta cuántas Premier league tiene wolves?

    • Adrian Barrientos
      Adrian Barrientos

      Han ganado 3 ligas pero ninguna en formato Premiere league

  • UtdbaseTV


  • Ricky Yolo
    Ricky Yolo

    Wolves 🐺👏😍

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    I find it so incredible how well the wolves team play they all understand eachother

  • Kholilul Rahman Siregar
    Kholilul Rahman Siregar

    And by now Nuno still destroys Man City even when He is with Tottenham

  • El jisus :v
    El jisus :v

    Raúl Jiménez rompiéndola como en mexico

  • 박대복

    현대산업개발 아이파크 정몽규😡 재건축 재개발 수주할 능력 되느냐? 약대주공 40개동1034세대 재건축 과정에서 확정지분제 약속하고 도급제로 변경 시킴, 정몽규가😡 추가분담금 1368억 발생시킴, 왜 1368억 발생 되었는지 근거 제시해봐? 설계대로 공사를 안해 단지내 도로폭이 좁아져 등기가 10년 넘어서 남으로 조합원 엄청난 피해 봄, 정몽규😡 약대주공 조합원께 사죄하고 피해를 보상하라, 정몽규가 추가분담금 올려 달라고 땅 파놓고 거의1년 공사중단 웅덩이에 빗물이 고여 아이들 2명 사망했음 살인? 약대주공 3번째 조합장 박대복 P,S : 상대가 읽기 불편한 글은 양지하길 부탁합니다 그러한 글은 처벌대상 임을 각인 하시고 글을쓰시요 (즉시신고 처벌대상 이니 후회말고 엄중경고합니다)

  • Carlos yael Villanueva
    Carlos yael Villanueva

    Venga Raúl Jiménez te vamos a esperar para las eliminaciones para el mundial de Qatar💪🏻

  • Carlos yael Villanueva
    Carlos yael Villanueva

    Jiménez es el número 1 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez

    Arriba Raúl Jiménez

  • iiker iiikersaurio
    iiker iiikersaurio

    Si señor 🇲🇽

  • Pja Pija
    Pja Pija

    i watched this video 5 times..what a comeback

  • Tomas Hernandez
    Tomas Hernandez

    Una chingonada Raúl Jiménez!🇲🇽🔝 - Ñññññ

  • Wires

    The crowd's "Yeah" after every goal is scored gets me every time.

  • ERiC

    What was Mendy doing? It came off a MC head so would roll out for a corner not goal kick. LOL

  • Argjend Veseli
    Argjend Veseli

    that mahrez dive..amazing


    Tremendo el Raúl 🇲🇽

  • Commentators are too bias

  • sadstefig

    hoping for more of the same this sunday nuno !! #COYS

  • Osdani González
    Osdani González

    9 🇲🇽

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller

    respect from a united fan

  • Caleb Seekins
    Caleb Seekins

    9:15 Classic "Pep drinks water after conceding".

  • FenkinBu

    9:20 lol look bottom right

  • Cherisse Mayers
    Cherisse Mayers

    Disgusting pay to win team lost Nasty dive from Mahrez as well and a bullshit penalty So glad when they lose like this

  • seb gon
    seb gon

    Wolves deserved the win the first penalty wasn't even a penalty for manchester city

  • Barni Sahota
    Barni Sahota

    This shows how much fans improve the game

  • JP Gamer
    JP Gamer

    Raul Jiménez

  • Aleksi Vääräjärvi
    Aleksi Vääräjärvi

    9:16 when Pep knew that he need to spent hundreds of millions to new left back after Mendys horrible mistake😂

  • gerrygnu1

    Octane commentary 👌

  • Jack Purcell
    Jack Purcell

    I wish we had the same mentality as we did 2-0 against the prem champs and we had the fight to score 3 goals that’s what we need this team is good enough but the mentality is all wrong I hope Bruno can get us playing like this again

  • riskdubz

    10:22 who scored the goal?

    • Adrian Barrientos
      Adrian Barrientos

      Matt Doherty

  • Brian Rotich
    Brian Rotich

    I love the commentary💪💪💪

  • Mahmoud Uga
    Mahmoud Uga

    نفسي اعرف اتحسبت ازاي ضربه جزاء

  • Sai

    Unbelievable dive from mahrez

  • FI_Laggy

    Sterling sucks

  • officiall_ hollychris
    officiall_ hollychris

    The commentary made the match look so awesome... Amazing Commentary! 😍😍😍

  • BBR2

    Judges award: 8.0, 7.0, 7.0, 8.0 Mahrez earns a spot on the Olympic diving team

  • JacobWWFC6

    i was there and the atmosphere was immense

  • مراد

    Mendy 🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃

  • Lilly Kuzmish
    Lilly Kuzmish

    The electric latency immunochemically retire because fiction potentially type through a responsible bean. spurious, plant grill

  • lol no
    lol no

    Even tho I'm a huge Chelsea fan I'm kinda interested how wolves will do this season.

  • Gao Pink
    Gao Pink

    Rip pep ngu và các học trò Rip bọn man xanh ngố

  • OGS

    Meanwhile, MUTV commentators - Ederson is sent off, isn't it Stewart?

  • Daniel Stici
    Daniel Stici

    Doherty became prime Messi