Where Is KEVIN WARE Now In 2019? | Former Louisville INJURY Star STRIPPED Of NCAA Championship!
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Things were never the same for Ware, he felt he was treated like damaged goods. And he transferred to his hometown Georgie state, with whom he finished his college career with. After going undrafted in 2016, Ware drew a tonne of interest from overseas and made way over to Europe. He’s played with 4 teams in 4 different countries. Having spells in Finland, the Czech Republic. And most recently Greece, where he averaged 12 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Shooting 38% from the field and 33% from outside in 29 minutes a game. Most recently late august of this year, Ware departed from Greece, and headed over to Canada. Signing with the London Lightning in their basketball league. So far the London Lightning are 6-7 on the season, just bellow 500 and are sitting second bottom in the central division. Kevin is a part of a three headed point guard monster alongside Xavier Moon and Alex Johnson. On the year Ware has started in all 9 games since arriving, and is averaging 10 points on 41% field goal shooting. Ware is shooting 31% from the perimeter and 70% from the foul line. Along with 4 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal per game. Kevin at this point is a versatile combo guard and tenacious defender. He fits well into well with the Lightning’s style of play, and is someone who brings experience from high level European play. His most impressive outing game in a loss to Sudbury Five, scoring 18 points on 7-11 field goal and 4-7 outside shooting. Earlier in the year, Kevin Ware was in the headlines following a twitter response to the controversy surrounding his Louisville Cardinals. Who back in febuary were stripped off their 2013 national championship involving a sex scandal. This led to the firing of iconic head coach Rick Pitino. Ware responded to the appeal. Obviously unhappy with the decision to vacate the national championship, understandably so considering the price it came at. With a tweet that said quote ‘Still got this fat ass ring which means my guys definitely won a chip, if I’m not mistaken of course’. He also told ESPN that he’s down to be apart of the inevitable documentary about the first stripped title in NCAA college hoops history. Who refuses to let ‘official sanctions’ get in the way of his greatest achievement. At this point, Kevin Ware’s dream of one day making it to the NBA seems like a reach. But to be honest it’s inspiring enough in itself that he’s even been able to return and play at a respectable pro level. What drives him to continue playing, is not wanting to let his injury define him. Kevin Ware wants to be remembered for his basketball achievements, and not being that one guy who had that terrible injury. While I don’t think that’ll ever be possible, considering the only place he’ll ever be subjected to even remotely the same kind of exposure is on an NBA hardwood. Kevin Ware’s journey and comeback is inspiring enough as it is, anything he does from this point onwards is just adding to that. We’ll see how this video goes down first, but if you guys would be interested in hearing a story, about how Kevin Ware reached out and helped a high school kid who suffered a similar injury to himself, get right again. Make sure to let that love be known on the like button,

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  • DKM

    Yeah I’m mad sick rn, Appreciate those of you looking out for me though. Voice failing me but nothing besides death or jail time gonna get in the way of this 2019 grind! Also no disrespect was intended in this video, much love to Kevin ware <3

  • Charlie Marie
    Charlie Marie

    Poor Kevin! I love him so much! Bless his heart

  • austin

    I broke my leg recently, but this is very gruesome. The injury was about 5 years ago, but he is doing much better now.

  • nah but like yes
    nah but like yes

    Dude, dont try to make someone like and subscribe by telling us that we'll get his same injury if we don't. Thats just wrong!

  • dad

    That should never happen to a human being I felt so bad when he got injured I did not ever think of that to happen so all prayers for him

  • DGHobbs

    I miss Kevin Ware so much. I’m the biggest fan of Louisville and he was my favorite player at the time. I was at this game and I was only 7 years old. I was in the 7th row and I’m scarred for life

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Get better my guy and stay on the grind!💪🏻

  • Will Clapp
    Will Clapp

    props to him for returning to basketball👏

  • JayluvScreens -
    JayluvScreens -

    Kevin is always in our heart

  • BOS

    As a Kentucky fan I felt so bad for him

  • Baby Tickles
    Baby Tickles

    I feel bad for Kevin Ware he’s a man his knee snapped and he’s still playing basketball he really got hurt I hope he’s good on this year and does not get hurt this time

  • LeJake

    When I saw this, my leg hurt.😖 I’m so sorry this happened.

  • Dream Hustle Records
    Dream Hustle Records

    Him and Shaun Livingston had the worst injuries I’ve ever seen.

  • Shane Palmieri
    Shane Palmieri

    I remember when this happened. That was horrific

  • Scumbag Dom
    Scumbag Dom

    Proud of this man

  • MetroNba

    You should do the one kid who was really good at ball handling a few years ago, he had hair like kawhi

  • Jaziah Blevins
    Jaziah Blevins

    I'm just glad his leg fully healed.

  • Chon Gyun
    Chon Gyun

    I hope he's okay :c

  • revenge

    Mans bone popped out and still didn’t give up. Respect 💯

  • Infinity Noel
    Infinity Noel

    Kevin Ware is one of the biggest “what if” just imaged what he would have been if he wasn’t injured