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  • DKM


    • Daryon Charleson
      Daryon Charleson

      7th 6


      Subscribe 2 Me Basketball 🏀

    • Meeks

      Damn so Melo really gotta play in the number 2 jersey? I thought dude would give it to him 🤦🏽 it’s too late now huh DKM? Season about to start 😳

  • Andrew Vu
    Andrew Vu

    A small market like Charlotte was the best thing that could happen for melo

    • Mason.

      @Joel Embiid hahahahaha nobody moves to Charlotte when given a choice

    • Brandon Arita
      Brandon Arita

      @Joel Embiid 10 years? Proyects should just take 3/5 years.

    • YGN Slim
      YGN Slim

      @Sherwyn Cooper Da Baby an Stunna is the best thing to happen to CLT rn

    • Kaloha Gee
      Kaloha Gee

      @Joel Embiid Pelicans as well

    • IM N TURBO
      IM N TURBO

      Just here looking at all the NC dudes really offended because Cha is called a “small market” 😂😂 It’s not the size of your city guys It’s the value of the team and associated economics Charlotte ranks among the last in the NBA 🤷🏽‍♂️ it’s not personal 😂

  • Stefan21

    I don’t know why people is surprised he’s been like that

    • Joel Embiid
      Joel Embiid

      @Eliakim God Rises lol

    • Thereal Kese
      Thereal Kese

      @Eliakim God Rises I dam sho did them bitches was streamed live on Facebook

    • ExoTitanBaby

      He straight buns

    • ThRee

      @Eliakim God Rises nigga you got no life stfu pussy boi

    • AJSAVV.2

      He wasn’t cause he got to way Better

  • Swiggity ?
    Swiggity ?

    Been a hornets fan for years upon years, can finally say I'm happy with the direction we're going

  • SSD GoCrZy
    SSD GoCrZy

    I been telling people melo gon be nice for years everyone doubted him don’t hop on the bandwagon now💯

    • SSD GoCrZy
      SSD GoCrZy

      @L N yup I will

    • Carla Fulton
      Carla Fulton

      Exactly 💯

    • SSD GoCrZy
      SSD GoCrZy

      @L N come back when he not an all star he already dropped 18 tn

    • Hoopmania99

      @L N This kid's a better passer than Lonzo. His floor imo is Ben Simmons if he can learn to play some defense with his length. He'll be alright.

    • SSD GoCrZy
      SSD GoCrZy

      @cdf719990 everyone doubted him they doubted me for saying that...

  • DnD

    No cap Melo, Gordon Hayward and Devonte Graham are the trio we never knew we needed

    • Senpai

      @Dyce lmaoooo, Hayward is shit, even in his prime he was just OKAY. Past 2 seasons prove he is over the hill w the injuries and is a non factor. Do you even watch basketball? Anyways, good luck cheering for Gordo.

    • Gael AntuneZNunez
      Gael AntuneZNunez

      @Vinsanity fuck no wtf are you talking about the hornets have a better team than the Magic and Bulls stfu hornets making playoffs or play in this season

    • Vinsanity

      @Tim Nelcin less than that.

    • Vinsanity

      Team gonna be terrible. They need to get some better big men that can rebound and space the floor. They should have went after Demarcus Cousins and Crowder to mix with Melo and Hayward.

    • D Berry
      D Berry

      There defense will suck big time

  • Tyler Murray
    Tyler Murray

    This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my 6 years Of being a hornets fan I can’t wait to see the team in preseason on tv tomorrow mainly melo

  • Lee Barnes
    Lee Barnes

    He’s had a training camp. Of course he’s gonna be talked about in a positive way. He’s got a long way to go!

  • Softball 🥎 Middle Infielder 00 Ava Barker 2025
    Softball 🥎 Middle Infielder 00 Ava Barker 2025

    I can’t wait! I’ve been watching him since late high school. I didn’t believe the hype at first but after following him for many years, I believe it 1000% now...

  • Mohamed Nouadir
    Mohamed Nouadir

    I really like this Hornets team man. I wonder if they’ll end up trading Rozier and acquiring Pat Bev or Lou Williams to have more veteran guys. Graham already has the backup PG spot locked up and Hayward improves everything on the court. Don’t see where Rozier fits if he wants to start.

  • Awsomekidclutch

    The fact that he’s the second tallest on the starting lineup is just weird

    • Awsomekidclutch

      @Mario that’s what ESPN says

    • Mario

      He in the starting 5?

    • jayvvs Goat
      jayvvs Goat

      Fr, always thought of him as one of the smallest ones on the court

    • tony taylor
      tony taylor

      look according to his dad lamelo might not be done growing . Lamelo's uncle the younger brother of lavar he kept on a growing into his 20s could be the case for lamelo. point 2 li angelo is at 6ft 5 means he grew in his 20s

  • Hodor

    Not going to lie DKM a couple months ago I was sus about your content, but after binge watching your videos I’ve gained a whole new respect for your grind and content 💪🏾🔥

  • m greene
    m greene

    I think lithuania helped melo realize how important being a good teammate and having good relationships with them which was good

  • vafinest1099

    I've been following this kid from start, he's a legend in the making. His assist game is on POINT and he's a sharp shooter like Steph curry.

    • bharrisn

      @vafinest1099 that’s fine bro, I’ll still respond. It was actually 25% in the NBL. so I was wrong :-). I love you, have a great day!

    • vafinest1099

      @bharrisn obviously you haven't followed him enough to talk about it so this will be my only response to you.😂

    • bharrisn

      He’s a GREAT passer. But he’s not a sharp shooter like steph come on man lol. Shot like 30% from 3 overseas. Dude is gonna be serious in the NBA but let’s not get carried away

  • LightHouse Photography
    LightHouse Photography

    The Ball's are a Great family! Give tons of credit to Lavar and Tina for being a now 5 time parents of the year. They are the blueprint.

  • 1 G
    1 G

    The Rockets are my team, but I always pick 4 other teams that catch my eye and are an interesting team. Those are the Pelicans, Suns, Grizzlies , and now, the Hornets.

  • Luwadin Bam
    Luwadin Bam

    'Everyone going to use the ball bros for ratings.' -New subscriber.

    • Luwadin Bam
      Luwadin Bam

      @DKM Thanks. Continue flooding the media with these vids.

    • DKM


  • Ernest Brown2
    Ernest Brown2

    Been a hornets fan for the longest & this year they'll ball out playoffs yes!

  • Gerald Charles
    Gerald Charles

    Lavar Ball made him tough and appreciative by making him play in Eastern Europe Australia and Detroit in high school instead of easier hotter climates. Now he's happy to be in Charlotte while most young players may not be excited to be a hornet lavar did a great job

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Idk how I missed this upload but damn this one did numbers, I love to see it DKM 🙏🏻👀👀👀 Buzz City

  • scRUAM

    I want Melos view on how the G league or other basketball groups he played with, would stand against the NBA.

  • Don't choke On your aspirations director
    Don't choke On your aspirations director

    I’m not gonna dip head over heels into the hype I’m excited to see Melo succeed in the Nba hell I’m excited to see all the ball brothers succeed in the nba but I was never really that in to hyping up players I keep my expectations low

  • Young Don
    Young Don

    People act like he want attention dude just loves playing and we love to watch him play 💯💯

  • FT2

    So excited for their first game

  • theboss isgreat
    theboss isgreat

    Surprised I think NOT! Ever since he grew to 6,9 the man has shown so much potential. People need to understand he going to be the real deal. Obviously he’s still growing and only time will tell but bright future for this kid.

  • DJ Lotam
    DJ Lotam

    Literally been a fan of the ball brothers since 2013, probably the most exciting season for me since the GS won in 2015

  • William Klaus
    William Klaus

    NBA rookie with a diamond grill gonna get that instant respect

    • icewater206

      @William Klaus cap

    • Mike Kickyoazz
      Mike Kickyoazz

      So your telling me if I buy diamond grillz I'm gonna get respect from everybody (HELL YEA)!!!!!

    • TRIBEY

      @William Klaus haha fair enough bro, hard to read tone in a comment! Glad we on the same page...this kid gonna get attacked hard by the Pat Beverley’s of this world for sure 😂

    • Red Stoppa
      Red Stoppa

      @TRIBEY But all hoopers got bread, that don't sound right.

    • William Klaus
      William Klaus

      @TRIBEY I agree with you, sarcasm my friend

  • Abdullah Sediqi
    Abdullah Sediqi

    You have been a vocal supporter of the Ball family for quite sometime, it would be awesome if you got an exclusive interview

    • Mohamed Abdullahi
      Mohamed Abdullahi

      I 2nd that. All the channels that cover the brilliant ball brothers usually based on opinions. You have facts and provide the sources

  • junny16

    he's been dropping dimes to scrubs his whole life. Now he's playing with the best bunch in the world

    • EliteTV

      @Kfloz - plus the kid keeps just growing, many people have done videos on and reports on how he’s about 6’ 9” now (w/ shoes) that’s a guard with forward size.. kinda reminds me of Ben Simmons being a PG with forward size.. although lamelo is gonna need to grow some mass to be the size of Ben.. but he’s growing into that size.. he really does seem like a cheap Ben Simmons with a okay jump shot.

    • Kfloz

      @ABBAManon his mass will come. Im sure his trainers are gonna pump him with calories

    • ABBAManon

      but will be playing against the best in the world who are much stronger and more athletic then him.

  • Galen Claybrooks
    Galen Claybrooks

    Like I always say we have to see what lamelo looks like against nba defense and his in game decisions. Practice is practice , Ben Simmons looks like a 3 pointer shooter in practice ... you catch my drift

  • lagos

    They need to get Zo, Melo, Gelo and onyeka okongwu on the same nba team. It will be just like 2015-16 chino hills and they will easily bring home a championship

  • Mike Lliteras
    Mike Lliteras

    The first time I saw these 3, he was 10 maybe, 12? And I thought then that he was the best of them. All the videos of him since then, haven’t changed my mind. He will end up being the best of the 3.

  • martin sloan
    martin sloan

    When an NBA coach call s you "elite" he means it.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia

    Not a ball fam fan but I hope it goes good for him 👍🏻

  • henry manahan
    henry manahan

    There will be all time great highlights coming from charlotte in the following months

  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown

    DKM Awesome content man im from UK not many do news on basketball from united kingdom salute to you!, Are the pre season games in the bubble or there official arenas ?

  • SB2x 23
    SB2x 23


    • NC Pantherology
      NC Pantherology

      Just a regular dude that make videos smh

    • Li_Moody00

      @Lithuanian Ball hello on the pistons tho....

    • Lithuanian Ball
      Lithuanian Ball

      @DKM we also dont need to forget that bbb as a brand pretty much dead. Lonzo doing some random as shit with fucking APOLLO XDD Melo no one knows dafaq he on. Puma i guess? Gelo no one really even cared about. And they all have kinda boring personalities. One lavar is relevent then he speaks. i dont know... we will see whats happens further.

    • Lithuanian Ball
      Lithuanian Ball

      @DKM bro first always respect to you. We europeans support each other like no one else. But you mainly known for BBB content, atleast for me. People who throught the years talked Shit about their hype dying are stupid. But i think this could be the year they really take a big hit. If lonzo is same as boring player, gelo def aint making nba and lamelo looking nothing interesting it could be sad

    • Raymond Gutierrez
      Raymond Gutierrez

      He's ight

  • Referee Javontay
    Referee Javontay

    Guys I know yall wanna see melo start but don’t be surprised if they bring him off the bench. Hornets do really like the Rozier + Graham combo . I would not be surprised if they start to play a 3 guard line up like okc did.

  • Jmoney

    I've never seen a youtuber that knows more about lamelo than ESPN

    • J D
      J D

      @Jmoney facts bro, i'm a fan of all of them but it's different with Melo because he was really that little HS kid not so long ago now he's the tallest one.

    • Jmoney

      @J D facts bro, but how can we not be a fan of dude we really watched him grow up. he got true talent💪

    • J D
      J D

      @Jmoney true, but I think he's genuinely a fan.

    • Jmoney

      @J D he does the same

    • J D
      J D

      ESPN’s job isn’t to know stuff, their job is to report controversy.

  • T.N.T Rich
    T.N.T Rich

    I’m a nets fan but I can’t wait to see melo play bruh 🤷‍♂️

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez

    Is it me or has every new player or players from this upcoming generation look really good, like if all of these new players evolved a long time ago 🤔

  • Stevzn

    LaMelo Ball is a 6’8 point guard. Y’all fail to realize he will be in the same level as MAGIC JOHNSON.

    • H

      @Turd Ferguson yep he got those crafty pass

    • Turd Ferguson
      Turd Ferguson

      @Dscore his passing creativity can be magic like nothing else though

    • Dscore

      anyone with a human brain, even if they don't know anything about basketball, knows that lamelo will not be the same level or better than Magic johnson

    • Turd Ferguson
      Turd Ferguson

      @Dee Hines naa they don’t but mello is talented no doubt

    • Dee Hines
      Dee Hines

      @Turd Ferguson being a 6'8 pg doesn't automatically put you on magic Johnsons level and that's not a diss to lamelo. These Ball stans just don't have logic...

  • corrupz _zigie
    corrupz _zigie

    "Boys been in his bad since 16"😂😂😂

  • Fat Anthony
    Fat Anthony

    If Melo got hops and grit he would be a dangerous rookie

  • Glxtchxn

    In other news too, Liangelo is also liked by the Head Coach of the Pistons

  • TTC Wally
    TTC Wally

    This reminds me on 2k13 when I got drafted to the suns I had a billboard with my photo on it and the crowd loved me

  • denetta27

    “We don’t know because we didn’t care about these men back then” 🤣💯💯

  • KayCole _
    KayCole _

    I’ve said it since watching melo on Oprah side channel back in the chino hills days he was gon be serious when he get to the NBA but a bunch of people ain’t believe me

  • Stu ray
    Stu ray

    I couldn't agree more with your early statements about the Balls and small markets.These guys are money.Would love to see all of then on the same team one day.You wanna talk good for the NBA.

  • Fatality

    im more excited for hornets first game than clippers vs lakers tmrw

  • Becoming The Next
    Becoming The Next

    People are suprised cuz they wanted him to fail😭

  • b

    that boy on my fantasy team✊

  • Bach

    Hearing this from you is very comforting. Big things coming

  • Maurice Hamrick
    Maurice Hamrick


  • Jaomi

    7:03 Hornets GM: Hey Gordon, the teams going to meet at the gym for the melo interview. Make sure you show up. Gordon: No

  • Dale F
    Dale F

    Melo gonna ball out!!

  • Jeff Ortiz
    Jeff Ortiz

    I always said melo was the best player of the 3

  • Kuhle Ngcongo
    Kuhle Ngcongo

    You know how smart they are when it comes to the media, all the bad things we heard about Melo was just a lie

  • SoIcyPullin

    I been rocking with the ball brothers specially mello got some bbb merch 😂

  • J D
    J D

    Seems like lamelos old team members were just jealous...

    • Simon Chang
      Simon Chang

      @Mike Kickyoazz I think he’s referring to the nbl

    • Mike Kickyoazz
      Mike Kickyoazz

      What do you mean ?

  • Eli Cold
    Eli Cold

    You are one of the best basketball content creators can’t wait to see ah million subscribers 🥳🥳

    • Lithuanian Ball
      Lithuanian Ball

      BBB hype content creators you mean XD

  • Christopher Fitzgerald
    Christopher Fitzgerald

    Terry rozier talking like he knows he lost his starting spot

    • LeBron Megatron James- Brady
      LeBron Megatron James- Brady


    • Quynton Slayden
      Quynton Slayden

      @Nito Shadow defense. Never heard of her😂

    • tmacfan213

      @Giannis Antetokounmpo No not at all another casual fan talking out his ass just because he's got the height dide thinks sure play him at the 3 that'll work.

    • pcortezj

      @Nito Shadow same. Not saying he’s bad but he was jacking 😂 def a big time shot maker and decent playmaker. Interested in seeing his progression. I just think melo might get the nod

    • Nito Shadow
      Nito Shadow

      @pcortezj I been high on him since Kansas so i might be a lil bias but he tuff

  • Jonah P
    Jonah P

    BUZZ CITY about to be a playoff team 🐝🔥

  • Kent Lawrence Maceda
    Kent Lawrence Maceda

    DKM next video should be about Gelo without Melo. Like in the JBA world tour. How did he do without Melo?

  • Excess

    On 2k idk if this is it on next gen but regular gen they have him listed as 6’6 I saw

  • Antonio Munoz
    Antonio Munoz

    Dkm waaaaassss uuuuuuuuppp💯🔥 keep grinding brother 💪🏻

  • caleb adjei
    caleb adjei

    DKM is the real deal !!! My Gee!!!

  • Kevin Flo
    Kevin Flo

    What do you predict Lamelo's season averages to be? pts/reb/ast and fg%, 3pt% ft%

  • -_-

    I'm gonna be mad if they will choose rozier over lamelo as a starter cuz if you look at it it's gonna be awkward if graham and rozier will start as backcourt cuz they are both 6'1 bruh melo 6'8 and skill wise melo can facilitate the team with his height advantage

  •  Lift and Play
    Lift and Play

    Dude Melo and his whole family are legit, Supercool, met him at are local Circle K!

    •  Lift and Play
      Lift and Play

      @END TIMES MILITIA lol it really is busted


      Damn Melo told me that he hates Circle K because they're slushy machine is always out of order.

  • Trigga_1 Trey
    Trigga_1 Trey

    Melo BEEN that 💪🏾🔥

  • Ben Hart Art
    Ben Hart Art

    I’m sure he should be able to pass the ball in a training session bruv

  • Kilduce

    I can’t wait to get all of the ball brother jerseys

  • Sp3cko Gaming
    Sp3cko Gaming

    I’m hoping he’ll add some flare to the offense

  • Souya

    Lamelo debut he’s gonna have 23p/5/reb/4assists/1steal Probably on 27 min time

  • K1NG KDl
    K1NG KDl

    The hornets light blue and black jersey that says buzz city is my favorite one fosho

  • Jason Nunez
    Jason Nunez

    Can’t wait to see Lonzo guard Melo

  • teej

    lamelo is insanely good and is humble and rarely talks shit. thats how you know he's actually good.

  • Proud Scottish lad
    Proud Scottish lad

    Melo is by far the best of the bros, this kid is special and if gelo makes the pistons proper it will be because of his bros hype which is more desereved than lonzos ever was.

    • ABBAManon

      Lonzo plays both ends of the court and is a better shooter.

  • nissan1580sx

    the best to happen to him is to get drafted by Charlotte. he can grow his game there. he can get some tutelage from MJ.

  • Sad Souls
    Sad Souls

    Bro really added melo's hair to make him 6'9 😂

    • Josh Meyer
      Josh Meyer

      @Sad Souls yes

    • Sad Souls
      Sad Souls

      Can I kindly as everyone to stop liking my comment as I transcended to having 69 likes on a comment about Melo being 6'9?

    • Max Manzo
      Max Manzo

      I’m 5’ 7 and I add my hair and shoes to say I’m 5’ 9” it’s nothing new

    • Josh Meyer
      Josh Meyer

      @nehemiah parishthe hornets which is an nba team which is requried to list the height of a player WITH NO SHOES the nba has been strict with the heights so it means he 6'8 with no shoes which makes him 6'9 with shoes

    • Carter Thompson
      Carter Thompson

      @Agent2x00 skip to 0:30 and terry rozier says he’s 6’6 or 6’7

  • Nick Pupillo
    Nick Pupillo

    he is 6' 8 and his handles are filthy. he can do everything and will be an elite player. if he stays healthy that's just a fact.

  • Kmani Pusey
    Kmani Pusey

    Melo the type to stay in the gym to 1am just fucking around and getting some good runs also🤣🤣

  • Kmani Pusey
    Kmani Pusey

    I literally watched the progression of Cody seller lose his hair 😂😂

  • nay_buxks

    Lamelo a grown man🏀

  • Bubs Arcade Fighters
    Bubs Arcade Fighters

    Well see if he surprises everyone in the regular season. I hope he does good but well see...he has to develop a 3 and NBA is not the Australian league 🤣😂

  • malcolm potter
    malcolm potter

    Isn’t this exact same thing they thought about Lonzo ?! What about him getting his shot off ?! He may end being the exact same player as his brother.

  • Asafo87

    The last child is usually the most successful so I'm not surprised at the praise he's been getting. Being the youngest of his brothers means that he was able to learn from their mistakes and comes into the league already being aware of what is expected.


    I wish nba players was as nice like right now than like when lebron first played no one liked him on his team and now he’s one of the best players everr

  • Tolu Bewaji
    Tolu Bewaji

    This man don’t miss, let’s fix the narrative!

  • yanuel cruz
    yanuel cruz

    are we just gonna ignore the fact that MJ selected the son of the guy who said he would beat him in a 1v1

  • Raque Fiel Baroña
    Raque Fiel Baroña

    Im a big fan of lomelo since HS

  • AIR T
    AIR T

    Much respect to Kupchak as a Laker fan, but he wasn't helping Kobe at all during his last years, He doesn't have the clout, I am very surprised Jordan hired him. He should be Like we took this Kid #3 and we are gonna give him every opportunity to see what he's about and fill our seats up with Fans, stop sounding scripted and robotic bruh

  • Shawn Hall
    Shawn Hall

    He doesnt look 6'8" next to Graham

  • Chris vanover
    Chris vanover

    Just the content I was looking for

  • Z Ber
    Z Ber

    People underrate the NBL. Melo did well there. It’s not a development league and has a higher standard than college. People are playing for their livelihood there so there is more pressure and less time to show what you got. RJ Hampton got shown up there. Melo played with a scoring NBA level guard there so can fit with other guards.

  • Lynneage

    I don’t think this would be the best fit for him unless he doesn’t get enough mins

  • Meari P
    Meari P

    LaMelo will need to get pass all the other up and coming talents in NBA don't forget that... he's just famous coz of his brothers and father

  • Cantrell Lee
    Cantrell Lee

    The Charlotte Hornets slowly building they team

  • Connor Saxton
    Connor Saxton

    He's proving people who doubted him wrong at every level?? What about Lithuania

    • Serenity in silence
      Serenity in silence

      Lithuania is a joke. Ain’t nobody coming out of the Lithuanian basketball league and go to the nba.