Trash Talker Dragged Us Across THE PAVEMENT & Tried To Start a FIGHT!! Ballislife Squad HEATED 5v5!
The Ballislife East Coast Squad pulled up to Copeland Park and things got a bit out of hand.. So much physical play and dirty fouls. At one point Travis got dragged across the court by the person who fouled him. Definitely one of the most heated runs we've had so far!
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نظر: 6 504
  • MyRandomLife

    Shout out to Lil bro being humble and articulate! Someone raising him right

    • Lxck _DF
      Lxck _DF

      @✝️JESUS IS REAL✝️ Amens's Lords's.

    • Lxck _DF
      Lxck _DF

      @✝️JESUS IS REAL✝️ ens's Lords's.

    • 1000 subs for pizza?
      1000 subs for pizza?


    • CommanderVenus1983

      Words of a 30 year old man coming out of a little boy. Someone’s definitely raising him right.

    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis

      Give it time.

  • AyeJamie

    3:23 That kid is so humble I hope he makes it to the league one day 🤞🏾

    • Ghoulers

      @Alby he did for protection he didn’t want to be in that gang life but it’s good he didn’t get too indulged

    • Alby

      ​@bruvify nah we know DeMar kinda went down that path but chose basketball over the streets while still giving them love

    • bruvify

      let's hope he doesn't go to the dark side..... (I'm not saying a racist pun, please don't misunderstand it)

  • Know Thyself
    Know Thyself

    14:50 this guy had the nerve to say "chill bro" after he just dragged a player on the ground like a madman What a lame and ridiculous behaviour, he should've been smacked

    • Know Thyself
      Know Thyself

      @That's Alex Podcast didn't seem like it to me but even if it was the case, his reaction would still be childish. Only a fool would ask the friend of someone he just disrespected so blatantly, to chill. Or someone who's very afraid.

    • That's Alex Podcast
      That's Alex Podcast

      The guy in blue starks shirt started tbh

  • rhuttner12

    It always annoyed me when people that have have never been in a physical altercation, or has no idea how to fight, have the audacity to put their hands on somebody. One day that man is going to put his hands on a face that belongs to someone who can fight…

    • HXHdevilman

      @dlscnd qp well I'm 13 and from the knowledge I have learned from the Internet the American school system sucks so no I don't know what a latter and former means

    • dlscnd qp
      dlscnd qp

      @HXHdevilman lol if anyone asks what is wrong with America, just show them this comment and the thread. You really don't know what former and latter mean?

    • J Silva
      J Silva

      @HXHdevilman You said “Wait do people who don’t know how to fight annoy you?” “Or do people who start stuff and don’t know how to fight”. In a statement the first option is referred to as the FORMER and the second option is referred to as the LATTER. He meant the LATTER, people who start stuff and don’t know how to fight.

    • HXHdevilman

      @J Silva what

  • master cobra
    master cobra

    Sometimes I just think of what kind of horrendous shit could be going on in some their lives to behave in such an embarrassing way. not that it's an excuse, just my god the creatures were out for this one.

  • Flowr Clothing
    Flowr Clothing

    one court you got a basketball game then on the other court you got a boxing ring... at this park you got it all

    • Disturbedwaves

      @Reginald Alex Whitening turn the murderers into Mike Tyson’s huh 🤔 ….. I like it

    • Joe Shcmoe
      Joe Shcmoe

      Playing basketball is fun

    • U BigJoka 2020
      U BigJoka 2020

      That’s what goes on in hood

    • weareallanimals

      One question....who's the one with the poodle haircut and the headband?

    • Maryet Gumban
      Maryet Gumban

      @Jaron Roberts ĺl

  • Nick Hosto
    Nick Hosto

    Much respect to these guys. excellent display of pure athleticism. Wish I could be there to see it in person. Ill bring the grill and beer next time yall ball out.

  • Ghost

    14:49 this man ran up just to mess with him lmao

  • Dakota Chaney
    Dakota Chaney

    I wanna go learn how to play basketball but everyone seem so damn mean 💀

  • Mista 808
    Mista 808

    3:45 Rumor has it he's still on the court repeatedly saying "WATCH YOUR MOUTH!" Someone bring the poor soul some food!

  • Kornell Slade
    Kornell Slade

    That lil boy going to go far in life very humble he has my blessing

    • Outragedrock859

      Why the violence

    • Black Pilled Gargamel
      Black Pilled Gargamel

      He was cute kid

    • Joel Butternugget
      Joel Butternugget

      who are you god?

    • Woozy'Q Da'Trill
      Woozy'Q Da'Trill

      Yo that young kid is* going places

    • Irshad Ali
      Irshad Ali

      Your "Blessing" 🤣🤣 I'm Dead...

  • That's Alex Podcast
    That's Alex Podcast

    On the first altercation Travis pushed the guy and when the guy pulled his leg, it was because Travis kicked him. You guys are very good, but be careful with who you pick to stay on your side. Also, shout-out to the little guy on the other team. That boy can score.

  • Dul

    The first game proves someone on the sideline needs to be keeping score 😂

    • G S
      G S

      @Carlito yeah they did notice that's why it got so salty. I think they thought they could still beat them anyway. Thet point guard on the other team was class. Serious player.

    • Carlito

      I thought i was the only one that noticed. They lost and no one noticed

  • Hellboys Greaser Garage
    Hellboys Greaser Garage

    Mad respect big time! When you argue and cant see eye to eye put on the gloves like real men 30 second backyard boogie! RESPECT

  • Yrn Luke
    Yrn Luke

    14:09 slim came in clutch with that fast break. Being an athlete I can feel the tunnel vision just watching it

  • Jake Hermes
    Jake Hermes

    There’s more ego on this court than I’ve had in my entire life combined

    • 2nd Tooth
      2nd Tooth

      The lil humble kid at beginning was the biggest adult on the court lol

    • KingsColas

      Just One of them guys had enough ego in that 1 day to last a person an entire lifetime lol!

    • TW

      @Side Bite bro, the Guys they are playing are not

    • Side Bite
      Side Bite

      @TW They are getting paid. From viewers like you. 👍👏

  • Bum Broke
    Bum Broke

    Shout out to lil man! Keep that attitude. You’ll do great in life, even if basketball isn’t your calling, be great at whatever you do!

  • Jacob T
    Jacob T

    the guy in the first game with a dark grey shirt had shooting skills, mad props to him

  • Jlos Pubes
    Jlos Pubes

    14:47 man ran up looked at him and left😂😂😂

    • X

      So random

    • akshay suresh
      akshay suresh


    • Yves Pantaleon
      Yves Pantaleon


    • Yves Pantaleon
      Yves Pantaleon


  • ken

    I like that you guys dont let a mouth intimidate and you beat them where it counts.

  • yousef qazi
    yousef qazi

    The talk with the 5th grader was so wholesome hope he gets somewhere in life

    • BERTRAM Lawrence Jr
      BERTRAM Lawrence Jr


    • Xxrmi_danielxX

      Fax bless him🙏🏽✝️‼️

    • K Bram
      K Bram

      He will

    • Ťhìŕty Ønê
      Ťhìŕty Ønê

      He’s Already There 💯

    • JC11

      @Cris_fl 3:30

  • Elmer Duran
    Elmer Duran

    The parents of that little boy in the beginning should be very proud of him, they're raising him right.

  • Cody Williams
    Cody Williams

    “Giraffes don’t have arms.” bro idk why I laughed so hard at that.

  • Conrad7723

    love the dude who's mind was constantly blown. "OH MY GOD" lmao

  • Alexander León
    Alexander León

    No hablo casi ingles, pero este equipo es lo maximo, juegan mucho felicidades!

  • piercedriver1

    That little guy in the beginning the guy was asking questions to was very polite and mannerly and articulate refreshing to see youth with respect. He’s gonna be somebody someday. Whomever raised him has mad skills.

    • Stefano Bajos
      Stefano Bajos

      Very refreshing

    • Fear The Lightskin
      Fear The Lightskin

      @frieddayfriday lol. It just goes to show how fucked up society really is.

    • frieddayfriday

      yep this is the time when being polite youre going to be somebody someday. lol

    • JB

      @the ugly duckling he was joking

    • the ugly duckling
      the ugly duckling

      @Carlos Mariscal ok... let him grow into the athlete or person he aspires.. stop putting comps on prepubescent kids.

  • Mr Hockey
    Mr Hockey

    I remember being the hardest dude in the park and man do I miss 2nd grade. There is nothing better then never making pro and talking trash while doing it.

  • KingsColas

    10:15 I'm surprised they just didn't roll the camera back and see for themselves. 🤦‍♂️

  • Gabes World
    Gabes World

    Duke is the man. Like how he has his homies back is legit

  • Levi Clarke
    Levi Clarke

    Bro flinched after smacking his hand then and thought he was gonna hit him back 🤣 8:47

  • L A
    L A

    damn that 5th grader answer was so honest I guarantee you he goes pro if he stays humble and keeps the father first he's straight

    • Maya Laku
      Maya Laku

      @Coreyaintzero Keeps you more grounded when shit goes south. A trait many elite players have.

    • eliasiscold

      @Shahzad I. 3:20

    • Shahzad I.
      Shahzad I.

      What part kf the video did a 5th grader show up i think i missed it

    • Coreyaintzero

      Being humble don’t get you to the nba, skill and talent does

  • Shawn Gaertner
    Shawn Gaertner

    Pretty painful to watch some of these clowns!

  • Kenny Dase
    Kenny Dase

    This is exactly why I stopped liking street ball. The arguing constantly and fights over a game. It killed it for me in my late 20's.

    • Kenny Dase
      Kenny Dase

      @Sagittarius 🏹, exactly. I let the game do the talking.

    • Sagittarius 🏹
      Sagittarius 🏹

      @Kenny Dase yeah that's what I'm talking about, mouth keep talking I'm just silent and beat them

    • Kenny Dase
      Kenny Dase

      @Sagittarius 🏹, I could deal with getting fouled and even getting hit and bleeding. Rough play is okay. I've been hit and kept playing. However, some people stop and wine over everything. They delay the game and others are waiting to play. People fought over minor things, too. Someone would call someone a name and they'd literally fight over that. People tried to fight me because I scored on them clean and supposedly I cheated.

    • Sagittarius 🏹
      Sagittarius 🏹

      Part of the game, in our country we played no blood no foul we play to cash out 🤣

  • NorthFaceAzzy 93
    NorthFaceAzzy 93

    Bruv it's the lesson of it a boy growing and becoming a man the most humbling lesson I learnt that there's always someone better than you therefore always room for improvement keep it up bros🤙🏼

  • Alé Kane
    Alé Kane

    Humble kid hope he keeps that energy

  • Krystin Grant
    Krystin Grant

    Whoever is raising that lil boy. Standing ovation

    • RomEanoVEVO

      All Africans act and are raised like that the fact ppl don’t know that is crazy

    • Karate Chap
      Karate Chap

      facts, momma of the big dude with the tampa shirt gotta take notes

    • Wezweznaod


  • Foxtrot6624

    You guys started every fight in this 😭😭😭 Long haired dude only dragged that guys legs cause he kicked out lmao

  • j.okroi AG
    j.okroi AG

    I remember days like these. We would go to the game talking trash, start trouble, get into fights. It was real chaos. But... we had to all leave that behind when we got out of elementary and went to High School.

  • Boogie Scarred
    Boogie Scarred

    I love how they had his back when he dragged him

  • Gustavo Lara
    Gustavo Lara

    I love how they’re just casually scrapping in the background 😂

  • Itsmedez 1701
    Itsmedez 1701


    • Max Z
      Max Z

      Sounds like Kevin hart lol

    • gccannon 718
      gccannon 718

      "Mike Dunleavy...ay I see you Mike Dunleavy" 😂😂😂

    • CrossovaTV

      Dude sounds like boosie 🤣

    • Cristóbal Vera
      Cristóbal Vera

      this Z boys gettin anoying ASL

    • Quincy

      @JD Kingsley “gen z stupid” proceeds to use lol 💀💀💀

  • PaintedWOLF

    Shocking behavior!!! Who would have ever thought that type of the ng would have happened there!?!?


    09:26 exactly how we end up playing from the start

  • Logan B.
    Logan B.

    "Ima embarass you out here boy" says 15 times and all he is doing is embarrassing himself

  • Trenten Wollmer
    Trenten Wollmer

    Travis every time he goes up with someone on defense: “BLLOOCCKKEEDD” 😂

  • niktve

    This the weirdest match I've ever seen We got a one-armed dude, a New York-shirt wearing meth-addict, fat Italian Hercules and his brother, and there are fights going on right next to all this

    • Sam Traygis
      Sam Traygis

      And then we got you writing from your mommy's basement writing about it ya definitely strange.... Oh and you forgot the alcoholic on the sidelines 😭😭😭

    • sahq

      @Bilbo Swaggins he was Greek but aight

    • Ishbu101

      Where is this place

    • berush

      they are from turkey bro fr fr

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay

    To be fair, i think you guys escalated that situation. Also: who brings boxing gloves to a court... Trash people

  • Miles Cuñha
    Miles Cuñha

    14:37 it was a clean crash they both had their eyes locked on the ball since before the ball hit the rim.

  • Given

    18:45 I think he meant "gloves coming off" but the idea of him just taking his shoes off when he gets serious is hilarious

  • OG_Gaming19

    9:34 duke reactions is priceless 😭😂🙏🏾😂😭😂😭😂❤️

  • Bennett Walsh
    Bennett Walsh

    That fifth grader ain’t getting as much love as he should, mans is more humble than 90% of ballers and he’s in fifth grade.

    • Cris_fl

      @Kaiwyd @ 3:20

    • Kaiwyd

      Wait when?

    • Matt Holland
      Matt Holland

      @Jordan no lie 😂

    • Jordan

      literally every comment is about the 5th grader wym🤣

    • Cris_fl

      @unique_talents time stamp?

  • Mighty Quinn
    Mighty Quinn

    Damn the guy in the Knicks jersey was fouling the hell,out the big guy....props to him for not being soft and calling them


    Y’all dead ass lost and tried to confuse the score then started calling fouls 😭😭

  • Reuben Brooks
    Reuben Brooks

    I never knew everyone on the court played for the NBA, to much arrogance.

  • ksx

    6:05 this is exactly why i hate fools that stand on the court. you see how close the ball handler came to rolling his ankle on the bystanders foot all bcuz he couldn't watch from a few feet further back?

  • APandasJuicebox

    2k need to make that a park, imagine running 3s and see niggas throwing hands Consensually in the background

    • Drew Crank
      Drew Crank


    • Vincent


    • G Evans
      G Evans


    • Hashma Castillo
      Hashma Castillo

      @Live Deliciously I’m just

    • Hashma Castillo
      Hashma Castillo

      @Live Deliciously I’m o

  • Javion Williams
    Javion Williams

    14:38 NGL he could do that to me we would've been in the back with the glove's 🥊


    I don't mind the dragging on floor, if you man up and say "hell ya i did it, what you going to do" but he retracted real quick lol

  • Cktime ThirtyTwo
    Cktime ThirtyTwo

    Imagine if they didn’t repeat them selves. I wonder if they’d run out of shit to say 😂

  • Christos Sp
    Christos Sp

    14:39... He extends his legs, trying to hit the hairy guy... Totally intentional. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable.. he was dragged from the foot for a right reason.

    • VIKING

      he was trying to get his leg out of the way....

  • Karate Chap
    Karate Chap

    there's always one big dude who don't know how to play so he just rough everybody up and say he "just playing physical"

    • Hunter Brandel
      Hunter Brandel

      I mean to be fair the guy tried to kick him as well but they won’t talk about that

    • B J
      B J

      @Gabriel Lloyd get in my belleh

    • Gabriel Lloyd
      Gabriel Lloyd


  • Mez

    Lmfaoooo I love the brodie that was dancing every time someone was going crazy. Bring him in more games

  • Same Name
    Same Name

    You totally lost that first game!!! And you know it. When you hit that deep shot you had 9 that had 10. They hit their next shot which made 11. You did not go undefeated fakes.

    • King Makaveli
      King Makaveli

      @520johnaltman they don’t play win by two

    • 520johnaltman

      Win by 2 anyway 🤷‍♂️

    • heybulldog90

      What annoys me with these dudes is that their whole job is just playing pick up ball at parks, like just buy a damn scoreboard. Better yet there’s scoreboard apps for their phone.

  • Issac Mccloud
    Issac Mccloud

    CRYINGGGGGGGG they lost the first game 😂😂

  • Miami Yusuf
    Miami Yusuf

    Whoever raised that little 5th grader did a great job. Just makes you smile

  • Andrew Tejada
    Andrew Tejada

    Cameraman wanted all the smoke bruh😂😂😂 “you know where im from” “no we dont” “i got a dance for ya” “thats like the fifth time”

    • TTS

      @Dave Arts cameraman definitely keeps a Glock and/or somebody with them they’re targets already I don’t think he’d just talk like that for no reason 😂😂😭😭😭😈😈💯💯💯😈

    • Dave Arts
      Dave Arts

      @baluga senpai lol maybe

    • Dave Arts
      Dave Arts

      @Bigmac27sauce I’m not saying I would go out of my way to fight them, but he was definitely instigating a situation ya know.. makes for great content tho NGL

    • Bigmac27sauce

      @Dave Arts You can say for you personally that being filmed might not change anything but 95% of these dudes aren't gonna do shit to begin with let alone in front of a camera.

    • RunicThor

      @Joel Davis what’s his channel

  • Starr Starr
    Starr Starr

    Dude at 14:07 had me crying 🤣why he come out the cut like that

  • alvarez0223

    Lol! “Throw a body into a N***!” 🤣🤣 I’m glad that he showed his respect to that guy!

  • M K
    M K

    Man if you're gonna throw gloves on at least go over in the grass. That pavement will do more damage than any of their throws will.

  • Carter Bammer
    Carter Bammer

    Random Dude: “Y’all know where I’m from” Camera Guy: “No we don’t know where your from” 😂

  • Llama Bahama
    Llama Bahama

    Some dude that says "I'll embarrass yo ass boy" a thousand times in a row is an embarrassment. Just keeps saying it to cover his embarrassment.

    • Pablo Pickasso
      Pablo Pickasso

      I HATE REPEATERS. You know they ain't got SHIT 2 say when they get STUCK in glitch mode and their mind just repeats the last phrase they said Over and over and over and over.

    • Matt

      Yea when ever anyone just repeats the same phrase over and over again louder and louder it’s obvious they don’t have the mental capacity to come up with something new

    • BERTRAM Lawrence Jr
      BERTRAM Lawrence Jr


    • SW Game
      SW Game

      LOL exactly.........he know he can't fight

    • Roman Fields
      Roman Fields

      He sounds like a woman.

  • SuperTyaga

    Being competitive is good... But, I thought basketball also supposed to be fun, respect one another and sportsmanship.... Or maybe it's changed nowadays

  • Kaydon Sama
    Kaydon Sama

    “cashapp, CASHAPP!!” Imma start using that 😭😂

  • Logan Shapiro-Shaw
    Logan Shapiro-Shaw

    Bro that little kid is humble. Good for him. Whoever is raising him is doing a good job.

  • Aidan AUS
    Aidan AUS

    6:07 Damn I thought he was boutta twist his ankle on the heckler

  • ClassicMist360

    20:21 "yall know where im from man i dont never do no camera drama or nun like that bro.." cameraman: "we dont, we dont know where youre from" LMAOO 😂😂😂😂😂 ballislife cameramen always be funny as hell

    • kobe

      @5chainz nah nah

    • 5chainz

      @kobe must be fs fs

    • kobe

      @5chainz nah nah

    • 5chainz

      @kobe maybe u blind

    • kobe

      @5chainz nah it ain't

  • qNa

    I like the 5iq banters, saying the same thing 15 times doesnt make it more true or hurtful. There aint no combobreakers irl.

  • Lillian Mitchell
    Lillian Mitchell

    The legend of Xxlike.Uno -snowquen's- is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

  • Moolaz

    LOLOL @ the boxing match. Keep the content coming @ballislife. I dont even know much about basketball (from Johannesburg) - but really enjoying your videos. That Reggie guy is all talk LOL!

  • MrSelfEnlightned

    Ballislife lost this one. Gave themselves 3 points 😂

    • Zerek Chavez
      Zerek Chavez

      @Carlito fr

    • Carlito

      Worst part is they cant take the L emberassing