iPhone 1 - Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007 - Full Presentation, 80 mins
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"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything ..." Steve Jobs said during a MacWorld keynote in 2007 and this was definitely hyperbole but the introduction of the original iPhone was a major moment in mobile history. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jobs' showing the world the first iPhone.

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  • SB Lake Show
    SB Lake Show

    When you think about it, it's absolutely insane that the UI they invented then has barely changed today. Nailed it on the first try.

  • Moises Rodriguez
    Moises Rodriguez

    It's crazy how he has to explain so many little details that we just take for granted nowadays.

  • Gustavo Triani
    Gustavo Triani

    This was just 14 years ago, and it looks like we are living in a different world now. This product really changed our way of life.

  • Uwe Walter
    Uwe Walter

    Amazing how 1 hour and 19 minutes changed the world forever

  • DaveLF

    I remember being in the Navy when the iPhone was released. I was standing guard with one of my friends who'd just bought the iPhone and we spent the whole watch playing with it, watching videos, listening to music and more. It was truly groundbreaking.

  • Jeremy Bean
    Jeremy Bean

    It’s fascinating to see the things everyone applauded to. It’s easy to forget how the original iPhone was the first implementation of so many things that just became standard. Miss you, Steve.

  • Saurav Verma
    Saurav Verma

    "These are not 3 seperate devices, this is one device"

  • Taimoor Ali
    Taimoor Ali

    It clearly shows in that era. Music was everything.

  • jjvictor66

    This is the best product presentation ever made, and one that changed forever the industry, Steve was right in every single word he said.

  • Arco Mahmud
    Arco Mahmud

    Most iconic presentation in the 21st century..watching on my 13 pro.. every time i see it, still gives me chills..

  • Joshua


  • Mario Gallego
    Mario Gallego

    The man was a freaking genius. He knew what the average person needed in their daily lives and also how to make our lives more convenient.

  • MrJulioManuel

    Possibly the greatest presentation ever recorded.

  • Michael Reis
    Michael Reis

    You can see how genuine Steve jobs smile is. So sad we lost him way too early. Such a cool decent guy. RIP

  • Shan

    Steve literally created my job. I make old websites mobile friendly.

  • mister johnson
    mister johnson

    Every single word that is said by Jobs is LEGENDARY.

  • MadeOfHope

    I was born in the 2000s, too early to properly marvel at how revolutionary this phone is, but even then I still remember when I first used a touch screen. I was instantly amazed, even though I was so small back then. Steve Jobs is amazing.

  • Michael O'Dell
    Michael O'Dell


  • amfomy

    They didn’t change the mobile industry, they change the world.

  • Ryan

    This man truly changed the world. People behave differently on a massive scale because his revolutionary idea.