Cristian Romero speaks after signing permanently for Spurs! ✍️
Tottenham Hotspur
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  • Supervoid Cinema • The Greatest Movies Never Made
    Supervoid Cinema • The Greatest Movies Never Made

    Excellent news. I love how he doesn't let anybody bully him or the team. At 24 he has potential to be best centre-back of all time imo.

    • Penguin Lord Sauron
      Penguin Lord Sauron

      Best CB of all time is a hell of a tall order, but I definitely think he can go down as one of the greats

    • Tom C
      Tom C

      @HanwooNotWagyu he is already top 3 cbs in the prem

    • selambekodok

      @HanwooNotWagyu yea, hes ramos lite, hardly getting any yellow/red card even after harsh tackle 😂 & i love it 😍

    • HanwooNotWagyu

      dude is a ramos lite not sure if he will be able to score in PL as well as he did in serieA

    • Ray

      If he gets close to that real madrid will come knocking unfortunately

  • Nitro XBS
    Nitro XBS

    Literally the best signing we’ve made in years. Now we just need some more quality to join him at the back and we are sorted.

    • purple perc
      purple perc

      @Jimmy F pau Torres is being talked about the same way lenglet was talked about 3 years ago when he was dominant in first campaign with barca, things change fast in a few years you probably won’t even rate Torres 🤣

    • purple perc
      purple perc

      @Jimmy F omg let’s make this clear rn the only center back that we pursued on a permanent deal was bastoni the rest were fan and media speculation

    • Steven Christodoulou
      Steven Christodoulou

      @Jimmy F that's not how it works with the budget. Conte would have definitely come out and said something if that was the case. Stop blaming levy. Transfers are complicated. If you look at what he's actually done for the club over the past 10 years it's more than most other chairmen (Arabs don't count). He's made a few mistakes but have you ever run a Premier league club?

    • Jimmy F
      Jimmy F

      Should have signed Pau Torres. We let levy skip back to the bank with 50m of the 150m budget.

  • Marmelad

    Increadible player! Happy to see he will stay with us. COYS!

  • Tushar Prasad
    Tushar Prasad

    What a player he was for us last season. The way he contributed. I cannot forget the match against Leicester where he did double tackle and won the ball and Bergwjin scored for us. And the start to this season is also great for him. Wish him Speedy recovery. COYS🏳️🏳️😍😍

    • Cristian Romero
      Cristian Romero

      @Tushar Prasad he did the double tackle when we’re playing at home and son scored

    • Tushar Prasad
      Tushar Prasad

      @SpursCOYS Bergwjin scored against Leicester when we won 2-3 in king power stadium🏳️🏳️

    • SpursCOYS

      Do u mean son not bergwijn

  • M

    Insane we've got him for 5 more years!

  • Chishh

    We are so fortunate to have such a gem as a center back! GO CUTII

  • Wastefulleech4

    great to see another quality player secured, our defense is looking mighty this season

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold

    mucho exito, vamos spurs!!!

  • Leo Holder
    Leo Holder

    He speaks very well, he plays very well, his family is amazing, what can’t he do

  • Dorian Alia
    Dorian Alia

    Absolutely class - we have missed someone like him for a while - what a signing for the club and for the future - at 24 this guy will only get even better #COYS

  • Tottenham fan
    Tottenham fan

    Fantastic player! Glad he's staying with us. COYS!


    Love him so bad, monster of a defender. COYS 💪🏻

  • Jimmy Page
    Jimmy Page

    Love this man! He takes no prisoners

  • Joseph Lyons
    Joseph Lyons

    Great news, what a player. Lets look after him and hope he stays injury free. Unbelievable buy, great class. I said he was our new Dave Mackay and nothing has changed that opinion. He will go on to be a great!!!!!

  • I'm Spartacus!
    I'm Spartacus!

    The best signing we've made since Sonny the guy is an absolute beast but at the same time silky smooth a truly class defender.

  • 보라방탄

    로메로 꼭 토트넘에 남아있길 바랬어요^^ 우리 손흥민 선수와 케미가 너무 즐겁고 행복했거든요^^ 멋진 출발을 축하합니다👏👏👏

  • Ed smith
    Ed smith

    Love Romero his passion his ball skills his ability great signing Argentina Argentina

  • J1W4

    Insane player 👏

  • 파리

    We need Romero for the smooth right side build-up, which makes left side more spaces and eventually Son can penetrate. Romero is one of the key players in Contes strategy.

  • Simon Mcclure
    Simon Mcclure

    He will be a THFC LEGEND PERIOD,and the best centre back in world football bar injuries,Romero is ours,we love Cuti.🤛💙

  • Sharron Martin
    Sharron Martin

    Fantastic player. And that hug with Sonny at the end...🥰❤

  • win_nasdaq

    Signing romero is still unreal.. so grateful to have him in Spurs.

  • Stillwater

    A player we needed for years

  • T R Grady
    T R Grady

    Absolutely fantastic news. Such a talent.

  • James D
    James D

    #17, that passage of play against Leicester solidified him as a legend

  • Jordan Aria
    Jordan Aria

    Such a word by the goat. We always love and support you, our best CB!

  • Paul Coster
    Paul Coster

    Such a good signing I love keeping the Argentinian connection with spurs

  • 허둥지둥개미소대-이병

    He is a incredible center back. It's big luck to Tottenham.

  • Bob P
    Bob P

    Class player, and will contribute hugely to a succesful campaign.

  • Baggy

    The best signing of the season

  • chaedu

    You can feel the defense has been really fortified this season

  • 오르칸

    Without injury romero is one of the best centre back in EPL

  • Box Munkey
    Box Munkey

    Proper warrior glad he's here to stay COYS

  • SKIM

    What a player. We need one more world class cb like him in the team.

  • Blink

    I'm glad that Romero is a good defender with Tottenham!!

  • bobby stuart
    bobby stuart

    What a player!!🤍🤍🤍

  • Joseph Plays
    Joseph Plays

    Yes one of my favourite spurs players I have been smiling all day

  • Matt Drayton
    Matt Drayton

    Absolutely adore him! COYS

  • mrtn_lt

    Incredible defender ⚪️🐓

  • Darrell Gregory
    Darrell Gregory

    Winning headers in the air all night He's dynamite - Romero....

  • Stav Law Gaming
    Stav Law Gaming

    He is just a beast

  • Jim Boxell   Spurs till i die
    Jim Boxell Spurs till i die


  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    I've been saying for years that we needed a cb who is comfortable on the ball and can bring it out from the back,this guy does that superbly,love his temperament,takes no shit,but can someone please mention to him he doesn't need to go bombing forward every 2 minutes though 😂😂

  • Mandy Fox
    Mandy Fox

    Best defender at the club for me great news come on you Spurs 🤍💙🤍 ...

  • Ma9

    He is so wild i love him and he must stay

  • K Choe
    K Choe

    best defender in our squad by far, imo. If we could get 2 more like him, it'll be like laundry day all the time, lol.

    • Jimmy F
      Jimmy F

      Should have signed pau torres to play lcb too.

  • Ben Knowles
    Ben Knowles

    Amazing player. Maybe a video of him talking, playing or talking about playing. Rather than all at one time 🤯

    • Horkit

      Why different videos?

  • Random Bystandard
    Random Bystandard

    My understanding is that he was the captain of the Argentina U-20 team. Seeing his attitude and the way he speaks, it's clear why he was chosen for that role. Congrats Spurs! It's fun to watch him plan.

  • Nice Ya
    Nice Ya

    Cuti will be world class CB, his still young and really great player in the Premier League. I really happy to this new contract! COYS🔵⚪

  • Tottenham Hotspur fan
    Tottenham Hotspur fan

    Best center back in the prem

  • Jack Underhill
    Jack Underhill

    So so happy it’s done but let’s not pretend a) we didn’t already know this was gonna happen b) Spurs aren’t treating this like a new signing to cover their underwhelming end to the transfer window.

  • James Fox
    James Fox

    Brilliant player...

  • Wesley Stafford
    Wesley Stafford

    What a player COYS 🤍

  • Nick Hobbs
    Nick Hobbs

    Enhorabuena Cristian, you deserve it. COYS!

  • aqnova

    Brilliant. Genuinely brilliant ✨

  • Archimedesscrew

    Classy and tough. Great acquisition

  • Diketso Molefe
    Diketso Molefe

    Mr Rolls-Royce 💪🔥so happy that the deal is finally permanent 😁#COYS

  • Just some random Dutch guy
    Just some random Dutch guy

    Romero is a good player nice he stays

  • Belometti Navyy
    Belometti Navyy

    I love him so so much 💕💕💕

  • heaven d a
    heaven d a

    Best news along with Southampton tonight! COYS

  • Sophie J
    Sophie J

    I love him!!😍

  • Hej

    Brilliant player

  • Louay Hkiri
    Louay Hkiri

    need the champions league guys 💙✨

  • Ajitem Pisal
    Ajitem Pisal

    one best centre backs currently in the world

  • 밥 해주는 언니!간편요리 Simple Cooking
    밥 해주는 언니!간편요리 Simple Cooking

    로메로~ 보고싶었어!!! 💜

  • Ro The Pro
    Ro The Pro

    Let’s go Romero

  • Mehdi Shelby
    Mehdi Shelby

    Spurs warrior 💞💞

  • Joe

    This is my man❤ I love you Cuti😍😍

  • 60spf

    Monster signing.

  • Sabbir Mohammed
    Sabbir Mohammed

    Our best defender by a country mile! Just needs to keep a control on his temperament. The hair pull could have cost us a point when not necessary.

    • Tomas

      Nah just revenge agaisnt Cucurella no problem

  • Kalo 2010
    Kalo 2010

    Absolutely love this man one of the best cbs in the prem, no nonsense defender! Love the rivalry between him and havertz as well. Big W to sign him

  • Harrison

    We've seen the likes of Sergio Ramos, John Terry, Virgil van Dijk. Nah, this time, we SEE Christian Romero! 🤍

  • Władek K
    Władek K

    one of our own💪🏼💪🏼😎 we are all happy absolutely

  • Milan Dutta
    Milan Dutta

    Future captain. Let's win the European cup or the premier league and he will earn 100 million pounds too. Incredible future awaits for Christian Romero cuti

  • Boom Channel
    Boom Channel

    Thank you so much❤❤❤ 🔥🔥

  • Larissa Stuart
    Larissa Stuart


  • Scott Hynam
    Scott Hynam

    Legend in the making Coys 🐓

  • Android 890
    Android 890

    Long live King Cuti👏

  • 윤지훈

    CUTI CUTI our CUTI The best signing of recent season

  • Terry Betts
    Terry Betts

    Our best defender

  • soojin kim
    soojin kim

    우리 로메로👍

  • Barry Boother
    Barry Boother

    Vamossssssss Romero

  • peri


  • Myself

    Best defender since Jan & Toby

  • Analyse

    I love him😁

  • Ming Lau
    Ming Lau

    Tough defender

  • Lincoln Barsdell
    Lincoln Barsdell


  • CockeyedTV Golden Cockerel
    CockeyedTV Golden Cockerel

    Will proudly wear your name on my shirt while your here🤩

  • 꾸띠

    love you cuti 💙💙

  • muni sangma
    muni sangma

    Great news!!! Spurs fans:- Romero Romero where art thou? Romero:-I am here at Spurs, at Spurs to stay for 5 long years cos 7 months are not enough for hair pulling. 😁

  • DjRampant

    Best defender we've ever had sorry Ledley 😞

    • Anthony Kellman
      Anthony Kellman

      Yes, yes, he very good, in fact he exceptionally good but don't get it twisted he ain't no King 😎 Long live The King. COYS 😉

  • Claudia Vasile
    Claudia Vasile


  • Claire Steele
    Claire Steele

    Sabor spurs

  • Tottenham


  • Darren Stevens
    Darren Stevens


  • Olukemi Ogunrinola
    Olukemi Ogunrinola

    Comenon you spurs


    A Rock

  • Vladislove

    Now bring MALINOVSKYI to London, Cuti!

  • Philbo200 Lambretta
    Philbo200 Lambretta

    Welcome Christian.

  • Thomchai Sumpaothong
    Thomchai Sumpaothong

    Thanks krab, Cristian 🤗