Hojbjerg and Kane goals maintain unbeaten start | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 2-1 Fulham
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch extended highlights of Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 win against Fulham in the Premier League.
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  • US SpursFan
    US SpursFan

    The diversity and depth of this entire team line-up is fantastic!!! Danger to opponents can come from so many different positions on the pitch… ALL of you players are so impressive this year!!! Love the team unity. Bravo Tottenham, BRAVO!!!

    • HutchyPlayz


    • King Murgos
      King Murgos

      I am not that optimistic, if any first team player is out in any of the 3 areas then we become barely functional. In attack, we only have 1 quality cover. In midfield, bissouma and skip are still not up to speed so any injury is gonna be bad. In defense, I only rate Romero, Perisic and maybe Lenglet so any injury to Romero and then we can't even pass properly from the back and initiate any good attack. The thing is we still have too many players who are weak on the ball and these are mostly in defense.

    • Spurs are best
      Spurs are best

      This is the first match that we have been good this season

    • mo hashim
      mo hashim

      @CreativeAmerican hey, this is real hard core metal commentary on Metallica Hotspur out of a sudden mate 🙂, whether or not football fans like it, You're a Legend indeed 👏 👏 👏.


      even tho it was against fulham and we shouldn't just too much we just looked so dynamic and scary at time imagine when we are finishing all our chances these close scorelines are gonna be so different, haven't been this excited to watch my club for a very long time, IF NOT EVER! COYSS

  • Shashank

    No one is talking about Hugo . He has been an important player for us for so long now. His performance was great in the game.

    • the OP Duo
      the OP Duo

      @HutchyPlayz agreed and who said anything aboyt de gea? Slenda?

    • Charles Crawford
      Charles Crawford

      Saves? Outstanding. Leadership? Excellent. Distributing the ball? Utterly awful one-footed mess, time after time. See also World Cup Final 😱😱

    • ocd aus
      ocd aus

      @Slenda A World Cup winner 😂 "He's not that good" Shut up 😂😂😂

    • Aasir

      Spurs for the win this year no.1

    • HutchyPlayz

      @Slenda no one said we wanted to win ucl or pl because we all know we aint as good at psg, bayern, city, chelsea, etc. and Hugo is a bit old now but hes great for his age, he is still underated and important for us. We cant lose him.

  • Khalobwoy

    Bentancur is really a magnificent player, the way he glides past players effortlessly is just an enjoyable watch, lenglet with his passing we can hurt many teams, romero undoubtedly the best defender I’ve ever seen play for us, Kane 😮‍💨, sonny looks to be finding his feet, trust me he’d be unleashed against city, richy I’ve no words to describe him

    • Chris J Stone
      Chris J Stone

      Romero is excellent HOWEVER look at the Mitrovic goal, horrible defending by Romero, real amateur stuff. Just kind of wafted a soft leg at him, then stood off him and let him score! Yes in general he’s very good, but i’m not quite at the point of saying he’s the best ever, Ledley King for me is still better.

  • TheTwitchNewcomer

    Spurs are giving me hope and that can never be a good thing…

    • sylvester otieno
      sylvester otieno

      You were right

    • sylvester otieno
      sylvester otieno

      You were right

  • Saint Tongpha
    Saint Tongpha

    Wow...Lenglet is class center back. His score was 1st build up player of all Barcelona..he proved. His build up n passing to line..is class. Impressed!!!

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    Everything going well for us at the moment Started off the season so well so impressed also still underfeated I guarantee we wouldn't of performed like that last season Bring on man City Coys

    • Pit Zampraas
      Pit Zampraas

      we have been playing horrible wtf is this comment im waiting to this team to play with identity, feeling like they dont know what to do without a creative midfielder:(

    • Lucas Premat
      Lucas Premat

      You won't win against us but good luck

    • Bobs step cousins step sis
      Bobs step cousins step sis

      If son gets back on form they’ll be unstoppable

    • Jay Gill
      Jay Gill

      We will be the only undefeated team by next saturday.🤍COYS🤍

    • PJ

      we owned city

  • Bagirock Carlguksoo
    Bagirock Carlguksoo

    did you see that son's pass and run with Richalison ... o m g ... i don't even worry about sonny at all .. he is on fire .. soon .. he will get a wonder goal .. i'm 100000% sure !! lol

    • 우영미

      당신의 인생도 행운이 크게 열리기를 바래요♡

    • Josh

      I'm a big son fan (and korean) but ngl he doesn't look in form rn... 3:13 shoulda been an easy cross for a world class player

    • Hyta_kim

      i agree

  • mhtbfecsq1

    Many positive things to say about the performance and individuals including the new boys who both had very good games. Unlucky to not win 4-1 at least. Coys!

  • Philip Durling
    Philip Durling

    Best start to the season for a while now. Well done Mr Conte and all the team.

  • Yonghee Lee
    Yonghee Lee

    Hugo shows what is the class. a diversity of attacking routes makes me satisfied. Kane has got a good starting form. Richarlison shows aggressive movements. Son gets coming up. Really good signals.

  • Messi Lionel
    Messi Lionel

    Lenglet should always come as a starter. his buildup is awesome

    • Saint Tongpha
      Saint Tongpha

      When he was Barcelona. ..he was 1st player of Build up of all players...that is why he passed n create many chances...wonderful player.

    • J ay
      J ay

      You too

    • Arpit Arora
      Arpit Arora

      @Saint Tongpha i am Barca and Spurs fan and I can assure you Lenglet is so good at keeping the ball. His long balls are also very good. His accuracy of passing is excellent I think we should him he will be amazing under Conte

    • Saint Tongpha
      Saint Tongpha

      He is class player. Saw his record of Barcelona..he was 1st buildup recorder of all Barcelona players.

    • ab

      He controls ball very well

  • Martyn James
    Martyn James

    Nice one lads. Keep your chin up Sonny, you'll score then you'll score again and on to infinity.

    • Aasir

      to infinity and beyond

    • DD디디앤미

      고개들어 쏘니 ᆢ 눈물이 핑도네요 ㅠ ㅠ 화이팅 토트넘💜

  • Football New Clip 4K
    Football New Clip 4K

    Bentancur is really a magnificent player, the way he glides past players effortlessly is just an enjoyable watch, lenglet with his passing we can hurt many teams, romero undoubtedly the best defender I’ve ever seen play for us, Kane 😮‍💨, sonny looks to be finding his feet, trust me he’d be unleashed against city, richy I’ve no words to describe him 15

  • Uncensored

    The first goal was all about Emerson's determination. Thank you Emerson!!! Love you!!!

  • 이대진

    I am pleased since I got some fun, interesting, satisfaction, excitement through Spur's game last night. I hope the game content will be more interested, improved, and get the final win at last. Wonderful Tottenham !!!

  • Ahmad Sbaei
    Ahmad Sbaei

    I hope we can stay consistent with this kind of performances where we are dominating and creating a lot of chances


    Mitrovic is a goal machine.... he hasn't received enough recognition as a striker....each season he has delivered avg 15 goals.....

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      Fulham played well, but credit to us that we made our win seem convincing. I like our tenacious pressing but Fulham's goal contained a warning: should any passing team beat the press, we're potentially exposed with 1 on 1's at the back. Our pressing needs to wedge teams out onto the wings to cut out quick midfield transitions. From these highlights Richarlison had 2 shots on target as two potential goals mainly due to fantastic link play from Son. COYS!

    • phryg

      he's brilliant and that's coming from a spurs fan. genuine contender for the golden boot if haaland ever slows down

    • thecockerel

      He looks the fittest I've ever seen him.

  • 메타몽냠냠

    3:55 정말 멋진 데뷔골일뻔 했는데…

  • Jadeus Dragias
    Jadeus Dragias

    3:50 would have been a beautiful build up if it didn’t hit the post.

  • Brian Murithi
    Brian Murithi

    Hoijbier, I love his character and strength!

  • Prince Ebuka
    Prince Ebuka

    Mitrovic is pure class,he's just so underrated though🤦,poise, control,finish and calmness under Intense pressure,he's a joy to watch,well done spurs

    • laocheebye

      mitrovic was shady af with his elbows and tackles when he was at newcastle.

  • The Spark
    The Spark

    Bees fan here, I see a lot of similarities between how the Spurs play and how we (Brentford) attempt to play. Diversity is the key, to not rely on a one trick pony, so many teams wanting to only pass and press, at times you just have to hit a long ball and switch between pressing and standing off. It makes you less predictable, I will add to the fact that both teams are excelling in hard work, very much needed for Brentford especially. The difference is that you guys simply have better players overall.

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      Good comment, though Toney is top drawer. He should be Kane's back up in the England set up. His disallowed goal Saturday, was a world class turn and finish.

  • LacsiraxAriscal

    Great game. Richarlison so close to his first goal (tho correct offside call), it'll come this week I think.

  • Jerome Foucart
    Jerome Foucart

    Anyway, solid performance from the team, great spirit showed, and 2-1 really is flattering Fulham. Bit more luck and it was 4 or 5

  • Chishh

    My preferred back 3: Lenglet, Dier, Romero. Preferred wing backs: Sessegnon and Royale However Perisic has more skill and experience, and makes some beautiful crosses towards our strikers. I think he'll fit coming in as a sub in the second half, or starting in some of our big matches and champions league games.

  • Youri

    3:48 This scene really contrasts with the game against West Ham.

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      A stunning sequence of play resulting in a nearly goal by us and a Mitrovic stunner. Pressing to recover possession must squeeze without diving in, the objective is to reduce passing options to zero, as what led to our first goal. Only a matter of time for R9 and Son.

    • Jo-Philippe William
      Jo-Philippe William

      Exactly! It's not a bad thing to do backpasses but we have to build up from them and find players up the pitch

    • 이중 김
      이중 김

      Thanks to lenglet and romero

  • elle le
    elle le

    SON ~💗⚘️🌿 I love and support you no matter what you do. I pray that not a feather will be injured in the cowardly foul that pours like a shower.

    • 우영미

      Son 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다

  • Jovian Clouds
    Jovian Clouds

    Keep the momentum going!! 👏

  • Nick Graham
    Nick Graham

    I really do think we can achieve something greater this season! I truly believe that.

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      Silence is golden. Let others do the talking while we keep building. COYS!

  • Ashley Mkwanazi
    Ashley Mkwanazi

    Richarlison deserved to score in this game...his performance was world class #COYS

  • Cline Mykbrian
    Cline Mykbrian

    A great performance! Keep up the good work! COYS!

  • แว่นดํา แว่นดํา
    แว่นดํา แว่นดํา

    I'm a Spurs fan, want the team to win the Premier League, want the midfielder and the defender to cut the game a bit more brutal. And the striker finishes more. I know skill + luck. I will always cheer for you guys. From Thai fan.

  • Mphikeleli Malibiji
    Mphikeleli Malibiji

    I still believe we still have a long way to go but we are definitely on to something, let’s keep supporting our team fam, Love from 🇿🇦 #COYS

  • lucu01

    another good afternoon, but what a pass and move between Kane and Son, shame it wasn't a goal #COYS

  • Aaron Potts
    Aaron Potts

    The aggression in one player richarlison make the whole team press as a unit brilliant football

  • sung kim
    sung kim

    I'm not putting too much high expectations for Tottenham but as long there in the top 4 this season I'm good with that. Like they say Rome wasn't building in a day.

  • Tirto Ananda
    Tirto Ananda

    Wonderfull Save From H. Lloris + Goal From P. Hobjerg & Harry Kane. Tottenham Hotspur Winners Against Fulham FC In The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

  • Rewi AmoAmo
    Rewi AmoAmo

    GET IT BOYS 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dr. UMKIT
    Dr. UMKIT

    The 2 disallowed goals were ridiculous. Both for offside when the player in question didn't touch the ball. Lucky it didn't change the outcome but on another that could have been costly

  • Ashton Smith
    Ashton Smith

    Lloris had some incredible saves 🔥🔥

  • Douglas Widodo
    Douglas Widodo

    Let's Goooo Tottenham.. Son, Jane, Richalison, Lucas Moura, Royal, Kulu, Holjberg.. Illoris..

  • HeatwaveNemesis68

    Tottenham have so much hate from not winning a single trophy since 2008 but there are a good side with an amazing attacking formation!❤️ keep it up spurs!!! We will get a trophy you know it ❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪# COYS

  • Matiope Aaron Clark 22
    Matiope Aaron Clark 22

    Mitrovic never disappoints for sure..

  • 로저페드로

    손흥민 화이팅

  • GREEN Tea
    GREEN Tea

    Great game we actually play good and passing more forward, just need for son and richy to start scoring and we might be cooking something ngl #COYS

  • Lucas Premat
    Lucas Premat

    Well played. We didn't do very well on our game, had a lot of missed oppotunites. Good luck on saturday! Hope to be entertained

  • Joe

    Hojbjerg has clinical finishing👌😂

  • nikolai moeller
    nikolai moeller

    Hojbjerg has been so elite

  • Radith

    No one's talking about Pierre and Benta bossing the midfield. These two are beast.

  • Leigh Richards
    Leigh Richards

    Happy birthday tottenham hotspur 🍾. 140 years young today 💙.

  • ntiyiso lavorne
    ntiyiso lavorne

    I honestly love how Richarlisok celebrates his teammates

  • Gaetano.

    Go spurs!

  • Diego Pereira
    Diego Pereira


  • Bisht's Random Assort
    Bisht's Random Assort

    This time i feel more confidence in spurs sitting at no 3 , then the time when spurs were at the top of the league under Jose M. COYS

  • Joe

    Glory Tottenham Hotspur Best club in London❤

    • Joe

      @Rory Neve Cry Assna

    • Rory Neve
      Rory Neve

      Best club in London😭💀

  • Matthew

    As an Arsenal fan I have to say Tottenham have the best stadium in the premier league.

  • kiyo mi
    kiyo mi

    3:52 lenglet so clean

  • Youri

    Lenglet Dier Romero.... Our Pass Masters....

  • Dio Saputra
    Dio Saputra

    Even though richarlison goal is offside ,he show us he can score

  • Olatuja Victor
    Olatuja Victor

    We own city, let's get the win this weekend COYS😻

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      We don't 'own' anybody. Let's do the business in the Champion's League, THEN own a match winning performance against City!

  • Ary Kurkur
    Ary Kurkur

    Richalison monster 🤍🤍🤍🔥💪

  • Chandan Shendge
    Chandan Shendge

    Started loving this guy Richalishon 🔥🔥💕 COYS🔥

  • Alley Pez
    Alley Pez

    Offsides should be based on your feet positioning. Not where your body is leaning or arm swinging

    • Meçi Careca 🇧🇷
      Meçi Careca 🇧🇷

      @fermin Henry richie is like that

    • fermin Henry
      fermin Henry

      @LacsiraxAriscal Richy's pressing especially in the lead up to the first goal was impressive. He and and Son haven't scored but they are getting the basics right

    • Alley Pez
      Alley Pez

      @LacsiraxAriscal yeah maybe not this one exactly. But other happened last season a few times with Kane goals

    • LacsiraxAriscal

      While I don't disagree, I think Sess is pretty clearly off this time round. Shame but the Richy goal will come

  • A こっぷ
    A こっぷ

    Where is Son's canceled goal?

  • Nitro XBS
    Nitro XBS

    Why can’t we have a Spurs TV Live game subscription? I’m sure most supporters would want this

    • Carl Honiss
      Carl Honiss

      Maybe the revenue will not match sky or bt.

  • 김장군


  • Txmpest

    Richarlison is going to be DANGEROUS this season! Defenders won't be ready for him! 🔵⚪ COYS

    • US SpursFan
      US SpursFan

      True… & I disagree that he was offsides!

  • Mervin Dash
    Mervin Dash

    This is the squad we want against manchester city..😁😁⚽⚽

  • Ethan Irwin
    Ethan Irwin

    Still not aure why the first one we put in the back of the net wasn't checked on VAR to see if Harry actually touched it or not

  • Claire Steele
    Claire Steele

    The triangle goal v lfc and the way we played v villa Leeds I believe hodgsberg can sweep up if ac releases Emerson richaldi down flanks and we ninja midfield with som turning both playmaker and goalscorer 1 3 Tottenham

  • Fuzile Mlawuli
    Fuzile Mlawuli

    I want Richarlison to win score have his glory. I just cant wait for him to have his shine

  • m v
    m v

    that was the first weak challenge I've ever seen from Romero

    • m v
      m v

      @Matt Weinberg his name is Mitrovic and I don't think it was him it was just a weak challenge

    • Matt Weinberg
      Matt Weinberg

      I agree. Their number 9 made him look silly


    We own city we will beat them Kane will show paaland levels

  • Morningtable

    i love this team!!!!! coys!!!

  • J. H. Park
    J. H. Park

    4:00 Good combination!!!

  • Mads Nygaard
    Mads Nygaard

    Remember people questioning Højbjerg a few years back.... clueless

  • ehe

    Our evaluation i believe only working more on our accuration because man we could actually score a lot of em. Next week are gonna be tough because we're fighting against city and not very confident about it tbh lol, cause they got high class playmaker and a viking goal machine but i hope spurs could do their best. COYS

  • Jerome Foucart
    Jerome Foucart

    Classy goal from Mitrovic, but how un-Romero was Cuti there?! Way too passive to begin with, he just jogged back instead of bursting a gut to close down Mitrovic. Then his challenge was way too weak...I know it's in the box so gotta be careful, but come on, put your foot in proper!! Worst is, he made the exact same mistake on the second one...thank God we had Hugo made a world class save. Let's just hope Rom hasn't become afraid of getting injured again, that it ain't playing on his mind

  • Emmanuel Onubi
    Emmanuel Onubi

    One of the only two unbeaten teams in the league btw

  • Ngomong aja
    Ngomong aja

    But Mitrovic goal is absolutely wonderfull

  • Medhat Hamroush
    Medhat Hamroush

    that's more like it best game this season so far

  • George Clarke
    George Clarke

    I love Tottenham

  • bryan S
    bryan S

    now I hope that Richarlison no longer makes the reserve ... but there are some points left on the flanks and in defense, where there are still the same poor players of last season (E.Royale and Sanchez above all)

  • Jacques G
    Jacques G

    What a goal by Mitrovic.

  • ashleigh abbruzzese
    ashleigh abbruzzese

    Come on you spurs

  • peri


  • Larissa Stuart
    Larissa Stuart


  • Justin

    Tottenham need CB good player and Harry Kane back up Striker


    The Sess and Emerson improve every game

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      They are fighting to stay in the starting line up.

  • Rahmadiah Hasanuddin
    Rahmadiah Hasanuddin

    Pasukan Conte Tottenham Hotspurs Pelan pelan tapi Pasti👍 Ewako Jagoan ku

  • Zed El Arabi
    Zed El Arabi

    I hope we turn up against city

  • warren atherton
    warren atherton

    Games coming thick fast now big big games coming up going to be a test now come in you spurs...

  • el solo ganso
    el solo ganso

    Number 27 two goals

  • Кылыч Турдумамбетов
    Кылыч Турдумамбетов

    Это у нас ещё Лукас Моура в запасе есть! Шпоры опасны в этом сезоне!

  • 조니비

    거짓 하나 없이 모우라를 오른쪽 윙빽으로 써봐라. 엄청난 공격력이 생긴다. 쏜 케인 히샬리송 세세뇽 벤탕 호비 모우라 로메로 다이어 랑글레 요리스 이대로 게임해봐라 진짜 무조건 이기는 조합이다.

  • Jorge record
    Jorge record

    propongo que el canal suba los partidos completos. si te gusta la idea, dale like :)

  • Water...33

    Goat Harry Kane!

  • Nur Aisyah Hadi
    Nur Aisyah Hadi

    Aa striker AC Milan sama AA son kayaknya belum layak deh buat dilirik sama club' besar yg sudah sangat baik kualitas kedewasaan dan kecerdasan management clubnya .

  • EhIdk

    I really enjoyed lenglet and richarlison

  • Marcio Andre
    Marcio Andre

    Spurs, if you give me a job I’d throw all away to get this chance. #spursgivemeajob