England v Pakistan - Highlights | England Seal T20 Series! | 3rd Men’s Vitality IT20 2021
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  • Tayyab Ajmal
    Tayyab Ajmal

    Jason Roy Hit 11 Fours and 1 Six In This Inning

  • Steven Nahin
    Steven Nahin

    Jason Roy fantastic player

  • Abdullah Rehan
    Abdullah Rehan

    What a bowling by Hafeez!! He has proved that he is still one of the best all-rounder!!

  • abhishek mohapatra
    abhishek mohapatra

    Livingstone is absolute carnage😑

  • Ali Naved
    Ali Naved

    Good Fight by Pakistan. That's what is needed in world cup

  • Ali Naved
    Ali Naved

    Spinners like Rashid are going to be very big trouble for batsman in this cricket world Cup in UAE.

  • Wasiq Nadeem
    Wasiq Nadeem

    what a fight by Pakistan

  • Musharruf Sayyed
    Musharruf Sayyed

    How on earth is Dawid malan no.1 T20 batsman? He almost won it for pakistan.

  • azhar mujavar
    azhar mujavar

    English cricket 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 pakistan tur censal😬😬😬😬👎🏼 loss you tube chennal unsubscribe & loss England cricket fraind 😥😥😓😥😓😓😬😬😬😬😬😬😬🥶🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Musawir Ahmed
    Musawir Ahmed

    I have never seen butler struggle like this in t20i

  • Nanda Gopal
    Nanda Gopal

    3:16 fastest delivery by a spinner in the world

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield

    Well Played England 🔥🔥

  • Vimal Vinu Vinu
    Vimal Vinu Vinu

    Pakistan there is world apart from Zimbabwe

  • Vimal Vinu Vinu
    Vimal Vinu Vinu

    Pakistan harne mei bahuth mazza hei

  • For jj Fhh
    For jj Fhh

    England play well

  • Legend JaTT
    Legend JaTT

    13.50 Livingston 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pakistan all Punjab food  skills
    Pakistan all Punjab food skills

    What a match

  • HELP ME REACH 50k subscribers plz without video
    HELP ME REACH 50k subscribers plz without video


  • Mousa Ulhaq
    Mousa Ulhaq

    Good performance by Pakistan bowling side Very good boys 👍👍👍👍👍

  • hem 777 gaming
    hem 777 gaming

    Waiting for India vs Pakistan t20 mach

  • You Tube  Videos with Dulitha
    You Tube Videos with Dulitha

    Roy hits 13 boundaries

  • Furqan jamil Malik
    Furqan jamil Malik

    Dangerous team of in world cup

  • Arvind Kumar
    Arvind Kumar

    13:50 ohhhhh wow!! Livingstone you beauty 😍

  • Taaha Farooq
    Taaha Farooq

    Pakistan England Dublin border

  • TALHA sher
    TALHA sher

    Icc had band Mohammad hafeez for his illigel bowling 😂😂😂 then why hi is bowling

  • yameen hameed
    yameen hameed

    One of my favourite match 🥰✌️

  • heyman

    Good fight by Pakistan love it♥️

  • heyman

    Crowd ♥️

  • faisal gujjar
    faisal gujjar

    𝙇𝙖𝙗𝙮𝙖𝙞𝙠 𝙮𝙖𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙤𝙡 𝘼𝙡𝙡𝙖𝙝🔥

  • Me no
    Me no

    12:19 can anybody tell what Hafeez said😂

  • absar ahmed
    absar ahmed

    Jason Roy was the only difference in this match

  • Saleem Ghumro
    Saleem Ghumro

    Good fight pak

  • Fawad khan
    Fawad khan

    One of the best match of all time 😘

  • Dipak Dutta
    Dipak Dutta

    Pak won


    12:18 hafeez says f**k you to Ali... Totally disrespectful and he is an idiot... Well ali has the last laugh... indirectly he says same to you by winning the match😂

  • mursil khan
    mursil khan

    Livingston psl khel khel kh jan gaya hai how to play Pakistan bowlers. But Pakistan played well.

  • yes


  • Wali Sheikh
    Wali Sheikh

    What a match...🔥

  • S Hasnain
    S Hasnain

    What suppory for Pakistan.That crowd roar 🔥🔥.Exactly how the deciders are meant to be ❤

  • Uzochi Okeke
    Uzochi Okeke

    Livingstone has caught the attention of BCCI 😂 Hopefully he joins RCB 💪😎

  • Goldy Moon
    Goldy Moon

    Rizwan played a slow innings but now everyone says that look what others do But also watch Roy innings he was the only one who played good with a strike rate of 177

    • Fawad Khan
      Fawad Khan

      Rizwan is best

  • Mike Wolf
    Mike Wolf

    First time in my life I’m watching cricket.

  • Mohammed Mubarak
    Mohammed Mubarak

    Morgan not good finesher

  • Syed Mustaneer Haider
    Syed Mustaneer Haider

    Sir don rizwan❤️

  • jothika hasan
    jothika hasan

    How many pakistans are living in england?? Lot of crowd.

  • jagannath das
    jagannath das

    England is best

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    What a sound of the bat 3:18 fakhar zaman Six & 13:50 Livingstone six😍😍😍

  • Joy Bangla
    Joy Bangla

    wow .....! nice highlight's .......tnx .......!!!☺️☺️

  • Osama Wassem
    Osama Wassem

    Pakistan very strong team t20 but babar azam or rizwan ko thora teez khelna chahye

  • Nayan Venkat Ram Mutupuru
    Nayan Venkat Ram Mutupuru

    Look at the crowd ! It shows increase in popularity of the sport there

  • bn

    England team 😍😍😍😍

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      hafeez is chucking.....

  • Sarim Hayyat
    Sarim Hayyat

    Nice fight by pakistan

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    I myself love to watch Jason Roy playing irresistible and eyecatchy shots 😍🤘🔥

  • Vinodsinghrawat Vinodsinghrawat
    Vinodsinghrawat Vinodsinghrawat

    Kam se kam pakistaniyo ko khelne ka moka moka🤣tho mila eng k saat

    • Shrey Saha
      Shrey Saha

      @Muhammad Rehan england c team ke sath aaye to rona mat

    • Muhammad Rehan
      Muhammad Rehan

      Don not worry they are gonna come to Pakistan for next series😝

  • Hakim Ziyech
    Hakim Ziyech

    What a game of cricket

  • nazia asim
    nazia asim

    My son supports England and 11 more people support Pakistan so he beat all of Us!

  • Shiv Shanker Lal
    Shiv Shanker Lal

    Are potty potty potty potty Pakistan Tatti Pakistan tatti

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Shoaib maqsood in psl- 🦁🦁🦁 Shoaib maqsood against eng-🐁🐁🐁

  • unique.


  • Ankur Chouhan
    Ankur Chouhan

    India is only team who beat England in England

    • FATIMA

      Abhi tu Sri Lanka nay achi mar mari hai India ko

  • Mohd Omer
    Mohd Omer

    Bhai hafeez istarah aapko nahi bolna chahiyai tha moin ali ko

  • Drawing, Entertainment and others
    Drawing, Entertainment and others


  • Deepak Jena
    Deepak Jena

    Bring back Alex hales..you have destroyed his 3 years ..Alex is better player than Malan...Malan will get you loose the match...Alex hales could play well in UAE..he is the ideal for no 3


      Bro you just read my mind. They might actually take him in wc. He is impeccable. The England squad is impeccable.

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    Good to see matches with full house vacinated odeans

  • Chandramukhi Chauhan
    Chandramukhi Chauhan

    Nice eng

  • bhaskar bordoloi
    bhaskar bordoloi

    hafeez is chucking.....

  • Sumit Jha
    Sumit Jha

    Roy- The run machine.

  • pratik nidhi
    pratik nidhi


    • wuoi zuiu
      wuoi zuiu

      Is this old one?

  • Asad Rahman
    Asad Rahman


  • Asad Rahman
    Asad Rahman


  • DXN Manish Singh
    DXN Manish Singh


  • Mohamed Thaufik XII A2
    Mohamed Thaufik XII A2

    Shoaib maqsood in psl- 🦁🦁🦁 Shoaib maqsood against eng-🐁🐁🐁

    • Star Saber
      Star Saber

      He needs some time , he only played 3 matches

  • _vivek _
    _vivek _

    Power of Liam Livingstone😍😍🎆

  • abhishek Singh
    abhishek Singh

    What the match 😎😎😎😃😃

  • Shahmeer Khan
    Shahmeer Khan

    Livingstone rates will become higher in leagues

  • Power of a common man by M.A.Y
    Power of a common man by M.A.Y

    Muhammad Rizwan is absolutely beauty!❤🔥💯

  • Arun

    Didn't saw any comments about the wonderful crowd. This is what cricket needs. Superb

    • Arun

      @vicky anime fan I don't care dude.

    • Musawir Ahmed
      Musawir Ahmed

      70 percent crowd were pakistanis

    • Self Promotion Police
      Self Promotion Police

      @siddhesh jagtap a lot of Pakistanis were there. Amazing match. Most of my friends were there.

    • siddhesh jagtap
      siddhesh jagtap

      Audience in England are of next level

    • vicky anime fan
      vicky anime fan

      Didn't see not saw

  • Dr.Masum Karim
    Dr.Masum Karim

    Adil Rashid vs Pakistan 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sudip Hui
    Sudip Hui

    Livingstone was playing deep into the crease and trying to hard hit the ball...there would be 2 results.. 1) for in-swing, he will get ball in his desired zone 2) for out-swing definitely get caught at offside to short third, third man..

    • Sudip Hui
      Sudip Hui

      @MR SWIANS chances to get maximum result against a spinner is achieved by stepping out, not by going deep at the crease... that's why he got out.


      Livingstone was playing with high bat lift and the stance also help him to hit big sixes and going down in deep crease to avoid the swing of the ball was also the reason behind hitting big sixes

  • Nigam Kumar Rao
    Nigam Kumar Rao

    Is this old one?

  • Rtn08

    Seems hafeez action illegal....his arm is bending

    • Yash Kulshrestha
      Yash Kulshrestha

      @Believer sorry dude but you don't have any cricketing knowledge

    • Muhammad Rehan
      Muhammad Rehan

      He has already cleared his action 2 times.

    • Believer

      Yeah chuckwin also does it... Sry ashwin

  • Rehmat Baloch
    Rehmat Baloch

    Amir KO wapis lao

  • Yousaf Sayab
    Yousaf Sayab

    i hate babar now and iam pakistani virat is best iam saying


    Impressed by new Pakistan team hi five to our brothers❤👍


    Impressed by new Pakistan team hi five to our brothers❤👍


    Impressed by new Pakistan team hi five to our brothers❤👍

  • Soccer Tube
    Soccer Tube

    Good to see Crowd after covid

  • Noreen Fatima
    Noreen Fatima

    Wht a match man maza agya 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • online youtube
    online youtube

    Pakistan loses waah mazza aa gya

  • Pragadeish S
    Pragadeish S

    Mohammad Hafeez is the only active cricketer who started his career during Inzamam's era 🏏

    • Musawir Ahmed
      Musawir Ahmed

      @Rushikesh Patil agha Salman , saud Shakeel

    • Aryan Rana
      Aryan Rana

      Mithail raj

    • Rushikesh Patil
      Rushikesh Patil

      @Hafiz Hasnain Ashraf koi talent nahi nikal raha kya psl se jo hafeez ko replace kar sakhe ?

    • Hafiz Hasnain Ashraf
      Hafiz Hasnain Ashraf

      @rajat arora in 2020 highest scorer tha beta avg 83.3

    • Muhammad Abdul moiz
      Muhammad Abdul moiz

      @rajat arora bhai apna time aaye ga

  • dhananjaya lakshan
    dhananjaya lakshan


  • m adil husain m adil husain
    m adil husain m adil husain

    Love ma mach🤩

  • Gaming by Ahmad
    Gaming by Ahmad

    If we had scored 170 atleast we could have won the sereis

    • banner sphinx
      banner sphinx

      @Gaming by Ahmad 😂 no need to get upset, just giving you some information.

    • Gaming by Ahmad
      Gaming by Ahmad

      @banner sphinx ok bro i dont know anything me jahil hu thik hai khush happy now?

    • banner sphinx
      banner sphinx

      @Gaming by Ahmad you don't understand still, if it was 170 runs required, they would have tried bigger shots 2 over earlier itself. Every cricket team aims for run rate required per over. Few runs don't make much difference, if it was 170 total still last over won't be need 21 runs of 7 balls. It would be max 7-8 runs of 7 balls.

    • Gaming by Ahmad
      Gaming by Ahmad

      @banner sphinx at the last our bowling was at his best thats why i am sayin agar thora score or bn jata then we could have won male sense

    • banner sphinx
      banner sphinx

      cricket doesnt work like that. they play according to the target, if the score was 170 they would have try to hit big shot last over itself. they play according to the run rate require per over. may be 190 or above 200 would be better.

  • Yash Tiwari
    Yash Tiwari


    • Yash Tiwari
      Yash Tiwari

      @vbddfy euuyt he was hitting those sixes MASSIVELY

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      The turning point of this match was Livingstones 1 ball six.. and the match turns in his favor.. And who forget tht this is actually his serious

  • K K
    K K

    Good fight from Pakistan but well done England

    • Religion Christian
      Religion Christian


  • Minecraft Player
    Minecraft Player

    no matter pak played really well

  • Seerat e mustaqeem ...
    Seerat e mustaqeem ...

    Pakistan always give tough time to England

  • Rafi Ullah
    Rafi Ullah

    Wow whatta thrilling highlight. It make me so emotional when Pakistan came back in the game strongly.

    • Religion Christian
      Religion Christian


  • Ariful Islam
    Ariful Islam

    Pakistan cricket is getting better day by day ,,,, ! Miss the 90's furious pace attack

  • hayat khan
    hayat khan

    Shoaib Malik team Mai hona chahye

  • Navindra Paul
    Navindra Paul

    Funny how clowns hating on a Highlight vid lol