Bronny BROKE His ANKLES! SFG VS Houston Hoops!
Bronny James the Ankle Bully? Here we have SFG VS Houston Hoops at Nike EYBL KC.
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نظر: 328
  • makaveli bien hoa
    makaveli bien hoa

    No bullshit gotta give bronny respect for living up to his name. Aint easy to do.

    • Wes back Haha
      Wes back Haha

      @Esketit Esketit you wish he’s decent

    • jazz03

      he doesnt even look like he's trying that hard. just smooth with it.

    • Grav

      aye aye aye slow down now. bronny nice and got all the foundation to be solid in the nba but he aint no hs lebron. that wont ever be matched.

    • Dylan Hartshorn
      Dylan Hartshorn

      0-100 real quick

  • Anderson pobbers
    Anderson pobbers

    I’m rooting for bronny to make a name for himself there’s unlimited potential there!!

    • K2DCX phantom
      K2DCX phantom

      @Jeremy Jackson he’s 6’4 now

    • Jeremy Jackson
      Jeremy Jackson

      @Ja Morant he looks 6'8" to you because you're probably 5'2",

    • Ja Morant
      Ja Morant

      @Jeremy Jackson he looks 6 8 to me. You hater bro!!

    • Declan Lowther
      Declan Lowther

      @SloopieDoopies hes turning 18 this year hes not 15

    • Black And Proud
      Black And Proud

      Same here

  • CelticsPride34

    You can see the game is slowing down for Bronny and he’s starting to come into his own. Loved the kid on the other team with the flat top too, seems like hard nosed kid!

    • Big Zs On The Way
      Big Zs On The Way

      He was most likely facilitating. Looks like he might not be the best scorer and he realizes that. Still he has unlimited potential if he keeps working at it.

    • BJ the Lawyer
      BJ the Lawyer

      @Realjqa why did he only have 6 pts? Was he not getting shots? Was he just missing? Good defense?

    • Realjqa

      Yeah I watched this game live bronny only had 6pts , I feel bronny will just be a rich kid under his father name but making the league it’s tuff seeing definitely as of rn

  • Victor Roberts
    Victor Roberts

    The biggest difference in Bronny is he is playing with more confidence

    • melih yurt
      melih yurt

      na man

  • Jordan Goltz
    Jordan Goltz

    title is about bronny but #2 needs to have his name in the title dude is by far the best on that court.



    • Eileen Tart
      Eileen Tart


    • Karume Hickman
      Karume Hickman

      I disagree. Bronny's team has extremely poor transition defense.

    • CEvans813

      That boy a monster

    • Brandon Dennis
      Brandon Dennis

      #2 clearly is the top dog

  • lnh

    Bronny James is improving so quick. Love to see it!

  • Doggy DF
    Doggy DF

    Anyone else realize how fast he’s getting better😤

    • Emmanuel Or mannie
      Emmanuel Or mannie

      @Michael Cassian what about his weakness u probably don’t even look at the full game u just look at highlights

    • Emmanuel Or mannie
      Emmanuel Or mannie

      @Michael Cassian he’s the number option right now I don’t see any difference from the last eybl games he looks the same and his stats are important numbers don’t lie u talking about he improved in WHAT? he looks the same to me

    • Michael Cassian
      Michael Cassian

      @Emmanuel Or mannie it's not always about stats you can see he's growing into his body his become a better defender and rebounder. He's slashing now and absorbing contact. He's in attack mode now and his jump shot looks really good. The biggest improvement is his pick and roll game. He always makes the right read but his shooting off the pick and roll is crazyyy. His bounce is on another level now. Boy looks like his pops on those chase down blocks. All around he looks great and his confidence is through the roof. Idk what you seeing or not seeing but he's going to go crazy his senior year. He's also going to be the number 1 option for the first time in his high school career..

  • TyreseX GamesX
    TyreseX GamesX

    It's actually kinda nice the way bronny attacks then goes to the corner of the free throw line and fades back...the way he does it is like running straight then just fading in 1 motion...interesting

    • Kendall Jenkins
      Kendall Jenkins

      It’s actually elite asf wait till he perfect it

    • jr99

      how it should be done

  • Amari Maze
    Amari Maze

    That boy bronny can play some defense for sure

    • Troy

      Watching it live he absolutely can lock up, but he had minimal effort all game really, the 1st clip is in the e rd quarter when things were getting out of hand so he decided to actually sit down and play defense like everyone else. When he sits down, he's almost unshakeable, he didn't play defense like he did session 1 2 or 3. When he sits down it looks like this ( damn near everytime on ball. He just has to work on getting around screens. That's the ONLY thing left to improve with his defense imo

  • King Bo
    King Bo

    I swear #2 from Houston hoops got all his buckets on dunks. Mainly fast break dunks

    • Aiden Law
      Aiden Law

      @Adrian Chacón no it’s jace posey

    • Devin Baptiste
      Devin Baptiste

      That’s Jace Posey

    • Dakstur

      that means sfg turned ball over a lot look at score

    • Noah Murphy
      Noah Murphy

      He had 2 buckets in the first minute of the video and both layups.

  • Suavetyb_

    Love to see my Houston hoops playing bigger teams in this circuit😂

  • Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
    Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.

    That one leg windmill signature dunk 👍

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson

    Don't know who #24 is for Houston but after what happens at 4:47 I hope dudes alright. Dude took himself out!

    • Jeremy Jackson
      Jeremy Jackson

      @Aaron Wiebe you can see his ankle give out before he goes up

    • Adrian Chacón
      Adrian Chacón

      Joseph Tugler, was a junior at my school, Cypress Falls. Committed to University of Houston

    • Ex

      all these internet doctors in this comment section

    • Star Wars Therapy
      Star Wars Therapy

      He just got lost I’m sure someone helped him back onto the court

  • beau cary
    beau cary

    #2 got easy bounce damn. bronny getting really smooth tho, he could fit into any system

    • Jeremy Jackson
      Jeremy Jackson


    • Devin Baptiste
      Devin Baptiste

      That’s James Posey’s son Jace.

  • Rohan Ludford
    Rohan Ludford

    Bronny chase downs are 🔥. Best defensive PG in the class.

  • ProphetP 93
    ProphetP 93

    It honestly look like he just having fun tbh and that right there is a great thing when his ultra competitive side kick it he gone be a problem

  • ugg jr
    ugg jr

    Way to many turnovers SFG it's like the team from Houston was getting he'll of fastbreak points and easy dunks

  • Devin Baptiste
    Devin Baptiste

    Jace Posey (#2 for Hoops)was out there losing his damn mind😂😂😂

    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan

      @Devin Baptiste that makes a lot of sense, both of them can fly

    • Devin Baptiste
      Devin Baptiste

      @Honest Fan that’s his son

    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan

      Related to James posey? Even if not maybe the bounce just comes with the last name lol

  • Stephen Iheozor
    Stephen Iheozor

    3:46 to 3:53 That was a nice play

  • Charles Nana
    Charles Nana

    #2 and #15 for Houston Hoops are insane Andrew Meadows stock is rising by the day Peach Jam will be interesting to say the least


    Lebron and his son on the same court would be insane.

    • amdubb

      No it wouldn't...

  • Big Lol Videos
    Big Lol Videos

    number 2 white jersey was actually really good

  • Mauricio Asín Velázquez
    Mauricio Asín Velázquez

    4:46 I felt that ankle

  • TreyOFive 🇭🇹
    TreyOFive 🇭🇹

    #2 for that Houston squad had like a hunnit dunks. It’s like playing 2k. 😂

    • S Alexander
      S Alexander

      Kids out here making they own real life NBA jam 😂

  • RJ

    His pace is crazy


    #5 on sfg lowkey a bucket 😂

  • DI3R3CK

    No cap bronny finna be scary his senior year

  • GOAT

    4:14 This is what y’all looking for…

    • Number2

      @Jeremy Jackson the ankle breaker, duh

    • Jeremy Jackson
      Jeremy Jackson

      The missed layup?

  • StrongHikmah

    Maaan I'm sorry forget the behind the back crossover. You see them one handed palmed windmills lol. That boy is different had scouts looking like I thought we was here for bronny lol.

  • Myths Buster
    Myths Buster

    Bronny looks like a solid 60-ranking player!

  • Jayden Moore
    Jayden Moore

    SFG just stopped making shots in the 4th that’s why they lost

  • J.G M
    J.G M

    before i watch, im gonna guess and say SFG lost...again?

  • Will Morton
    Will Morton

    That work with Gilbert Arenas has been showing!

  • OTB_avante

    SFG always losing I swear

  • patrick waiters
    patrick waiters

    Bronny been playing up most his career but now he's actually playing guys his age and it shows. I hope he continue to progress. He's definitely come a long way. I'm rooting for him

  • Demi

    Anybody got his stats for the game?

  • Conceitedelijah

    They have actual talent , they’re shooting over people and making it & passes are accumulate . Way better than watching a nba game fsfs

  • amdubb

    The title of this should be about Houston & not Bronny. Bronny is solid but not worth every headline. I hope the best for the kid though...

  • Eileen Tart
    Eileen Tart

    Yo #2 like just dunk like 5 times he is the truth he can definitely take his talent to the next level “ No Cap “ he’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Bronny look good he still learn but I like were he is rn 30% we still got 70 more keep pushing young king


    Bronny look good he still learn but I like were he is rn 30% we still got 70 more keep pushing young king

  • Kelly Anozie
    Kelly Anozie

    Bronny has definitely gotten taller, he should be at least 6'4. If he ever reaches 6'6 with his basketball IQ and court vision...look out.

    • Jamarcus King
      Jamarcus King

      Why can’t he be good enough at 6’4 😂

  • Ray Ledezma Jr
    Ray Ledezma Jr

    Did he travel on the first dunk?

  • Escobar RIZZAY
    Escobar RIZZAY

    Nobody told me Kurt Rambis son plays on Bronnys team too 😂

  • Ry J DaGreat 2
    Ry J DaGreat 2

    Too clean💥

  • Pete Barr
    Pete Barr

    Damn dunk fest...#2 got some hops


    Bro do SFG ever win?💀

  • matthew jordan
    matthew jordan

    I remember they said he wouldn’t better yet couldn’t live up to the name but if he really wants it he has the best to ever do it help him

  • Evil Twin
    Evil Twin

    The Legenetics has finally awoken.

  • ChiSosa

    Great game by bronny but who is #2 dude was dunk in every other clip🔥

  • Reginald Cousins
    Reginald Cousins

    Bronny nice but that was a damn dunk drill for the opps.

  • RJ

    #2 on Houston plays like Shumpert.

  • Holland Lankford
    Holland Lankford

    Bronny development has been crazy but why he my jack like that 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Kon
    Ryan Kon

    Um this seems more like a highlight package for Houston #2 or just the whole Houston team in general. I don’t know what people are impressed about with Bronny.

  • Stephen WA
    Stephen WA

    i swear this man cant finish an ankle breaker lolll, but hes really god and has all star nba potential

  • lbisdashit

    James Posey, Penny Hardaway and Lebron James all had sons on the court

  • ReallyTheGoat

    Bronny wearing Kyries is a sign y’all…

  • Alex

    Bro the pace of these games are insane they just sprintinh the whole game

  • j Rodarte
    j Rodarte

    nah y’all gotta look out for #15 on houston hoops bro gonna be big 🌟

  • D.M .B
    D.M .B

    Damn stg is sorry asf, everytime i see highlight of their games is the same thing, bronny and white boy scoring, and the other team just dunking, fastbreak and blowing them out

    • Myths Buster
      Myths Buster

      @Xalerant That's a blowout... 13 points deficit in a low scoring game is blowout.

    • officialsean

      @Xalerant that is a blowout

    • Xalerant

      I wouldn't consider a 13 point loss a blowout. (Score was 66-53)

  • Young Baller
    Young Baller

    He didn’t finish, cross don’t matter if you can’t finish…..

  • wave.papijr

    bronny needs another player on his level on his team

    • Vaughn Seymore
      Vaughn Seymore

      Number 5 on his team was hoopin

  • Mikoloplayz YT
    Mikoloplayz YT

    Bronny is very decent but I still don’t think he is there yet . He needs to practice a lot more , but if he continues like this he will become the next Lebron

    • Mikoloplayz YT
      Mikoloplayz YT

      @Antbeast23 I said to be the next Lebron never said he needs to BE Lebron , I meant to carry on the legacy

    • Antbeast23

      He isn’t the next lebron buddy lol. Let him be his own player. He still isn’t a scorer and still has a lot to work on including his handles.

  • J mills
    J mills

    It’s like when bronny got taken out everything went to shit

  • tonzap

    Why is everyone always talking about bronny. number 5 is really good and underrated

    • Minnesota Rondo
      Minnesota Rondo

      @Seth Greenland that’s what I thought. Thanks bruh

    • Seth Greenland
      Seth Greenland

      @Minnesota Rondo its not stojakovic son plays on compton magic, #5 is Brady dunlap

    • Minnesota Rondo
      Minnesota Rondo

      I don’t think that’s Stojackovic son but can someone confirm for me?

  • Mister Bel
    Mister Bel

    Number 5 is tuff 😮‍💨

  • Siafa Alvin
    Siafa Alvin

    Could y’all add a score-keeper in the corner or sumn

  • J L
    J L

    Damn got to finish that

  • lilbenz

    Number 2 went crazy

  • Kaptain Red
    Kaptain Red

    Tell me genetics ain't real lol ....the move and shot at 2:17 is Lebron all day #youyodaddyson

    • Jeremy Jackson
      Jeremy Jackson

      Plot Twist; LeBron not really his dad though

  • Bound2

    Bronny teammates need to go play JV they trash 😂he got a better team with blue chips than strive for greatness

  • Grape Juice
    Grape Juice

    4:39 he is bugging

  • Matt Lee foo
    Matt Lee foo

    25 twisted his ankle 🤦‍♂️

  • greg

    where was the defense they gave up like 30 fastbreak points jesus

  • Shawn Smith Jr.
    Shawn Smith Jr.

    #2 ain’t shot the ball one time😂😂😂😂

    • marque mason
      marque mason

      @Devin Baptiste bigg facts.. bigg facts 💯 His nba dad made sure he got deep bag of loose fries too.. ???.. why use it if they can't stop the basics??.. this is chess..not checkers

    • Devin Baptiste
      Devin Baptiste

      Jace Posey can and will shoot, but he can also get to the rack at will. Don’t play with him like that

    • James

      @Shawn Smith Jr. if they cant take care of the ball or stop the drive why not go for an easy two?

    • Shawn Smith Jr.
      Shawn Smith Jr.

      @Mr.D1 lol yeah dunking is getting busy💀😂😂😂

  • BB

    gotta finish dat bronny

  • Lee Roy
    Lee Roy

    So number 2 not in the title is wild to me lebron must of paid yall for that bronny title huh lmao


    bronny honestly didnt have a gud game just click bait! NUMBER 2 on the opposing team really had a gud game !

  • Honest Fan
    Honest Fan

    Jesus #2 has some bounce

  • Sidi Aden
    Sidi Aden

    Best thing abt his game his defense